The Biography of Seed

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  • Name: X, Seed
  • Titles: The Nostalgic Poet | The Bard| Firefly | The Lyricist of Romance
  • Gender: Male
  • Orientation: Asexual, Romances Does
  • Love: Sage
  • Age: Mellowed
  • Species: TEF Deer with Tree Augmentation (Formerly TEF Deer, Formerly Tree)
  • Set: Kirin Pelt - Whistling Mask - Flowers or Candles
  • Scent: Purple Flowers, A Variety of Floral Scents, Tree sap, Moss, River Water
  • Color: Dark Green or #006400
  • RP Blog | Poetry Index| Q&A Blog | Writing Requests



Seed is, in many ways, still a normal TEF deer: about average in height and weight (he'd like to be sleeker), with a smooth, human-like face that, regardless of the pelt spell he has on, has gentle golden eyes with long-ish lashes. He doesn't tend towards extremes in his appearance, but does look a bit on the feminine side.

However, fairly large sections of his body are replaced with living wood a sort of pale brown in color -- ultimately, bits of his own wood. Where these are placed tends to vary with the pelt he's wearing, since both wood and pelt are magical. There's always some on his chest and legs, and usually some on or around the underbelly. With the kirin pelt, the most common one, the main chest-piece expands outward to two smaller pieces on the sides of his shoulders, where the kirin-pelt has its gems and Seed has a large teal flower for each side. The wood outlines the pelt's underrbelly and descends down his inner thighs to cover his hind legs. Over the tops of his hips is a patch of moss that is home to an ever-changing variety of small plants. He likes to pick little plants he finds in the forest and shelter them there for a while. His antlers are half-tree: specifically, trees with purple flowers, though these can be briefly shaken off or covered up by local forest plants or candles. They bloom and change frequently.

He wears the kirin pelt most often, since the green suits him, but is affected by magic, and can even briefly look completely unaltered for clone-time fun. He always wears the whistle mask. Seed is only a little bit affected by the seasons, since the changes within the forest are mild. If he went somewhere with more extreme weather, he'd be affected more powerfully.
That said, they are affected by something: his feelings and mood. While it's rare that a sudden jolt of emotion will change anything major, it can. More often, it's his general mood and outlook that, over time, adds up to the status of his branches. When he's happy, the flowers bud and bloom more rapidly, and sometimes, if he's really happy, even change size and shape. When he's sad, he'll shed flowers and his leaves will change colors, wilt, and fall. If he's depressed for extended periods, they'll fall off entirely -- a winter of the soul. He's rarely scared or sad enough to make a difference.

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Seed is difficult to describe in a few words. On the surface, he's friendly, playful, and usually very chipper. He'll while away the hours in goofy play with seemingly as much ease as he spends lounging about with his friends (though he does like to clearly be doing something, either lounging or playing, as opposed to doing nothing). Most of that is, if not true, then what Seed would *like* to be true. He doesn't want people to worry or dislike him, and so he often tries and hides his worries and sorrows behind a friendly smile. He tends to be anxious behind that mask, and a sort of 'natural loneliness' and his poetic musings mean that he tends towards melancholy when left to his own devices, which happens more or less any time he's alone, and sometimes when he's with others. When he trusts someone, he'll let them into his *real* thoughts. Otherwise, he'll tell them not to worry and he's just being silly. Seed is very big on self-deprecation, and will generally blame everything on his faults, and then scold himself for "wasting time" by feeling sad.

His thoughtful bent, while sometimes self-destructive or sad, also opens him open to creativity, careful philosophical constructions and reflections, and deeply imagistic and heartfelt poetry. He writes as his craft and passion, focusing his efforts on connecting the beautiful and sometimes sad world around him with the warm, romantic, and often sad internal world, or to capture the internal worlds around him. He enjoys thought exercises and light debates with his friends, though not all of them are of a likewise bent – which is fine by him, since it takes him out of his head.

Seed spends a lot of time contemplating goodness and how to be a good person; he wants to be 'good enough' very fiercely, and will try and evaluate his actions in terms of ethical philosophy as well as in terms of his personal feelings.

Short version: Seed's essential strength is that he thinks too much. Seed's essential problem is that he thinks too much.

He is deeply emotionally-driven as well, and a true romantic and idealist. He feels his love for his friends and lovers deeply and irrevocably: no matter what they do, to him or to others, he will always love them, without possessiveness…But not without guilt. As a result, it is easy for his loved ones to wound or conflict his heart, which has happened many times in the past. He’s a lover, not a fighter -- he can be indecisive when conflicted, but can’t help but love what he loves. He is incapable of not loving someone he loves, so he sometimes try to guard the inner sanctum of his heart, and very shy about declaring someone a friend.

That said, he is happy to meet new people, and unless he’s suffering a moment of tunnel vision about a loved one, will greet every stranger as a would-be friend.



  • Scape: His sworn brother and dearest friend
  • Payton: His long-lost first love Gone
  • Complex: His daughter with Payton
  • Lemon: His sister via adoption
  • Aleit: His Nephew via Adoption
  • Oisin: His Nephew Via Scape Absent
  • Zerg: His Sister-in-Law via Scape
  • Magnet: His brother via Scape
  • Midnight: His god-daughter and niece via Scape
  • Nevilly: His ex-wife. Still loves, but has moved on.
  • Sage: His Current, and hopefully always, Love.
  • Many Friends, Gone and Still Around


Seed began his existence as a young tree growing in a distant stretch of forest, surrounded by and coated in purple flowers. He was very loney, and decided to go forth to ask the gods to turn him into a deer.The story of this adventure can be found here.
Eventually, his wish was granted. Because of the differences in the thoughts of a deer and the thoughts of a tree, he did not recall his own nature for a long time -- by that time, he had earned friends and family, and even a romance with Payton, a doe who'd come and go, in and out of Seed's life. The Twin Gods even used their hearts and magic to give them a daughter, Complex.

However, eventually, Payton came to the truth that this time, she would not return. She set Seed free then, and he pined after her for a long time. He eventually met Nevilly, and cautiously fell in love with her and was married, even reconciling with his past as a tree. However, eventually, Nevilly needed things that the asexual Seed couldn't offer her the way she wished, and left him to start a family with another stag.

Seed despaired for a long time, only recovering after meeting new friends and almost a year of healing...Of course, he wasn't healed long before he faced a new challenge: a giant fire beetle. It killed him, and he had to recuperate as a tree. This healing process left him with tree-like features...
...His story is ongoing.


Writing by Seed:


  • Facts

  • Seed adores fireflies, water, things that are strange, long walks and talks, bunnies, and interesting activities.
  • Seed dislikes real fighting, internal conflict over loyalty and love, being ignored, and the devout pelt (but he'll wear it for tag)
  • Seed's kirin pelt is somewhat reflective -- hence the nickname 'firefly.'
  • Seed is capable of speaking to, and being heard by, trees. However, he is reluctant to so publicly.
  • No one knows yet if the flowers that grow from Seed will bear fruit or not -- as a result, whether Seed is hermaphroditic, male, or infertile all-together in a plant sense is unknown. In a deer sense, he's sexless but can father children magically.
  • Seed is always IC, even for things like software glitches. He writes wordy, but infrequent, diaries.
  • For such a deep-seated romantic, Seed is sometimes very oblivous to his own romantic feelings.
  • Seed cannot be touched without his (subconcious) permission; The Forest is, after all, a place where you can walk through a deer, rock, hill, or tree, and Seed arises from The Forest. So if something makes contact with him or hurts him is a matter of his state-of-mind. However, this also makes him a very poor attacker or defender of others, since he can be walked through.

  • Packs of Tea from Radish: One package remaining
  • A wood bowl, Likewise from Radish
  • A Bracelet-mounted quill pen from Verve
  • His Lightbringer Badge
  • A series of rocks for making inks or prepping bark for writing poems.
  • A Dried Poppy as a mento of Payton

* Feel free, always, to approach Seed.
Seed's theme thanks to the amazing Verdalas
Ireshi productions

Blackhoof's picture

Ha...Seed would probably get

Ha...Seed would probably get along
with Blackhoof greatly...But then
Blackhoof has been abit moody theis

I've seen you in the forest some minutes ago..
Nice to meet you...You seem familiar..
Any way...Nice to meet you!Smiling
Seed's picture

nice to meet you

nice to meet you too!
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Tabii thinks Seeddeer is

Tabii thinks Seeddeer is much fun to play with. <33
AND A COMFY CHAIR! -Sits on Seeedddss-
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Scape's in the same boat as

Scape's in the same boat as Seed. I'm not sure if WhiteWind/Tempo's even coming back. X.x (Sarie said she saw that WhiteWind had been on WolfQuest a few days ago so this adds to my doubts. >_> )

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That sucks. I have Peyton's

That sucks. I have Peyton's email, but I haven't recieved any replies to the emails I've sent her, which, while it confirms nothing, makes me more worried...I'm not sure whether I want Seed to stop hanging onto his hope or to tell him to just give up....maybe they should go get a drink. A lonely drink. fermented berries of lonliness, anyone?
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Pegasicorn's picture

Yea, they probably should.

Yea, they probably should. ^^; And binge-eat on blueberries maybe (bow+taunt looks like eating them)...
(WhiteWind said she'd be back after a two month-long vacation, but over 2 months have passed, and she's playing a different game without letting me know if she's coming back, so... Seriously, last time Scape saw Tempo was around the time of Run's Memorial. O.o)

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Seed's picture

I never seem to be on when

I never seem to be on when one of your deer is on these days, though. 'tis wierd.
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Pegasicorn's picture

Hm.. Probably cuz I share

Hm.. Probably cuz I share this computer so I couldn't get on 'til late yesterday (I've also been sleeping late since school ended XD; ). But I'll have Magnet at the Abio! =]

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Seed's picture

That's gonna be fun

That's gonna be fun ^^
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Hmmyes. Whitewind, or

Hmmyes. Whitewind, or whitebracken on WQ, visited... Wednesday. >_>
Poor Seed and Scape. -nuzzlespams- At least Aspen can related. 8D


Well notreally since she's never had mate. :c pfft pftt pftt
She might have one soon though. :U -nudge nudge wink poke- -coughMagnetcough-

=o__o= !!
Seed's picture

Oh, that's it! some doe out

Oh, that's it! some doe out there needs to admit to the stag of her choice that she likes him, or I will just go crazy! SOMEONE OUT THERE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY, DANGIT! Seed, go and start depositing love notes in lockers or something!

We don't have lockers...*sad*

We will make them if we have to. And get you some ice cream or something until you cheer up.

...Ice cream is good...

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Aspen's already admitted

Aspen's already admitted that she likes Magnet. A lot. -pokes her diaries-
She's a sad poet, my doe is. :C But a valiant one none the less. 8D

I have a maaaateeee~ <333333
-blush- >_> Sarie said it...
I really don't want one... Q.Q Or need one.
Seed's picture

yes, but has she admitted it

yes, but has she admitted it to his face? and that's where the little letters in the lockers fit soon as my labor slaves get done making them little lockers, I'll start forging the love notes.

as a side note, Seed and Aspen might want to make a Sad Poets' Society. They can angst and read angsty things and eat the sundaes of sorrow with the sprinkles of existential despair.
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ALMOST But Pega's modem

But Pega's modem froze. >:C

Yes that would be awesome! 8D
Xylia can join to. Once she turns into a stagdoe.
Today. xD
Seed's picture

Well then, she'll just have

Well then, she'll just have to try again, won't she? *looms threateningly*

Happy Stagdoe day, Xylia!
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Pegasicorn's picture

*bumps into conversation*

*bumps into conversation* I've been trying to have Magnet on more, but either my sister's been on the computer all day, or Sarie's not on. X.x

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Iaurdagnire's picture

Seed is so lovely (3 I hope

Seed is so lovely (3 I hope I get to see him around more upon my return!

Track'd! cB I love Seed's

Track'd! cB I love Seed's character dfkgjhtj <33

-- Dannii <3
silentlikethat's picture

Jettem had such fun with you

Jettem had such fun with you today, even with all the chaos going around in the Forest. She hopes to meet you again, and under more peaceful moments.

Seed's picture

Seed and I were wondering

Seed and I were wondering who that was! He hopes to see her again, too ^^

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Tally's picture

I was going to have Tally

I was going to have Tally come meet Seed like i promised but he was being silly and naked with a nameless so she didn't. Sticking out tongue

(did you see her? lol)
Seed's picture

I think I may have missed

I think I may have missed her... But she could have come up anyway. More the merrier, and all that ^^

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Tally's picture

Oh Seed, nice to meet you!

Oh Seed, nice to meet you! I'm sorry if i seemed distracted,...Skuller came back from the dead and I was in shock. And sorry for the ending, I'm not sure why he'd attacked him like that...

She apologizes for everything that goes wrong weither its her fault or not. :3
Seed's picture

It was a pleasure... and

It was a pleasure... and don't apologize! I was merely worried that you would get hurt trying to throw yourself between the fighters -- and, in turn, worried you would take offense at my defensive efforts. Not that I wouldn't have done the same... But still; don't trouble yourself. I do hope to see you again.

He does the exact same thing XD

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Tally's picture

I saw him protecting her! It

I saw him protecting her! It was so nice. :3

She was afraid of the other stag but she'd just lost Skuller not so long ago and was not about to lose him again. There was a second there when he was laying down that she was about go into a rage, hence the taunt action without the fear/sad, but Seed got in the way and stopped her. Seed= magic.
Seed's picture

Aww, shucks... I'm glad he

Aww, shucks... I'm glad he could be useful to her.

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I need to track

I need to track this.

(Wouldn't Oisin be kind of like a nephew? X3)

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Seed's picture

Possibly. He really hasn't

Possibly. He really hasn't hung out with Oisin all that much (relative to his personal preferences), but it can be added on if you'd like.

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well I just thought that

well I just thought that since Scape and Seed see each other as brothers X3
They do need to hang out more.
What do you mean, his personal preferences?

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Seed's picture

Seed tends to be (and I

Seed tends to be (and I obviously need to put that on his bio) a little reticent about letting someone into his circle until he's seen them, usually with some amount of private time, a certain number of times (2 if it's private, 3 or more if there's a lot of group time), and a certain feeling of connection is established. It comes across as him being picky... but it's more that he's afraid of getting hurt.

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Well, I thought you meant

Well, I thought you meant something else, because he's been with Oisin several times (maybe not alone, though, I can't remember...usually it's been with Scape around). And I don't really play Oisin a whole lot. But then I also don't see Seed a whole lot (half the time he's sleeping).
You kinda made it sound like there's some reason Seed doesn't want to have Oisin around.

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Seed's picture

Oh, no. Then I would have

Oh, no. Then I would have said "He's seen Oisin more than is his personal preference."

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I love his name! =D Nowa 8D

I love his name! =D

Nowa 8D Thank you Sluggs <3

Seed's picture

Thanks, I guess... It was

Thanks, I guess... It was just something I came up with. His titles are stuff people have called him now and again.

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Iaurdagnire's picture

Dag isn't on his friends

Dag isn't on his friends list?
You've made him cry in the corner like a big girl. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.

Kidding ;D <3

Seed's picture

Oh, have I forgotten to add

Oh, have I forgotten to add him? Let me go fix. I really need to keep better track of who needs adding.

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Iaurdagnire's picture

Haha, it's ok <3 Imagine how

Haha, it's ok <3 Imagine how many friends Virgil has to keep track of! He has at least 3.6 cajillion ;D

Seed's picture

Indeed. I'd be a little

Indeed. I'd be a little uncomfortable in his shoes, I admit.

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Rouda's picture

Why I'm not already tracking

Why I'm not already tracking this. >_>
/sneaky comment to track.
Zergarikiaka's picture

|D I think I'll be playing

|D I think I'll be playing Zerg a lot more often, so hopefully she'll be able to run into Seed again very soon. <3
Seed's picture

That would be great!

That would be great!
Iaurdagnire's picture

I kneeeeeeew something was

I kneeeeeeew something was going on with Nevilly ;3 I always clock you two frolicking by yourselves somewhere in the forest.

I just hope you didn't think me rude by leaving you guys alone on such occasions =)
Seed's picture

No, Seed doesn't think it's

No, Seed doesn't think it's rude! He worries that Dag thinks HE'S being rude. Seed always worries that.

Also, yeah ^^ Seed was going to ask Dag what he should do about that today, but after Dag left, Seed had to be a stagly-stag and talk to her about it himself. And there was much rejoicing.
Amazon's picture

Beautiful bio!

Beautiful bio! <3

I love your poems.

Seed's picture

Thank you ^^

Thank you ^^
arrowdoe's picture

I can't believe myself

I can't believe myself sometimes >:C I had no idea I hadn't tracked this yet! <3
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[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
gone's picture

Hmm, I was the small fawn

Hmm, I was the small fawn that slow-walked with you and hopped around with, then I had to leave for the moment.
Seed's picture

I know; I left you a mesage

I know; I left you a mesage of Celeste's bio, actually. It was fun.
Dampir's picture

Track! As that small

Track! As that small fawn(Levis) which was playing with Seed and Scape today Eye