Second Piece of Harvey Art

Another fascinating piece shaped by the waters of Hurricane Harvey. See any deer? In a box in garage 5 days later still damp. Most photos fine but a few like this. Took pics. Beauty in the Deluge of Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Art

Live in Texas east side of Houston, deluge came, power box on computer blew, waters rose and my yard was a lake, my garage was a swimming pool. Rest of house fine. As I cleaned out boxes I had old photos most of which were fine despite Harvey washing them but a few became contemporary art. So Harvey was a contemporary art hurricane. The waters were clean rain water and since this originates in the Netherlands the land of floating homes I just pretended I was Dutch and playing in Holland. Smiling The beauty in the chaos from the touch of Harvey just fascinates me. Anyone find a ghost deer in it?
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Time to Wake up.

Out in the ruins, a small series of chimes is heard. The little glass bauble producing the noise swings in the air above a pit of sand,- some sort of wind chime. As it gently rings, the sand below caves in, and small, tiny coughs are heard. A frail looking, pale hand is desperately grabbing at the roots on the sides of the pit, trying to climb up- but quickly releases them with a small cry, their owner falling back down. She sits on her knees, straining her eyes against the filtering light and blowing her dark hair out of the way.
"Hello...? Hello?"

She calls up, hoping for someone to hear it. But her body is fatigued and she can't hardly even stand. Pleading, silver grey eyes peer up seeking out something, anything.

"How did I get down here?"

Woops, clicked on save before writing ;. ; woe is me.

Hello one and all, my name is cloudandis and this is sabel. We're returning to the forest on and off for a while!
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HELP! I'm drowning in bovines.

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Vent art (tw: blood)

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Sulwyn Ref image

Current reference image for Sulwyn. Matches her set pretty closely, but I've added luminescence and given her a deer face.
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Late Summer

I was look for one more thing to finish off my beach painting diary, but as I was painting this Atiq fit in there so well chasing fireflies I decided it deserved its own post. I'm better at krita's set up than I was at the beginning of the week, but a detailed character was still a little wonky to do. I painted Atiq different than I normally would here, but I still think it turned ok ^^

Also get a little peak at his golden iridescence and glowy eyes~
I'll revisit that later for sure c:
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8/2/2017 WIP

since Atiq didn't really have anything goin' on in the Forest today I started painting something, which I don't think will get done tonight so have a little wip~

...also if Atiq seemed...slightly erratic...I was actually using him to go to different places in-forest so that I could have reference to look at while I painted haha I used his in-character behavior for my own purposes.
Best multi-tasking.


another piece of it.

I'm actually going on a small vacation with my family like tomorrow, so I might not get to finishing this today even though I'm super into it right now. I'll be taking my computer tablet with me so I can do some art, but I only loaded that up with Krita, and I need my photoshop brushset for this particular painting haha
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Trying out the forest's new co-op controls



My cat wanted to help, he sat right on the keyboard and Atiq nearly did a backflip off of the ledge he's on lol

yes that's exactly what we wanted XD

the real reason Atiq is feeling off tonight, the Chief Grump is piloting him


I am being overrun

SEND HELPbut not really

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Small bundle of Atiq doodles

*posts at 2 am because she's not paying attention*

Atiq has an adorable face and I needed to do some doodles of him tonight.

He babysat some fawns today and it was the cutest thing. No need to worry about any squished fawns though, Atiq is extra careful and mostly made of fluff.

I also thought I'd doodle him gazing down from his thronewatching from his new favorite perch at the Playground...he sees all

Also enjoy bed-head Atiq, that boy is a mess after a nice nap.

And then a sneaky new boy, he's only in there because I planned on foolin around with some poses and ended up liking the first one I did |D he'll show up eventually...by eventually I mean when I kick my unmotivated butt into gear lol
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