Late Summer

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I was look for one more thing to finish off my beach painting diary, but as I was painting this Atiq fit in there so well chasing fireflies I decided it deserved its own post. I'm better at krita's set up than I was at the beginning of the week, but a detailed character was still a little wonky to do. I painted Atiq different than I normally would here, but I still think it turned ok ^^

Also get a little peak at his golden iridescence and glowy eyes~
I'll revisit that later for sure c:
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I love the vibes this artwork

I love the vibes this artwork gives. I think you nailed the details, especially on the flowers. Also I'm a sucker for clouds like that. What a joy to look at.

LOVE the energy <3

LOVE the energy <3
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This looks AWESOME! I love

This looks AWESOME!

I love the way you painted the sky! And Atiq looks fabulous in this style, I love it. <3
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he is SO adorable, I just

he is SO adorable, I just want to hug him

are you frickle frackle

are you frickle frackle frikkin kiDDING ME? I want to punch myself in the eyes this is so pretty

This is a beautiful painting, I can't.. I can't even begin to tell you how excellent it is, other than to say that any July Skies song would be a wonderful accompaniment for viewing, and they're (imo) the best band to listen to when you want to chill.
Damn, I just... wtf, dude. wtf ;____;
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<3 looks like fun

<3 looks like fun
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<333 @Tuo - thank you <3 I


@Tuo - thank you <3 I love big clouds like this too, summer storms are my favorite, and these clouds usually promise a good one haha

@Myst - C: <3

@Lemon - aaa thank you~! I was really trying lol drawing him was giving me more trouble than normal |D

@Kaoori - ^u^ Atiq accepts all the hugs have at it haha

@Fish - ajkasbgfff thank you ;; And that is some pretty chill music :U I usually have something like this playing in my head when I do stuff like this haha though most of that album could work and has fueled a lotttt of paintings |D

@Cyda - ^^ thanks~! yeah it does, fields and fireflies are just so irresistible haha
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It's very atmospheric art. <3

It's very atmospheric art. <3 I like it!

I really like how it seems to

I really like how it seems to give off a really vibrant energy to it, and the lighting choice you made isn't something you see everyday! Keep at it, you're going places!

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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@ lioness - thank you so much

@ lioness - thank you so much <3

@niriya - thanks! =D I will gratefully take those good vibes you're giving because I'd like those places to be a bigger studio somewhere <3

This is so beautiful. <3

This is so beautiful. <3
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aww, thank you! C:

aww, thank you! C: