Light Fish

If you need a little pocket change. This site takes art and turns into cloth. You get an artist page and if someone buys you get 10% of the sale. I bet deer would be a favorite.

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This shall be my pixel art blog... soon...

She Who Knows


Here Kitty Kitty


Squirreling Around

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Random Deer ~ Will Be Adding

I will post my random deer drawings here so I can stop spamming you guys XD
(*Click images to see bigger versions*)
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Random Deer ~ Need Names

I Randomly Drew A Deer and She Needs A Name
Any Suggestions Are Welcome

Click On Pic To See Bigger Version

(PS I'm Not The Best At Drawing And Any Tips Would Be Lovely)
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Heilong Sketch

[img]image host[/img]



Pray, tell me

Pray, tell me.
What has come of me?
Must I watch you wither and die one day as all I've known has before me?
Or will you live on with me?
Maybe one day, without me, to tell my tales.
But we both know, that day will never come where I am no more.


Demonax has a Gardenia that thrives in her den where the ceiling of it is cracked and allows sunlight and enough rain in.

To be frank.

I haven't been real great.

But Whatever.
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