Wake up [Sabel] from your foolish dream.

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NOTICE: (5/26/2019) Hello everyone! I hope you're all well. I will begin updating Sabel's blog again as she returns to the forest, though not quite so frequently as I would like.

NOTICE: (08/04/2020) It's been a while. The wordl ahve changed and this year has probably been the worst by far. But I'm still here and there.

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Physical: 100% Perfeclty physically healthy. Though, her mane is much longer. / Mental: 100% Stable. Dazed. / Emotional: 100% Stable.
It's quite peaceful. Yet there is much to ponder.

  • Updates...

    August 4th-10th, 2020

    Brightly shining.

    The light that danced across the pond has finally settled in pluming, white sparks..


    [b]July 10th, 2018
    Light is skittering across the pond as if in a dream.

    July 1st, 2018

    Missing since September3rd one year ago, someone appears in the ruins. Hair appears to trail behind her now in long treases, curling towards the end. it's almost like a stick filled, leave strewn, black curtain.

    Awoke back in the forest, remembering being in Jovan's apartment last. Couldn't remember how she had returned, and was confused- couldn't sense or smell anyone familiar. Has difficulties getting up and stumbled, stepping on her now much longer black hair. It would be bothersome until it was cut again.

    Stumbled through the forest for a while, eventually getting momentum and energy back into her body. Curiously sniffed and poked at many a sleeping or unawares passerby, trying to avoid getting her mane tangles in nettles and trees. Found a lithe brown stranger with red markings and yellow eyes distracted near the small river at the Crying Idol. Attempted play greeting to no avail, and let them be.

    Also found a dark unicorn-like stranger with equine features sleeping. Curiously circled around them for a bit, careful to keep my hair from well- draping over them. It was hard. Tripped a few times and chuckled before letting them sleep.

    Eventually found a much more aware bull-like stranger standing... guard? Watching the unicorn like one I had investigated earlier. Sniffed them for recognition and gave them a bow greeting, unsure if approach was wise and eventually left them to their business as well. It seemed a theme today.

    While heading back to the loud humm of the Old Oak, I found a small black, red, and blue equine stranger with long ears, a long jaw, and a tail with a small tuft of fur at the end. They seemed a little young to be alone, felt some concern and decided to stay near them.

    A soft thud of hooves int he distance, a familiar scent. Sand and oil, sweat and the battlefield- a black dress, a necklace. The memory of amber eyes.
    Quietly stirring, her ears stood erect and her eyes quietly and slowly fluttered open. She could finally smell someone familiar. It was little of a mystery who, and seeing that nothing had yet disturbed nor harmd the small donkey near her, the dark pelted and pale face doe stood. She gave the small stranger one last glance before stumbling across the forest floor after the familiar smell of The Oil Lamp. It took her to many places, until finally her hooves took her to the playground- where she greeted one of her dearest and oldest of friends. Perhaps the only one she had seen in ages.

    Original Biography: Sabel- Biography link may change, so if it does not work simply notify me. c:


Name: Sabel (Say-bell) (sae-bahl), Bell (from Jovan), The Playful Companion (from Kerosene), The All Mother (from The Glimmering Stone)
Personality: Determined, Curious, Gentle, Protective, Playful, Investigative, Observant, Naive, Childish, Learning (these can both be good and bad things under any circumstances) In sight of curiosity, she can be reckless.
Gender: Female/Doe
Reference: ~Simple deer is simple~, Human Reference Sheet
Her horn is a glowing light, shaped in either a curve or sharp, straight spiral depending on the situation.
Belongings: A well kept, old deer mask (from the forest) || A necklace with a blue stone, a Hajib, White Slippers and a black dress from the desert city (given by Sadiki.. fondness and closeness, brought together.) || A rare flower from the pond (from tig. Mourning and comfort.) || A magical circlet of forget-me-nots (from her mother) || A bowl and vial (from tig and anneliesse, likely to return. Healing and friendship.) || A necklace of "Pearls" (from Dorian. Adored Memory)
Life Span: Nearly immortal. She will live for many, many centuries, aging at an extremely slow rate. Transported to other worlds or appearing in other forms, she will appear as a young adult. However, she is not immune to injury despite her fast healing- bruises and scrapes, or other minor injuries will heal completely within a day. More serious physical wounds will take longer depending on severity, but as long as she is not harmed further they will heal completely with no lasting scars. Injuries or ailments inflicted by magic take much longer in contrast, and have a much greater effect.
Age: Unspecified. Appears to be a mature young adult in her early 20s.
Size:30, expected to grow more.

Scent: Fresh and wet grass, fresh earth, blueberries, Blue Grape hyacinths
Voice:Mia Farrow, The Last Unicorn
Theme: Amnesia
Picto: Sanctuary
Species: Deer/Unicorn Hybrid
Other: Strong healing ability and illusion magic with a summoned, curved horn- classified as non-offensive magic. Most often used. She can also summon a sharp, strong, spiraled horn for combat should she ever require it. It can puncture flesh quite easily.
She has a very fast healing rate depending on the quality and severity of her injuries, and never has any scars or blemishes. Sleeping for long periods of time increases the healing rate.

Over time, she has become skilled with barrier and reflecting magic. These are only used if someone else is casting magic upon her or her allies.

In her human form, she is able to summon a Unicorn Saber or Unicorn Staff. The saber is used primarily for defense as she is not trained to use her human body for combat. the Unicorn Staff is used for healing and barrier summoning magic. If she is knocked unconscious or killed with these weapons out, they will shatter into light particles. Should she enter a world where she may turn into her human form, she will likely seek out someone to tutor her in the art of combat- as she does not like to feel defenseless.

Another item she can materialize would be the Forget-Me-Not flower crown. through this object she can summon visions of memories and cast illusions in order to hide and defend herself, or her allies. Despite how fragile is may appear, it will firmly stay upon her head until she is rendered unconscious.

Depending on her magic usage and what the spell was used for, or for how long, magically activities will be much more draining than any physical activity. if she overexerts herself, she may fall unconscious for several days to recharge and become vulnerable.

When sleeping, she does not appear to be breathing. This becomes more and more prominent or noticeable when she is getting close to her sleep state. During this time she will take refuge in the Old oak, which is usually undisturbed and less frequented than other areas of the forest.

History: Sabel was born and raised in The Endless Forest, having grown up for a great time living in The Old Oak. Her family was rather odd- a human faced deer, a unicorn, and a mix between the two. She inherited very few of her mother's unicorn traits, these being; her tail, mane, and magical abilities. As far as her father, a beluga whale patterned deer, she'd inherited his coat and silver-grey eyes. She seemed to get along rather well with other fawns, although they would stare at her odd appearance every now and then. But Sabel didn't mind- she didn't see what was wrong with them staring. Eventually they came to accept her, although others that knew little of her thought she was mysterious and strange. Yet her happy personality seemed to win over others very easily- if they were attracted to happiness or the sad and lonely type. Growing up, she found that many other oddities existed in the forest. Half demon creatures, skeletal deer, and other human faced creatures. And she found that her mother, the unicorn, most often avoided anything demonic or half dead. Even Sabel had some foreboding feeling about these creatures- their intentions, what potential they had. Having no kin though, she only had her parents to guide her and didn't quite experience the closeness of a sibling. Not even her friends could compare to that- and they had their own families with other fawns. So although she was a happy dreamer, she felt alone. When she was in her adolescence, her family had begun taking her further out into the forest- exploring to see the Ruin, The Playground, and constantly visiting De Drinkplaats- although she wasn't allowed to drink the water for some reason. She was introduced to many more strange oddities along the way, and eventually her old home was seen as a common rest place for the wary. Over time, and due to her own discoveries, she realized that she was no longer aging at the same rate as everyone else. Once her body was near full maturity, it just seemed to have... stopped. When Sabel became concerned about this and asked her mother, the unicorn explained that it was a form of immortality. That perhaps Sabel was not truly immortal, but would certainly outlive many creatures in the forest by centuries.

Creatures were generally "safer" around her, or able to better avoid harm. Hanging around her mother however, they could completely avoid harmful things like predators and even disease. Sabel herself however, couldn't completely vanish for very long periods of time. Maybe it was because of her outgoing personality- she wasn't the type to shy away or hide. She was bold, and determined to a fault- very much like her father. Her mother helped her hone this skill over time, and it became close to what she was able to do. Yet Sabel still could not use the ability for a long duration of time.
When Sabel would go into bouts of depression as a little one, her mother had woven together a circlet of glowing forget me nots. They had a magic which allowed one to see happier memories, and this was often her sought comfort. The bouts of depression were often brought about when friends she would play with were no longer showing up within the forest, or entire families just seemed to up and vanish.

(Her memories past this point are skewed and incorrect.)
Eventually her parents allowed her to separate from them in order to go and make a life for herself in the forest. It was a celebration for her coming of age as much as it was a heart ache to leave the family she loved. But eventually the bird had to leave the nest. After she left however, she didn't run into them again... as if they'd just vanished. But how....? She would wonder if they had gone where every other vanishing creature of the forest had gone, and hoped they had plenty of company.

Traveling through the forest, she found a strange looking mask hanging from a tree. It looked like the face of a deer, and seemed to change her voice when she wore it. Taking a liking to her new found treasure, the doe decided to keep it, marking the beginning of her adventures.
(Past here, there is coherence in her memories. She is beginning to piece things together again.)
Over time she has made many friends within the forest and thankfully avoided many of its dangers. However, she has unwittingly entangled herself in many stories from many creatures- not all of them getting along with one another. Currently, her sleeping ailment was cured by becoming human for a short period of time as well as taking a specific medicine when taken to the world of sand by Sadiki.
Upon her return tot he forest, it felt as if it was rampant with violence. Friends were getting in scuffles with one another, and within the March month several bodies were lying on the forest floor. it seemed to be the month of death.
Meanwhile, she is slowly regaining some deeply buried memories. Some involving an uncle who stayed with her for quite some time after her parents were gone, and perhaps light being shined on where they went. She has also grown fond of several orphaned little ones in the forest, which she affectionately refers to as "The Glimmering Stone (Delta)", "The Lonely Monkey (Thaigo)" and "The Blind Cub (Altair)". Though she hasn't had children before, she has often given those within the forest company and intends to treat these three as if they were her own.
Unable to handle much further death for those she knows, or to see them torn apart by the deaths of ones they love, she wants to try and dispel the madness. Even if the peace is temporary, it is preferable to broken hearts and bodies littering the forest floor.
She has grown significantly closer to Sadiki "The Sand Warrior", Jovan "The Star Kissed Stag", Dazenth "The Fire", Rose "The Blue Rose", Mandel "The Silly Gentleman", Tig "The Collector", Anneliese "The Pink Mane", Cole "The Fawn Magnet", and Kerosene "The Fire Butterfly". All of these relations have steadily spent more and more time with her, and thus she views them as friends or even family members- even if it may be one sided. Enjoying their company, she will seek them out and offer laughter as well as play, or comfort. Through this time, she has not worn the mask she found so long ago and does not notice how weathered and worn it is- as it is her only key to how much timed has actually passed. (She has pulled it out of the tree to show it to Jovan, but it was dark in the tree's hollow and the mask is generally well kept. Its aging marks cannot be seen within the dark. When she usually pulls it out of the tree, it carefully forms around her face. If given to another, it will also shift to comfortably fit them- but Sabel must undo the ribbon that keeps it on. Otherwise, they cannot remove it.)


Over time, several reoccurring phenomenons have happened within Sabel's life. The first is sleep. For an unknown reason, she will go into a coma-like state. As if her body were hibernating. These unusual periods of rest can last from one week to several years. this causes the second phenomenon, memory loss. Because she is asleep for so long, she will lose connections to those she knew as well as some memories. The longer the sleep is, the more she loses. If she can at least remember your name, it's a miracle. Able to see shadows of those who have left a large impact on her life, she will be more likely to remember them as opposed to others.

Although she tries to push it to the back of her mind and block it out, she has an intense fear of sleeping due to this. but she will not refuse a good night's rest, even if she does wake up in fear. The final phenomenon is reset. If Sabel is asleep for an extremely long period of time, she will forget valuable things she may have learned, the names and faces of other deer, whether or not she was in a pit fall at that time of her life, conflicts between others and enemies- she forgets. She forgets and starts again, happy and joyous. Due to this intense fear, she will often try to seek others out and rest with them- or ave them rest with her. As lonf as she wakes with familiar faces and surroundings with no extremely notable changes, she will not panic.

This sleep may be considered a side effect of her parentage.

"The forest is a dream, and a fantasy fell in love with it. Fantasy aspires to be everything you want; and a dream is a nearly uncontrolled, yet vividly happy thing. Together they may create an endless, happy slumber of ignorance."

Temporary solutions include transferring her into another state of being. Side effects include narcolepsy and irregularities in sleep patterns, or the length of which she sleeps when not in hibernation. She may have small bouts of memory loss- though in this case she won't forget anything too significant unless it has not been brought up in the present time for more than a few months. During this time, it is important for her to remain around familiar figures in her life.

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Missed you too, Cloud. Happy

Missed you too, Cloud. Happy to see you back around!
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Hehe xD I missed you too.

Hehe xD I missed you too. I'll be in game again soon.
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