The Innermost Light

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Dicky as a Cartoon

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I drew Dicky! (Not this picto)
I've been working on my drawing, but it's so hard to draw on the computer.
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A dream

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Home Is Where You Lay Your Head

Atiq has 2 spots where he's always liked to sleep the best, this grassy area in the Birch Forest, and this circle of rocks near the Crying Idol. Both places hold a lot of meaning for him and give him a lot of comfort, so I decided it was time to do my own renditions of them.

I like to think that he's left his own mark in these places, that being the spread of his jasmine blooms, especially that secondary spot. That's become a little hobby of his to look after the blooms he accidentally let grow there, perhaps he'll start giving some of it away~
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Learning Process

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These are the things that happen when you're on your own trying to figure out what kind of magic you can do... you might blind yourself in the process. On the bright side, she might have found herself a spell she can actually use. Though I don't think showing it off is going to go very well.

someone save her from herself
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Rolling in the grass

A little Blackthistle art <3

Old Adventures

Demonax has traveled endless miles for a long time.


Already Done Playing This Game? Shame..

Raffle Picture Completion for Kiwara
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How TEF deer look to outsiders (you'll float too)

Sometimes I wonder how non TEF people would react to a human-faced deer. Then I realize they would probably think they were terrifying and run for the hills.

I saw the new IT and for some reason I decided to make this nightmare. Meet Pennystag.
Happy Halloween, TEF.
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