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WIP information of Iugulare, Anirapio, and Nekumbra. Semi-complete, may add more later.

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Name Meaning - "To cut the throat" in latin

Gender - Female

Species - Otherworldly infection, she prefers the shape of a stoat

Eye Color - Grey

Body Color - Dark grey with a white belly, or sometimes just fully dark grey or black. It is unknown why the colors in her infection change.

Physiology - Weasel-like shape, her body is gelatinous as she is an infection. She has whiskers on her face, thin and sleek body, small paws, and a long tail.

History - She was summoned from a distant world by accident, and soon the guardians of nature (talux) were soon killed off one by one by Iugulare. Quad learned that he was a powerful winged deer called the Grand Talux, and it was his duty to fight Iugulare and save the world from total infection. Quad and Iugulare fought, Quad nearly defeated when the stoat devoured him, but he broke free and used his light abilities to severely weaken Iugulare. She retreated and began to regrow, seeking aid in her quest for domination...

Personality - Iugulare despises others. She sees anyone as a possible minion, seeing them as weak-minded. She shows no remorse when infecting others. She considers her minions to be disposable, and her ultimate goal is to spread her infection around the world. She is observant, often looking for weaknesses in others, and is very chaotic in nature. Iugulare eventually gains respect for Anirapio and Nekumbra, making them her allies in the fight against Quad and the Endless Forest deer.

Strengths/Powers - Her infection burns on contact and grows as far as it can on a host body. Victims wear themselves out struggling to remove the infection, and as it grows they become drowsy and eventually fall into a deep sleep. While the victim is asleep, they have pleasant yet distorted dreams, and almost always they don't realize they are dreaming. (On occasion, a victim can realize that they are in a dream world, and can wake themselves up, but it leads to them feeling pain once more, and they often die in the process of saving themselves) During this time, Iugulare is able to manipulate their body to follow orders. The victim unwillingly becomes a minion, often called an 'infected'. The more victims she infects, the stronger she becomes, and she actually grows taller. She can also multiply herself by separating her body, and her clones sometimes grow wings and fly. They are generally weaker than her however, and she normally would do this when she has grown extremely powerful.

She has weak powers over the clouds, when she is able, she will make clouds form overhead to block the sunlight, allowing her to roam during the day.

When defeated, she can seep into the ground and regrow her body.

Weaknesses - Iugulare burns in sunlight. She prefers to hide in the shadows, making her work difficult on sunny days. She can become blinded if too much sunlight hits her eyes. She also has a weakness to Quad's light abilities (in his Grand Talux form). With enough light, her infection dies and disintegrates.

Thoughts on Quad - Iugulare despises Quad and the Twin Gods, as history would soon reveal, this struggle between evil and good has been going on for countless ages. The Twin Gods had chosen their hero (The Grand Talux) three times before Quad's birth, and all three times Iugulare came to Earth and defeated them. The Twin Gods were forced to destroy all life in the Endless Forest and rebuild, somehow managing to expel Iugulare from Earth in time for their next hero to be reborn. The only way for Iugulare to be defeated is by a Grand Talux, and Quad is the newest one, so he is Iugulare's primary target.

Thoughts on Anirapio - She was impressed with the physique of the Daog species while passing over Anirapio's home world as she made her journey to Earth. Iugulare has no idea that Anirapio really has her own intentions, she assumes that the dragon is a loyal servant and will become a minion once her domination of Earth is complete.

Thoughts on Nekumbra - Iugulare sees Nekumbra as weak, but she does see use for the spider-doe's agility and trapping skills. Iugulare ultimately plans to dispose of Nekumbra when she feels fit to do so, but for now she has decided to keep her into the Deadly Trio. Iugulare knows there's something about Nekumbra that she doesn't quite like...

Themesong - Breaking Benjamin - Evil Angel



Name Meaning - "Soul Stealer" in latin

Gender - Female

Species - Otherworldly Dragon (Daog)

Eye Color - Green

Body Color - Green and White

Physiology - Her body changes with growth. She always has a wyvern-like body, but in time she grows legs and matis-like claws. She has a long 'pouch' (it's more like a tube) that runs the length of her belly, and a slit on her tail. She has no mouth on her face, but she does have nostrils to breathe. Her wings are fairly large and dragon-like, and she has wing-like fans on her head.

History - Summoned by Iugulare, who knew of the presence of dragon creatures from her journey to Earth. Anirapio came to the world as a fairly young dragon, and demonstrating her powers by feeding on a raven, she impressed Iugulare and joined her ranks. Anirapio is not the only one of her species - an entire world of these dragons exists in a distant solar system. For more about the history of the Daog species and the mass extinctions on Ibuzon, click here

Personality - She prefers to work alone, but when she joined Iugulare's ranks, she follows the stoat's orders. She is an accomplished scout and enjoys hunting down her prey. She speaks through telepathy as she has no mouth, and she is wary of trusting others.

Strengths/Powers - She forces her prey into her belly 'pouch', where she is able to feed off of them, and after draining the energy and nutrients from her prey, she releases them through the tip of her tail. Depending on the prey, she may feed off of them for only a moment, or in cases where the prey is full of nutrition, she may hold them in her pouch for a day or two.

In addition, she steals their spirit. The victim, when released, is virtually a zombie, while the essence of the victim remains trapped in the dragon's belly and is in constant pain and suffering. The only way to release the tortured souls she captures is upon her death.

She is stealthy when she flies, and she can easily pick up trails from nearby targets. A benefit from her high metabolism is that she can regrow any limbs she loses, and occasionally grow extra sets of limbs depending on how much she has eaten. Her body is easily adaptable to surroundings when needed.

Weaknesses - Anirapio uses the energy and nutrients from her prey quickly due to her body's high metabolism, so she must always hunt for more creatures to feed off of. She never is able to rest, and when she is unable to find anything to devour in time, she may become malnourished and fall into a deep coma. She lives a life constantly hunting, so she always seems to be tired, even after she has fed.

Thoughts on Quad - Anirapio sees Quad as a hindrance to her goals, and while she has yet to meet Quad in battle, the lies Iugulare has told her is enough to convince her that Quad is the enemy. Little does she know that Quad would really have helped her try to save her race if she wasn't on Iugulare's side.

Thoughts on Iugulare - Anirapio has her mind on saving her own race, but she knows that Iugulare is powerful and could turn on her in an instant. She is waiting for the right time to rebel against the infection so she can work on bringing the Daog to harvest Earth's prey. She is intrigued that Iugulare knows summoning magic, and is trying to learn how to open a portal from her homeworld to Earth. If only the right moment would arise...

Thoughts on Nekumbra - She trusts Nekumbra more than Iugulare, only because she can tell that Nekumbra really isn't as concerned with world domination as Anirapio or Iugulare are. She likes Nekumbra's company because the two of them combined make a formidable hunting team, and Nekumbra happily shares anything she catches with Anirapio. Maybe one day Ani will tell her about the Daog and why she cannot let Iugulare's goals become accomplished.

Themesong - Amorphis - Sky is Mine



Name Meaning - "Sorrowful Shadows" in latin

Gender - Female

Species - Mutant Spider Deer

Eye Color - Dark Black

Body Color - golden and white

Physiology - She has the shape of a regular doe, but has six to eight spider legs growing from her sides. She is able to stand on the spider legs, her doe body seeming to hover in mid-air. She also has a hole on her belly that she can shoot spider webbing from.

History - It is unknown where Nekumbra came from, but when fawns in the Endless Forest started to disappear, the deer became suspicious of a certain area known as the 'Grotto of Sorrow'. Nekumbra's lair is lined with spider webbing, and several victim fawns dangle from the ceiling wrapped like cocoons. Nekumbra herself remembers a time when she wasn't a predator, but she continues to live and thrive luring unsuspecting fawns to their death. While she works alone at first, she eventually joined Iugulare and Anirapio in their quest for world domination.

Personality - She seems motherly to her victims, keeping a calm voice while she speaks. She enjoys watching fawns play, as she knows that it might be the last bit of fun they get to have before meeting their death. She gets some morbid satisfaction having fawns slowly die in her arms. She has a fear of older deer as they are not so easy to defend against.

Strengths/Powers - She has eight spider legs that come out of her sides, where she is able to climb and maneuver easily. She can shoot webbing from her belly, and she has a weak venom in her fangs that kills fawns within a few minutes. When injecting her venom into an adult deer, they feel dizzy but can still easily fight or flee.

Weaknesses - She is deathly afraid of stags and does, and will flee whenever they come near. She isn't very smart when it comes to trapping her prey, and often does not go after easy targets. Her fur burns when anyone casts the devout pelt on her.

Thoughts on Quad - Unlike Iugulare and Anirapio, Nekumbra isn't so angry at Quad. She is somewhat afraid of him due to his antlers, but the rumors she has heard about him and the Twin Gods have made her truly consider approaching them and asking for help returning her to her old life one day. She is waiting for the opportunity to wander off away from Iugulare and Anirapio to try it, but with so much fear in her heart, she does not want to make any wrong choices. If Iugulare or Anirapio knew her thoughts, there would be serious, perhaps even fatal, consequences.

Thoughts on Iugulare - Nekumbra fears the stoat. She has seen what Iugulare's infection can do to others, and tries her best to stay on Iug's good side so she won't meet the same fate. She felt like she didn't have a choice joining Iugulare and Anirapio as a team, but she hopes that Iugulare may know something about reversing mutation. Maybe she can have her old life back as a regular doe, maybe Iugulare knows the answer.

Thoughts on Anirapio - Nekumbra isn't as afraid of Anirapio, but she knows what the dragon is capable of. They seem to get along alright, and Anirapio is good at teaching her new hunting techniques. Nekumbra sees Anirapio as the closest thing to a best friend she has, but just like being afraid of Iugulare's infection, she is also afraid of being devoured by Anirapio. She hopes that strength in numbers will prove useful, and with Anirapio at her side, she has less fear of the deer in the Endless Forest.

Themesong - Halestorm - The Familiar Taste of Poison


The Deadly Trio

Origin - Iugulare returns to Earth and begins her first assault on the Endless Forest. Quad defeats her, and she retreats to the subsurface to regain her strength. She then summons Anirapio, and later the two overhear about Nekumbra's existence. Approaching Nekumbra, they propose a team fit for survival and domination, and the Deadly Trio was formed.

Ranks - Iugulare leads, Anirapio 2nd in command, Nekumbra 3rd in command.

Tactics - Nekumbra paralyzes the victim by biting into them and injecting her venom. She drinks her fill of the victim's blood, then Anirapio takes over and weakens them by draining their energy and nutrients. And after the two of them are done with their prey, Iugulare steps in and infects them, either delivering the final blow or transforming them into one of her minions. This tactic benefits all three members of the Deadly Trio.

Enemies - Quad and the Twin Gods primarily, though they despise all Endless Forest deer and talux.


In Your Own Words...
(Descriptions of the Deadly Trio by my TEF friends. Feel free to say your own and I'll add it to the list!)

"Iugulare is the stoat. Well she's actually an alien infection that is often in the form of a black stoat. Her infection is a deadly ooze that will bond to her victims, burning them until they had struggled to get out, having their energy drained and causing them to fall into a deep sleep. Many actually die when infected.

Anirapio is the dragon. She is infact from a distant solar system on a planet very much like Earth. As a apex predator with a new found hunger for flesh, her kind had nearly wiped out many creatures by consumption as a mass extinction. Anirapio wanted to help save her species from becoming extinct themselves so she was summoned by the stoat to look for new food sources. Meaning OUR animals will be their new food.

Nekumbra is the spider deer. Her origins are unknown but was discovered when fawns in the forest were disappearing. Unlike the other two, she feel remorse for the fawns she had eaten and will actually try to make their death as peaceful and pleasant as possible."
- LexFirehind
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...YES. TRACKING. But I have


But I have a doubt about the last bit. How does Nekumbra beneficts from doing nothing except poisoning the victim? Would she make it like the real spiders, by sucking the inside of the prey? Unfortunately that wouldn't make much sense because it would kill them. /confused
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I forgot that part, she gets

I forgot that part, she gets to drink some of the blood from the paralyzed victim before she hands them over to Anirapio. Thanks for pointing that out.
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Added a little more today -

Added a little more today - each member's thoughts on one another. Later I'll get some thoughts on Quad in as well - you'll find out that Anirapio and Nekumbra don't seem to have as bad of a hatred for Quad as Iugulare does.
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Added some more today -

Added some more today - Trigger's and Lex's artworks, as well as an "In Your Own Words..." section. Anyone who has (or had previously) described the Deadly Trio or any one member, please feel free to post it here and I'll add it to the list. Just like seeing artwork, I really like seeing descriptions as well, it helps me further develop these characters.
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Trackin'. c:

Trackin'. c:

Tracking like a railroad

Tracking like a railroad<3

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So thinking lately, I'm

So thinking lately, I'm debating creating some kind of origin for Iugulare, like where she comes from and all. I've never really explained this (never even considered it, really), only saying she just was from some far away solar system or even galaxy jumping from world to world infecting all creatures she finds.

Well the thought I had was maybe, maybe the planet she comes from is entirely made from her infection or has a layer of the infection growing at the surface, it would be a living organism rather than a planet.. It would produce the creatures much like her to go out and find other planets to infect, and possibly the world itself collides with other planets, devouring them and getting bigger. So wherever the scouts go and find life, the world follows.

But considering physics and so on, I don't know how practical this would be. Just a thought anyway.

So the idea would be that Iugulare's presence on Earth would be leading her living world slowly toward our planet. I have some thoughts on how the situation would be resolved, but I'm not sure if I even want to go this path. I'm afraid this would be too much like Galactus and the Silver Surfer, so that's why I'm so wary about going this route.

I'm open to suggestions so if anyone has an entirely different idea for Iugulare's origin, please share! The Deadly Trio have certainly become community-based characters as I've often made suggestions you guys have given as canon to the characters. So please, any suggestions are great!

**Edit** I ran the idea by my brother and he didn't think it was too much of a ripoff of Galactus. And maybe instead of the giant infection world devouring other worlds, it infects the world much like how Iugulare infects another creature. So it's like a massive process on it's own.

I also think the world will be photophobic (light sensitive) as the infection is, so it cannot get too close to the star of each solar system or else it will become weakened/damaged. So Earth will actually be a pretty difficult planet for the giant infection world to get to, but who'll be a threat anyway.

Still interested in any ideas anyway.
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Intense. o3o Sounds like it

Intense. o3o Sounds like it could be fun!
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I came up with a name for

I came up with a name for Iugulare's world - Noitze. I haven't, however, decided all the details about how it infects, but I thought it would be a terrestrial planet with a layer of infectious ooze at the surface, and the void spaces on the crust will be filled with the infection as well. It would have a molten core much like any other planet, but it would rarely have eruptions as the infection prevents any kind of seismic events. The layer of infection spreads throughout the planet with probably alternating black and greyish-white colors (the black is due to more exposure to light, much like Iugulare's body). The layer is constantly rippling, moving, maybe bubbling, similar to the Sun's outer layer, and the planet is drawn to where it has sent scouts, much like a scanning system. I have yet to decide if it has a mind of it's own or if it's made of billions of creatures like Iugulare who collectively are able to move it.

Another thought I had was maybe the planet has a massive warehouse area where it may harvest creatures from the universe, keeping them in suspended animation. What the purpose of this is, I'm not sure, but I thought perhaps this would be where Iugulare would take Quad if the planet ever invaded Earth, she would capture him here where he would not be able to defend our planet from the infection. But that's just a thought, I really kind of like the idea of there not being any structures on the planet.

Maybe Noitze is the only moving planet, where the worlds it infects remain in their orbits...

...and perhaps, if there was some way to destroy the world itself, all the planets currently infected in the universe would be cured. The damage done to the life on their planets would already be catastrophic, but it would save the rest of the universe from sharing the same fate.

...if only there was a way...or else we're doomed! Eye
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You know what I just

You know what I just realized?

Zok from the Herculoids looks a lot like Anirapio...although he has a mouth. Still, though...

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Hmm...I think it's

Hmm...I think it's appropriate to put this here c:
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OH! Oh you made her so

OH! Oh you made her so beautifully! This was a wonderful surprise!!

Thank you, I'm in love! X3
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If Iugulare was a fox, she'd