Just thinking.... (RP&interactions)

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....would anyone be interested to try some RP with my deer? =3


1) To begin, use the intro below, or write a scenario yourself. You can also ask me to make a custom start if you can´t think of one and don´t like the one below, but don´t expect something very epic if you leave that up to my brains. I have nothing against action though, you have a permission to make the situation something more exiting if you´d prefer something else than just a conversation. Just keep things in good taste, and it´s all cool.
2) Deer-characters are preferred, since my deer does not leave from the forest. If you´d want to choose a human/something else character though, you can do that, if that character is somewhere in the Endless Forest. Just be prepared that my deer will probably be afraid of that kind of characters.
3) If you have a violent character, keep in mind that my deer isn´t aggressive nor has any special abilities. I don´t forbid fighting or action, but don´t want her to be beaten to death either. Use your common sense here, or if uncertain, ask. =)
4) Any form of RP is allowed. Feel free to draw sketches if you wish, and I´ll try to draw something back. I´ll also try to keep my answers about as long as yours, if my english-skills will allow that.
5) Have fun. I don´t take roleplay-drama or even my character very seriously, so sense of humor is allowed. =)

Intro 1:
The wind rustled gently the leaves of blueberry-bushes as it swept through the thick vegetation of the Blue Bowl. Though the place had looked quite deserted from afar, there was a glimpse of something bright and red among the calm sea of blue and green. If watched more carefully, there was also movement. A small deer grazed in the thicked, not seeming to give much thought to it´s surroundings. Poppies were hanging from its smallish antlers, and a grinning skull-mask covered it´s head, but otherwise there wasn´t really anything threatening in the small animal. Most of it´s - her - attention was in the food for now, and even though large, tattered ears flicked lazily at the rustle in the leaves, she didn´t raise her head untill she would notice someone coming closer. The berries were too tasty to leave all of them to the birds...

(May be adding more intros to choose from later if needed)

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Don't say that! D: I love

Don't say that! D: I love Spyrre and contrary to belief she/he/it is indeed quite epic. x3
*lifts up the rock*
Believe in yourself! >:3
I shall track this... for now Mwahahaaa...
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Eh, thank you for your kind

Eh, thank you for your kind words (and track). It took some courage to even write this blog... =)

....you´re not gonna drop that rock on me, are you? D=
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It's no problem. :3 rp blogs

It's no problem. :3 rp blogs are always loved.
...You figured me out... D: *drops*
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Yeah, I have been reading

Yeah, I have been reading some, and they have looked very fun. I would probably be a lot better player in finnish, but oh well. <_<

Ohshi-- *is crushed*
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*noms* :3

*noms* :3
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*lifts up the rock

*lifts up the rock again*
Actually, I think I might try and make good use of that track now. Would you care to rp with lil ol' me? I don't know any finnish... So I'm afraid I can't help ya on that. But would you like to? :3
(I just finished an rp like... five minutes ago so I can have another xD)
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=O Ohhh, can´t believe it, I

Ohhh, can´t believe it, I was just about to delete this.... Very, very nice of you! It would be nice, you´re just a much better writer than I am... If that doesn´t bother you, the I´d love to rp. =)
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You're making me blush ^///^

You're making me blush ^///^ It dosen't bother me at all! (frankly I'm so bored out of my skull right now. I need an rp to stimulate the brain, yes?)

Hm... Who should I use? Bartleby... Turkey... The crows... Jergens... Malware... Pick your poison. I love all of them x3

And shall you start or shall I?
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Hehe, same here, my other

Hehe, same here, my other games by another forum are kind of stuck so I wanted to try one with my deer... Hope we can have an entertaining game, then. =)

Uhm, you can choose any character you want, I don´t really know. Jergens is only one my deer knows somehow anyway, but you can have any of the others if you want.
I could try making some kind of beginning-scenario, but I´m not good with larger plots so... ^^;
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(Hum. Very well. I'll use

(Hum. Very well. I'll use Jergykins then. Then I guess I'll start? Okay, let's go :3)

Summer in the forest, while pleasent to many other shorter-furred creatures, was not at all pleasent to Jergens. His head hung low as he walked down the band of the river towards the Crying Idol, curly red fur matted with sweat and grime. Ugh... So hot... The dead grass made horrid crunching noises beneath his hooves as walked, making the experience all the more unpleasent.

He snuffed the air and listened for any deer that were familiar to him. Rosine? Thomas? Ourania? Joro? None were in the forest at the time. And if they were, they were too far for Jergens to even hear them.

His ears flicked at the telltale sound of crushing water from the idol. Lazily, he raised his antler-heavy head and studied water-spewing rock with indifference.

Same old... Same old...

Casually, he lowered his massive, caribou-like body into the river, sighing in relief as the water cooled down his system. He adjusted himself so he could sit directly underneath the two little waterfalls themselves.

Well... he certainly looks friendly enough... Will you approach him?

(Hmm, this alright?)

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(Yes, of course. =) ) The

(Yes, of course. =) )

The heat didn´t seem to bother everyone as badly as that unfortunate stag. Even though most of the other deer where nowhere to be seen, probably sitting in some cool shady place, there was a faint rustling noise as the stag stepped in the water. A wind? A small breeze would surely make the heat a little more bearable, but unfortunately, he wasn´t so lucky. Instead, a small, bright-coloured shape stepped from the blueberry-bush only a small distance away and stopped to watch what the lot larger creature was doing. The little deer blinked her eyes under the skull that covered her face, chewing a mouthful of berries before saying anything.
"Oh, hello." She greeted, shook some leaves from her antlers and then stepped forward ears pointing to the direction of the stag. ....she knew this one, didn´t she? Yes, she remembered seeing him before, but couldn´t recall his name. Had they even introduced themselves then..? Eh, a little awkward... but small red one didn´t let such a detail stop herself. No point of asking what he was doing either, it was pretty clear to see if one had eyes on her face. She wasn´t going to discuss about the weather either, which was also obvious that it was hot, so the mini-deer just stopped to watch in the edge of the river, grooming slightly rough, short fur on her shoulder. She wasn´t really a good at small-talking anyway, no pun intended.

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"Mm?" the curly furred stag

"Mm?" the curly furred stag mildly opened one eye to study the newcomer. Hadn't he seen this deer before? Ah yes, it referred to as 'she' if he could recall. He flinched a bit at the thought. Call him sexist, he just didn't like does. You could thank his previous human life for that little trait about him.

He tilted his head and lowered it slightly, his way of greeting others. "Hey man, ya gettin' out of the heat, too?" his voice carried a very heavy New Yorker accent, and it could be rather difficult for someone unknown to it to understand it.

"Didn't I meet ya yersterday, man?" he asked the deer curiously. Hey, it looked like a stag, so he would pretend that she was a stag.

It was all good.

His huge body curled against the cool, wet rock surface, his soft underbelly pressing against it.

Damn, that feels good...

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Man? The smaller deer tilted

Man? The smaller deer tilted her head as a sign of confusion, probably not quite sure what the other was meaning or just because of the strong accent. Anyway, if she undrestood, she didn´t correct him, but answered to the greeting by a small bow herself.
"Yeah. A drink will be good at this weather. The berries are mostly dried up too, don´t taste very good." She answered after a few seconds of silence, after figuring out most of the things he had said. The mini-deer stretched and stepped down the slope to the water flicking her ear to the another question.
"Yeah" she said shortly, before sinking most of the tip of her skull-mask to the cool river and drinking few sips before continuing.
"...I guess you were alone at the statues. Were you praying for something?" She tilted her head curiously, but didn´t look very persistent on this subject. The cool water had most of her attention for now, as she splashed carelessly in the shallow water dropping some of the poppies she carried in her antlers to the surface. No, this creature wasn´t indeed very girly... but seemed like she didn´t really mind.
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He flicked an ear at her. Now

He flicked an ear at her. Now why on earth would he pray? He never prayed when he was human, and he wasn't praying to those two bastards that put him in this body to begin with. He turned to her and cursed under his breath as one of his antlers bumped into the Idol.

He still wasn't used to them yet.

"Naw, I don't pray. The grass around them is pretty soft, nice bed, y'know?" he didn't care if he offended her. Jergens loved messing with people anyway. It was what he did.

He grinned from ear to ear. It was the kind of facial expression that could be interpreted as either friendly or absurdly creepy depending on the type. "Damn, did I even tell ya my name? Guess not. Name's Jergens. Nothin' more and nothin' less." he nodded to himself and rolled over in the water, letting his entire body get wet.

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The smaller red-furred deer

The smaller red-furred deer was watching the floating flowers trying to catch them for her amusement before the stream took them, but failed miserably since the water slowed her movements. Even though the stream was shallow on this point, it still was deep enough for it to almost reach over her back. Snorting her nose as a sign of disappointment, she turned her head again to the stag as he spoke.
"Oh, yes! It´s soft and very tasty around the statues! And the water-weed in the pond, near that big log, you should try it!" She stated, splashing again towards the slope against the current that streamed from the fountain somewhere inside the Crying idol. Eh, apparently she wasn´t offended even if he tried... maybe she just didn´t get the rude tone or just wasn´t religious. Or, maybe it was just normal for deer to sleep next to statues.
Not bothered either by the creepy grin, the little creature climbed half-way out the water, seemed to deside that it was actually good place to be, and sat after shaking water from the red fur.
"Huh, I don´t think so. Or if you did, I forgot it already." She admitted without any embarassment. The weird name he told though got her to flick her ears few times, before trying to repeat it.
"Jerr... gens. Okay. Good to meet you then, again." It wasn´t very easy to see under the grim expression of the skull, but sounded like she was grinning contently herself.
"I´m Spyrre." Statement ended with a nod, until she began to groom her now even more messy and wet fur.

(Ok, it´s getting late for me, so I can´t answer before tomorrow. Feel free to write though if you´re still on-line, or whenever you have time. =) )
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(FFFFF... I'm sorry, I should

(FFFFF... I'm sorry, I should have replied to this before I went to sleep xD I kinda got carried away with puppet making <3)

Jergens resisted rolling his eyes at the plants comment. Ugh, another thing he wasn't used to. Talking about how delicious plants were (they weren't). He watched as she splashed around, occasionally getting water on him. Normally that would have earned her a snide remark and maybe a threat, but today, it was quite welcome. Half of his body was already submerged anyway.

He chucked when she pronounced his name, or tried to, at least. "Yeah, stupid name, I know." Of course, what was the point of having spoken names in the forest anyway? The floating symbol atop his head, that was his name now, the same went for the little red deer in front of him. But despite this, every deer around here seemed to have a spoken name. Hell, even Malware had one when he was so damn proud of his 'understood, yet not spoken' name.

"Spyrre?" he tested out her name as well and shook his head. "Hell, man. That makes it even more hard to tell if yer a boy or a girl." he muttered, dipping his muzzle into the water for a breif second. "Seriously, man. What are you?"

Offending people was what Jergens did. He didn't give a damn about what other people thought, and this doe/stag/thing was no exception.

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(No problem. So you got one

(No problem. So you got one of the Puppeteer´s dolls, right? =O )

"It´s not that bad... I remember your pictogram better though." Red mini-deer shrugged even though she knew she didn´t get the name quite right yet, but atleast she knew now how to reconize him and how to call him. It was good enough. Same went for her, since the name she told was just something she had desided to call herself if someone asked. It wasn´t a great name or even well thought out, somehow she just felt that it fit. She nodded her skull again when the larger deer repeated the name, but didn´t stop her grooming-session until he gave her another, a bit more harder question that actually needed some thought. The large, green eyes under the skull turned again to the stag, blinking, like the small deer wasn´t quite sure why he asked something like this. Her large, tattered ears moved thoughtfully, until she answered after a moment of silence. Not seeming very offeded still, rather a bit puzzled.
"I´m... me. A deer, like everyone else. Aren´t you?" She said, still rather uncertain tone on her voice, like she hadn´t really thought about a thing like that. Spyrre had noticed some awkward reactions from the stag before, but hadn´t really figured out what they were about.
Even if Jergens didn´t care what other thought, now she seemed like thinking something, not really saying it out loud, though. She didn´t remember anyone asking her something like this before... what a weird stag this one was.
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(Yup. Number Five, GumStick

(Yup. Number Five, GumStick x3)

"Mm... I don't like that name." he mumbled more to himself than to her. He pressed his forehead against the cool stone, loving the feel of it. "Names should be spoken. Not floating on yer head." he continued, rambling on to himself.

He turned his head to watch her groom, more out of boredom than curiosity. He cocked his head at her question. "I wasn't always a deer." he said simply. "Ya mean yer a hermaphrodite or what? Ya can't just be a 'deer'" he thought it over. Perhpas this deer hadn't been reborn like he and so many others were. Maybe she was just born as a deer and that was the end of it. Jebass... Why did these things have to get so confusing?

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(Haha, I love that name.

(Haha, I love that name. <3 I´m so curious to see you guys in the forest sometime, I have to keep my eyes open...)

Now the smaller one seemed openly confused.
"You wasn´t...?" She tilted her head, looking at him from head to hooves like trying to see something she hadn´t noticed before and sniffing the air between the grinning jaws of the skull. She missed completely the mumbling of names, which was probably a good thing since something so silly as not having a pictogram on you would have just confused her more. Well, the Nameless didn´t have one and so didn´t some small animals, but most of ther deer did and that´s how it should be, right? Now she had other things to ponder though, since the stag spoke out even more weird things.
"H- hemm--- a what? Is that... some kind of... animal?" The mini stuttered a bit trying to pronounce the word she had never hear before and tilted her head first to other, and then slowly to the other side, staring the bigger deer like he was speaking complete gibberish.
"What I should be, if not a deer? That hemamprite-thing, or what?" It took a while, but at last a small frustated tone creeped into her voice. She wasn´t angry, but pretty much couldn´t grasp the subject hence not seeing any sense in the topic. It was clear that Jergens wasn´t the only one utterly confused.
"...why is it so important, anyway?"
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(FFFF... Had to think about

(FFFF... Had to think about what to put for this xD)

Ugh, how bothersome! Jergens closed his eyes in annoyance and... well... attempted to explain. "Someone who's a little of both. Like a girl and a boy." he refrained from using his slang terms to describe it. Hell, this deer seemed confused enough.

"And... It's important... cause..." Huh. Now what should he say here? Hmm... You know what? Screw it.

"Just... Nevermind." he muttered. His ear flicked at bit.

"Okay, first of all. Do you know what a human is? If ya don;t then I'm just gonna drop it right there, okay?" he wasn't angry. Hell, he was grinning all the way, but he was annoyed. And annoyed Jergens was not a happy Jergens.

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(Hehe... sorry, I just find

(Hehe... sorry, I just find it hilarious how they seem to keep confusing each other. XDD )

She seemed to think some more. If the mini was aware of the Jergen´s annoyance, atleast she didn´t let it out anyway.
"Oh... right. Yeah, I know there are some like that. I think." She said suddenly.
"Didn´t know there was a name for it. I just thought that... they´re bit different. But they´re still deer, anyway." The last sentence was followed with a nod, like she wasn´t still going to change her mind that everyone was still "a deer" first, and rest of differences were mere details. Oh, exept the deer, which weren´t deer... Wasn´t there this one nasty guy who--- eh, well, that didn´t matter now. Instead she nodded again, still a bit unsure of what was the big idea of the subject, but desiding that if this answer made the stag happy, it was good enough. Let them all be "hemmemprites" then, it didn´t matter.
The new subject wasn´t so surreal compared to the previous one. She had heard that word before, and had some undrestanding what it meant. For some reason the thought got her ears to flatten back a bit, a first sign of nervousness so far.
"They´re the things outside the Forest, aren´t they? I saw one once." Of course, this probably didn´t make her as a expert of the subject, but atleast she seemed to know this time what they were talking about.
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I'd love to RP with ya too,

I'd love to RP with ya too, if ya want >w<
I'm used to a kinda really quick form, though, so my posts might get a little short XD;;
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Chicken, OK, that´s fine with

Chicken, OK, that´s fine with me! =) I might be a bit slow writer sometime, but simple posts should make it quite quickly... I try to keep them short also. Do I start, or do you want to?

(Ok, I managed to write a beginning skenario, hope you don´t mind. =) )

It was quite a rainy day in the forest. The only even nearly dry place anywhere was the Great Oak, but in the weather like this, it was always quite crowded. Sleeping deer lying everywhere and mooing fawns... well, it wasn´t that bad, but today she wasn´t feeling like having all that noise piercing her ears in such a cramped place. A small deer sat next to a large birch, under the blueberry-bushes, chewing thoughtfully a moutful of berries under the skull that covered her face. Her reddish, rough fur was wet, but she wasn´t feeling too cold yet to move somewhere more sheltered. Call it laziness or whatever, though it was a bit chilly at times. And berries tasted good for a hungry mini-deer, she had eaten only some pine-cones before the rain started... and that had been in the morning. She wasn´t really watching around much, most of her concentration was on the meal and the sound of rain filled her ears. There wasn´t anybody else near anyway, in this weather, was there?

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(Hur x3) He ignored her for

(Hur x3)

He ignored her for several moments, just letting himself get cooled off. Ugh... talking just made him feel even more hot and uncomfortable. Goddamn fur...

It matters, man. I mean, what about mates and all that crap?" he asked, genuine curiosity creeping into his voice. "I mean which way do you swing, man?" he asked.

He turned his head and grinned at her when she mentioned her knowing of humans. "That's what I was man, there ya go. That is... until I got killed..." he shuddered.

Goddamn dogs...

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I never know how to get these

I never know how to get these things started ^^;
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Suddenly, though, a gentle

Suddenly, though, a gentle shadow cast itself upon her, sheltering her lightly from the rain. Then the shadow bowed.
"H-hey..." a slightly hesitant, quiet and rather pubescant voice sounded.
"Aren't you cold?..."
The voice belonged to a rather thin-looking young stag wearing the whisper-mask and magpie pelt- and antlers. And though he was soaking wet himself too and lightly shivering, he still managed a warm smile through his shyness.
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(Agh, sorry for the late

(Agh, sorry for the late answer.... My internet´s been dying on me for a while now. <_<)

Kiraki, You want to rp too? =)

She groomed pretty silently for a moment, until he gave her another question to answer. The deer sniffed, and looked like she was shrugging at the same time she cleaned one of her front legs, still giving the stag a bit weird look.
"The ones who want a mate, get one. Not really my problem. I´m pretty sure there are pairs who can´t have fawns but they are still together, if that´s what you wanted to know." She left her hoof alone, shrugging again, watching then the stag then a moment with a slight tilt of the head.
"Uh... swing..? I don´t... know what that is. It has something to do with that mate-thing?" It was quite obvious that most of slang-words (or probably also "human" -words) went over her head even though she managed to undrestand his accent with a small pondering. But even though she didn´t undrestand all, she seemed to make her own conclusions of the questions.
"Are you looking for one? That´s why you´re so intrested of this?" The mini-deer questioned with mild curiosity.

The talk of humans instead got more attention out of her . She blinked and flattened her ears uncertainly, forgetting completely her messy fur.
"Really?" She was silent for a moment, not actually seeming very surprized though. Rather, she wasn´t sure how to take his grin with this subject. Somehow the thought of human becoming a deer was still a bit creepy to her, even though she knew that stuff like that happened sometime.
"I´m... uh, sorry for you, can´t imagine how horrible that must have been. No wonder you don´t seem very happy."
She sniffed some air like a deer in suspicious situation would, but didn´t seem to be frightened enough to run away or even get up.
"It couldn´t have been a very long time ago, since you´re kida new here, right?"

A sudden figure standing next to her snapped the smaller deer out of her thoughts with a flinch, and she turned her head to face the strager. Well, he didn´t appear very threatening though after she had a good look at him, but as a small herbivore, she didn´t really like things she couldn´t spot beforehand sneaking up to her. It was one of the most basic instincts, even though there wasn´t really predators in this forest. Instead of fleeing even though bit startled, the wet mini-deer stared the young stag a moment, until relaxed and her flattened ears rised up again.
"Oh, hey. You surprized me." She snorted, couching a bit because of the berries which she had accidentally swallowed, though sounding more amused than angry. It was obvious that the young stag meant no harm after all.
"A bit. Well, it´s not that bad, and berries taste good in the rain. You want a taste? It´s a bit dryer here too than in the open." Smaller deer answered friendly to the smile under her skull-mask, after a small bow of the head for greeting. She didn´t get on her feet from her pretty questionable shelter from under the bush though, instead moved a bit to the side so the other deer could fit in if he so wanted. The leaves blocked the worst of the rain, atleast.
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*nods* :3

*nods* :3
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Kiraki, ok. =) Because of my

Kiraki, ok. =) Because of my crappy internet-connection (which seems to be dead most of the time until someone fixes it) I´m probably a slow answerer for a while though, so I hope you don´t mind. You can start if you want, but I can make some random skenario too, it just takes a bit time...
*kicks the internet*
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Your welcome to start or make

Your welcome to start or make a scenario ~<3

Don't worry about speed I am busy with things on and off so might be slow myself ^^;
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(Hm, ok, I wrote a small one

(Hm, ok, I wrote a small one already since my connection still works. Hope it´s good enough for you to get something out of it. =) )

It was a late night, and she couldn´t sleep. The sky was still dark and the wind chilly, but the forest was quiet and the sun wouldn´t be up for a while. The small, bright-coloured deer walked among the trees her head low under the skull-mask that covered her head. She was still tired but couldn´t figure out what was keeping her awake so the mini-deer had crawled out of her hide-out under the blueberry-bushes in the Birch wood and headed out of the tall grasses. It was no use of just lying there awake for the rest of nigh, but maybe if she walked a bit and got a drink from the pond... She snorted in annoyance as her hooves moved her slowly towards the source of water. It was rare for her to have a insomnia.... Maybe there was a big storm coming, or something? The air felt heavy somehow, maybe that was it what was making her feel anxious.
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(Hehe thank you, I still need

(Hehe thank you, I still need a lot of practice with these things :3)

A tiny shape races through the forest, barely visible in the dark and moving so silently that she seems almost not to be touching the ground at all. Her movements zig zag randomly in all directions as she apparently chases after something unseen. Moving at high speed she heads in the direction of the pond, quite unaware of the doe appearing in her path.
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@Kiraki: The small, red deer

The small, red deer didn´t really look around much either, even though her ears kept moving and catching the sounds of the forest. She was still sleepy and not very concetrated, and such carelessness could be dangerous if there would be predators around. It was a good thing that those were rare in here. She yawned, snorted again and stopped then for a moment catching a glimpse of glittering water between the trees. Not a long walk to the pond anymore---
The small, content feeling that the sight of water had caused disappeared soon and was replaced with sudden fright instead as something small, fast and unexpexted dashed from the darkness and crashed on her side. Surprized mini-deer let out a shocked yelp, trying to keep her balance and to jump away at the same time... which did not work well, unfortunately. She ended up tripping on her own legs and falling down to the ground. The startled creature gasped for air, and tried quickly to find the "monster" which had ran her over.

(I made them run into each other since neither of them was aware of each other, hope you don´t mind. =) )
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(Hehe not at all I think it

(Hehe not at all I think it was probably a given :3 Heading out for a bit so will respond again later~<3)

Kiraki half-rolled half-skidded across the ground as she bounded back in the opposite direction of whatever she had just collided with. She lay sprawled on the ground for a few seconds not quite sure what had just happened, then slowly looked up into the dark trying to see what had so suddenly appeared in her way.
Noticing some movement and sound from in front of her she quickly scrambles to her feet, seemingly unharmed by the crash. Giving a few hops forward she sniffs close to where the shape of a doe is now starting to take shape to her adjusting eyes.

”Hello! ” She chirps happily.
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The stranger smiled sweetly

The stranger smiled sweetly at her response, an open innocence on his young features as he gently nudged himself down beside the mini-deer, immediately enjoying the slight shelter.
"I'm R-Redd, by the way..." He said hesitantly as he nibbled at a few berries, obviously timid by nature. But his smile was warm, and so was his thick, soft coat.
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(Curse you, internet! Stop

(Curse you, internet! Stop being dead! D=< *shakes fist*)

Even though she was almost expecting some kind of "monster" to appear, the mini couldn´t find one even though she peered in the darkness. She couldn´t see very well after all at night, but her nose and ears worked better. Where the "thing" had gone? It was still there somewhere? Maybe she should run-- Before the deer could deside though, her nose found a smell of, not a hungry predator, but a... fawn? And before she could get over her surprize completely, it was suddenly beside her sniffing and giving her a cheerful greeting. She blinked her eyes few times before answering, peering at the fawn that was just a bit smaller than she was, until realized that she was being rude. She didn´t seem a bit embarassed though, she was embarassed very rarely and this had been only a small accident.
"Uh, hello? I wasn´t expecting anybody to.. why are you here by yourself? In the dark?" She questioned, not sounding angry at all, rather relieved and puzzled now. She slowly got to her feet, sniffing the fawn herself as a greeting and nudged it gently with her muzzle. The skull-mask had dropped from her face to the ground, but she let it be for a while.
"You´re not hurt, are you? Is everything allright?"

She smiled back as the larger deer sat down, even though it might be hard to see under the grinning teeth of the skull-mask, but the large, green eyes peeking thourgh the holes had a friendly gleam in them. She didn´t mind him sitting so close, instead moved a little closer herself to share warmth as animals in the cold weather do.
"Red?" She glimpsed the stag as he introdused himself apparently having a slight misundrestandment of his name, wondering a bit that he didn´t look very "red" to her. Instead of pointing that out though, she just nodded.
"I don´t think I have seen you before.. Nice to meet you then. I´m Spyrre." The smaller creature smiled again, reaching then for a new mouthful of berries as her stomach reminded her that she was still hungry.

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Redd chuckled silently, his

Redd chuckled silently, his voice slightly lowered by the mask he was wearing.
"I-I'm pretty new here... And, uhm, this is actually my first rain..." He said, looking at the sky with a slight nervousness about the smile at the corner of his mind. Was he scared of somethin?...
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”We be chasing Song! ” The

”We be chasing Song! ” The little fawn replied with a smile, not sounding in the least concerned about being out in the dark or seemingly being out all alone.
Hopping up and down excitedly she does not look like she had obtained any injuries as she was bouncing around without any problems.
She offers no reply to the other questions , but upon getting nudged she starts to giggle and immediately step closer and nuzzles into the doe’s fur, showing no sign of being shy or having any understanding of personal space.

”We no see you come in magic! ” She announces sounding quite delighted at the statement.
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((Ugh, sorry this took so

((Ugh, sorry this took so long... My internet desidet to die completely for a while. <_< ))

"Hmmmh?" She gave a quite muffled answer chewing a mouthfull at same time, but instead she nodded again watching the stag curiously her head slightly tilted to the side.
"Really? Well then, don´t worry about it. It´s cold and wet for a while, but it´ll pass, as everything." The mini conformed him as soon as she could speak again, probably catching that bit nervous feeling from him. Maybe he didn´t like the rain, she thought, or it could be because he had moved to the new territory, as he was new in the forest. He felt like a shy fellow too, but the small red deer didn´t really mind that. He seemed nice, even though they had just met, just timid.
"Is everything allright?" She asked after a moment of thought sniffing the dark-pelted stag slightly concerned, and glanced also up on the sky to a distant, faint sound of thunder.

The answer that she got from the little one rather confused her more that actually explained much anything, and the red-furred mini blinked her green eyes again few times. It was hard to get what the fawn was saying, it apparently didn´t know how to talk properly yet. Even more concerning that it was running around alone... well, atleast it didn´t seem to be hurt of it kept bouncing around like that.
"Don´t worry about that, we aren´t hurt and it was a accident." She smiled to it as the fawn nuzzled her and gave it a lick on it´s head even though she wasn´t sure what it meant with the comment on "magic", before raising her head and looking around.
"....song?" She asked, figuring then that the fawn must mean someone named like that, not an actual "song" of course, but couldn´t find anyone else for now from the vegetation around them.
"Who is that? Your friend? Where is she?"
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Was he sane? Perhaps... But most of his sanity had already been graciously teared away from him. As a human, his mentality was sketchy to say the least, but it let him float along. As a deer. A goddamn deer, he found it a bit harder to keep his grips on reality.

He wasn't INsane... But he was... How do you say? Troubled.

Whatever the case, his neverending grin was not the grin of well-rounded individual. It had a pained quality to it, the way his lips curled over his teeth. It made them seem like fangs. Hazel eyes glinted at her as she/he/it spoke. This deer... It's ignorance of the human world made her a lovely target. Not to kill, oh no, Jergens would never kill anyone. But she would make a nice toy. Someone to 'mess with'.

He stood now, letting the water soaked in his thick fur drip down. He lowered his head and took a few steps so that his face was almost inches away from her's.

"'Mate'.... God... That sounds so... I dunno. Stupid? Don't you think? I have a partner, I'll call him that. But I won't call him a goddamn mate. Too kinky for me, yeah?" he rolled over on the bank, staring at her upside down. If anything, it made him all the more unnerving. His voice was calm. Hell, his accent always had sort of a 'cheery' quality to it.

He didn't even bother with explaining his slang. Why bother, really?

His grin faltered at bit as she gave him that last little comment. "Hell... I don't remember how long I've been here... This goddamn forest. It makes you forget... About everything that happened before..." he stood and awkwardly brought himself back under the crying idol's falling tears.

"I don't plan on forgetting anytime soon, though." he muttered.

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@Ginger: ((Welcome back then!

((Welcome back then! *waves hooves*))

She tilted her head to the side peering the stag though her skull as he got up and closer, but even though the smaller deer might have caught a quite weird athmosphere from him, she wasn´t really taking him as threatening. Odd, maybe a bit unnerving sometime, but not really dangerous. She hadn´t done anything bad to him anyway, so why would the stag? Spyrre could tell now that his smile was not a natural happy one, but rather than scared, it made her even more confused about him. Yes, there was more than a hint of naivity in the mini-deer´s personality, even though she wasn´t blind to others around her. Rather she seemed to have troubles in deciphering them, especially the negative feelings. Everyone was a potential friend, until they made a clear enemy out of themselves. Or just throughout a unpleasant invidual.
"What´s the difference?" Smaller one questioned, not offended even of him calling mates "stupid", which kind of told a lot of her thoughts of the whole thing. She did not have one, probably was never getting one. She was not interested, hence she wasn´t really making the big difference between the genders. Not surprizing, she apparenlty didn´t get it what he meant with his last remark, either. The mini wasn´t really expecting him to explain though, she was pretty much just stating her thoughts. But again, she was making her own conclusions. A hard one to offend, she indeed was.

"It does. I think." She replied in a lot more serious tone to his remark of the forest, lowering her gaze for a moment down to the surface of the water.
"But isn´t it a good thing? Forget the... awful things? You can´t never be happy if you don´t." The mini flicked her ears, glancing then after the stag she he moved again to the waterfall. For a moment she hesistated, as not sure if to ask something or not.
"...is he also here? That... partner of yours?" She asked then cautiously. Well, even though the mini couldn´t really undrestand unjustified malice, the saddness she could undrestand, and now she had a feeling that she might have spotted the reason for the stag´s weird behavior. It made sense, right? That´s why he was asking those questions, even though they still sounded a bit weird to her, but that could be just because he was a human. Or used to be.
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-Which immediately made the

-Which immediately made the stag's ears perk straight up and a small jerk go through his skin.
"I... I don't like t-thunder..." He stuttered with wide eyes, his body frozen as he gave off a strong, nervous scent.
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The little fawn seemed quite

The little fawn seemed quite comfortable in the doe’s company, nuzzling up to her randomly between bouncing around.

”We no know what ax..send.. ” She replied with a confused expression. Upon being licked she ducked slightly in an attempt to avoid it, not really sure what the doe was doing, and gave her head a little shake as if trying to remove something from it.

Upon the mention of song her face lit up and she started to bounce around again.

”Yes yes! Is pretty for ears! ” She nodded vigorously before coming to sudden stop. Flicking her ears up right she remains motionless for a few seconds, her nose wrinkled in concentration, before relaxing again and giving a shake of her head.

”We no hear now…”
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@Chicken: She flinched also a

She flinched also a bit, rather at the stags´s startle that at the thunder itself. The mini turned her gaze back to the bigger deer her ears slightly back with worry, and sniffed his neck. That was probably all she could reach anyway, without getting up. The poor thing was clearly frightened, and it made her feel bad even though she didn´t really even know him. It didn´t really matter to her.
"Me neither. But it isn´t really dangerous... if it´s that far away, atleast." She said nudging him slightly trying to comfort the stag, managing to unintentionally sound a bit unconvincing with her wording.
"Do you want to go somewhere else to find better shelter?" The mini asked then carefully, though giving a bit hesitating look to the rain. She didn´t want to get even more wet, but after watching the stag get so nervous, she didn´t want to leave him alone. So, if he was going to go, she was going to accompany him... unless Redd would intentionally chase her away, of course. Doing that would leave her meal pretty unsatisfying though, but she would manage.

The mini seemed pretty amused by the fawn´s energy, and if the time and situation would have been different she would probably have joined into the play for a moment, but now she was still concerned.
"It means that it was nobody´s fault. So, you don´t have to worry about it." She repeated with a smile, trying then to find the one called "Song". Still, she couldn´t spot anyone nearby, even though she smelled the air carefully twitching her large ears. Her attention returned to the exited fawn soon as it got even more delighted for mentioning this mysterious "song". For the responce she got, the mini-deer realized that the fawn might have meant an actual song after all and blinked her eyes again.
"...really? I can´t hear anything." She flicked her ears again, confused. There was nobody singing a moment ago, was there? ....maybe she just missed it, then.
"Who was it then? Was it a person you were looking for?" Spyrre asked then, glancing at the fawn. Maybe it was lost from its family, and was going after them? She couldn´t leave a fawn alone in the night like this, could she, even though there wasn´t many predators here. Some dangers lurked still around the woods, especially for someone as young as this little one.
"Do you need help to find it?"
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Tilting her head Kiraki

Tilting her head Kiraki focused her attention on what she was being told. At first she just stared blankly at the doe, not looking like she understood anything that was being said.
She simply tilted her head and continued to look confused, then shook her head as if to indicate that she did not fully understand.

”No is not hear, is be gone! ” She said with a smile, looking up at the doe as if she was saying something very silly.

”We no look, we just chase! ” Giving alittle giggle she started bouncing around the doe again.

”What is need find? We play? ” She asked hopefully still looking very much confused at almost every word that was spoken to her. She did not seem to find anything strange about being out alone.
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But Redd mearly shook his

But Redd mearly shook his head, eyes closed as he chased another shiver away, his ears flat against his head for a moment.
"N-no, it's... it's fine here..." He said, attempting a smile, but his fear wouldn't allow his face that small gesture. He really didn't like thunder. And after a few minutes in the rain, he'd decided he didn't like that either. But he liked this little deer. She brought him a strange sense of comfort he couldn't remember he'd ever felt before and for that feeling, he'd even sit out *gulp* thunder.
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@Kiraki: This fawn was a

This fawn was a weird one, wasn´t it? It looked like it didn´t undrestand most of the things she said to it, even though the mini herself wasn´t very cryptic in her speech. Her green eyes blinked in confusion again, and she tilted her head in turn to the lively, but seemingly pointless chatter of the fawn.
"So.... you don´t know who it was, but youchased them anyway?" She asked slowly, trying to undrestand the situation.
"I thought you was trying to find someone. Your family isn´t here then?" Well, there WAS orphan fawns around, she knew that, but usually there was atleast someone to take care of them. Hopefully this wasn´t one of the orphans, but for now it was alone anyway. Such a detail didn´t seem to bother the little thing much at all, though.
"Eh, you´d rather to play? What about if we took a walk instead? Let´s go to the pond for drink, and then you could show me where you live? We could try finding it together if you don´t know where it is." She suggested with a bit more cheerful voice, not wanting to upset the fawn, and bent down to collect her mask from the ground.

The mini nodded slowly to him, even though still a bit worried. She glanced up to the horizon that flashed with distant lightning through the treetrunks, spending a moment watching it in silence.
"I don´t think it´s coming closer. It´ll probably pass for far with the wind." She said then, nudging him again slightly with the tip of her skull-mask. The storm could be scary, and she knew that, but she rarely was afraid anything before it had happened. The flashes of lightning were far away and not probably heading their way, so she wasn´t very concerned about them even though the sound they made was nasty to sensitive ears to hear. Was the storm on top of them though, the mini also would probably had shivered and ran for better shelter.
"Try eating some, or rest. There´s really nothing else we can do but wait." The red deer pointed out, shaking some water from her fur.
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(FFFF... Sorry, Had to go out

(FFFF... Sorry, Had to go out and do 'real life' things... psh x-x)

He blinked.

It's like trying to threaten a brick wall...

Ah well, one less toy for the toy box? Of course not! This was just a harder toy to play with. Not pliable, but stiff like plastic. He would play though, only becuase it was hot and he was bored.

"The difference... It just sounds like a lame soft porn fantasy." he giggled at his own remark, surprised at how camp it sounded. "Think of it like that, only makes me think more like an effing animal."

The only problem was that he was one now.

He sighed and shifted over, letting the baking halk of his body cool in the running water. He smiled when she brought up the question. "I can't forget. To forget means to forget why I am who I am." he closed his eyes.

"Yes, he is here. Like me, he was also human." he looked at her seriously for once. "He is my only link left."

But what about this strange mini? What was she, anyway? Was she always like this?

Or did she already forget?

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Kiraki had already gotten

Kiraki had already gotten tired of staying in one place for so long and started running in small circles around the doe.

”Chase chase chase we like chase! ” She half-chanted as she whirled around, seeming to ignore the question for the most part.

At the next question she slowed to down enough to start skipping then stopped completely, a puzzled look on her face.

”What be fa.. fam…mill… lee? ” She asked curiously and pronouncing the word slowly and carefully, but looking quite eager to learn another new word. However at the mention of the word play the question she had just asked was all but forgotten as she immediately reared up in excitement before dashing of to run a few more circles around the doe.

”Play! ” She called out happily and without waiting to see if the doe was following, took off skipping in a random direction.
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@Ginger: She tilted her head

She tilted her head again at him as he spoke.
"Umh. Okay." Her answer was few seconds late, and the tone gave mostly away that she actually didn´t really have any idea what he was talking about again. If the "subtle" threats were only wasted in the oblivious mini, so was the dirty-talk, almost even more so. She was just playing along, because she didn´t want to ask again what he meant. It was probably something funny, or atleast the stag laughed, but the joke was missed by the smaller deer.
"We are animals." She pointed out anyway, shrugging then and scratched her left, tattered ear with one messy hind-hoof. What else they would be, if not animals? Trees? Rocks? Of course not. The mini didn´t question him anymore so far, even though she gave him again a bit confused look.

As Jergens took on a more serious subject, she stopped to listen again, large ears moving slowly forward. Even though he might be surprised, but she seemed to undrestand what he was going for, and stopped to think silently for a moment sniffing her nose. But, atleast sounded like the things weren´t as bad as she had predicted after all, since the one he had spoken of seemed to be in the forest also.
"Oh, well, since he´s here also, don´t you have the most important thing left then? I thought that..." The little deer didn´t finish the last sentence, but seemed to cheer up a bit, or what you could tell of a slight wiggle of her wet tail.