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If my deer acts weirdly, just stands around, reacts slowly or not at all
or sits still a lot, I´m probably having a bad lag in the game...
My framerate isn´t larger that 6-8 fps in average, and it likes to freeze
the game when there´s lot of players.. So my deer is NOT ignoring you
on purpose.... <_<

I also often do other stuff while in forest like write, read or watch videos so sitting
down a lot won´t always mean I´m having problems... If I´m just writing, my deer
will probably wake up soon if I notice something going on in the game.
Just moo on her face, or something. ^^

And Sorry for possibly clumsy writing, english isn´t my original language...

(picture by Saosin <3 )

*Recent happenings/Doing/Feeling*
A shadow crept slowly through the long grass, to the towering stone idol and its endless tears. The massive, red creature rested by it, among the sprays of glittering water. The tiny deer stood beside him, silently. Moment felt like frozen in time, until she finally lowered her head.
"You didn´t have to go alone. Wait for me" she whispered. She never was any kind of a poet. Just blunt, even simple truths and feelings. She didn´t need more. The voice was gentle, but there was something else too. Weariness. Like something faded.
The tiny deer nuzzled her face against the red mane, then settled among the grasses beside the moist rocks and his gleaming-white skull. Her small frame shrunk even more next to it all. For a long, silent moment she gazed the clouds drifting behind the treetops, before she let out a sigh and her green eyes closed.
Where he went, she was never going to be far behind. Not even now.

Status notes:

Basic info:


-Genderless (more feminine, usually spoken of as a female)

-Small, not very strong built
-Quite small, dark-coloured antlers, sometimes wears flowers in them
-The skull is just a mask. Has a regular TEF-deer-face, not actually looking too human
-Likes wearing other masks too, or none at all
-Large green eyes, otherwise not looking very girly girl in her main-appearance
-Short, a bit rough fur, with some longer hair on chest, belly and tail
-Pretty large, puffy (but still deer-like) tail for her size
-Dark legs and hooves, light coloured belly and face
-Large ears, with slightly tattered edges
-No un-usual markings

A size-reference compared to Saosin, clearly smaller than a normal deer.
Note that Saosin is clearly bigger than a normal deer, though.
(picture by Saosin)

*Set 1
-skull mask
-red pelt
-default antlers&poppies/beluga antlers
*Set 2
-magpie mask
-magpie pelt
-default antlers&poppies/beluga antlers

(Wearing different sets won´t necessary mean anything special.
May also appear without her mask from time to time.)

In-game appearance:

+flowers, especially poppies
+playing, jumping and dancing
+causing mischief
+"flower-sparring" & play-fights, even though she´s not very good at them
+The birch wood and blue bowl
+Idols, especially the fountain
+Helping the deer in need
+Slow walks, even though she gets side-tracked easily

-deep water
-the noh-mask (atleast pretends to be afraid of it)
-being ignored
-rude deer
-real fighting
-wearing the "doe-antlers"
-other deer being sad

-Joker who rarely takes things seriously
-Will play with anybody, unless she´s tired or not in the mood
-Playful, but in companion of calm deer can tune herself down
-Bit shy with unknown deer, if they don´t greet or play with her, she gets unsure what to do with them
-Rarely gets annoyed, sometimes shows off
-Friendly, but cautious under the surface
-Innocent in personality, but not stupid
-Does not understand things like flirting
-Not the leader-type, but can be stubborn
-Copycat, a sign that she looks up to you... or finds mimicing you a funny game
-Energetic and helpful
-Can get moody when tired
-Can also be a bit impatient
-Lives in the moment
-Quiet, won´t roar much
-Doesn´t talk very much if she doesn´t have something to say, prefers actions and body-language
-Can converse with others though, but isn´t very sophisticated in her speech or thoughts, rather down-to-earth
-Thinks more than says out loud
-Runs easily away when ignored or being rude at
-Usually stays away from fighting if she´s not sure what´s going on
-Never aggressive unless forced into defensive position of herself or someone else she wants to protect
-Might playfully mimic of territorial behavior by marking trees and such, but does not really try to claim a territory for herself
-A slow runner and bit clumsy
-Bit impish, but never malicious
-Beware, sleeping with a piece of peacock-set on you might get you a whole set if she feels mischievous
-Loves giving flowers to deer with bare antlers, especially to Nameless
-Sometimes hides when feeling sick or bad otherwise, but can cheer up quickly
-Can leave a group of deer for someone who she thinks needs company, and dislikes leaving someone alone
-Likes company but isn´t dependent of it, can stand of being on her own too
-Not very pushy with her company, if ignored or treated rudely might not approach again very soon
-Not always really as optimistic as she seems like, though she intentionally does her best to see the better side of things
-Is not very romantic or even interested of romance or mates, but loves her friends on her own way
-Might be a bit more cautious with giant animals or weird creatures, but when approached friendly warms up to them quickly

*Can be more or less In-character/Out-of-Character depending of her company or my mood*

What she means by:

-bow+head tilt= Hi, what´s going on?/Can I come too?
-scratch ground+nod+lie down= I´ll sit down for a moment/ Got to go, be right back
-scratch ground+nod+head tilt= Let´s sit here/Come sit with me?
-scared+headtilt= unsure of the situation/"Why are you scared?"
-scared+nod= "That´s scary", can be also a joke if done at something silly as a rock, tree, small animal or expressing (mostly humorous) distaste for pelt/mask/antlers just cast
-scared+shake head= "Don´t be afraid", being compassionate to someone who is covering
-nod+lower antlers+scared+fall down= play-fighting, usually with fawns or friends. She lowers antlers and can rear, but tries to show by laughing and falling down that she´s only joking.
-nuzzle+nod+laugh= "Cheer up!" or just simply being happy to run into a friend
-sad+head tilt= Showing compassion, or asking why someone is sad
-sad+nod+bow+sad+lie down= Sorry, I have to leave.
-stomp+head shake= "Stop it and behave!"
-stomp+nod= showing playfully off, used also when being exited of something.
-scared+stomp= Nervous
-rear+nod/stomp= Playful rear, usually while hopping around or dancing, exited
-sneezes off her flowers+taunt on a flower patch+nod(+laugh)= She wants to spar/playfight with you. Showing off, but only playfully.
-collect flowers/lower antlers+any other emote (on flower patch)= Playfighting/"flower-sparring". She might be doing this with trees and stumps also if she doesn´t have a spar-partner. She does this only for fun (or more rarely to let out frustation by sparring trees), not to be aggressive.
-listen+listen= Shaking, usually a sign of relaxation or used when waking up. Used also for shaking water from wet fur (in the rain or pond) or waking herself from "daydreams" (if my actions get jammed and don´t work, I use this to fix them)
-nod+shake head on another deer= Grooming (copied from Saosin)
-nuzzle+nod= Very friendly greeting, grooming
-nod+head tilt= Slightly confused, agreeing about something, "what was that about?"
-running in circles= Playing, trying to get your attention or feeling agitated about something, depending of the situation

Those are the most common more complex emotes. And of course the regular ones, that are what they usually mean.

(Picture by Saosin)

Forest relations:


-"mystery deer"

Curious of/ likes:

-The Collector
-Smiling Jack
-Mr. Sanguine

Unsure of/Avoids:


Names on the list are in random order, and might be moved around according how my deer gets along with them in the Forest. I will add names when I learn to remember pictos my deer meets and gets familiar with, or by request if I have forgotten to add someone. Please tell me if there´s someone missing or you want to be added/removed, I have a brain of goldfish sometime. <_< Might be adding pictos or links to bios on these later.












































(Picture by Pegasicorn)

Gift-art received:

From Abina: O

From ChickenWhite: OOO

From Corg: O

From Doe: OO

From Edmund: O

From Eyestrain: OO

From Fjording: O

From Kita: O

From Konohahiiragi: OOO

From Moogie: O

From Narina: O

From Nopje: OOO

From Pegasicorn: OOO

From Ravynn: OO


From Serpanther: O

From Sithrim: O

From Snowbell: OOO

From Solaya: O

From Starling: OO

From TriggerMortis: OO

From Yobi: O

From z.m123: O

Writings received:

A short story by Gingernut (scroll down to find it)

"Poppies of Red: Fur the colour of Blood" by ShadowsofLight

My siggy-deer collection:

Thank you! <3



My deer-art collection

2009 screenie-collection

"Sharing some animation" -blog

Flyra's picture

What an awesome bio. <3 I

What an awesome bio. <3 I love your deer, and I'm hoping to see her more around in the Forest. :3
Spyrre's such a cutie!

f l y r a b l o g avatar by tinkee, sig by Quamar
Spyrre's picture

Aw, thanks. I thought that

Aw, thanks. I thought that nobody will read this, glad that you liked. ^^
She will probably be running around the forest quite often, you´re welcome to hang around if you want. ^__^
Vala 's picture

Thanks for being one of

Thanks for being one of Vala's bestest deer friends !!! Smiling
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

Spyrre's picture

And thank you to Vala being

And thank you to Vala being one of mine. Vala is one of those few deer she almost immediately runs to when they log in, usually my deer is a bit more careful with others. ^^
Moss's picture

I think I've met you a few

I think I've met you a few times..

Nine(9) is my main deer.
Spyrre's picture

Moss, you were the white

Moss, you were the white deer with orca-mask? I think I have seen you too. ^^ You were hanging out around Saosin today?
Salome's picture

finally found out who this

finally found out who this lovely mini-deer is <3

i love your drawings they are awesome !!!
Spyrre's picture

Thank you. ^^ You were the

Thank you. ^^ You were the nice green doe who hang out with Saosin and others? My deer had fun with you even though she was a bit moody earlier. ^__^
J!n's picture

Sorry about that.. I hope

Sorry about that.. I hope Spyrre is okay.

Skuller and Saosin used to be really close friends until Skuller betrayed him.
And now, they really don't like each other.

Saosin wanted a fight, and now he got one.
Spyrre's picture

No problem, shell be fine.

No problem, shell be fine. She just didn´t know what the fight was about, so she freaked a bit again. She´s bit a wuss sometime. ^^;

So that´s it was about... too bad for them, but I guess you can´t blame him for getting mad about something like that. Now Spyrre should atleast know to watch out a bit, even though she was trying to guard them from Skuller at the river if he would come back again. Heh.

She's so aborable <3 gotta

She's so aborable <3 gotta put her on Est's friends list... if you don't mind of course!
Spyrre's picture

Thank you. Of course I

Thank you. Of course I don´t mind, go ahead. =)
Zeekii's picture

I really love that last

I really love that last picture, it's so pretty! Nerri had lots of fun in the forest with Spyrre today, hopefully they'll meet again Smiling
Spyrre's picture

Thanks. ^^ She had fun with

Thanks. ^^
She had fun with Nerri too, I need to try and remember her picto from now on. ^^ Oh, sorry that I left so quickly today after meeting you at the pond (and falling in ^^; ) it was late and I had to go. See you next time. ^^
Iaurdagnire's picture

Yay Spyrre! The secret

Yay Spyrre! The secret reason why Dag hangs out with Saosin so much is because he thinks Spyrre is awesome ;D

Of course I'm kidding, but that doesn't void her awesomeness <3

Spyrre's picture

Haha, thanks! XD She had a

Haha, thanks! XD She had a problem that she didn´t remember Dag´s picto at first, but she likes him too, he´s so cheerful. =)
Maybe she will learn the picto as well so she can look him up in the forest in the future...
Iaurdagnire's picture

His picto isn't exactly a

His picto isn't exactly a memorable one is it _D_' but he's learnt hers so if she doesn't find him, he'll find her first! I don't think Dag has any mini-fawn friends come to think of it, which is why Spyrre seems so adorable XD
Hehe, Dag is cheerful because the forest is a sea of grump sometimes ;3

Spyrre's picture

Yeah, somehow even though I

Yeah, somehow even though I have known who Dag is for a while now, the picto is still hard to recall... <_< Good thing that he has better memory, Spyrre will be happy to see him especially now when there´s so much weird stuff in the forest. Seeing more relaxed stags around calms her a bit, she´s nervous about the rut... not sure if she even has idea what´s going on. Probably not. ^^;

^3^ I finally know who you

^3^ I finally know who you are! XD I've been trying to figure out who Saosin's 'mini' was for so long! XD Lust really enjoys Spyrre!
Spyrre's picture

Heh, mystery is solved,

Heh, mystery is solved, then. ^^; Lust was a doe with butterfly pelt, deer mask and peacock-feathers, right? I think she was dancing with us on the flower-patch a while ago. She felt like nice deer, even though of her name. =D
yoru-chan's picture

most adorable deer evah! X3

most adorable deer evah! X3

Spyrre's picture

Aw, thanks.... but Fii is

Aw, thanks.... but Fii is very cute too. I was a bit worried that she would run away when my deer approached, but glad she didn´t. =)

Yes! HUZZAH! Mystery solved!

Yes! HUZZAH! Mystery solved! XD Yes that's her. Yep yep. Eh. She's only nice to A)those she knows or B)those who interest her. Spyrre is one of them! XDD -face;palm- XDD

*tracks and keeps her eyes

*tracks and keeps her eyes open in the forest*

~Lick the sounds that bleeds from his mouth~

I believe Spyrre is the deer

I believe Spyrre is the deer who hung out with my Laurette today? (Butterfly pelt, butterfly antlers and real deer mask)
She had quite a blast today, it was really fun and enjoyed Spyrre's company, she's already become quite attached to her as a friend. xDDD
Laurette would like to thank Spyrre for cheering her up and keeping her company today, perhaps they can be friends? (:
Spyrre's picture

Yeah, it was her. Glad that

Yeah, it was her. Glad that Laurette had fun, Spyrre thought she looked lonely so she went to greet her. =) And thanks to Laurette sitting with her, she´s a bit shocked about the fight.
And of course they can be friends, Laurette was very fun deer to hang out with. ^__^
J!n's picture

Saosin is acting like that

Saosin is acting like that because Spyrre didn't get out of the way when he asked her to. He's just worried about her, that's all<3

Spyrre's picture

Heh, I thought it was

Heh, I thought it was something like that. Now she thinks that Saosin is angry at her. ^^;
She probably should have backed off, but the zombie-deer (Walter....?) was always coming back. Spyrre also atleast thought that it WAS Walter, and something felt wrong about him... so, she tried to figure out what was wrong. Eh. Not so smart thing to do for a minideer... <_<

Huh, weird... I can´t see your picto at all. It just disappeared before the fight started.
Rouda's picture

I wonder why I haven't

I wonder why I haven't tracked this already. -is ashamed and tracks- D8
Spyrre's picture

Thanks for tracking.

Thanks for tracking. =D
...eh, do I track Rustar´s bio already? I can´t remember. o_o
Rouda's picture

No problemos. 8D Umm.. eh.

No problemos. 8D
Umm.. eh. Good question. To be honest, I'm not sure buut it doesn't actually matter, I don't update it very often anyway 8D
Spyrre's picture

Me neither, actually.... ^^;

Me neither, actually.... ^^; I was just cleaning this up a bit.
I have thought of putting something of her thoughts or happenings here, but we´ll see if I ever get it done. Probably not. <_<
Rouda's picture

Pff. Sorry for ignoring her,

Pff. Sorry for ignoring her, Sao and Laur. He spied Rai in a distance and thought he might want some company. So he went up to him. c8
Really? I think it would be great to read what she thinks every now and then. It would clear things up a bit. 8D

You should put up her

You should put up her thoughts and happenings, it'd be really interesting to read! 8DDD
Spyrre's picture

Rouda, No problem, we´re

Rouda, No problem, we´re just sitting and trying to minimize Sao... Or you probably know, because you joined us just while ago. ^^;

Eh, don´t know how interesting her thought would be, it would probably be something... quite random most of the time. =D Let´s see if I can figure out what she thinks sometime if you both think it would be fun.
Rouda's picture

Yush. I noticed. 8D Rai had

Yush. I noticed. 8D Rai had to go so.. I came to see you guys. Rusty haven't seen Spyrre in ages and stuff.

Well. At least I'd love to read her thoughts. Just like I got curious when Saosin put his thoughts to his bio. 8D Random or not. Go ahead. 8D
KittyCatKita's picture

Hey Spyrre! Kita and I are

Hey Spyrre! Kita and I are just dropping in to say that your picture is all done ^^ There is a link to it in my art challenge blog beside your name. I hope you like it!

My Biography: Come say hello! ^^
Spyrre's picture

Ooo, I already went to see

Ooo, I already went to see it.... and it´s awesome! Thank you so much. ^^ <3
I´ll add it to my "gift arts" to this page later, if you don´t mind. =)
KittyCatKita's picture

No of course I don't mind,

No of course I don't mind, that is fine with me ^^

My Biography: Come say hello! ^^

"Haa! Got it! Got it! Got

"Haa! Got it! Got it! Got your mask! eeer.. well I turned into a peacock afterwards.. but.. ah! Got it! *laughes maniacal*"
Spyrre's picture

Actually, seems like he got

Actually, seems like he got it 3 times.... there was 3 "blank" faces when I sneezed off all extra masks. I hope that makes him happy? =D
"But peacock-set looks good you?" *head tilt and overly innocent grin*

Hje I think so xD hmm an i

Hje I think so xD

hmm an i like the peacock too.. it looks so... err... blue xD
Spyrre's picture

For some reason Spyrre seems

For some reason Spyrre seems to think that peacock-set looks hilarious because of the bright colours... She has bad habit of "peacocking" sleeping deer when she´s bored... maybe that´s why she don´t see that Collector is doing something bad by snatching some masks from sleeping ones. She thinks it´s some kind of game. ^^;

Topaz100's picture

ha, just read it and she is

ha, just read it and she is lovely, plus the pictures are epicc
Spyrre's picture

Thanks. ^^

Thanks. ^^

<3 Spyrre~! /track :3

<3 Spyrre~!

/track :3
Spyrre's picture

Ooo, I was wondering who you

Ooo, I was wondering who you were! =D
Sorry if I´m a bit boring, I have lag if there´s many deer around and I have a bad habit of writing at same time I´m in forest. ^^;

Aww, you're not boring!

Aww, you're not boring! D:
Fay loves just sitting and cuddling~ :3
She's really become fond of Spyrre.

Ack, I'm sorry... not sure

Ack, I'm sorry... not sure why this came out as a double post. DX

Sorry about Laurette's

Sorry about Laurette's behaviour today Dx I'm not sure if you've read my last comment on Laur's bio as a reply to a friend who posted there, but I'll copy and paste what I said, which should explain why she's acting like that.
@Toxic: Oh lord LOL, I heard about that fawn. xDD Poor guy Dx
He's so sweet ;A; fs wafa<3
She's awake now, her health is actually full due to all the magic from the God's and whatnot <8D And plus, the healing from Athena helped..Annnnd the voices. D8> I believe you read Beliar's biography? Hopefully his daily happenings, that should explain more. xD
Basically, Beliar attacked Laurette, as you know, nearly killing her, allowing one of Beliar's voices to go inside her so now she's become.. 'Another Beliar'? xDDD
So she's evil and whatnot. :3
I don't know if she'll be like this forever, though, I'm just going along with what happens. XD
Baww, I feel sorry for Nightmare Dx And Sithrim and Rai at that, Laur's already attacked them, and they're two of her best buddies. D8>

So yus, basically, the deer that attacked Laur the other day (Beliar) almost killed her, meaning she was vulnerable to Beliar's voices in his head and one of them managed to go inside Laur, if you get what I mean xD And now they pretty much tell her what to do/take over her mind, even if she doesn't want to, and if she doesn't obey.. Well, they wouldn't be happy. D8> It explains why she nods/shakes her head/tilts/cowers/taunts a lot when deer approach, it's her arguing with the voices, or agreeing. :3