HELP! I'm drowning in bovines.

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I...over a few last years. I think last two ears or so...will soon be three...
I've been developing my traditional skills FAR from anyone's online
So I decided to share a fraction of my sketcbook drawings.
(The images that contained genitalia were tastefully cropped away 8D so this blog is 100% safe minus one example of tasteful blood)
All of these are ink directly to paper!
Have fun.
To view the iamge more fully just drag it into the url bar.

Here is an image some of you guys may have seen: This is Sumaru/Samora, a bull i've been trying to introduce here for ages but I have so many chars here now I just..hnnn.
Some day...Some day.

Very old bulls: (links) <- That pose tho lol... <- Will see this one much more anatomically correct later! <-The most gentle looking bull of the bunch. Potbelleid tho! <- You will see these two again and again. <- Translatiom "The black bull roars into the night" a slight play on a poem about a slonely soon to be sacrificed to the sun, black bull roaring into the valley.

New bulls!

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!!! omg your INKING skills

omg your INKING skills .O.
such depth and the texture is amazing~ their fur looks so much like their real life counterparts I just got a memory of petting one haha

my favorite is the one that's uh...bleeding? there's just so much variety in there with the pops of red and gold and there's flowers lol always get me with flowers |D

*dives right in, immediately

*dives right in, immediately drowns*

Bovine are woefully underappreciated. It seems to be that way for most animals that are more often than not raised for consumption. Although they are always large and potentially dangerous animals, my mom has told me many stories about the bulls on her grandparents' farm and how gentle they were when it wasn't the breeding season. I tend to get a little weepy and long-winded about bovine, so I'll stop myself there lol.

I love all of these, but I think my favorite is the one before the bloodied bull. There's something about the face and gaze that really makes me feel deeply peaceful and want to rub that whiskery muzzle (and maybe offer a nice apple treat or two to him).
Every picture you've done a wonderful job capturing the ruffled fur and sagging skin here and there that you see on bulls. They're really interesting creatures to look at, and you've done an excellent job of capturing that.

Ahh, I'm so happy looking at these ;__; Thank you so much for sharing! (also you've lit a fire under my butt and I really want to bring in my sphinx bull... aaaaaaaahg)

These are so cute ;;

These are so cute ;;
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@phantomhelsing Ayy thank

Ayy thank you! This means really muh to me. Suprisingly my ink drawing adventures began when I got really angry about how my pencil drawings kept getting smudged (nutorious hand dragger, oops) when I was still little.
And I propperly began to draw inked images when I was dared by my dad (jokingly)that I couldn't even draw a chair when I tried to join an art school. And I drew a nice crosshatched char and plant.
Part of the style I used back then is foreshadowed, mostly in the thickening, multi layered outlines and varied shading.

-The colouring yes. I actually told myself specifically that for this sketchbook, I will urgently use more colours and different pens I had. The blood thing came in mostly to distract from the brightly coloured...wheat grass thngy. But also to make you wonder what the heck is happening in the drawing...

That statement couldn't be any less true.
From how important they were to civilisation. To how man is compared to the bull, the cult of the sun god and etc. etc. Rites of passage, male virility and female fertility. And the ox, such gentle working creatures. How a family depended on having one.
Bovines have a kind of mystique about them.
One of my favourite passages about bovines was from uralda's heroquest in Kind of the dragon pass.
I always feel happy when I see anotherp erson that loves bovines as much as me, if not even more <3
I'll die with this obsession.
And ye...we all need to just...get our bovines in xD hnng. Little eggo baby and hecate really took over priority over poor Sumaru.

thank you dear c:
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Beautiful bovines. ^-^ Great

Beautiful bovines. ^-^
Great job you~ C:

I love moo-moos so much. And

I love moo-moos so much. And these are spectacular. <3


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Oh, I haven't even noticed

Oh, I haven't even noticed these xD

Thank you guys, this means a lot to me.