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Hello! I decided to make a proper page for Sabel's history :'D I was running out of space on her old biography. So any old events will be here c:
If you have any suggestions for prettying this up then please tell me. I'm not very experienced with css or html x-x


You are in chapter one.



First Entry:
Today sabel managed to play with a large group of fawns and stags around the pond. Once she started hopping around them, two and a mini deer joined her. After a while though, the group dispersed. She Found herself alone by the pond again, lapping up water. A fawn seemed to have wandered over. Attempted to play with them, but got no response. However, a small group of two fawns in a stag were over near some toad stools and a flower bed. Decided to play with them. The stag responded in a friendly way, but not sure about the fawns. They kept mooing. After a bit, those two wandered away. Found self dancing with the stag. Became very interested, as they had a white pelt with blackened stripes and red dots, and the same mask as me. They had large white antlers too. Danced and chased each other in circles. Another stag joined us. We spun while dancing, although the new stag with the grey fur and similar mask appeared to have trouble. After a bit though, they seemed to get the hang of it. Enjoyed dancing some more. Felt very happy.

After chasing each other around and dancing some more, another joined us. This one was fox colored, and unsure about joining us- small too. However, eventually joined us after introductions. We danced and danced and danced!

((my clock on my computer is ahead of the actual time it is xD so forgive any errors))
We play fought and then began prancing around the forest for a while. However, we stuck close to the toad stools near the pond. A stranger came up to me and performed a spell, which granted me some... very odd antlers. Magic war began. I gained many antlers and found my mask to change constantly. It was madness. Magic war ended with many changed colors, antlers, and masks. The magic wore off though- because we sneezed it off.

Eventually one of my new friend's left, but the one with the grey pelt seemed to enjoy my company. We rested in the toad stools before more fun began. A fawn joined us and we began to play with it. The stranger form earlier visited again and played with us as well. Began dancing- again! Eventually the dancing ended. Became wary, and decided to take a nap in the toad stools.

Woke up after a while to find myself alone. Felt slightly saddened by this. Didn't see any deer on my way away from the mushroom patch. Felt happier rolling in some flowers. Saw a large field and decided to play in the large fronds of tall grass. Munched a bit on it and found a rather sweet taste.

After playing, decided to investigate a small drinking hole located in a ring of mushrooms. lapped up some of the water. Felt very... odd. Attempted to spit some water out. Found a large crowing sound came out. Glanced at self to see black feathers and no unicorn tail- felt very disgruntled. Felt happier opening my wings and flying around the drinking hole. Saw a strange, floating fish in the air, floating away from the drinking hole. Tried to follow it- went outside of the mushroom circle. Found my crow form gone and my normal appearance returned. The fish was gone. Felt slightly saddened by this, but decided to investigate some statues nearby.

On the way there, saw a stag and a doe. Attempted to play with them. They stopped playing and seemed confused. Felt a little nervous and decided to stop, feeling odd. Decided to leave them alone. Found a fawn and a stag at the statues and tried to play with them. They didn't seem interested. The stag cast a spell and my pelt was turned white. Felt happy, reminded of my mother. Danced around with the fur on me and found I could do the same to others. Found that these two still didn't want to play, but seemed to like casting spells. Decided to stick around for a while. The other deer began dancing and another joined us. Decided to dance with them. However, the other deer soon left. Became slightly disinterested as this one didn't want to play, and decided to explore some more- gave them a bow. They cast the spell one more time, as it had worn off. Felt happy, running off with a white pelt. came to a large structure of rocks and decided to play around them.

Found a deer nearby- decided to follow them. They seemed to be very slowly running and leaping. They were not interested in play. Was lead to a large group of sleeping deer and a mini deer casting spells on one of them. Became curious and decided to lay down and watch. Found some matching deer playing around the group of sleeping deer. Attempted to greet them and play, but they seemed more interested in playing with each other. Felt a little down about this and decided to rest with the other sleeping deer for company.
Awoke alone. Again. Decided to go and find deer to play with. Ran into two strangers ((Shtil I think... and someone else xD)) and decided to try playing with them. Shtil was alright with it and hopped around every now and then, the other deer seemed tired. Decided to ask if I could lay with them after one of them lay to rest. The deer with the blue face markings nodded and I rested for a bit. Began hopping with him again, and then dancing. After a while, another deer came by. Followed the blue marked stag to investigate. Deer seemed friendly at first, but began continuously mooing. Became confused. Began mooing back and lowering head, stomping hooves on the ground. The deer ran away. New friend went over to a tree, stood there for a while. Became curious and followed, tilting head in confusion. They did not respond for some time. Decided to lay and keep them company. Soon they rested on the ground. Birds came and went on my head. Watched them with ease. Decided to continue keeping him company.

Watched as a group of fawns and a stag played in front of us. One came over curiously, and sniffed me. Became a little happy and attempted to get up- but found the fawn disinterested. It decided to go back to playing. Plopped back down and decided to continue keeping the blue marked deer company. More stags and fawns passed by. Eventually eyes grew heavy. Felt very very tired. Didn't quite remember when I fell asleep. Began dreaming of a nice... safe forest.... safe... playful... with unicorns.

Woke up to find the stag still there. Became quite pleased as they moved around, looking slightly disoriented. Decided to follow the stag wherever they went. Ran into another deer along the way. Became quite friendly, and followed us. Went to the pond for a bit, although the stag began mooing at me after a while. Became confused. Yet they seemed to laugh and be playing around. Came to the ruins and began playing around. The deer sniffed me for a bit and then went over and played in a cage. Lowered head playfully and laughed, watching them. Rested for a bit as they went on top of a ledge and decided to rest for a bit, becoming unresponsive yet again. Watched as another stag repeatedly rammed a tree with his head- confused. Followed the first one up some rocks and sat down for a bit. the new stranger kept rearing his horns, aggressively at a sleeping deer.

Got up and began dancing. Both stags joined and we partied, but the ramming stag left to go back to ramming after a bit. Then he mysteriously left. After many fawns investigated us, and eventually left, the stag I'd been traveling with shut his eyes and fell asleep. Feeling wary, and happy to have stayed in their company, decided to rest. Mind faded to black as I fell asleep....

Woke up strangely by a tree with no one there. felt a little odd, and slightly saddened not to see my friend from last time with me. Noticed many sleeping deer near me though. Saw the pond- wondered how on earth I got there. Remembered being in the ruins previously. Saw a strange buck with red, large antlers running about, and a mooing fawn. Became curious... two mini deer and two fawns, and a stag were around. Began playing with them by a tree and a sleeping deer.

After a long while, the other deer left. The only deer there was a black and white minideer. Attempted to play with them- but they seemed frightened at first. tilted head in confusion. Did they think I was there to harm them? Attempted friendly gestures and sniffing them to make them feel better. They seemed more comfortable and sat with me.

The sleeping deer woke up- another minideer with a crying mask. Became curious as they made aggressive gestures to the other minideer who was resting, and wondered if I should step in. The other minideer stood up after a bit and responded with aggressive as well. Wondered if they were play fighting or if they meant it? Stomped the ground aggressively and tilted head to ask if that's what they were doing- got a confused response. Maybe they didn't read the same body language? Eventually we separated and I went over to the pond to drink. Felt very very befuddled.

Heard deer with similar calls to mine, but not the same. Decided to investigate. Found two very similar deer lurking at the far end of a stream going into the pond. They seemed to be playing. Wasn't sure about joining... no one else seemed to want to play very much. Approached with slight caution.

Eventually joined by a minideer and a fawn, who took delight in casting spells on each other. It was a spell war. Enjoyed watching and then getting them to dance.

Unregistered Time and Date-

Woke up at the tree,, and found a fawn keeping me company. Decided to stay by the fawn until they also woke up, and got to play with them for a while. Wondered who the fawn was, but she didn't stay very long.
Eventually returned to the pond and decided to rest. ((logged out for a bit xD))
-unregistered time and date-
Found a large group of deer. Wondered why they were grouped together. Frolicked and played with a fawn. Began dancing after a bit.

Found a large family of four fawns and several adult deer together. Had a great time bouncing around with the fawns, trying to avoid hitting anyone or anything. Danced with them for a bit and was even joined by a few adults. A lot of us rested at the river bank leading into the pond. The fawns seemed happy to be dancing and playing, so I continued to do so, although I bumped into a few deer. Kept the large group company for quite some time.

A strange spooky masked fawn came up. Was delighted when they began to dance. Played and ran with them for a while and other fawns joined. Became tired and went over to the bank to rest- only to find them joining me. Felt very happy. Danced for over an hour- and felt exhausted, but content. Went over to the bank and fell asleep, the fawn with the spooky mask deciding to lay by me.

Awoke from a long, long and deep sleep. Was at the riverbank- very few other deer were around. Decided to get up and look for some fun. Ran into the crying idol statue only to become red. Wasn't sure how that happened. Maybe this forest had more than just spells from other deer? Was curious. Sneezed and the magic pelt was gone. Jumped through the statue a few more times for fun- ended up sliding into the water. Got up rather steadily and shook out my fur. Decided to explore some more. Didn't get far- noticed more deer around the idol. Decided to dance with one. A fawn joined in!

Antelope came to the group. Was confused. It made aggressive gestures and lowered it horns- wasn't sure if it was play fighting or not. Made aggressive gestures and laughed. Ended up confusing the poor thing. It made more aggressive gestures. Lowered my head and beaud at it. The creature ran off. One of the dancers fell asleep. Then woke up and another red deer joined us- the idol seemed popular today.

After a while, one deer fell asleep. Decided it was time to move on. Bowed and bid the other two adieu, and headed for the large end of the pond. lapped up some water. Washed off my fur- now free of dust and anything else clinging since the past few days. Hoofed at some dragon flies before heading away. Seemed... more confident in wandering alone now. Eventually wandered past the Twin God's statues and headed to The Old Oak.

Many Fawns joined the area, and the Antelope. Decided to make an attempt at playing. Wasn't sure why they gathered here, but was happy. However, one fawn left and the other skipped and hopped with me for a bit- then decided to leave. Was alone with the Antelope. Wondered if I should be scared. Continued hopping and bouncing for fun.

Eventually joined by a red masked stranger with a pelt similar to the Antelope's. Hopped and chased around for a while, running into fawns and other creatures. Danced with many groups and headed back near the old oak. Sat with two deer and the stranger, who I'm now fond of.
Danced and bounced around playing a game where we would stand still for a while and spin. Eventually we formed a sort of "Herd" and traveled together from the great oak, to a field, to the ruins, and to the playground. Bumbled around in the ruins. ((Literally. LOL.)) Played with a fawn in the playground. Eventually grew tired, and as did the others- fell asleep in some blue flowers.

Woke up alone again. Felt a little at ease, due to having played so much. But a little empty. No one she played with seemed to stay long, although they probably had other things to tend to. Left the playground and headed for the Old Oak. Decided to relax there for a while. Hoofed at the grass and dug my nose into it, getting a soft and fresh scent. Many deer had slept here. Wondered if this place was called home to anyone else now that her family no longer lived in it. Began hearing other deer calling. Decided to respond with a few beaus, wondering what they were looking for.

Eventually a fawn came calling and decided to play with me. Followed it halfway when it decided to leave, but got the message soon after. Headed over to the river bank after racing around some trees. Got acquainted with a rather shy seeming deer- they were not sure whether to play at first. They gave in soon enough. Went hopping through the crying idol together and danced. Became sleepy and decided to say good night, sleeping next to the bank.
Woke up near the crying idol statue. Stretched and decided to graze for a while. Noticed a very large group of deer not far off to the large area of the pond. Decided to investigate. Found twelve deer laying there, eleven of them line up. One of them would get up to cast spells every now and then. After a fawn came and played with me, many group members got up and began hopping around. Enjoyed frolicking and begging shape shifted into a fawn with the others before the magic wore off. Lay with the group and got up to bounce around for fun every now and then. Found that a white minideer wanted to play- joined them rather excitedly! Hopped around with them, feeling surprised with their energy. usually I tired out other deer- this one might tire me out. Decided to lay and rest with them as they took a break.

Many more deer came and my new friend woke up, thus ensuing in more bouncing and then a dance party with the other deer. Danced for a long, long time, feeling glad to be in a large group. Responded to many moos throughout the area. Becoming wary from so much fun, decided to bow and lap up some water at the pond. Left the group to head for the Old Oak- for memories, and for a bit of quiet.

Arrived at the Old Oak. Rested for a bit, still hearing mooing in the distance. Found pleasure in racing around the large tree and going through other trees around it, staying close. Found some deer playing in the distance- decided to join them. Danced and had a spell war with the group of three before another deer joined in, who was interested in play and dance. Enjoyed their company quite a bit. Went to the old oak to rest, but then returned to the group to see the fawn gone, one unresponsive, and one laying down. Asked if I could lay with them- they nodded. Kept them company for a while. Soon they fell asleep and would not respond, so kept them and the other unresponsive deer company.

Eventually left for the pond to find the large group of deer and a familiar face there. ((Spartak)) Played with them and hopped around, play fighting and mooing. Eventually rested and became quite happy with the day. Many other deer were laying down ((Shahla, Jennie and others)) and got up very little to interact, but were good company. Played with another orca colored deer and Spartak, enjoying hopping around with them. However, the other deer seemed rather shy. Attempted to do things to comfort it- sniffing, patting the ground to lay by it. Seemed to bring it out of its shell over time. took many rest breaks- energy was running out. But was happy to play. Eventually the others fell asleep. Went back to the other group and decided to rest by them, watching the pond and any other creatures near it. Fell asleep after a long while.

-unregistered time, same day-

Awoke and lapped up some water at the pond, grazing for a bit. Raced around it and ran into a red striped deer with a tan pelt and red flowers ((Zy)). Ran around together, past the pond, the ruins, the old oak, and went to the drinkplaats to shape shift into ravens. Enjoyed hopping about. Continued to follow them.

Later found a group of deer and ran throughout the forest, heading to the playground. They were very interested in play fighting. Mooed and rammed heads a few times for fun! Enjoyed being with the group for hours.

Awoke to find self in an open, grassy field, groggy and not quite comprehending sound just yet. Felt very happy, reminiscing in the events of yesterday. Vision became clearer- noticed the bridge that usually marked where the pond was. Many flowers were in front of it. Decided to graze on some of the grass and munched a few flowers, finding a soft flavor. Avoided eating the stalks- didn't have a good taste to them. Decided to head over to the pond and lap up some water, watching ducks and frogs swim around. Saw some red and white fish in the pond, and decided to play with them. They seemed to follow my hooves. Walked in the deep water and then swam, splashing my tail around for fun. Heard many moos in the distance. Ears perked feeling alert- glanced around and saw a large group of deer not far from a large patch of the tasty purple flowers. However, before I could approach, I was greeted by a tawny colored deer with red flowers on his/her head. Enjoyed dancing and splashing around! Was happily lead to the rest of the deer in the distance. Kept them company as they fell asleep.

Began racing through the trees with them when they awoke. Went past the ruins and the Old Oak, heading back to the pond- but accidentally lost track of them. ((stupid sticky keys :I)) Felt guilty and saddened, wandering off to find them. Found them at the playground- mooed. Didn't seem to hear me at first- they ran off to the pond. Followed and sat with them. Managed to keep them company. Many deer came by to greet me and play- played with them, but would not leave the pond. Felt it might be seen as abandoning new friend. One deer kept returning however, requesting that I join them. Then two more kept returning. Wondered why. Were they worried? Many more came to play.

A stag in particular would continue to lap at water and stare, as if it wasn't able to go into the water or didn't like getting wet. Wondered why. Maybe they wondered why I was not getting out? After a while, my new friend left for the night and I decided to play with the stag and come out of the water. Hopped about and danced! Eventually became surrounded by fawns who joined in. After a while, became wary and fell asleep without noticing. Awoke to find a few of the fawns left, and the stag gone. Was slightly saddened, but understood they may have gotten bored. Pranced around with the fawns. Then ended up in a spell war. Each fawn left separately, enjoying running about and spell casting. Decided to go to the pond for a drink and then visit the old oak.

Arrived at the old oak- decided to rest for a while. Then raced around the large base of the tree and around smaller, thinner ones nearby. A white stag with white antlers and... a red face with black stripes and bushy brows came to play. Followed them all over the forest, having spell wars. Suddenly when we went to a tree though, everyone vanished... was very alone. Was scared. Where was everyone? ((server :I)) Found myself falling asleep for a few minutes before reawakening to find my new friend. Ran around the forest- found them at the pond with a group of fawns. Became very worried when they all vanished again. ((SERVER. 8U)) Would not give up. Began looking for this new friend through pictograms- followed their scent. Found them and rejoiced! began spell wars again.

Went to the twin gods statue. Accidentally aggravated a bull ((Aurik)) with our playing- ended up in a fight. Rammed heads with the bull to keep it from going after my new friend- didn't want to provoke it further, but wanted to protect. Raised my forehooves in the air and struck as they did, battering each other back and forth. Became bruised all over my body, cuts and scrapes along it. We had cast the spell from the twin Gods statue on a minideer who they seemed to be defending- hadn't meant to. After friend left, attempted to apologize- got aggressive gestures. Was scared, but would not give up. Follow the bull. Wasn't sure how to communicate. Knew following might make it angrier, but decided to try and apologize anyways.

After following them for a while, they decided to sniff and bow- wondered if they were calmer now. The skull faced bull with the DOTD pelt patted the ground next to him after laying down, asking me to. Went over and did so, wondering why. Maybe they would sit together and things would be alright? Began regenerating and healing some of the bruises- felt better. Fell asleep after a while.

Awoke to find self alone- the stranger probably had some business to attend to. Or went to their "home". Wandered about, feeling slightly more sensitive to sound. Found a group of four similar deer- they had the same masks and antlers. Was sniffed and felt odd about it, but attempted to play. Got confused/confusing responses of running and more sniffing- maybe they didn't read the same body language...? She'd encountered this before and wondered what they used to communicate. However, the group soon departed the area. Wandered past the playground. Headed for the Old Oak to get better rest- to feel at home.

Arrived at the Old Oak- rested for a good long while before running about through the trees. Still ached, so took it slowly. Didn't want to lose running speed. Relaxed again in the base of the tree listening to many creatures mooing, howling, barking, or roaring to each other. Felt parches- realized I hadn't drank anything in a while. Began heading to the pond. Saw a group of three not far off- was a little wary of greeting them. Lapping up some water rather quickly, feeling glad as the moisture hit my throat. Decided to head back after greeting the other deer. However, ended up catching up with a sky blue deer with beluga horns- and greeting. found them to be friendly and followed them, circling them as they seemed to walk slowly. Grinned and wagged my tail as we sat at the Crying Idol Statue. It was nice to have company again. Was greeted by a rather playful fawn who seemed confused about communication, but learned after a bit. Watched them leave and sat down again. Eventually fell asleep next to them, feeling nice and warm. Was glad to not be alone for the night.
Awoke to some very playful fawns- accepted their invite to play! Was spelled a few times and jumped through the crying idol with the three of them. After a bit, they left- except one. it still wanted to play. Found a friend with an M shaped picto and enjoyed frolicking! Danced for a while- wondered if they were trying to start another spell war. Greatly enjoyed their company. However, they did not stay long today. Just long enough to give me orca antlers. Enjoyed wearing them. Followed the fawn to the pond and had a drink, was greeted by a new stranger with the default pelt and purple flowers. Enjoyed having a spell war of sorts and frolicking more! Ended up alone with the seemingly attached fawn. Felt happy to keep them company.

After a while, was alone lapping up water and grazing, relaxing a bit. Heard a great deal of mooing in the distance. Wondered if I should head to the old oak, was keen to race around the trees for fun. But ended up in another spell war with the fawn and another in a default pelt. Helped them get the set they wanted for antlers! Enjoyed the company of four deer, as one kept returning to spell this stag. A minideer or two also approached rather curiously. Wondered if they were in a group. Eventually danced with the stranger, finding them to be good company. Got spelled some more and my friend with the M shaped picto came along- enjoyed hopping about. Ended up in a long term spell war.

After long, decided to bring them to the old oak. Rested with them there and felt very happy- wasn't inside the tree as two others were occupying it. Played for a little while longer, then bowed and fell asleep near the old oak.

-same day-
Awoke at the Old Oak, rolling onto my back and feeling nice laying on the grass and soft damp soil. Stretched and decided to head to the pond, feeling rather dry mouthed. Shook the mud out of my fur before running inbetween trees for fun on my way there. Once I got there, I immediately found the company of two deer. Both had the same masks as me, one had purple flowers, the other had small narrow antlers, one was green, and one was tawny. Enjoyed dancing and romping with them! Then went over to another deer as they left- they kept tapping the ground. Noticed a sleeping deer there- lay next to them. Gained the ability to change their pelt. Changed the stranger's. After a few tries, they were happy with the result. A minideer joined us- helped them with theirs too. Began dancing and romping before a fight broke out with a stag who was rather aggressive from the start. Rammed heads with them and battered them with my hooves- was pushed back a few times due to size differences. Ended up chasing them and watching them leap into the pond. Wondered if they were alright, and why they wanted to fight...?

Went back and played with the first one I'd helped- remembered their pictogram. They were a spell war friend! Enjoyed romping around and starting spell wars again. After that however, they had to leave. Had a great time with them. Found we both used similar body language to communicate, and felt happy understanding them a little. Wandered off to find more fun. Headed through a patch of blue flowers, running into a nameless and playing with them. Enjoyed their company before they left, and then went to the playground to romp. Soon found a black minideer with white spots and a white mask with red spots on the eye area. Played and introduced myself- had a great time hopping and dancing. Romped all around the forest- even the ruins! Got pretty red flowers and helped them with their pelt. Rested at the Old Oak. Would probably romp more. Headed to the pond to look out at the peaceful water after a long while. Loved this one's company- their picto seemed to be some sort of circle with crossed lines hanging from a curved line. ((The number nine? :'D)) Eventually ran about through flowers and other deer, racing through the trees and hopping about. Enjoyed dancing in a mushroom circle near the pond.

After a while of laughing, dancing, and feeling content, decided to sleep in the mushroom circle. Nuzzled new friend and a fawn who'd joined us before slumping over and drifting off into dream land.

Unregistered time ((clock was acting weird- no time stamp for this one.))
Awoke in the mushroom circle, rolling over and snuffing my nose in the grass. Felt very comfy- not contended to move. Stumbled up a bit, waving my mane out of my face with my long tail. Ears perked up, hearing hooves and moos around me. Saw a patch of blue flowers- became less inclined to respond to the moos. Went over and investigated before grazing on some of the grass around them. Liked the flowers- wasn't going to eat them. Wiggled my nose in them and stared at them- they smelled very much like... Forget Me Nots. Got up, stretched, feeling thirsty. Headed over to the nearby pond for a drink. Lapped up some water- but heard more mooing. It sounded close.

Eventually found a fawn mooing and followed them- found they were alright with my company. Danced and played with them for a while, heading back to the pond and asking them to sit with me. Their picto was a circle with a rain droplet hanging from the top- quite lovely. However, another fawn approached and mooed at us- the one with me seemed scared. Stood in front of them protectively, but gave friendly gestures. Eventually they left and let us be- wasn't sure if they were scared. Lead the one with me to the playground. Rested for a bit and played. The fawn seemed to cower at any other company, and hide behind me- became very protective of it. Fell asleep later however- awoke alone without the fawn. Felt a little worried. Was relieved to see them return however- after playing with a stranger who had trouble getting up the rocks. The three of us rejoiced with dancing and playing through the fields of grass, before starting a spell war.

((Got disconnected at this point.))
-same day, unregistered time stamp-

Found that I had fallen asleep. Awoke quit ea distance from the Twin Gods statue to duck calls. Felt very strange, not seeing the others that had been with me. Went over to the statue to pray for a bit- found moos being heard in the distance. Also was spell bomb by two playful fawns- got a white pelt and joined them to play. After a bit, bowed to them and headed to the pond- to see Spartak sitting at the bank with a minideer. Felt happy seeing a familiar face and went over to sit with him.
Saw another familiar- the fawn with the circle and the teardrop picto! Greeted them excitedly. Danced, played, and even got a stranger to join in.

((The connection is being buggy. I got disconnected when we were playing- sorry guys :c))

Hello everyone! I'm back in business with the blog c: my return to the forest is stamped at 2:09, 2/25/2014. The only reason as to why I won't specify pm or am is for safety reasons. However, should I find this as an unneeded precaution, I will begin listing that in the time stamps. Currently I hope to run into many other deer in the forest and spam the screen shot button like hell. Here's to a good return!
Health: Slightly malnurished, but generally healthy. The plants around her kept her alive. As well as a stranger...
Mental: Slightly confused, but rather calm. She is neither angry nor sad. She simply wants to be able to walk around. Maybe find out more. Not too worried, as she's alive.
Physical: Her muscles will not respond properly at the moment due to lack of use of her moter skills- or not moving for a very long time. She is also slightly sore, but she appears to have been resting on a bed of pulled up grass with branches underneath as a support.

Location: unknown- awoke to drowsy from my coma to remember much. Remembered friends and some faces. Woke up alone- did not see any. Was near a very tall, large oak. Felt a mask on my face- remembered wearing it for quite some time. Dead flowers in mane. Felt a little saddened and removed them gently. Placed them in a small knot in the oak so they would not be harmed. Felt odd removing them- were they important? Would have to return to the oak to find out- needed water. Badly. As well as nourishment. However, found that many pulled up grass, flowers, and... a small hole in the ground had been in the tree. Water was in the hole. Seemed to be dwindling. Must have been how she was kept alive... but by who? What? How long had I slept? Body felt fatigued- unnerved, slightly numb. Hard to move around- limbs not responding well. Attempted to walk and failed. Tumbled back down onto the grass. Tripped over tail a few times- it kept swinging in the way. Crawled over to the water hole and lapped at the liquid. Felt a little better. Drowsily watched the outside world. Snuffed at the grass, letting mask fall off and then burried face in the ground. Felt very refreshing to the skin... the fur... felt very nice. Smelled like rain.

Time stamp; 2:45

Heard loud mooing. Sounded like a young fawn. Unsure of what to do. noise was becoming repetitive... became concerned. Mooing went on and off for quite some time. Unable to investigate. Sulked a little and mooed back in reply. Two fawns near the tree, One used a spell- pelt became white and glowy. hopped up in surprise. Toppled over due to muscle response. Fawns left.

After a while, stretching muscles and getting blood pumping helped. Managed to stand. Wandered away from the tree, scent marked to return to. Felt rather dizzy and decided to look for water- had run out of it in the drinking hole. Snuffed the ground. Dew had dried up. Perked ears and heard the calls of ducks- decided to follow them.


Happily found a pond with some fawns near it. Lapped up the water and inhaled the scent of the pond- oddly found no ducks nearby. Plenty of fish and frogs though. Smiled a little and watched them slither around in the water. Heard mooing again and swished tail happily. Not sure if it was the same sound, but it was company. Hopped around in the water and chased some fish before getting out to investigate. However, mooing stopped. Ears drooped slightly. After drinking my fill, decided to explore a bit more and see if I remembered this place. Grinned, remembering hopping around with fawns at the pond- and some strange looking deer. Wondered where they all were...


After wandering around and getting used to the feeling of walking and sprinting, though still having difficulties, found a sleeping deer. They had a rather odd face, with a bulging forehead. Was unsure if this was a mask or not. Large, white antlers adorned their head much like a tree's branches would. Their pelt was a light, muddy brown with a creamy undercoat and redish lines tracing along their limbs and back, entertwining. Then met another deer with a skeletal pelt- bones seemed to adorn its design. Helped it retrieve a mask it was looking for. The glowing mark above its head was a curl, with a line reaching down to a leaf. Celebrated with romping and dancing!

After a while, met four other deer. Grouped up and attempted to romp with them. However, one deer continued to... playfight? unsure. Kept rearing back and attempting to ram heads. Enjoyed in a confused way. Backed off after a few minutes, unsure if agrressive. Was followed to mushroom patch, but didn't mind. Saw the others and wanted to play- attempted to do so. Fawn joined in and mooed before dancing- decided to dance along. Enjoyed it greatly!

Met the... play-fighting...? deer again. Found them rather entertaining and fought again, backing off a few times and romping. Then rested for a few minutes- found they wished to lay beside me. Happily allowed this and felt happy having company. Every now and then others joined the two of us by the pond.


Danced and romped and played, and eventually even hugged the other deer. Many more deer and fawns came to dance and play- eventually another deer caught my new friend's attention. They tried to get them to join us. Was worried the other deer might take this one's gestures as offensive or the wrong way, but found things to be calm. However, found motor skills to be acting up again. tumbled down a few times and rested a bit before continuing to play- might need rest. The forest was filled with the sounds of mooing deer and fawns alike, as well as... other creature. Unfamiliar creatures.


Followed my new playmates to yet another group of deer- five, six... seven... and the deer I had first run into. It was great fun, dancing and romping and casting spells. Hoped this would last and perhaps even happen again. Feared waking up alone. I and my playmates romped and rested near a pair of twin stones, representing... divinity? Unsure. Deer gained the ability to grant white pelts when they bowed to it. Found this explained what happened when I first woke up. Remembered in the past having visited this statue with others- even fought at it. It seemed to be very important... yet not as important as the tree, oddly enough. Was surrounded by white deer at this point, and at times the spell wore off- but just as quickly it was cast again. Became filled with a mixture of joy and longing... remembering mother. Was hard to memorize friends... became lost in thought. And well, they were all white at this point though they had different faces. enjoyed watching them play together.


Became fatigued after a while and muscles were slowly responding. Gave a bow of departure to the group before carefully treading back to the Old oak. Found flowered with a similar scent to the dead ones I had put in the tree- brought them along to study them. They were a redish, gentle pink color. their scent was a very bubblish, flourecent aroma. It wasn't sweet, yet it had that property. The same shapes and scent lingered in the withered and dead flowers placed int he knot of the tree... unsure if I had put them on or someone else had given them to me.

After a long while, I fell asleep at the tree. Someone had joined me from the group, but I was too drowsy to remember who it was....

7:23 -next day-

Awoke at the old oak- not sure if it would be wise to move. Felt a little more than simply determined to find the deer I had met. Carefully stood on all fours. Shook out fur- it felt rather dry, and soft. Small amounts of sunshine passes through the leaves of the tree tops. It was rather breezy out today. The leaves... they made a familiar sound. Like water, slowly rushing up to and leaving a bank. It reminded her of a place my mother had once taken me- a big, giant water place called an "ocean". It was so peaceful, although being there had made my fur and mane salty and heavy. But... the water crashing on the rocks and sweeping along the sand was just so relaxing. I yearned for my mother's warm and rejuvenating touch, and those fond memories before I ended up alone. Where was my momma now? And my papa...? I felt it was best not to dwindle on these thoughts however, as it could lead to unhappiness and grief. Focused on finding familiar faces and maybe new friends.


Another familiar scent- floral. Not soft and sweetish and bubbly like the red flowers. No, it was a smooth, etching and wonderful fragrance. One I could sleep with maybe. Found the scent traced to familiar blue flowers. And... the large boulders she used to play on with other fawns! Hopped up on them and struck a few playful poses before romping around, racing up and down. Stood on the highest rock and took in the scents of the grass, the flowers, the soil, the air.... relaxed but quickly returned to play. Shuffled hooves in the grass- immediately bent down to smell it. Became enveloped in the scent. Ignored other things- became oblivious to surroundings. Fresh grass... summer.... it smelled nice. Spring, new life. Liked reminders of these. leaned over too far and topple over, rolling down a steep end of the flower grassy place. Faceplanted into a rock. Was rather amused at this and giggled.


Played with a lovely little fawn for a long, long long long time. They wanted new pelt colors. Gained the spell from a sleeping deer up on the rocks and spell spammed until they got the one they liked most. Enjoyed romping and playing. Wished they could keep their pelt. Fawn soon was worn out and fell asleep.

Later, found a large group of deer. One in particular had the same pelt as I did. Giggled a bit and joined them. Ended up causing a dancing session. The little one seemed to be having great fun. Romped and danced with them for a while before resting our hooves. Eventually they too fell asleep. Decided to keep them company. Found a familiar naked deer and greeted them- unsure if they wanted to play or otherwise. Rested with them as the little one had left a while ago.

Found company with another deer and a fawn- however, both quickly left. Although, it was nice of them to lay near me. Felt nice to have company. Missed playing with more familiar faces however...

After a few hours, found a large group near the pond- dancing in a line. Joined them, and danced to my content. Eventually fell asleep there, knowing I might end up alone.


Awoke to the feeling of my soaking mane- it was pouring rain. rejoiced! It had been dry for a while. Splashed around before heading to the twin gods statues. Found a deer there... sleeping. Kept them company. Their symbol was a hook going through a leaf with an open circle underneath. Might want to remember it.... places large amounts of grass and leaves over them to keep them dry.

After a while, headed to the playground to find a red bull ((samson maybe?)) playing with fawns and some other deer. Decided to attempt to play. Loud mooing ensued... ears hurt. Attempted to play in the rain with them. Kept ears lowered though. Followed the growing group and enjoyed hopping about with two other deer, one of which left soon after. Danced with the group near a large patch of purple flowers, getting some of them our of their shells.

((accidentally minimized the game :I dangit))

Romped around for quite some time- it seemed as if a spell war was in progress as well. Eventually turned that into a dance party. Rolled around in the grass, still completely soaked in rain. Worn out. Fell asleep next to a new friend, with the rest of the group taking a rest. Ears twitched- seemed to be remembering something... a butterfly... singing...

Woke up a while later and frollicked with Sam and another deer- enjoyed prancing and dancing. he put purple flowers in his antlers! Rolled over laughing- and couldn't stop for a while.


Sleepy- groggy. Not quite awake. Still being drenched in rain. Had fallen asleep near Botan and Samson after long hours of play. Too tired and wet to move- mane and fur felt heavy. Tail flopped a little, failing to shield self from rain. Crawled up and gently pulled up a bush, distributing it as cover from the rain over the other two. Lay back down soaking wet. Not sure what to think about. Not sure what to do. Numbly nibbled on some of the grass. Closed eyes- but could not sleep with the rain. Knew I wouldn't get sick- unicorn immunity. However, worried about the other two. Crawled a little closer in case they woke up.

Soon noticed a deer laying quietly next to Samson. Ears flicked, but decided not to disturb them. might be friendly. Too soaked to really do anything.


After a while and once the rain decided to lighten up slightly, was better rested and got up to play with the others. Botan had left apparently, but the new deer with Sam stayed to play. Enjoyed hopping about and leaping over each other!


Awoke to find self alone- still in the rain. Shook out fur and wondered where the others went, but was happy to remember playing with them. Noticed to ruins nearby and decided to take shelter there- didn't want to get any wetter. Felt like I had been in the pond or somewhat.

Leapt around the ruins for a while, splashing rain and mud everywhere. Enjoyed shaking out mane and tail before running into a fawn and another deer. The deer played for a few minutes before resting, while I and the faun danced to our hearts content!

Beforehand, was resting at the ruins and saw La nearby. However, was too drowzy to do much.

Eventually went back to the pit of the ruins and fell asleep.


-unregistered time- 2-28-2014

Woke up and found the world was dry again. Rejoiced! Fur felt nice and fluffy. Began romping around throughout the forest, leaving the ruins. Found a large field of blue flowers near the pond- played in them. Heard a moo. Perked ears- listened. Followed the sound. Was joined by a stranger and enjoyed playing with them. However... they left after a while. Odd.

La found me! Rejoiced! Hopped and skipped around after greeting with friendly sniffing. Soon both of us rested in the pretty blue flowers. La appeared to be weary and fell asleep shortly afterwords- decided it would be a good idea to take a nap as well.
((took a shower xD might have fallen asleep.))

Awoke to find a fawn near me. Played with it and danced, running and leaping around the field. Followed it to another fawn… and another fawn… and another fawn… up to the point where there were seven of us. Chaos ensued- running about to follow all of them. Continuous mooing. Loud choirs of mooing. MOOING. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo………...



Began to stirr and subconscious dreams faded away. Ears slowly moved, the sound of water being registered. Rushing, gushing water. Little fireflies danced around in the air.Could hear the muffle of hooves on the soil. Eyes opened rather numbly, vision clearing. Could hear mooing. Rolled over in the purple flowers I rested in- saw butterflies. Swung my tail playfully at them- watched them scatter. Decided to sit up- saw the crying idol statue nearby. And three strangers... went over to investigate.

Investigation turned into a thrilling spell war. Grew antlers many times, and changed masks. Numbers were growing- more deer were coming!

Enjoyed prancing about as the others continued their spell war. Ran through the trees to and fro, passing by everyone just for fun. However, felt the urge to go to the Old Oak. Not sure why. Home sick? No.... missing. Bid the rest farewell and headed for the oak. Found a large crowd there as well, and dance and played. Followed two deer to the twin gods statues. Dancing magic!

Eventually the two left. However, two more came and played- lead them back to the old oak for dancing and resting. Eventually became a large group of three adult deer and three to four fawns.

Several hours later, woke up and romped around with a large group that was nearby. Enjoyed the company of two deer who stayed longer around a mushroom patch and purple flowers.



Felt warmer than usually, as if someone was next to me. Smelled like mother- flowers and fresh grass, morning rain. Opened eyes to see no one there in the large hollow of the old oak. Ears drooped and head lay on hooves- felt lonely. Missed them greatly. It's been so long...

After a while, decided to head to the playground. Found two fawns and a deer awaiting me- climbed up on the rocks and mooed together, sang, rough housed- played to our hearts content. Eventually headed for the pond where we splashed each other and chased after fish, hopping in and out of the water. Met up with another deer as one of the fawns left- greeted them excitedly.

after mardi gras

Celebrated yesterday. Found that I could permanently have a white pelt, but wanted to keep what I was born with. Felt odd having celebrated without mother. Decided to roam around the oak or go to the pond to get my mind off of things.

Found a deer named Sirius approaching. They immediately seemed up for play. Enjoyed romping around with them for a while. Their white fur was intriguing, and filled me with pride. However, after a while became air headed an unresponsive. When I woke, they were gone. ((I needed to take my medication xD)) Found another deer greeting for play after responding to a few moos. Rhomped around and followed them to trees, eating pine cones and ensuing in spell wars! Ate mushrooms as well and sneezed an awful lot. Must be allergies. Danced and danced and danced!

Eventually grew weary after hopping with them to the pond and playing in the water, and fell asleep near them at the shore.

7:00 - 7:36

A world of darkness... a world of soft breathing. Gentle breezes and dreary, tired eyes. Vision began to clear- found myself sleeping in the old Oak. Was relieved... didn't remember where I had last been. Things felt different though. It was cold. The world was white... flakes of it coming from the sky. The clouds were shedding! Immediately began jumping into the world of white, enjoying the crisp clean and fresh air. So... refreshing. So lovely. Decided to head to the pond. However, it was frozen. Was hesitant... took a step on the pond. Solid, cold. Not drinkable. But fun! Slid across the water and under the stone bridge. Had a hard time standing. Used tail for balance and pulled self out of the stream. Wandered along the forest.

A stranger was met. Had a skull for a head, large tines. and a monarch coat of fur. Was curious and asked for play after bowing. They were alright with this. Chased them around the forest, getting spell bombed and enjoying it. Had a great time running, jumping, and wrestling with their antlers. After a while, we rested. They were quite exhausted and fell asleep at the old ruins. Nuzzled them before heading to the old oak, carrying them with me. Set them down and kept them warm, falling asleep from exhaustion.


Unregistered Time

Stretched after a good, deep sleep, and began to leave for the ruins. Stopped by the pond for a drink- some of the water had thawed. After a while, came to the ruins and found a deer there. They were sleeping among the tombstones. Was curious. Who were they? Decided to give a polite bow as they stirred, and nuzzled. Found they were alright with this and ready to play. Rhomped around through the forest with them, spell bombing strangers and playing in the snow. Formed a large group of six deer in a herd and ran around with them for fun. Eventually it was just us, until we headed to the playground. Lots of fawns. Lots of stags and does. One gave the gift of candles. Was very happy to accept. Practiced climbing up the rocks with the graveyard friend from the ruins.
Was getting physically exhausted due to all of the playing, but was mentally quite energetic. Rested on the rocks for a while with new friend. Wondered where the others were... too many unfamiliar faces. Brought thoughts of mother and father's dissapearance.... saddening. Grief. But must not show it. Must keep friend smiling.

Ran throughout the forest with my graveyard friend, meeting several other deer along the way. Chasing and pranced with them, leaping through fields of blue flowers and socializing at the crying idol statue. Eventually, we all hopped over to the playground- which was also crowded. Happily scrambled up the rocks after my new-found friends. Found little cave ins and stuck our butts out for fun. However, after a while my graveyard friend had to leave. Not sure why. perhaps they were exhausted? Hoped they were okay. Left them to rest at the playground with the other deer, and proceeded to return home to the Old Oak. Fell into a deep, relaxed sleeping state.

Several hours later, awoke rather drowsily. Overslept. But not too exhausted to have fun. Went over to the pond to lap up some of the thawed water. It was colder today. Shivered and floofed up my fur. Decided to head to the Twin Gods Statue to offer prayer. Found many deer resting at the statue. It seemed to... radiate warmth. Took a while to comfortably rest. After a while, decided to get up and exercise. Bobbed and weaved through the nearby trees, kicking up snow and keeping my body warm. Paused. Ears perked as hooves drew near. Turned to see a deer with a barn owl pelt, mask, and large white tines. Greeted them and offered sniffings. Very formal type of deer. Hopped around them to begin playing. However, after a while they walked away. Began bobbing and weaving through the trees only to find them coming back. Wondered if they wanted to play.... did they? Approached and frolicked around them. They began to run, as if they wanted me to follow. Gladly began chasing them through the forest. Nose was getting very cold, hard to breathe through. Began using my mouth more often. After a while, was asked to sit with this stranger. Sat, and watched as they fell asleep. After a while, covered them in leaves and dead foliage to create a blanket. Used my long tail to pile it up around them before bowing in farewell, heading back to the Old Oak. Got halfway there before a new stranger was met. Curious. Cantered over and greeted them- as well as the fawns around them. Ran and chased and played for hours before resting with them, exhausted.


Woke up in a cold sweat. Fear... fear riddled my body. Was shivering and trembling. Stumbled up off of the ground, leaned on the statue for support. Had a nightmare.... scary.... mother was being taken away.... father was lost in a fog. Couldn't save them. Couldn't reach them. Steadied. Went to the pond and took a dip, attempting to refresh myself. Calmed down. Mother and father... they'd been gone so long. Where had they gone, when their daughter had left the tree? Where...? Emotionally painful to think about. Decided to linger on happier thoughts, drinking some of the pond water and munching on wet grass. Eyes felt droopy. Head felt heavy. Rested before deciding to take a walk, to stay awake.



Darkness. Loneliness.... then...

My eyes fluttered open. Where was I? The... the playground. Looked around frantically. Found my mane getting in the way. It was a lot longer now. Why? How... how long had I slept? Started walking. Muscles felt sore from lack of use. Body ached with unused energy. Quickly began walking, and picking up speed- needed to burn it off.


Calmed down after several hours of running about aimlessly in the playground. Odd... no other deer. Can feel their presence. Cannot see them.
Took steady, calm breaths. Perhaps this was... this was nothing. Deer vanish all the time. Deer appear all the time. Other creatures are common. But no one else is here.
The sunlight is bright. Breaking through the trees- high in the sky. The world smells wet, and fresh. Crisp. Clean. Leaves are falling from the trees... it's autumn. Such a lovely time. So many lovely colors. Decided to explore the forest, reminisce old places. Found that there were at least, some other deer. Sleeping or playing.... but not as many as before. Were there many before?

Felt no need to sleep for a long while. Spent much of the day checking how much had changed, and viewed the pond. My face... the same as always. My mane... long. Very long. No longer short-cut. Would need to fix, somehow. Tail had grown a good deal. Tuft at the end is also thicker, with longer hairs. Legs are longer. Realization- hunger. Mouth began to water. Quickly drank up a good deal of pond water before munching on any vegetation near by. took breaks every now and then, running back and forth in loops around trees. Only stopped after the sun was no longer in the sky, and the world was encompassed by the darkness of night.


Much running about and eating yet again. Rested every now and then, but felt a severe need to exercise. Did not socialize with other creatures for the entirety of the day- or rather, did not see many to socialize with. Around late afternoon, finally felt some form of exhaustion. Returned to the playground, and rested under the looming edge of one of the large boulders. Slept undisturbed.


Awoke yet again, early in the afternoon. Orange and red hues tinted the world of autumn. So peaceful. So Beautiful. It was calm and serene... there was no need to panic. I had no slept for quite so long again. It had only been a day... I could feel it. Why panic and ruin such scenery with distraught thoughts? Became lost in my own mind. All of my old friends... where were they? How long had I really slept, since two days ago? And... why was I enjoying this beauty alone?
Without mother. Without father.

-several hours later, same day-
Fondly interacting with a stranger by the name of Hatchet. Very amused by, if not interested in.

Fell asleep after much long, philosophical conversation. Despite has lack of socialization, he was very tolerant.

Stayed up late into the night, long after Hatchet left. Hadn't actually noticed him leaving, either. Where had he gone? Or was I the one who had left...? Why am I within the Old Oak already?
Found a stranger approaching the Old Oak. Was about to scare the daylights out of him, but found that he already seemed terrified. I wonder why?

Found that his name was Silas Djinn. Engaged in conversation, and after a while, raced him to his home- the ruins. Something was familiar about him... he behaved much like Raptor. A sad story behind a mask he refused to take off- questioning faith. he was quite interesting. Felt the tree calling me back, and bid him farewell. Perhaps I can assist him with dealing with his past- if we ever meet again. Yet... this feeling... how long was i asleep? I cannot help but ask myself this repeatedly. he said that he had lived in the ruins since he was young, yet I had never seen him before- and he was almost fully matured.

Wandered around the forest, circling around trees and familiar places. Slowed down every now and then to a steady walk, to take in the long forgotten feel of the wind and air- the scents of the flowers and other deer. After a while, I found myself at the Twin Gods statues. I was about to leave when I felt a spell cast on me by an odd looking door by the name of Hannelore. Romped around with them for a while, dancing and playing with the spell they had cast- we seemed very much like white ghosts. After a while however, they left and did not return.


Played gallantly around the forest, expending much unused energy. I could run forever. Raced around the trees, going to the hollow of the Old Oak and running around through the large holes between the roots. Rather than socializing, I observed others. If I saw a deer, or a group in the distance- I would walk by, watching them. Studying. Went mostly unnoticed. Found particular interest with a determined fawn casting spells upon a far more matured deer to change its appearance. So adorable. After many attempts, the older deer finally stood up and excitedly pranced around in circles, bouncing about. Success. The fawn soon joined in, and they moved to a tree to consume mushrooms and bark to perform more spells. Stay vigilant.

Became even more observant in others, walking past the sleeping and idle. So quiet. Very few deer were awake- or even within the forest. Lonesome. Where had they all gone...? Passed the Ruins repeatedly, using it as a land mark to become familiar with the world again. It seems so small now. After the fifth time around, however, I tripped over something. An animal....?

Blacked out.

September 2nd, 2015

Remembered falling over something. Glanced around behind me- nothing is there, aside from the ruins. Odd. Sat down and comfortably scratched behind my ears with my back legs. Pain. Felt a bruise somewhere on my scalp. Probably from the fall. Nothing to worry about.
Time to explore.

Found a stranger named Sadiki.

Was busy playing around the mushroom patch, stopping to groom myself. Noticed a strange a short distance away, between myself and the ruins. How do I approach? Was not sure if greeting would be interpreted well. It's been so long.
Stood still for a few more moments. Pricked my ears, listening and eyeing them curiously. They walked past, slowly, as if also observing me. Strange. Watched as they took their time getting to the center of the mushroom circle. tilted head in question. Hello? Found them coming over to sniff. Greetings. Hello! Returned sniffing, though awkwardly when they turned away. Awkwardness gave way to relief as typical play and rhomping ensued- started by prancing around them. Fun! Fun! Join in!
Prancing and hopping around the mushroom circle!
The stranger tapped the ground. Curious. Meaning? Tilted head in question. Found them nodding and walking away from the mushroom circle. Hesitantly followed. They stopped, turned around. Was I wrong? then they sat down after tapping the ground. Rest?
Sat in contemplative silence with the stranger for a while. Enjoyed some silent company, humming a little. Got up, startled every now and then by the sound of hooves in the distance.

Antics of play began as soon as the stranger got up. Immediately began jumping around them, asking for play- and they accepted. Raced around the trees in loops and circles, chasing after the new companion after a while. Much laughter ensued every time they skidded to a halt and kicked up dust, or bumped into me.
took a break to rest on the ground and eat some grass, tapping the ground and tilting the head. Sit? Sit with me? They soon nodded and complied.

After much more playing, the tired Stag bid me farewell. Watched as they left, wondering if we would meet again.

Later ran into two fawns. Decided to play with them, though one was quite timid.
Attempted to leave after a while, feeling thirsty and wanting to get back to the old Oak. One of the little fawns decided to follow me, and I attempted to play yet again. Could understand why they became confused. Nuzzled them and bowed, finally making it clear. Hoping they will both make it home safely. Stopped by the pond for a quick drink of water before crossing the bridge on the way home.
Time to settle down.


Awoke at the Old Oak. It's bright, sunny- perhaps mid day? Unsure. Not particularly interested however. Carefully got up before lightly cantering around the tree- needed to get the blood flowing. Noticed two strangers nearby, made a point not to disturb them. Headed over to the pond to splash and play in the water. Other dear were near it, but not many. Had fun splashing around the fish and avoiding knocking them out of the water.

After a while, I wandered away from the pond towards the Old Oak. Heard mooing in the distance. Pricked ears. Alert. Call did not sound distressed. Followed. Saw a stranger in the distance as I walked into a ray of sunlight, slighlty disorienting me. Curiously walked over to give them a proper bow, greeting. Hello! Began prancing and bouncing around them fondly and energetically. They were not familiar, but certainly seemed up for play. After a few minutes they gave in and began bounding around the forest with me, all the while mooing in play.

After a while, we came back to the pond to drink and dance a little before the stranger had to leave.

Wandering around and trailing back to the Old Oak for about the third time, I found my company joined by a fawn. They seemed immediately up for play- wasn't about to pass that up! Spent a good deal of time rhomping around the forest and casting spells on one another. We took a rest out in a clearing, taking in the sunlight.

During our rest, a strange creature came and invited me to play and rest with it. Was reluctant to leave the little one, but gave in to see what this was about. Sure enough, heard the fawn calling out in the distance. Returned its calls and brought it over quickly. Found the creature had lead us to a little cuddle pile of other creatures. Joined in with play, knowing the little one would be safe.

After a while, the little one left. Perhaps to find its mother? Unsure. Spent more time with the stranger creature, falling asleep and waking every now and then.
Hoofsteps. Surrounding.
Strangers. Visiting.
Creature. Playmate? Playmate.

Woke up several hours later to find myself within a very large cuddle pile!

Today was a very active day. Ran into many deer, creating large running groups around the pond and near the Old Oak. Particularly hung around and followed an owl faced stranger. Was perplexed by their figure, and very fond of their playfulness. Made sure not to step on or knock over a very tiny little creature with poppies on its head. Very adorable, but very fragile looking. Was not nearly so wary of a pale deer with similar features. It seemed to keep a good distance, but did have fun running around. That is, until I cast a pelt spell on it. Not intended. GuIlTy. Decided to keep away for a while. However, was tracked down by another pale deer with a raven mask. Curious. Went back with them to socialize again- wasn't on bad terms.

Before leaving the Old Oak, socialize with three skull masked deer. Generally enjoyed their rough playfulness and their ability to run so much!

Gained quite a few visitors at the Old Oak. Not sure WHY but didn't mind.

Saw two familiar figures in the distance and decided to sneak over for company. Found that one was asleep, and the other was keeping watch. Generally okay with this and comfortable. Comfort turned to confusion when met with a stranger who was unidentifiable. They seemed to like to playfight. Complied and didn't mind too much. Watched as they left, with no answers gained to who they were.

Later found another owl faced deer while playing with fawns and the strange fish-like creature from earlier. Curious about- they were earlier searching for something. Perhaps a friend? Unsure. They came to play with us though, and eventually ended up in a cuddle pile with Acacia, Shark, and the owl face.

Came to know the owl face as Elekted, and spent most of my time with them and shark. Acacia seemed rather tired, so was careful about bothering her.

Returned tot he Old Oak to sleep after visiting Shark, Acacia, and several other familiars. Not exactly sure of all of their names yet- but remembers their appearances quite well now.

Slept for several hours. Awoke and felt a strong urge to get a drink- headed to the pond and immediately dove in. Clean. Took a while to remember where the blue bowl of flowers way. Near the pond. Lovely smell... colors.... Was surprised. hadn't visited it in days! Immediately set out. Arrived after a short trek and immediately rejoiced by rolling in the flowers! Stopped. Felt soemthing poking my back. rolled over- tiny crow. Curious. Crow was playful. Friend. But not a crow? Curiously played with until it turned into a uni-deer. Similar! Same! Friend? Came to spend time and play with the uni-deer. Gained their name- Haroten. Would definitely remember. Was very jealous of her horn. Mine is temporary. Not the same.

Wandered around until we decided to have fun with De Drink Plaates. Generally okay with the transformations- not with the random lightening and ghostly apparitions. After a while, pranced outside of it uncertainly. found a stranger watching us in the distance, as well as an owl face. Could not identify them very well. Nor the stranger watching in the distance. Asked the stranger to play, but they seemed more comfortable with wandering about. Bowed in respect and continued to rhomp with Haroten and the owl face.

Eventually, Haroten left. However, the predator-like stranger, along with another that resembled some sort of dog were lurking nearby. many fawns had come and gone. Was wary of the two predators, and ran in tight circles to keep play restricted from them. Though, invited them for play every so often. Stuck around the owl-faced deer for a while longer.

After much play around mushroom patches, the owl face soon had to leave. Was content with the amount of play and running, and didn't mind. Bit them a slow farewell as they allowed me to be alone. Sat within a ray of sunlight, resting. So nice.


Midnight. Fell asleep within a patch of purple flowers rather comfortably. However, was woken a short while after by a stag and a fawn. Curious. Could not clearly identify their gestures, but was able to dance with them for a little. Tired. Curled back up within the flowers as they left. Fell asleep for a few hours.


Ended up running around and chasing/playing with a minideer today. They were fast and frantic like a little witch! Enjoyed playing with them and kept up very well. However, lost them with just as much skill. How unfortunate. Ran into shark along the way, but he seemed preoccupied.
Ran into the familiar owl face. Haven't quite gotten a name from them yet, but plan to! Bounced around after them for a good while , running around trees and greeting strangers. Came to rest in a patch of flowers for a few minutes. After hearing some odd mooing in the distance however, raced off to the Twin Gods statue- nuzzling Mandel to let him know.

Came to find a large herd of deer. Ran up and pranced around them, scaring them away on accident at first. Coaxed the group to come back and eventually got them to play.

Spent a good few hours with them, prancing, dancing, and having an all around good time. Recognized a small fawn from yesterday- Rose. Kept an eye on her and another little fawn that wandered over as they slept, though that appeared to be someone else's job. *Giggle!* kept to the group, getting up every now and then to listen carefully. Did not want a repeat of yesterday with hungry eyes watching.

Saw a strange, white owl face coming up. Attempted to greet with one of the herd members. Found it making aggressive gestures towards them- immediately responded with the same, in kind. Confused when it then greeted with a bow and lay next to one of the fawns. Became protective and ran over, circling it. Unsure if good intentions or bad. Didn't seem to harm the fawn. Wary.

Calmed down after a good amount of playing. Rested every now and then, but generally kept the little herd party going. Long after, everyone left. Decided to take this time to head home and rest.

Saw a stranger with a long fluffy tail wandering around outside the Old Oak. Managed to catch them before they left, recognizing them from the group at the Twin Gods Statues earlier. Played with them for a little before inviting them to rest int he old oak.

While inside, the stranger fell asleep. Shark came by for a quick visit as well. Seemed less busy than earlier. was not keen to leave the other deer alone in the tree, but perhaps they would be alright.Decided against leaving the tree and kept in close proximity to it. Eventually, through all of the fawns passing by, a familiar face appeared- Sadiki! Greeted the familiar face with a nuzzle. Does not entirely know well yet. He seemed to have much more energy than last time, spending my own quite easily. Was overjoyed to see that they weren't as restricted as last time. Generally spent time around the tree with Sadiki and shark, keeping a close eye on the stranger inside the Old Oak- who had become a rabbit. Odd.

Rhomped around with Sadiki and shark a little more with two fawns and a strange stag joining in. Was generally not worn out, or well, didn't want to admit it. Invited them to stay in the Old Oak with the other stranger. My my. This place has become quite popular.

After playing for a long while with a third stranger joining the fun, Sadiki requested we rest at a tree. Did so until we fell asleep then realization hit. Had strayed too far from the Old Oak- the otehr stranger was no longer there. Slightly worried about what they must have thought, but decided to let it be. It was a choice. Accept the consequences from the beginning. Was awoken by Shark, who requested we follow him- curious. Found he'd led us to a cuddle pile. Like the first time.
Rested with the sleeping deer, and stayed up with Sadiki as Shark feel into his own world of sleep.

Staying awake. Aware. Mindful.

After playing around a bit more with Shark, I decided to follow Sadiki. We were accompanied by a fawn, who I could not identify. Strange. Oh well. Came back to the Old Oak after stopping a few times. Tired? Yes. Long day. Followed Sadiki to a thin tree near the Old Oak, a clearing and some mushroom patches. Bathed in the sunlight with them. Fell in and out of sleep.


What a lovely morning.
Woke up slightly sleepy. Wanted to stay asleep. nothing was stopping me. But it's better to get up. Comfortably decided to stay still a while longer. Sadiki was gone- as was the fawn. I've been sleeping away from the tree a lot lately....

Wandered around the Old Oak aimlessly, watching Mandel pass by every now and then. Busy? Perhaps. Not sure. They did stop by and play, but for a short time. Met Sadiki again, along with a stranger. Didn't get a name from the minideer, but enjoyed their company> Ran about through the trees with Sadiki and the little one for a while. Heard loud hoofsteps. Turned to see a group of Three deer running towards the Twin Gods Statues. Odd. Wanted to investigate, but more keen to keep friends company. Sadiki also appeared to need to rest again- wondered if it had to do with the injury he had been hinting at with his movements. Kept play on a lower energy level to prevent unneeded accidents.

Saw the wolf (Ajokoira) from before, along with a familiar dog that seemed to follow them. Saw a fawn getting too close. Ran up. Stood in front of. Protective. Reared at the two animals to keep them away. Lead the fawn back over to Sadiki and the other cervidae.

Spooked some deer away with playful antics on accident. Uncertain if I will see them again, but I want to be on better terms. Spent majority of my time with Sadiki, a minideer that I'll call tiny, and several fawns that came and went. Saw a familiar owl face (ali4742) who also joined in on the fun, along with a very large rabbit. Got them to follow me to the Twin Gods statue to get the Devout pelt spell before running back and causing chaos with Devout tag. Rested for a while after all that playfulness.

Saw several deer chasing the wolf throughout the day. Not sure how to feel about it.

Saw Mandel pass by several times. Lonely? Considering making him stay put.

An owl faced stranger approached us. Was wary of at first. They were sniffing Sadiki, who was asleep, and making strange gestures. Let them stay for a bit. Uncertain of intentions, keeping an eye on. Heard the calls of another stranger- antelope? Followed the calls and lead them back to the group. They stayed and played for a bit. followed them to a mushroom patch. Wary of leaving the owl face with Sadiki- certain he can take care of himself though. Watching through perefrial(sp?) vision.

Saw the owl face run toward the Old Oak to rest. Safe.

Went to check by the tree- Sadiki and the others were gone. Probably tired from all the playing. Shrugged and followed the mooing of the antelope-like creature from earlier- found it in yet another mushroom patch. Stayed with it until it too, had to leave. It's getting late...
Headed back to the Old Oak to rest up.
More fun later.


Woke up within the Old Oak again. Late in the day. How strange. Must have slept longer than usual.

Found a fawn sleeping within the Oak. Stayed for a while not to disturb it. made sure it was still asleep when I left.
Found another fawn near the bridge at the pond and began playing with, greeting it in a warm and friendly manner. It seemed quite happy with the pelt spell I cast upon it, and kept it. Yay! Heard the familiar mooing of Antelope. Saw them approaching- becoming familiar company. Greeted them with nuzzling and got them to dance and play with the fawn too. Followed Antelope to a mushroom patch ((they really love these)) with other deer. The fawn left after a while ((poor thing probably got bored)) and I kept watch. Antelope and the otehr deer, which I am deciding to call Iksus, got up every so often to cast a transformation spell on one another. While Antelope rested, I cast a spell on them and turned them into a tiny bunny! Tiny cute thing. Giggled uncontrollably while Iksus just sat there watching.


Where am I?
Came to wake within the Old Oak. Slightly disoriented. What had happened yesterday? After the fun with Iksus, the fawn, and Antelope? Unsure. Lack of memory is bothersome. Not enough to spoil another day though! But... it's not day? How long was I asleep?
Mane hadn't grown longer. Suggested that meant only a day had passed. Relief. Didn't want to lose current connections. Too many are gone now.
Set out on a walk to clear my mind. The night wind is so nice on my skin.
Along my walk, I ran into a fawn and a strange tiny deer. Greeted them warmly, fondly. Decided to play with them for a while. Strangely enough, despite my rest, I became wary. Perhaps I had slept too long? Yes. Watched the fawn bid farewell. Jumped and hopped and ran around the tiny deer for a while longer. This one didn't seem to mind resting as much, but mooed at me after I'd lain down for too long. We both gave each other the same confused expression as I immediately got up, and laughed it off. Silly deer. For once, felt the need for a little alone time. Nuzzled the tiny deer and set off for the Pond, glancing back to make sure they were not too startled by the abrupt ending. They were already leaving the purple flower patch we'd been playing in. perhaps they also had things to attend to? Went and sat in the pond water for a while, contemplating my recent over sleeping.


Spent most of the day relaxing by the pond, doing nothing for once. It was just a day of pure laziness. Did not interact with others very much, if at all. Generally pondering things such as the concepts and words I know. Contemplating how long eternity was, and wondering how many years had gone by in my life. Other deer had mentioned places beyond this forest. Yet I had never seen anything past it, and was always brought back to its trees. But was it wise to leave? Even for the curiosity of these places? I also could not recall if I had ever thought about this before. Surely, within all of my years here- living far beyond the life times of others, I must have wanted to leave. To discover something new. Had I ever tried back then? it felt like memories were repressed. but I did remember something my mother had once told me.
"A unicorn, such as myself, keeps her forest safe with her presence. Danger will never lurk within it, nor shall winter pass. We create eternal spring and peace. Even predators that dwell within are not a danger, as they will leave to hunt elsewhere. I am not sure if you bear that same gift... as you are not entirely like myself...."
Perhaps that is what kept me here? Rather than my presence protecting the forest, the forest is protecting me. Keeping me form the dangers of the outside. Yet I ache to learn about these other places. I know this ache. Why? How? When I cannot remember ever wanting to leave before... when i cannot remember trying to leave?
This was causing my emotions to deteriorate. It was eating at me. So I reminded myself of a saying, from my father. What always pushed me to be happy.
"To let the heart dwell on what causes it pain, is to knowingly cause it to suffer. So do not trap yourself within your sorrows; as they are temporary and will pass. This will keep you happy."

I miss them so much... but at least I have their words to guide me.
So I forgot about my curiosity. For now. It may cause me pain. But I wish to return to it... so that it is no longer painful.


It's getting cold.
Had fallen asleep near the pond. Woke up to find that the weather was not the usual pleasant and warm breeze with clear skies. rather, little white flakes were falling all around me. Autumn was nearing its end... soon, the forest would be covered in snow. How pleasant.

September 10th-14th, 2015

Spent a great deal of time getting to know Atiq, Tochza, and Sadiki better. Attempting to seek out others that I know well. Even... very long lost ones. I have some hope in finding them.

I've taught Atiq how to better handle himself upon ice. he seems timid, and not very secretive. I may be proven wrong alter. As for Tochza... the stag is wonderful, but unless he is only with one other deer, he will be deceptive. Secretive. He hides his true demeanor. I am wary of him and have yet to know how to deal with this. But I do not sense a bad heart from within. I will use my time with them to open up their hearts so they may not have anything to weigh so heavily upon them.

Sadiki visited me in the middle of the night, one in which I had woken form a rather restless sleep. I went over my fears with him.... and oddly enough, almost tried to hide them. I have never hidden anything; never kept a secret from someone. Anything one does not know about me is something they have not asked me about. So why was his one inquiry... about my well being... something I wanted to hide? I know others have troubles I could never understand. Things I cannot compare to. yet, I felt for an instant it was worth hiding. How cruel of me...

The rut is coming up, and I have decided to be a judge this year. I want to fully experience it- as for all of the years I have lived, I have only ever seen it from a distance. Any memories the proceed beyond ten years seem to have gone with my abruptly awoken sleep. I must know what I have been missing.

I look foreward to seeing Sadiki in the rut- but those scars he has worry me. Is it truly such a violent event? Why would... why would they harm one another over a partner? I do not know if I ever knew the answer before. Remembering is hard, painful. So I will wait until the event begins. It will be more of a worry if more familiar faces participate... I do not wish to see them harmed. But it is their choice. And I will not stop them from doing as they choose.

Please be safe.


Shifted rather sleepily in the Old Oak. Just waking up- will gain some more pep in my step. The snow has stopped for a little while, but a new type of change is brewing. The rut. Excited to participate as a judge this year, to see how things turn out. And perhaps, to prevent chaos. I have not been in danger before, but I can sense it clearly now- all around. Other creatures and deer wash blood off int he pond, tainting it. Though the taint is gone due to the crying Idol constantly changing the water, deer are constantly hurting and being harmed. Noticing scratches on the trees lately. Normally, markings such as these fade away quickly... but these ones are staying. Clear evidence someone wants to own part of the forest. This will not stop me from wandering...

After playing with some strange fawns and a stag, I went home to rest. A very relaxing and calm day.

]Awoke to a new presence within the Old Oak. Two dear- strangers. One of them had a familiar scent. had seen them often when passing through the forest. Decided to leave them be and wandered over to the pond to rest underneath a tree. Noticed Aurik, a familiar stag. Was rather surprised to see him. However, was even more surprised when Sadiki showed up out of the blue to sit with me. Also very joyous! Not exactly sure if Aurik remembers me, and not sure if we are on the best of terms. Glad for more familiar company. Even more surprised when yet another deer joined us! This tree at the pond is becoming quite popular.

Played with sadiki, Rosie, Tochza, and several other deer who all seemed to have gathered at the pond. However, Sadiki seemed rather apprehensive around Tochza, and slightly unsure of how to act around Rosie. He has more wounds than last time, suggesting he'd recently been in a fight. he became rather aggressive towards Tochza at one point, garnering very little reaction. After a while he cooled down and spent a little more time near Rosie, while I sat with Tochza. After a while, Rosie and Sadiki left- and I was alone with Tochza. We relaxed for a little while in the pond before a stranger came up to use repeatedly, as if trying to get us to follow. I did and eventually so did my companion- and we ended up in a spell war. Which, of course, Mandel joined as he soon found us.

After a while, Tochza fell asleep and Acacia came out to play. Was happily greeted by her, rhomping along with Mandel. Rested every now and then to check up on Tochza and make sure he was alright.

Eventually created a cuddle puddle with Mandel, Acacia, Tochza, a strange fawn and a strange stag.

Acacia soon ran off. Followed her scent, leaving Mandel with Tochza and found a stranger with Acacia. Decided to observe before approaching. Found that Acacia was a little more freely playful with this deer, and they knew each other well- related? yes. he was her father. Ran around with them, prancing and dancing and playing- kept hearing mooing in the distance. Left every so often to check it out, but found it was a pair of fawns mooing for some unknown reason. Returned to playing with Acacia and her father, Dardan. Changed pace of play repeatedly to appeal to both of them. A little fawn came over. Greeted carefully at first- they seemed flighty. Familiar. yes- I had seen them before. They had been following me for several days now. Recognized their scent, but could not identify them by anything else. Helped coax them into playing with Dardan and Acacia- who I later lead to meet Tochza and Mandel, who was asleep. Silly Owl face! Nuzzled Mandel before trying to lead Acacia and Dardan all over the forest.

Came to the stream near the crying idol to meet up with Dardan and Acacia again- found she was having difficulty with the courage to jump over the stream. Luaghing greatly when Acacia's father attempted to coax her into jumping. Tapped the ground to signal them to follow, reared up as Acacia came to her place, and then got a running start, jumping over the stream. Tapped the ground again to tell them to come over. Dardan was first, easily clearing it. Finally, Acacia found some courage and leapt over- sliding a little when she reached the edge of the other side. Friendly laughter when she managed to climb over. She made it! Celebrated with more running and play.

Eventually came back to the playground, where Dardan was first introduced to me by Acacia. Allowed them to rest, noticing Tochza nearby. Playfully taunted him on top of one of the larger stones, telling him to get his butt up here. He didn't seem to get it and just stared. Silly deceptive deer. Just climb!

Noticed a strange deer with spindly legs and a fragile body climbing up the rocks. Tried to get a better look at him, but slipped and fell. Pouted and returned to Tochza. Found the fawn that had been following me earlier decided to come and lay with us. Stayed with it and Tochza for a while before bidding farewell and heading to the Old Oak- needed rest. What a fun day!


A quiet awakening after all of that fun yesterday. Slept in quite a bit and felt very energized. Decided to muddle about by the pond for a while. Saw a familiar face and decided to greet them, only to find another familiar face- a doe who I had seen with mandel the other day. Attracted strangers by mooing to each other and had a massive rhomping party! Followed both of them all around the forest, casting spells upon one another along the way. Learned that the doe's name was Hitakomi. Very unusual forest name, but had a familiar ring to it. Decided to keep them in mind as they often act very much like Antelope. I actually have not seen antelope for a while.....

Came upon a large creature with... with.. well, large arms. Unsure how to describe. Seemed to have a very scarred up body. Torn ear. Was wary of approaching. However, the other two seemed to mind very little and decided to use the sleeping... thing... for pelt spells. Reluctant at first, but gave in after a while as they were having trouble getting any spells from him. Managed to get one and happily pranced around the cuddle puddle. After a while, we left the poor beast to sleep. We were probably too small to bother him anyways.

Soon the doe left and I decided to head back to the Old Oak. Found it was occupied by someone, but didn't mind. they probably thought of it as home too. Curled up inside and fell asleep for a short amount of time.

Woke up in a cold sweat. Day? Time? Fear. Subconsciously started crying a little. Whimpered and put my head on my forearms, sniffing at the grass and inhaling its fresh scent to calm me down. Found that I had somehow wandered a short distance form the Old Oak. It's still night. Still night. How long did I sleep? Trying hard to calm down. Deep breathing... relax... why am I in fear of...? Losing something. Friends. Memories. Why? It has happened before.
Very carefully took my time getting on my hooves. Shakily stood, but began to calm down a little. Not much time has passed. There is nothing to fear. You've done this before.... done this... before. Not sure how I remembered it. Perhaps I had been disturbed long before this due to the same issue, and learned to deal with it. leaning all over again... and again...
Decided to head to the pond to wash off my face, my tears. Wanted to sit and listen to the bugs chirping and frogs croaking. Something familiar.

Wandered over to the playground for a few minutes after washing off, only to find myself interested in a stranger. Not entirely up for walking straight over to them. Decided to flank them while they walked towards the pond, curious. Spindly little legs and fragile body, but a large build. Hurt? Or just different? Watched as they took a rest at the pond and then followed them, sitting nearby at a distance. Saw the familiar face of Hitakomy and another stranger. Played and jumped around with them for a little, feeling my mood lighten. Tripped over my hooves and fell into the pond ((dced -.-)). Got out to find the other two gone, but the stranger there. Oh well. Decided to keep spindly legs company. After a while though, he too left. Stayed at the pond, refusing to fall back asleep.
((Went to a presenter's fair on the 18th and thus was not available in the forest))



Was relaxing by the pond again today. feeling a lot calmer than two days ago and generally took all of yesterday to mellow out. Taking today to do the same, but generally calmer and able to socialize.

Headed down to the pond yet again to find it was crowded- spotted Rosie, Tiny, and Mandel among the group and jovially went to play with them! Splashed pond water all over the other deer and bounced around making a rhomping party! Play a lot with Kian and had fun chasing him around the pond, the big silly dragon. Mandel also showed up- had fun running with him through the pond and guarded him while he rested.

Saw another dragon named Dazenth. Was curious about, but they got into conflict within a short few minutes of being at the pond. Not sure who with though. Generally worried about the fawns nearby and attempted to keep the atmosphere calm. Eyed the dragon as he rested with another stranger, as well as the creature he'd been fighting with. They seemed very large and... a water dragon. Dragons appeared to be quite common today. Mother always said they were territorial and got into conflict with one another.

The two started conflicting again. Attempted to dispell it- got between them. The red dragon appeared to be using me as a shield of some sort. Ignored it. Did not want fighting near the pond. Remained with Dazenth and Mandel while they rested. Kian seemed to know the other strangers- decided that it wasn't my business and didn't meddle. Generally worried about Mandel and Tiny.

Dazenth left for a while. Kept seeing a stranger pass by- uncertain of why they lurk. The large dragon he had some beef with got into another fight with a fawn watching nearby- managed to keep the little one back so they wouldn't get hurt.
The fight ended with the offender surrendering and the large aquatic looking dragon winning. Allowed the little one to return to them and watched rather gladly as they played. After a while,w as left with the fawn- played with them for quiet some time and comforted them when they seemed to have a negative experience with a large stag. They stayed closer after that.

Regrouped with Mandel, Rosie, Dardan, and several other deer. Apparently Mandel was organizing some sort of herd for the rut- decided to join for now. The little fawn was tuckered out and left for home after resting with me for a short amount of time. Became calmer and rested with the herd- felt oddly comfortable with so many around.

Had fallen asleep in the flower patch. A little disoriented, but happy. Got up and found Mandel a little ways off, along with Rosie and Sadiki! Greeted them elatedly, excitedly and ensued in play. Stopped in curiosity, noticing a white stag who had earlier fought with the water dragon. Sadiki seemed nervous and attempted to discourage me from approaching, but I insisted. The two seemed to recognize each other, and not in a good way. Greeted the stranger in a friendly manner while Sadiki watched nervously, and kept them on good terms. then bounced back to Mandel and Rosie, bringing Sadiki. Unsure of who the fourth deer is in our group- has a pelt similar to Rosie's. Bumbled around with them for a while before resting in a circle.

later shark joined us along with several fawns, one of which clinging to me. We rhomped around until shark asked to rest,which I obliged to- next to him and Dardan. Then I ran off with two minideer and a fawn across the forest, heading to a rocky clearing after circling the forest several times. followed mooing to find something similar to what Mandel started- probably another herd preparing for the rut. Very exited and greeted them all warmly, playing the with the fawn all the while. Pranced around a few of them, at a distance to respect personal space. ((space, what is space? :"D)) Eventually the fawn left. Continued to play with the two minideer ((witch and someone)) and then decided to head back to Dardan and shark to make sure they were alright. Mandel appeared to have left.

Played with Sharky when he woke up and ran with him and Dardan, dancing in the forest. Shark eventually left, so I followed Dardan around. Raced him through the trees and was rather impressed with his energy. Eventually he fell asleep near a tree. Decided to allow him to rest.

Later found Sadiki and Acacia, playing with them and happily greeting. Was rather tired for once due to the day's activities, and fell asleep cuddles up next to them. Briefly remember Rosie's scent.


Tired... a few more minutes...
Groggily, but happily recalled what happened yesterday.W ell, the good things anyways. Was surprised to find myself waking up in a purple flower patch rather than curled up next to Acacia and Sadiki somewhere within the birch trees. A little dissapointed- missed their warmth. Comfortable snuggled a little deeper into the flowers, taking in their scent. So nice... how did I get here? Not all that disturbed by that lack of memory. Too busy being comfy to generally mind- wanting to seek out Mandel's herd and spend some time with them.

Went on a stroll through the forest, enjoying the peace and tranquility. So... calm. Watched the lives of others flitting by through the trees and grass, resting... playing... dancing... having fun. it was so peaceful, so blissful compared to all of the fighting yesterday. Oh, why couldn't they just... stop running and look around? Look at all of this happiness? Because they are living it. Passed the ruins to see a giant bunny and crow taking up residence with several deer resting. Oh, what rare sights! All in this brief, wonderful morning.... had not seen the herd yet, but didn't mind. As I headed to the pond, I ran into Sadiki. Ah, how lovely. Walked for him for a short while before sitting in silence and enjoying the atmosphere.
((lol, yes that entire thing links to music))

Followed Mandel's familiar scent, leading Sadiki to a sparring match between Mandel and another stag. ((toxiic?)) Cuddled up with Sadiki and shark to watch. Almost got a little too close- still very out of it and unaware. Slightly snapped out of it when a fawn almost got too close- coaxed them back to the side lines.

After a while the sparring event ended with Sadiki and Mandel showing off against their opponents. Rather than feeling appalled at the violence, I watched and silently cheered them on. This was voluntary violence- not meaningless, not cruel. It was an interesting part of the forest's culture I had missed out on. Many, many deer joined including Ash, Rose, Hallenore, and Draven- the main opponent for Sadiki and Mandel. Eventually I fell asleep- very irregular. Probably mentally exhausted. Curled up with some of the other deer and lost myself to a world of dreams.

After a while, slowly began to stirr. Found Sadiki cuddled up next to me and everyone else gone. How long had I slept? Did not feel that fearful sensation that normally swept over me. If Sadiki was here, it was fine. Not much time had probably passed. Snuggled a little closer to him subconsciously before falling back asleep for a while.
Woke up once again, still with Sadiki. Found shark nearby and we decided to play with him and cast a few spells. Stopped every now and then to greet and curiously glance at passing strangers. After playing with Shark, broke off from the group to take a walk and found Sadiki walking after me. Calmly allowed him to and arrived at the pond. As soon as he bent down to get some water, I immediately teased him by jumping in and splashing it all over him. We had some fun bouncing around and getting soaked before Sharky came with three fawns to join the fun. After a while, Sadiki left- he was rather tired from all of the fun. I continued to stay a little longer, but soon left for the Old Oak and curled up inside of it to sleep. Didn't like that I was being so tired recently. but my sleep had been quite disturbed; it was expected.

September 21st-??th
My internet connectivity has been cut off for a while and I am not sure when it will return. I will get on when and if I can. Otherwise, Sabel will be under a comatose status for a good portion of this time. Do not despair c: you can try and interact VIA roleplay, but do not expect a very detailed response. the comatose state will make it look like she is either dead or sleeping, and she will generally be unable to do anything in response aside from subconcious words and thinking you are someone else.

Interactions today:

Spent a great deal of time with another herd, Ash, Sadiki, and Rosie. Nuzzled Sadiki often as he smelled odd and his movement was extremely restricted compared to last time- could not see what was troubling him through today's thick fog. Had woken from a long sleep again, and was just happy to see everyone. Played for a while but kept an eye on Sadiki. Became wary when a strange stag was making aggressive gestures at me and the other deer. Unsure of play fighting until directed at him- responded by lowering my head and bashing them to push them away from the group. Did not want violence with Sadiki around. Managed to get them to calm down and play with the group in a friendly mannerism. After a while, Sadiki was extremely tired and had to leave. Wanted to follow, but not sure if he wanted the company.

Spent a great deal of time with Ash, running with him and guiding him around the forest- he could not see very well at all. Nor could he smell very well- seemed to cling to me in play. It was very foggy, if that is any consolation. Allowed him to follow if I went too far away and cuddled up to him in some thick flowers within the forest. Watched him as he slept and allowed him to watch me as I did the same. Remembered him from a few days ago- very good company with Mandel's herd. Wanted to keep him in mind.


Woke up within the fog of the forest without Ashe's warmth. Considered that he probably went home after all of the fun yesterday, and wondered if through all of the fog... if he had eyes. How unfortunate.
Wandered around for a while. Felt a little wary of all of the howling in the forest- not sure if it was because of the fog, but memories of similar events in the past dictated that this was so. Found Dazenth curled up next to someone. They were smaller than the red dragon and did not seem to be in a happy mood. Approached carefully and greeted Dazenth with a nuzzle when he eagerly came over to greet me. Saw Rosie staying with them as well. Surmised that base don Dazenth's closeness to the red stranger that they were important to him- very important. Family? mate? Curious, but did not probe with how delicate the situation seemed. Rested with them until the red one left and stayed with Dazenth for his comfort until he too had to leave. Rested for a while and allowed a fawn to cast spells on me for their enjoyment.
Saw Sadiki in the distance near a tree with a stranger who had been there since I had first seen Dazenth today. Curious. Stranger moved very little around Sadiki and generally did not seem open to physical contact- refrained from nuzzling and jumping about. Another touchy deer? Uncertain. Did not want to cause them to flee and leave Sadiki in confusion. Nuzzled him gently and kept an eye on him- did not smell as much blood as yesterday. Generally worried about his physical and mental wellfare. Did not attempt to display this as he already had enough to worry about, and did not enjoy speaking about himself in the long run.

Fell asleep for a while. Woke up a little startled, afraid of being alone. Glad to see Sadiki and the white stranger there, regained composure. Nestled down again and eyed Sadiki- felt like someone had been cleaning my fur recently. Probably him. He was also very antsy- standing, watching, listening. On Guard. Why?

Later on many other deer joined out little cuddle puddle of play. It was a fun, social experience- got to see many unfamiliar faces. Draven soon joined us as well as he made his way to the crying Idol statue where I was waiting for him, greeting him with Sadiki and several others.

Eventually a stag approached us. A large one- unknown. Curious. Greeted and when greeted in return, tried playing. Did not get much of a response. Curious and a little wary. Sadiki urged me away and continued to eye the stranger, who did the same in return. Soon they got into a fight. Tried to get between them, rearing back in an attempt to run up and keep Sadiki from getting hurt anymore- was blocked by Draven. Mooed in protest and tried pushing past him. Was only able to get to Sadiki after the fight and cheering him on, but found his mood was extremely bad. Tried nuzzling and prancing to clam him down, but it didn't work. he ran off after a few moments. Unsure of what to do. Called out for him long after he had left, and uncertainly glanced at the herd. He's hurt. He's hurt and I couldn't do anything...
Wandered off in the direction he had gone. Maybe I could find him.

Had fallen asleep next to a tree after a while of walking. Woke up, feeling a strange emptiness. Loss. Didn't like the feeling at all. A reminder. Decided to get a quick run through the forest before heading back home disorientedly. Chasing Sadiki at this point was not a good idea. If... if he wanted help.. he wouldn't have run off. Went into a restless, dreamless sleep. I will find you... when you need me.


Awoke at the Old Oak- greeted by warm sunlight. The thick fog that had lasted two days had lifted. As had my spirits- I was a lot happier than I was last night. Despite remembering what had occurred, I was not going to let it weigh on my heart. Amends would be made when the time came. Surprised to be greeted rather excitedly by Rosie and a white stranger. Played to brighten up a bit and followed Rosie, only to be stopped by curiosity. Why was the white one... acting like that? Were they in a bad mood? Generally concerned until we began play fighting. Felt adrenalin and used it to run off after Rosie with the stranger close behind. She lead us to Mandel's herd, which had Draven and several other judges in it! Happy to see familiar, friendly faces again. Played with them, and was startled when I heard fighting nearby. Draven and someone. Backed away to keep from getting in the way of the fight. Bounded and raced around with Rosie and several judges before play fighting again with the white stranger, only for Mandel to step in. Was not surprised- my play fighting was rather aggressive. Nuzzled Mandel for comfort and explained the situation. Went over and sat with him to keep him company for comfort.

Had fallen asleep. Briefly startled. Irregular- I wasn't tired. Why was I sleeping? Confused. Got up and kept my composure to prevent unneeded negativity. The others were playing and Mandel was now up, so it wasn't a bad thing. I could smell Sadiki- far away... far away. Far away. Not sure if I wanted to find him.

Spent a great deal of time running around deer in circles and getting them to play, including a large red stag with a skull mask. Everyone else seemed very wary of him and he didn't come over when invited to join the herd. Not a friend? Uncertain. But interested in. Allowed him to leave before following Mandel, Rosie and Draven around for a bit longer- then pranced in circles around strangers just to mess with Mandel. He appeared to be playing a game of spy, watching other deer from behind a tree.

Became roughly concerned when I fell asleep at another random interval for the second time. Headed back to Rosie, who had tried to wake me up earlier and stayed close to the herd, sitting down and resting. maybe I was tired and didn't realize it?

Suddenly, a writhing mass of violence erupted around and within the herd. Stags and even Rosie, fighting. What one earth? Don't run. Slowly backed away from the violence. Did not want any part of it- there would be no way to stop it. A familiar white and gold figure shot past me and into the fray. Confused and then horrified- SADIKI?!
Chased after the fighting deer and followed Sadiki. No! No more! No more pain! Ran after him as fast as I could. Reared back and charged at the group, trying to push Sadiki out of it. Failed and ended up pursuing them. A couple of stags seemed Adamant about pursuing Rosie- extremely concerned. Came to a halt with the group, trying to push Sadiki out again. Suddenly, we were alone- with Mandel and his friend. What just happened? Fear. Confusion. Found myself face to face with Sadiki. Overrun with concern and worry- but frozen. Was not sure how to approach. Walked up to him and as soon as he greeted me with sniffing, I nuzzled him. Stay. Stay! Please. Kept quiet and stood with him. Greeted passing strangers, but only briefly. Was just glad Sadiki wasn't pursuing further violence.

Stood with him for a while, and generally confused after I didn't see him there. He'd walked away while I wasn't paying attention. Immediately went over and lay on the grass with him near Rosie and the other does. She seemed okay. Mandel was sitting with a stranger int eh distance. How did he feel about all of this? Was he alright? Uncertain. heaved a sigh and let my stress go. Everything was fine now. Please... just... stay calm. Stay safe.

Followed Sadiki on a long walk through the trees. He seemed to want some alone(ish?) time, rather than sticking with a group. Wasn't too surprised as the one he'd just been in was incredibly violent. Groomed each other for a while before settling down on the grass, staying close. As we sat down, he seemed rather adamant to continue grooming and rest on my shoulders. Didn't mind at all; let my concerns fade away for a little while. I'll explain to Mandel and Rosie later...

Fell asleep again. This time it was genuine exhaustion. Cuddled up next to Sadiki to make sure he didn't leave, although, if that failed there was not much I could do.


Awoke at home within the Old Oak. Calm, quiet morning. Stretched and decided to go for a quick run around the forest. Ran into Mandel's herd and Dardan's family on the way to the Rut home- played with them for a long while, running around and jumping. A doe approached me earlier and I helped them get their set- was surprised to find them following me all the way back to the herd. While playing, was mistaken for a challenger and challenged to a fight. Confused, but took the challenge anyways- ended up with more bruisses than before. the doe from earlier decided to stay with me after I... won...? So confused. Sat down with the doe, Jovan, and... Tochza? Watched Ash and mandel duke it out. Had jumped in on accident later when they were "playing rough". Cheering for both of them, though only one can win. What a silly predicament!
The bruisses would probably take an extra day to heal now, but otherwise were fine. Two to three days should do the trick. I scolded Sadiki for getting into fights... and here here I got getting into them! Wary- laying down next to Tochza to get some rest. He's grooming me, not that i mind. But his demeanor feels off. He's less... stoic than usual. Worried? he seemed to be eyeing a particular stag with a secretary mask. ((Walter's player)) Tochza became noticeably aggressive when that stag went near fawns or does. Not sure if this is rut feelings or other emotions that are getting in the way.
Played and rested as the group seemed to continue to grow bigger and bigger. Around twenty deer were here now, playing and casting spells. It was quite the gathering!

Rested for a while with Tochza, who had cooled off for now. Everyone else seemed to be taking a rest as well. Tuckered out from playing. Took this time to clean my fur and tend to the bruises all over my body- would be sore for a while. My aggression is probably what got me into that fight earlier- I'd have to remember to act less like a challenger and more like... well, a judge. Sadiki would surely notice the bruises and might chastise me for fighting- not that I can blame him.

Spotted a stranger by the Old Oak, and curiously went over to greet them. Unfortunately they went and hid behind the tree at first, not wanting to come out. Coaxed them out eventually and nuzzled them for comfort. Not sure if they were safe on their own based on their behavior- tried to get them to the herd. They didn't take very well to this and darted away towards another deer, presumably someone they knew. Decided that if they wanted to stay, they would- and did not pursue the deer further. Tochza and the other herd members seemed confused. I was as well, but more or less by the fact that the other deer seemed to be in such a hurry.

As Tochza fell asleep, I wandered around greeting strangers. Played happily wish Ash for a while, relieving some stress. That is, until someone in the herd asked me for a fight. Compelled to not refuse. Immediately began aggressively fighting with the stag while the white doe in the background watched. Knew this was a bad idea. I've never gotten into so many fights before...
Not sure who won the fight, but we ended it in good graces. I nuzzled my opponent to let him know I held nothing against him before limping over to Mandel- my bruises hurt a lot more now. Perhaps this is what Sadiki felt when he got into a fight- that he couldn't turn it away. It was bad for his health though. That was the last fight I planned on getting into- ever. How could Sadiki manage bruises and cuts like this...? Wasn't sure if he healed as quickly as I did, but he would probably be more than exhausted. Understood his recent aggressiveness and distance.

Woke up several hours later alone in the clearing. More than likely fell asleep by Mandel without realizing it. Stretched and got up, still sore. Started cleaning scrapes and cuts from tines, gingerly avoided touching the bruises. Decided to get up for a walk when I caught the familiar scent of the large white creature that had caused a great disturbance the other day. Curiosity and a need to make nice dictated that perhaps I should approach- but with caution. Sought him out through the trees and found him by the only stump in the whole forest. Was he awake? Unsure. Didn't seem to be able to move. Lay at the stump for a while, eyeing him carefully. He didn't move for quite some time and I eventually fell asleep again. Woke up and inched a little closer. Hurt? Would not be surprised with yesterday's happenings. Stayed near out of curiosity.

Woke up a little while later to see he was gone. Despite being able to follow his scent- did not pursue. In time, I might be able to make things better. But not now. Headed back to the Old Oak where two deer with secretary sets were sleeping- woke up one on accident and greeted playfully. Eventually fell asleep again, cuts dry and healing. Scrapes were easier to heal; they were gone. The bruises would take another two days, and the cuts would take three or longer- depending on how deep they were. Surmised exhaustion was due to injuries and the events of today.

Tomorrow's light will bring a different outcome. Nothing ever happens the same way twice, after all.


Found that this morning I had very close company with a stranger getting a pelt spell. Allowed them to have it before taking a walk past the Old Oak. I was falling asleep in the oddest of places recently...

On my stroll, passed a stranger who I found the sudden urge to greet. Reminded me very briefly of Dardan- excited, but slightly dissapointed it wasn't him. They seemed rather confused with my body language and did not seem to want to jump very much, although walking and prancing were certainly alright. After playing with them for a while, we rested on the grass. Came to learn their name and scent- Takato.

Was later joined by a small red deer who stayed and rested for a while before quickly leaving. I wonder what they were in such a hurry for? Oh well. It's not my business. Decided to get closer to Takato for a little bit.

Later after they fell asleep, the stranger was gone. Wondered where they were heading? Fell asleep for a short period of time only to feel a presence nearby- a white stranger was resting nearby. Curiously wandered over and took a seat near them. They didn't wake up for quite some time. Perhaps they had a long day? Uncertain.

Woke up again to find the white stranger replaced with an owl face and a squirrel. Very confused. Were these deer switching places, or simply coming and going out of curiosity? Slightly amused by this. Sat up for a while and surprised to find them sitting with me, but glad for the company.

Awoke in the forest near the Old Oak. Feeling less sore than yesterday and generally positive. However, my heart skipped a beat. I could smell Sadiki... thankfully a long way off. Didn't want to worry him with my injuries right now. Decided to get in a quick run around the forest and headed to the pond.
There, while resting for a bit, I found water splashing all over me. Surprised, I looked up to see that Cole was standing there drenched. Didn't expect to see him come here or run into me- probably just coincidence. Was curious when he made several rounds back and forth to the pond- trying to grab attention. Mine? Odd. Irregular based on previous meeting. Decided to follow him after about the fifth time and sudden dread washed over me when we met with Sadiki and Rosie. I guess it's hard to avoid what you enjoy. Was questioning why I had tried to avoid it in the first place; to avoid causing pain. But... maybe it was better to simply get the issue sorted than wait until later. He also looked pretty banged up himself. What have you been doing...?

Found Cole leading the group through the forest with Sadiki, myself, Kestrel and Rosie not far behind. Rosie seemed distracted by something. Looking for someone...? Found the group stopping at the blue bowl and a patch of more blue flowers nearby. Took delight and running about and playing in them before following the group again.

Rosie's focus returned to the group after a while, and a raven seemed to be following Cole around. Cole himself spent a great deal of time either meandering a good distance away or playing with Rosie. or at least, what I could assume was playing. Generally didn't mind it and kept close to Sadiki, alerted by small sounds and the hoofsteps of other deer nearby. Strangely paranoid today. Sadiki and I talked for a while- about injuries, about... this. This simple request neither of us appeared to be following through with...avoiding harm. Mine was accepted through challenge, and angered him. His was hardly avoidable through contact, and worried me. What a silly little tale... one I've seen form the side lines so many times. But now that I am the one living it, I cannot help but feel even more pity for the choices made. There is no changing them. There is only learning- and accepting the consequences.

When Sadiki went to rest for a while, I investigated a nearby deer that was sleeping before heading back and standing in the tall grass. Took in its sweet scent; the silence. Well, with three playful deer nearby. A happy atmosphere. Sadiki came up out of, perhaps, curiosity and worry. Stood with me for a while. Enjoyed a brief grooming and just listening to the forest. Relief.

After a while Cole rested with Kestrel, and Rosie was getting to know a fawn who had been wandering around our herd for a while. Another fawn came by to investigate Cole and Kestrel, when Rosie went over and greeted a stranger. Followed Sadiki rather than investigating them. He didn't seem keen to let me do so either- not that I blamed him.

However, the deer rather quickly came over to us to investigate Rosie and the fawns. the fawns took just as much interest in the stranger and stuck around. Eventually, Kestrel and Cole were sitting together and I was with Sadiki after Rosie had bid us all farewell. ((we'd bumped heads and ended up laughing it off.)) The four of us seemed to be curiously watching the stranger, who stood rather firmly near a large stone.

Fell asleep after Cole and Kestrel did, Sadiki keeping his eyes and ears open. Curled up next to him to keep each other warm. Eventually, he left after resting for a while longer. Perhaps things would be sorted out- for now.

Got up and stretched, walking a little and bathing in the sunlight. Turned to see a confused Kestrel waking up. Greeted them with just as much confusion, as well as laughter. Ran around the trees with them, Cole watching and Kestrel stopping to nuzzle them. Continued to play for a good long while with a few passerbies stopping out of curiosity before Kestrel asked to rest. Obliged and sat with them, but at a distance. Paranoia was strangely eating at me today. I wonder what I felt was going to happen? Watched Kestrel quietly before closing my eyes to rest them again, trying not to fall asleep. Cole had already done so.

Woke up again. Yes... by the end of the rut the deep sleep would be coming. Not sure how long it would last. Glanced over at Kestrel and Cole to see both had fallen asleep. Glanced over on the other side to see the white stranger still here as well- but they were awake and alert. Decided to get up and stretch my legs again- I would more than likely return to Kestrel and Cole afterwards. I jsut needed to get in a good run.


Found myself already starting to drift off despite not being exhausted. Immediately headed for the Old Oak and collapsed, falling asleep. How long will it last this time?


Such a heavy weight on my heart. It's throbbing so painfully.

Woke up emotionally alright today. Felt energetic and went through a run in the forest, only to get a few feet from the oak and spot a stranger standing within the sunlight. Greeted them and felt skittish, so when they came to nuzzle I playfully skirted away and pranced around them. Entertained and confused them by running around and giggling, hiding behind logs and trees. They rested for a while after that, and left- only to be replaced with a white stranger. Thoroughly enjoyed running around this one, who was certainly more up for play and made their intentions clearer. They were also incredibly agile and energetic, zipping around me and reacting with lightening speed. I was thoroughly impressed with their play, trying to keep up- and surprised when they asked to rest. Obliged happily and cuddled with them, sunbathing. However, realization soon hit me- this was Hatchet!. Elated with recognition- nuzzled up to him to let him know he was familiar. Was soon approached by a familiar fawn who I had met during the fog with Sadiki. Enjoyed its company as it pranced about, happily cantering around us before settling for a while. She ran off to join another fawn, mooing in the cage at the ruins.

I could smell him, but it was faint. Far away. Wanted to seek out after my meeting with this curious deer.

His scent dissapeared after a while. I'd missed my chance to say hello... how unfortunate. Didn't allow this dissapointment to overbear me, as I was still in Hatchet's company. The little fawn brought over a friend and they stayed for a little before leaving, only for the little one to start using me to model a set of spells. A pelt of sleepy grey, a face with a beak, and poppies on my head. As she made these changes to me, the little fawn appeared to be changing herself- as if the changes were being applied. I'd seen this many times before. When something int he forest wanted to become something else and was very young and innocent, it had the will to change itself. it was a happy and beautiful thing to witness again.

Fell asleep after the fawn was done, curled up happily with Hatchet. I wonder why he'd fallen asleep earlier? Perhaps he'd had a long day.

Woke up alone, but happily remembering the time spend with Hatchet and the fawn. Decided to race off to the bridge of the pond and stretch my legs. However, when I arrived, I almost jumped into a fight thinking a sad faced stranger was Dazenth in trouble again. backed off, and kept my distance behind one of the veils of a low hanging tree, not wanting trouble. What had I wanted, if it was Dazenth though? After the sad faced stranger won, they decided to do a rather strange dance. Despite my amusement, I was more or less worried about remaining aggression and continued to keep my distance. Found myself approached by them after a while and was rather surprised. particularly by the one they were fighting- not too keen to stay around. They took a particular liking to me.

Curiously watched as they brawled again while eyeing a beak faced stranger who had decided to splash about in the pond. Felt a little calmer. Also recognised the scent of the white stranger I had seen yesterday- now among a group of two nearby. Tried my best not to disturb a rather emaciated doe who was also taking a rest near the pond. What a strange group of deer at such a strange hour.


Woke up after having spent the night in the blue bowl, calmly rolling over onto my back and staring up at the sky. It was beginning to light up. The bright serenity of the dawn.

Heard a familiar voice calling for her in the distance. Sadiki. She immediately sought him out, elatedly prancing around him within the birch trees when she finally reached the stag. Standing with him for a while, she could hear hoofsteps in the distance- and scented a familiar being. The green one. it was Cole. She wasn't exactly happy to see him, but not put off by his presence either. it was more or less or a neutral relation- on her end. As for Sadiki, he seemed unnerved. Was surprised when Cole approached. Greeted him with a bow and jovial laughter for the company.

Sadiki soon engaged the other stag in.. in... were they fighting or playing? Sadiki seemed aggressive, but Cole was rather playful. It was a one-sided little game. Calmly watched as they combated one another. Whatever the reason, they had accepted the consequences from the start- there was no need to interfere. Soon their conflict was resolved. Not sure how they felt about eachother, but I felt relieved they were not fighting anymore.
A stag approached us. Greeted curiously. Asked what their aggressive gestures meant- found they were trying to fight me. Challenge me. refused but found them nodding and trying to persist with the matter. Tried to follow them to discern why they wanted to fight so much only to have Cole step in when the stranger decided to start being aggressive again and chase them off. Stayed by Sadiki so I wouldn't simply run off and worry him, or cause more problems for Cole.

Found Cole quickly returning, passing by me as I came to see if he was alright. Seemed he was not the type to accept what he might consider "pity", left him to stand at a distance from us. Rested for a bit with Sadiki hovering closely. How did he feel about this? It was like the other fights... I just didn't seem to know well enough to stay out of trouble. Dissapointed in myself, but not enough to weigh on my spirits.

Sadiki's fur and mane were in dissaray from the fight with Cole earlier. Wasn't exactly sure if he noticed it and asked him to sit, promptly beginning to groom the stag as soon as his body met with the ground. You always rough yourself up, so often. At least let me give you some form of comfort. After a bit of talking, Sadiki and I fell asleep curled up with one another.

Awoke alone, but with high moral and calmness. Wandered over to the crying idol to take in the scent of the red flowers there and get a little drink, since it was also closer to the Blue Bowl than the Pond. Fell asleep there too, accepting that i would be doing this often. Woke up a little later to spot a strange deer standing a short distance away. Didn't call out or disturb them for the sake of not scaring them, but readjusted comfortably. They soon left. Was lost in the sight of the falling leaves in the forest. Such a pretty day... Decided to get up and go for a walk.


My day briefly started on a clearing near purple poppies, a good distance from the Old Oak. I could see strange faces all around me. A group of three sleeping in a flower patch, and two strangers off in the ruins. I curiously approached the ones within the old, cracked stone remains. Slowly though. I was a little less social than usual because of being constantly mistaken for a stag- how could some deer not tell? Then again, many were quite feral. Some may even have attacked me because I did not hold this desirable traits. Found one stranger leaving in my direction and stopping, pausing, to curiously glance over at me. Mustered up some courage and walked over. One blunder by a few does not mean the world is responsible. Found myself completely unable to read their body language, almost fearing they were challenging me again. instead, found that they were... playful? Followed the stranger around after prancing about with them, taking a long winding run through the forest. They behaved quite oddly, getting close to anyone who was awake and sitting and ... doing something to them. Greeting? Nuzzling? Uncertain. knew they had no bonds with these deer. Not with their behavior.

Following became quite difficult when Dazenth saw and greeted me, having followed my scent. I was elated, but compelled to follow the stranger for some reason. After a while, they asked us to wait- or perhaps to follow. I could not read them. So I took a rest in a mushroom patch with Dazenth. Not sure this is what the stranger desired, as they left for a while afterwards. I was particularly wary being near the large white creature that Sadiki had been clobbered by a few days ago, not keen to have the stag worried because I got more scrapes and bruises. Stuck firmly around Dazenth, as well as a stranger I seemed familiar with- having seen them around many times. Enjoyed their company for a while, Dazenth slipping away while I wasn't looking. He and several other creatures seemed to be gathering at the Twin Gods Statues in the distance.

Found that Dazenth had gone to go and get Mandel, bringing a bunch of party goers under the Devout pelt spell. Enjoyed frolicking and rhomping about with them, and engaging in a spell war with a stag. So much more peaceful than recent 'engagements'.

Wandered over to The Pond with Mandel and Dazenth following in curiosity, and ran into Kestrel, Mathew and a family of deer. Was rather happy with all the company as no one seemed to be fighting- was aware that Mathew and Kestrel were warily eyeing Dazenth. Kept our play at a distance, but my injuries were restricting my play. Pouted a little, but glad I was healing. Happily joined in play, but paused more often than not to ease the pain. Eventually settled into a cuddle puddle with Mandel, Dazenth, Hannelore, and Draven with a white stranger staring off to the side.

Eventually, I got up and started playing with Mandel near Kestrel and Mathew, who also seemed to be frolicking together. Our groups came closer and closer during play, Kestrel coming over to try and merge them. Unfortunately, Mathew did not appear as keen and stopped for a bit. Mandel swiftly lead me away while prancing, keeping the atmosphere calm. Soon Dazenth had to leave, and we bid him farewell with affectionate nuzzling- a little too close to Kestrel and Mathew. I hoped they were not uncomfortable, and that Dazenth wasn't leaving because of this. Whichever the case, I soon was cuddled up to Mandel near Kestrel and Mathew, who appeared to be having an intimate grooming moment. Ah, they looked so lovely and happy! Hopefully Mandel was enjoying himself as well, though I was not my usual energetic self. I felt a little disappointed that I could surprisingly not keep up with him today.

Awoke to the sound of play and hoofbeats upon the ground, finding that Mandel was gone. Sadiki, kestrel, and a smaller deer were playing. Happily watched them for a few moments, still a little disillusioned from a lovely dream. Found Sadiki greeting me as I stood, rather dazed. greeted him in return with affectionate nuzzling and sniffing- I'd really missed him, for some reason. After playing with the group for a while longer, I and Sadiki stood together for a while- enjoying the peace. We gradually lay together, soaking up the sunlight. Enjoyed the familiar feeling of his head and neck resting on my shoulders and back.

Watched as Sadiki approached a white stranger, resting a short distance from us. Curiously walked over and found him greeting them in a way. Obliged as he asked to sit again, almost going back to where we were. Soon though, we were joined by the white stranger he had greeted. Found them rather peculiar, but neutral company. Are they as curious about me, as I am of them? I wondered if my presence was preventing them from getting closer to Sadiki. The two seemed familiar with one another, and I could not blame them if they were not entirely comfortable with a stranger such as myself being so close. It was a familiar, estranged feeling. Kept in mind that every experience could be a positive one- you just needed to approach it properly.

Had been noticing the little white friend of Sadiki's staring at a stranger a short distance away. Curiously got up and greeted them, but found they were not very sociable or open. Let him be, not wanting to be the cause of discomfort and headed back to Sadiki. kept an eye on them for a while..

Eventually, the stranger had left and I was curled up asleep with Sadiki for a few hours. I'm not sure how long he slept, but he left yet again- before I woke. Whatever needed attending needed attending.
Greeted a red stranger Sadiki had been playing with earlier and jumped back and forth over the stream coming from the Crying Idol, having a great deal of fun dancing with them. I would know their name, sooner or later. I rather enjoyed their company and was eager for it again. Bid them farewell after a while and headed to the Old Oak, resting. Yes... I would certainly sleep by the end of the rut.


Wake with joy and reminisce nothing.
Calmly lay in the Old Oak, awakening from a dream. A happy, sunny day. [i[Let's stay here for a while.[/i]
I can sense your presence, strangers.
Rested a little longer before hearing happy laughter and play behind the hollow of The Old oak. Peeked through the large gaps in the roots of the tree to see what looked like a family playing. Greeted them curiously, and after making up my mind, joined them in play. Followed the group around as they frolicked and jumped about before coming to a stop at the pond. Decided to be a little daring with my illusion magic, making it look like I was running above the Pond. garnered curiosity until I actually fell in! Came back out and allowed myself to laynearby under one of the low hanging trees.
Was watching a stranger across the bank as well. not sure if they were familiar, but decided otherwise.
After a while, I could sense someone else nearby. Curious, but not enough to go closer. Was enjoying relaxing under the low hanging tree and not entirely ready to get up yet.

Eventually left the family to themselves to sleep and got a drink at the pond, being greeted by a white stranger who lead me to Mathew and Rosie! Elated to see them and gave a happy greeting of nuzzles. Something seemed off though. Rosie's eyes held a sort of... unreadable emotion. Did not want to pry about what happened- she would tell when she wished to, if she ever wished to.
After playing with some fawns that visited our cuddle puddle, I decided to get some of my energy out through walking back and forth between the Old Oak and the ruins. I felt slightly unnerved- I could smell Sadiki in the distance, along with Cole. They were not seeking me out today? That was alright- I could understand if it was Cole, though he'd surprised me last time. Sadiki had been affectionate lately, but the rut was still stressful for him. Decided to seek them out after a little more time had passed. There is no rush.

Followed the scent of Rosie, Cole, and Sadiki, which seemed to slowly be mixing together. Along with... blood?
What happened?
Sadiki was battered and blood on the ground, and Cole was resting nearby in a similar state. Rosie was also examining them, but with a familiar air about it. That's why she was worried. Watched as she took up Sadiki's side, warily eyeing Cole. Sadiki seemed to barely be able to move or comprehend anything. Although Cole was aware, that was more of a reason for concern. Carefully made my way over to examine him, and perhaps attempt treatment. He seemed to have passed out at some point as well.
There is no rush... is there?

After a bit, Rosie left- more or less after attempting some form of comfort with Cole and sadiki. Uncertain. Not keen to leave them or be left with them. Decided to keep watch.

After struggling with Cole to get him to lie with Sadiki, I finally managed to convince him. It would more than likely be impossible to convince him to be treated after... Sadiki. Kneeling down, I produced my unicorn horn and slowly began the painful healing process he would go through. I cannot accept these consequences. With the pain it would cause, Cole would certainly not be eager to receive something similar.
Finished treating Sadiki after a long while, repairing what I could. Cuddled up next to him to help Cole keep the stag warm, and for comfort. Exhausted but does not mind- it was worth it.

No matter the reason... stay alive.

After a while Sadiki fell asleep and I hide his body under plenty of ferns and dead leaves to make him look like a bush near the tree we'd been laying near. It looked quite silly as his hair was very difficult to hide- so long. Didn't mess with it and just put leaves all over it. Stay safe. Mainly did this considering Cole had gone off somewhere. Was determined to make sure the creature didn't die. Pursued him all over the forest through play and antics. Generally began to tone it down a bit as he was limping. Enjoyed it for the most part and didn't mind and even played with a stranger who came near us at the pond. Noticed Cole wasn't having any of it and began getting testy- tried to get the stranger to understand playtime was over. utter failure as Cole began evading me, as well as the stranger who followed. I felt bad for both parties, but was more concerned with making sure Cole didn't open anything up. He wasn't stupid- I knew that. But he wasn't touchy feely or playful and would do anything to avoid it, it seemed. After a while the owl face understood and left him alone. Continued to pursue, but at a distance. Better approach. Every now and then he rested, and I would get closer, but not close enough for physical interaction. Except for when I decided to playfully cast a spell on him to cheer him up a little- not successful. Sat down a short distance away after her complained of double vision.
So weary.... must not sleep.
So much magic usage and running around had made me tired. Used a hoof to force my hair forewards and hide the tired look, did not make eye contact.

Immediately flopped over on Cole's face when the stranger came back to play again. Just stare at me it'll be fine hgowihgwgh omfg.

After some talking and a few tense moments, I allowed the poor creature to sleep. Piled dead leaves, pine needles, twigs, and flowers on top of him to keep him hidden and then partied hard with three fawns and pair of adult deer. So much fun...

It's starting.
Extreme exhaustion hit me. Bid the others farewell, and threw on a few extra flowers for Cole. At least he was hidden. Immediately raced for the Old Oak, drained of energy and magic. Collapsed inside and fell into a dreamless, restless sleep.
Will I wake tomorrow?

October 4th, 2015

Good morning strangers.

Awoke in a very, very sleepy state. Some physical exhaustion from the day prior remained as well as a lack of magical energy, but this was not the primary cause. Would not be able to move or play much- decided to stay within the Old Oak. I would check on Sadiki and Cole later- if I could stay awake, and if they had not moved.

I could sense everyone around me at a heightened rate, despite my lack of movement. I could smell so many familiar creatures- Jovan, Rosie, La... la? Maybe I was hallucinating her scent. Stayed in the tree, hearing playing nearby. So wary... was surprised to Find Jovan entering. Playfully cast a pelt spell on him for giggles, but was to tired to do anything else. Rested with Jovan in the tree, trying not to fall asleep. Don't take me away today. Please. Not today.

After talking for a while, we were joined by Rosie, a friend of hers, two fawns, and Cole. I'd mooed for him to come over earlier because I was still worried about his injuries. Of course, he wasn't any better yet. I guess he didn't heal like I did. Was very happy for all of the company though. I'm glad I'm among familiar faces.

Eventually, everyone was settling into their own spots in the tree. I hadn't told Rosie yet and was a little afraid of it.

After a while, Mandel joined too. Mustered up my courage and broke the news. Poor friends. I didn't want to leave- I didn't want to sleep. But I would. I always did. I just hoped I would wake soon.

I allowed them to follow me as I went to check up on Cole and Sadiki. Cole seemed alright, so I bid him a final farewell. Sadiki... I'm not sure why but I could not place where I had hidden him. But at least I had done my job well. After that, I went to the Old Oak with Mandel and Rosie. It was surprising that they wished to stay with me. Yes I had known them for a while but... it was a happy thing- to have company. They were all so emotional that it hurt. even Jovan, who I hadn't even known long.

I will see you all when I wake.
Now to sleep.

September 21st, 2015-November 2015
My internet connectivity has been cut off for a while and I am not sure when it will return. I will get on when and if I can. Otherwise, Sabel will be under a comatose status for a good portion of this time. Do not despair c: you can try and interact VIA roleplay, but do not expect a very detailed response. the comatose state will make it look like she is either dead or sleeping, and she will generally be unable to do anything in response aside from subconcious words and thinking you are someone else.

A world of serene white, flooding with color. An expansive meadow of tall grass and flowers, surrounded by a thick forest. Butterflies dancing and fleeing from the grass as I rush past them. Yet I am the only one here, save for these little creatures. I know no one, and no one knows me. There is nothing to remember or forget.

Yet, every now and then I see familiar shadows. Something to remember. A doe with roses adorning her head, curiously nudging me. Growing worried. Resting by my side. An owl-faced stag with sad eyes, coming to join her. I know them. I feel so close to them, and my heart begins to ache unwittingly. And they keep me company, in the meadow. Yet I can't reach out to ask who they are, how I know them. So many familiar faces visit. Some more distressed than the last. But I'm awake, right? Why are they trying so adamantly to wake me, when I am awake?
Soon though, they fade away. Their scents, their expressions. I am left alone in the meadow. Alone to think.
But soon, they come more often. I try to say hello and play, but they always come to tell me things instead. Stories. Or keep by my side, never leaving it no matter where I go in the meadow. I come to look forward to their company, and long to continue to know them- and for them to know I am there.
Several times I have tried to nuzzle them, by some instinct or memory- and found no results. Quietness, mourning- longing. Have I afflicted these feelings upon them...?

I feel a strange protectiveness for the doe with roses. Her name strikes me. "Rosie!" I affectionately call, uncertain as to why. But I feel happy to know her. Happy to know him. Yet my heart begins to ache again. They cannot heart me... they will not know.

A stag with dark skin and bright, white fur with accents of orange visits. He looks rather silly and elegant. I curiously reach out to touch this familiar face, leaning in to nuzzle instinctively. but I pass through him, and he continues to stare- as if something has struck him. Did... did he feel me? NO. Some other realization has taken over his senses. I feel the warmth of him pass through me as he whispers something cryptic.
"We are leaving soon."
His voice is almost... directed. At me. yet, not at me at all.

He has brought a companion, who is staring curiously. I have all but given up on trying to talk to them- to touch them, to feel them. there is something dancing in his friend's eyes- an unreadable expression. I instinctively stay still, watching. His fangs and paws betray what he is, yet I can't help but feel pity. I wish I knew what he was thinking.

A large, red dragon visits. He is curious at first, poking and prodding. I giggle and try to initiate play- for he is familiar too. he brings a smile. But he does not react, and instead his face contorts with confusion and sadness. Perhaps, even knowing. Knowing what?
I wish I could ask. He seems so sad...

A while has passed. Strangers are visiting me. Has this happened before?
I feel like I should know them. roses on a doe's antlers. An Owl faced gentleman. I feel so close to them...
I feel so close...
To who?
Who are they?

Several days have passed now... or is it hours? I cannot tell. It is still the same here, though. Sunny days and fireflies lighting up the star filled nights. I feel so content here... so happy. But lonesome. Why is there no one else, in this splendor?

I see an ever slightly familiar figure sitting near me as I rest beneath a tree with brightly colored leaves, falling like snow and dancing in the wind. He has the face of an owl, and seemed generally worried about something. I cannot make it out... he will not allow it. Suddenly, his expression is jovial and he... looks at me. He begins speaking to me, as if he is there- telling me about what he did today. he... he said he visited me before. but I do not recall this. Is he pretending...? no, his expression does not give off that feeling. he tells me of his day in a jovial voice, slightly chuckling at certain events. Tau's Tree...? Twin Gods...? What are these? I want to know more. Matt's tree? Now I think these are other creatures. Do they go around, claiming trees as their own? How does anyone not trespass upon a tree and wonder if they should run or apologize...? I laugh, happy to know something unique. But as I try to talk and ask questions, I realize he can't hear me. I pout and lower my ears, saddened by this. I want to share my life, too!

what would I share, though?

A doe with antlers adorned with roses comes to visit. I know... I know that face. Rose. yes, rose- a lovely name to remember. But I cannot remember what Rose is like. Why I immediately think of that name, aside from what she wears. She seems to be a very familiar presence, here. Much like the gentleman- owl face. I saw him! When, though? When...? Rose began to tell me stories about her days in the forest. Visits from her mother, from friends of hers and going through the forest. A nasty thing happened, too- something tried to harm her. Harm? yes, hurt. I can sense the pain from scars I cannot see. What I can see, after a while, is exhaustion. Poor young thing. I try to nuzzle her for comfort, but in vain. After a few minutes, she is gone and I can hear the echo of voices I do not recognize within the flowers. Oh, if only I knew them. They stop after a short while, and I soon am left to contemplate.

Contemplate what, again?

[=white]The meadow is so peaceful today, and the sun feels wonderful on my skin. Butterflies are calmly floating about in the wind, singing in soft voices. But after a few moments, the world grows silent. The wind is gone, as is the sun's warmth. What is going on? I look around, seeing and feeling nothing else alive within the meadow. the tail grass is vacant of life... except for me. I feel myself suddenly being enveloped in something warm... comfortable. Looking down, I see my hooves slightly being covered in a bright, white light. It is starting to spread up onto my body. I feel a slight sense of fear- what is this? The meadow appears to be melting away into a world of white, the trees evaporating and the flowers fading away like smoke. I am in a white, vast emptiness, filled with silence. Suddenly, I hear something... clattering. The world around me is collapsing into black shards, becoming a world of darkness instead of light. yet I feel no need for my fear any longer. My heart is fluttering as I float, suspended in this dark space. My body is the only thing that offers light... and it is dimming. I close my eyes and slowly, surely, I feel myself fade away.

My eyes feel so heavy.
I try and rub the sleep out of them.
Where am I?
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