8/2/2017 WIP

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since Atiq didn't really have anything goin' on in the Forest today I started painting something, which I don't think will get done tonight so have a little wip~

...also if Atiq seemed...slightly erratic...I was actually using him to go to different places in-forest so that I could have reference to look at while I painted haha I used his in-character behavior for my own purposes.
Best multi-tasking.


another piece of it.

I'm actually going on a small vacation with my family like tomorrow, so I might not get to finishing this today even though I'm super into it right now. I'll be taking my computer tablet with me so I can do some art, but I only loaded that up with Krita, and I need my photoshop brushset for this particular painting haha
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background is very bright, it

background is very bright, it is beautiful. I would like to look at the whole picture .

my eyes.. this is too pretty

my eyes.. this is too pretty
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THE COLORS gosh I love this

gosh I love this so much. I love it. it's so good
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aaaaaaaa thanks guys!

aaaaaaaa thanks guys! *u*

@kseniamokhova - oh don't worry, you'll see the whole picture soon C:

on hold til I come back next week
(unless I'm somehow super fast today but that's doubtful XD)
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Beautiful... what brushes did

Beautiful... what brushes did you use?
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thanks ^u^ ohhhh gosh, I

thanks ^u^

ohhhh gosh, I have a good chunk of brushes that are cobbled together from a few different brushsets other artists I follow curated, if I remember who had what I might post them~ The rest are ones I've made myself c:

The colors are so pretty!

The colors are so pretty! This reminds me of a watercolor painting. I love digital art that looks painted. It's so pretty. You are very talented