The Sage. [Aurora]

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Taking this down before dropbox fucks me over - there will be new CSS soon!
Meanwhile enjoy a re-do of an ancient Aurora picture
look at her
trotting towards lord knows what
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Heyy hello again! Now go fill

Heyy hello again!
Now go fill everything in. >8C XD
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Welcome back!

Welcome back! <3
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Thank you kindly!

Thank you kindly! <33 I'm glad to see you're still around. How's Ourania? Smiling

Hey you &hearts; Also, adore

Hey you ♥

Also, adore that gif at the top.
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Hey there!

Hey there! <3 Nice to see you here. (=

Yush, so do I! But that's all thanks to Moogie's amazing skills, huh. I'm looking for a way to implement it more elegantly in here though. (;
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Aurora is

Aurora is beautiful.

Consider this a track.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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Oh and I totally just

Oh and I totally just commented on the wrong bio that's what I get for leaving pages open for hours and not refreshing. Anyways this looks even better, very well done. And as before, nice to meet Aurora today with Herla.
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GlobalBeauty: Thanks so much!

Thanks so much! I'm glad to hear you like her looks. And thanks for considering this stuff worth tracking! (;

Hahah, it's fine! Happens to me as well, sometimes. Thanks for the compliment and yes, 'twas some fine RP today! (:
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Hello again &hearts;

Hello again ♥
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Hello there! Glad you came

Hello there! Glad you came back (=
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She's so gorgeous! And you

She's so gorgeous! And you used Samara as her voice- Samara was my favourite character in ME2!
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Thanks alot! And

Thanks alot!
And AHMAHGAWDANOTHERMEPLAYERTHATISSOAMAZING Laughing out loud:D Makes me glad to know! (:
The voice just fitted so well! But then, Aurora and Samara don't have -that- much in common, except their serenity/calmness. Perharps wisdom, though Samara's creed would get her a lot trouble in the forest, I believe. xD

O:! Glad to see she's back!

Glad to see she's back! (:
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HAAAIIII ANNA! (: Yeees, so

Yeees, so am I. <3
Glad to see you are still around, too! <33

YEP. welcome baaaack c:

welcome baaaack c:
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Gosh, what a gorgeous

Gosh, what a gorgeous character~ I believe my Rory sat with Herla today while you were next to her. Her feathers look so pretty <3
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Why thanks! I'm glad you

Why thanks! I'm glad you think so.
I'm sorry she was such quiet company her player was rather around in and out of MSN than the forest. /: Sorry about that!

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I reverted to a teenager and

I reverted to a teenager and squealed with delight. It's nice to see Aurora!
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Pinkpaws: Right back at you:

Right back at you: <3!!

Wow, I didn't know she was -that- impressive! xD Thank you! She's going to stay a while. (:
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Aurora is very pretty

Aurora is very pretty ♥
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Arwhhh, thanks so much! I'm

Arwhhh, thanks so much! I'm glad you think so (=

She is so beautiful! Seems

She is so beautiful! Seems very sweet, too. ♥
Would be a pleasure to meet her one day. c:
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Ahah, thank you kindly! Yes,

Ahah, thank you kindly!
Yes, indeed! Hopefully we can get around to it soon. (:
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Pssssssssssssssst, tracking

Pssssssssssssssst, tracking this
Don't tell anybody Eye

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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Uuuhhaaakay. I'll try.

I'll try. <.<
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asjkfhadf I had forgotten how

asjkfhadf I had forgotten how much the animation at the top makes me smile. X3
Happy to see her back! =D
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FFFF, I am ashamed I've not

FFFF, I am ashamed I've not used it more in the past! >|

And that makes me glad <3

*settle down* wanted to do

*settle down*

wanted to do that last time they met...but map refused to give me the link :/
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Oh, no worries! I know the

Oh, no worries! I know the map can be b*tchy like that <,<

Aurora remembers Jack from one time he was trying to bite her ankles, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong! But she definitely remembers him. Even though she may not have yet found out his current behaviour is kind of strange. Eh. How could she, she barely knows him anyway... but there you have it!

I noticed the vessel/Jack's body (? Correct me again, if I am wording it falsely!) hangs out at the blue bowl at times - Aurora does a lot, too! I bet some day, she'll actually say something (that's to say, some day the lazy Calinka kicked herself into writing an elaborate RP post. xD )

And now that I read through it, again, I feel like I babbled for no good reason. LOL. Sorry about that. <.<

*snorts* yessss i vaguely

*snorts* yessss i vaguely remember something |DD

and yep vesselbody does... thought it could be funny to have a all blue dyed (and pissed) jack in the end... that's the reason why actual jack doesn't get near that thing... stained fur and aweful taste |D

and alright...looking forward to!

..i figured... it's harder than thought to start somethig myself... for me never knowing who is in front of me (i actually didn't even want to use the map but...ohwell curious me...) and for 'it' never knowing it either.... and usually keeps his awkward staring/observing to figure out if things around want to eat it or not. 8|

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Oh goodness, I see that could

Oh goodness, I see that could make up for some amazing RP (probably somewhat dangerous, too. xD). But I hope breaking your intent not to use the map was good after all, at least in this case! If not, I'm sorry! <.<

Yeah, I can imagine. 'it' doesn't exactly seem like an outgoing personality, either (lol, that's an understatement). It's actually a little bit funny to see how the body with Jack's picto over it is now acting so weird.

I wonder, why is 'it' so reserved/awkward? Does it have anything to fear, in particular?

yes... its vessel could break

yes... its vessel could break
who knows, something could accidentialy step on it, the vessel could have foes it doesn't know... is a quite neurotic little thing |D

and with the map...ah... i threw that intend overboard right at the first day |D
i slowl get used to playing without pictos though...i maybe keep that up and go back to v. 3.31 as well hm...

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Oh? Is it not aware that

Oh? Is it not aware that Jack's body could be used in combat, as well, or does it not know how, let's say, 'strainable' he is? Does it suffer from pain/damage if a vessel breaks?

Ahah, I admit, I admire you. I always need the pictos and the looks, otherwise I'll never memorize who Aurora met and so on. Granted though, playing without has much more of a 'RP' taste. After all, names don't float over our heads, too. xP So yeah, the atmosphere must be good that way! (:

well... yes.. that xD it

well... yes.. that xD

it started off with obviously 'broken' eyes and a stiff leg. And with beeings around that are much bigger 8| it's a careful thing, avoiding combat at all costs

oh and yes it is... plus... i don't see if someone is approaching.
...on the other hand its harder to find others as well... but that though, forces me to move my character around more.

has both advantages and disadvanteges... ^^ but for me it starts to be very relaxing
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Mhmm, I see! I'm probably

Mhmm, I see!
I'm probably asking things you'll want to keep secret for the sake of this plot, but what kind of being is it? Or do you willingly avoid calling 'it' anything else than that?

Hah, yeah, though you can still hear the clopping of the hooves, I think...? Also, true, but it also lets one stumble over all kinds of different characters, I think, some on TEFc, some not... actually, it's a bloody good idea to get around a bit more. Huh. Perharps I should try it, after all. xD

yep i willingly leave it by

yep i willingly leave it by 'it' ^^

there is some thought and concept behind... but that would take something away from it i guess...

and aah yes... hooves... problem is... i always hear 'phantom deer' xD like.. deer that are far far faaaaaar away...and not even visible... but the cam is turned that way that i still hear the hooves (os sneezing)... works similar like the oak you hear like... everywhere in the forest
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Ahhh, okay, but you -are-

Ahhh, okay, but you -are- going to explain it at some point? xD

I have that problem with dancing, in a similar way. When Aurora starts to dance, the music is -incredibly- loud... somehow, it didn't use be that way before! Kind of annoys me, and makes me hesitant to press that butten, but there it is.
As for the phantom deer, haha, yeah. I love it when I hear the hooves, look up, and have a picto and a mask standing in front of me. xD My problem is, also, that the sounds seems to lag a bit. When a deer approaches, I hear it coming closer no problem, but the sound just cuts off at some point. So yeah. quite similar to what you experience!

hm, maybe, when it fits ^^

hm, maybe, when it fits ^^
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ffff, okay. I'll stay excited

ffff, okay. I'll stay excited xP



/coding nerd

This is such a perfect, unique layout for such an incredibly unique character. Always loved Aurora
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trackin~ cB

trackin~ cB

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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GLAD YOU LIKE ITTT, since I find some things I don't ;; Buuuut, I don't wanna sound all too critical about my own work! It's got some advantages. xD
Thanks! And thanks for rory-luv <33

Also: Thanks for the track, Sleepything (:
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Track! *_*

Track! *_*
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Ohhh! Thank you so much. [:

Ohhh! Thank you so much. [:
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you asked for this

you asked for this

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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Heavy artillery it is.

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adorable art by Tuoho! ♥