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RUT NOTE: None of my characters are "officially"
taking part in the community rut but can be seen
as being a part of it as they are all affected by the
season more or less.
Interaction very welcome!

Maekrix might be a very rare sight,
and a very awkward one to interact with.
He's a hermit by heart so does not express herding habits.
Barely shows interest in many although feels 'weird'
with the season calling to him faintly.
More likely to only pay attention to his favorite girl.
Open for any interaction though!


"But I have been familiar with ruins too long to dislike desolation."

Name: Maekrix Svern - "Leader Above" o
Gender: Male
Age: Hatched 11.08.2014
Orientation: who knows
Size: chart
Species: Draconic cervine
Scent: Wet stone, lichen
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Voice: n/a
Similarity: Shavo Odadjian

Been either following Greitai around or spent his days in his own realm the whole summer. Been learning (or trying to learn) new life skills from Greitai that were never taught to him. Social awkwardness is still a huge issue, and for that has been dragged along into the forest at it's busiest season. Still very much confused and uncomfortable about the high traffic but will try his best to find his place.


First to hatch from 4 siblings. Showed great strength and eagerness to live, strive and grow right from birth.
Nowadays prefers to stay in another realm in his dragon form, living in huge church ruins and graveyards. Observes people from the closest village while they pass by, but is feared and only offered food to in hope to keep him from destroying the village.
Shapeshifter. Born with strong dragon qualities, and while lacking most of the demonic side from his mother, inherits his father's shapeshifting genes more. Able to change between creatures he has seen himself, although always remaining some of his own looks in other forms. Other abilities including for example: camouflage.
Does not like to obey rules of any sort. Does what he wants. Thinks he owes nothing to anyone. His own king.
Does not like unnecessary violence. Peace is a priority. Will defend himself if attacked enough, that's it.
Hermit by nature. Independent and introverted. Strives when in a company of one or two, silenced in larger groups. Might grow distance if closeness feels too stressful. Often seems cold and indifferent because of this, and likes to pretend he needs no other facade for himself even if he craves for attention.
Hunts small game, attracted to small running things. Does not try to eat anything that talks back though. Otherwise eats mushrooms, pinecones, berries and carrion. Has threatened to eat humans in his dragon form simply to scare them away.
Really does not like being looked at. Knows how different he looks, but mostly it's just because the staring feels awful. Often places himself out of sight if happens to be the center of attention.
Has hated water since his birth. Never goes farther into the pond than knee-deep.
Does not bow to greet. His head is way too heavy and body structured in such a way that make it take a long time to bend down. Prefers to give a prompt nod instead, if even that.

Born as a strong hatchling, power built in his body.
Frontside/head are very heavy.
Has a defect to his hind. Back curves down slightly towards the tail and hind legs are short.

- Ruins - Graves - Moss - Lichen - Vines -
- Crowns - Gold - Mountains - Cloaks -


(Has forgotten most of his relations either naturally or deliberately. Remembers only a few anymore. Will add others back if they become relevant again.)

Biological father. Unsure of but neutral towards. Does not feel particularly connected to.

Best friend. Silent white light. The one he misses while away.

Mother figure. Quickly built respect towards when finding similar viewpoints for life and kept agreeing with her. Does find her harsh and as sharp as her teeth but not too bothered by it as he has learned a way to work around all that.

Biological mother. Disowned by. Memories of being hurt by, feelings of abandonment and rejection with degrading features. Unsure about.

Biological little sister. Memory of the nest.

New face. Seems to be very social. Not sure about but might seek out.

New face. Taught him to play again. Very social and open towards Mae, which causes both fear and possibilities for learning not to shy away from straightforward attention so much.

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Track track track, squeeees.

Track track track, squeeees. Excited Peeping.

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♥ ;U; cutie

♥ ;U; cutie

lil sweetie ♥

lil sweetie ♥

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Ohh. ♥

Ohh. ♥

cutie ;o;

cutie ;o; Exclaim
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moar babies, yaas.

moar babies, yaas.
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eeeeee <3

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Di tibi, risu. Daddy track.

Di tibi, risu.

Daddy track. ♥


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Sigi by Wake

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Track,bro BI

Track,bro BI
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'Nother brother track!

'Nother brother track! <3
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Kitty track~

Kitty track~
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Tracking this funny guy C:

Tracking this funny guy C:

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Can't believe that old boring

Can't believe that old boring moose attracted this adorable thing haha :'D
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Mae certainly has had fun

Mae certainly has had fun following him around today :>

I felt terrible when he

I felt terrible when he flipped out on Umay seeing how Mae was happy to see her. It was a surprise to see him stick around ;o;
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Yeah he was a bit spooked and

Yeah he was a bit spooked and confused why he would do that.. XD But was curious enough to keep following mister grumpy. Also sorry I poofed, internet died.

Ahh figured as much hah. He

Ahh figured as much hah. He wasn't actually grumpy it was more like well.. any feral mother would be with their babies lol. Unless your referring to something else? xD
And it's okay. My connection can be such a poop at times.
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Tracking! (: Should probably

Tracking! (:
Should probably also apologize on Nem's behalf because she was acting so strangely yesterday.
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Track. What an odd character~

Track. What an odd character~
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hello there cutie &hearts;

hello there cutie ♥
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Nice to see him again! Track

Nice to see him again!
Track ♥

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Didn't realize I hadn't

Didn't realize I hadn't tracked this yet ♥
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"Hello cutie." track ;>

"Hello cutie."

track ;>
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Lil' shit.

Lil' shit.
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Everyone I haven't replied

Everyone I haven't replied to: lots of love to you all ♥
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Yiss. Tracking this.


Tracking this. <3

Track C:

Track C:

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Sits down and watches Such a

Sits down and watches
Such a pretty thing..
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so nice seeing this guy

so nice seeing this guy yesterday ♥

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Tracking, always kept this

Tracking, always kept this guy a pretty interesting one!
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Nice to see this fellow is

Nice to see this fellow is back.

angry boy >:3 track~

angry boy >:3
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Sabel saw you standing int he

Sabel saw you standing int he forest and was a little curious ^^ nice to meet you!
Sabel, Sam

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Mae <3