Having a curious look at TEF after a long while... positively surprised that it's still here.

Hi. Smiling
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*40 bullets*

*40 bullets*
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*since she's already spying

*since she's already spying on the other blog, leaves a confused Juliet to guard this one.* =)

*feeds the juliet* hey guys

*feeds the juliet*

hey guys |D
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-blow-darts a tracking device

-blow-darts a tracking device into dat ass-

ass floof: *eats dat dart*

ass floof: *eats dat dart* 8|


... I'd love to see that. ^

... I'd love to see that. ^
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I've always loved this guy

I've always loved this guy and his fluffy ass ^^


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Hai ^^

Hai ^^

Have I ever said that I love

Have I ever said that I love his buttfur?
Re-trackalackin~ <3
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Oh? I haven't tracked

Oh? I haven't tracked this...? Wheops. Hum. You didn't notice... ._.'
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Oh, oops. D: Forgot to track.

Oh, oops. D: Forgot to track.

pff how could you TT


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Love the new art

Love the new art work!

You're talents never cease to stop amazing me,
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I'm glad I came back. I

I'm glad I came back. I missed you guys. <3
So... official track. ^^

ohai there *waves* wellcome

ohai there *waves* wellcome back ,o/
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You do know that adding

You do know that adding "nudity warning" to the human ref simply forces me to click and take a peek? xD
Good work on it, though.

pff yes i know |D but either

pff yes i know |D but either this or no warning at all and enraged people xD

thank you ~

"I had been lost, Jack'ms,

"I had been lost, Jack'ms, but I was found again. I am here. Not a ghost to haunt you- although even I have to admit that would be entirely too much fun."

The white snickered, a tensed

The white snickered, a tensed grin flickering over his lips, his tongue occasionally licking them "Heh... don't ... hehe don't believe in ghosts... hehe have...eeeh... yes... have seen this before ..yes have.." a compulsive headshake put a break into his words, before he snickered nervously "Saw this before... heh... coming back... came...came back myself yes...? Is...hehe is not... not that...little black... not that..." the grin on his face became a little wider and more tensed, while he made a step backwards, again shaking his head violently.

The resolute calm that

The resolute calm that surrounds her is almost the polar opposite of the boisterous little brat she had been. White eyes followed his actions without blinking, the only movement being a faint smile on her black lips. "We can come back. Little black and Jack'ms? We came back." She nods, but stays where she is. She has sent one too many friends into a nervous breakdown with her living self approaching. "I am still little black- just... A mite less little." She tilts her head, unaware whether a question would be welcome. "What is it that bothers you, Jack?"

The stag had fallen into a

The stag had fallen into a restless pacing while the other spoke. The new appereance of her wasn't what had unsettled him, neither was it her 'rebirth'... both too familiar, had he experienced a similar transformation... just the other way round.
Once more he shook his head, the question made him stop in place. "Saw you there saw you there laying there, yes brought it back memories bilder all that you brought it back! Laying there like them..." words seem to break out without control, seemingly against his will, voice almost cracking... before they broke into a nervous snickering. "Heh...c..can't tell..." His head sunk down towards his scarred leck, tongue running over his lips again.
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"Hi, Mister Jack!"

"Hi, Mister Jack!"

"Hello little one..." (an

"Hello little one..."

(an ama~... feels like eternety i have seen her)

//Just had the longest phone

//Just had the longest phone call ever o_o

The agitation seemed to radiate from the white stag in waves, disturbing the calm about Pandora ever so slightly. She has seen much, but the deviant behaviour leaves her not entirely certain of what she should say. She blinks, still continuing to stare with her unchanging blank expression. "Shut the memories away. They had nothing to do with me." She sounds colder than she means, but she feels she needs to instill the difference. That was them, whoever they were. This is me. "Just remember me as little black. Nothing else. The same little black."

(long as heck phonecalls ftw.

(long as heck phonecalls ftw. 8| )

The white broke into a sudden, rough laughter.
"Shut them away shut them away she say, als wenn... als wenn...hehehe!" his voice seem to crack again. Eventually his head sunk deeper, fangs into skin, ripping it off.
Immediately his body stopped to shake, seemed to calm. A few times he bit his own leg then he seem to freez in place, stayed in this position, before his head went up again, slower than before.
He sighed, licked away the blood from his lips.
"Shut away, yes... heh..." he mumbled, now much calmer. "If..eh if that would be so easy, yes? Can do that...do that all the time, yes..." the formerly tensed grin became a faint smile now "But needs time... und Kraft..." he licked his lips again, the shaking setting in again, as if those few words had used up whatever had made him able to stay calm for a while.

The black creature stretches

The black creature stretches a wing out absently, the motion elegant and concise. She is thinking, considering, when Jack lets out a raucous laughter. Her white eyes study him even further, but she at least allows her smile to grow slightly when he attempts to calm himself down. Gnawing upon one's leg? Doesn't matter to her, so long as he takes a moment to breathe. "Everyone has memories they wish they didn't have. I make mine go quiet, and forget they are there." A mirthless chuckle escapes her, and she nods at nothing in particular. "It isn't easy. Life is no fun if it's easy." And then a cheeky grin. "Panda just wanted to see Jackums again, yes, yes."

((pf now its me to

((pf now its me to apologize... family ambush. |D ))

The white let out a snort, a frown appearing on his face, before it darkened. "You don't say..." he snarled, voice filled with anger and hatre all of the sudden while his features hardened "Thanks for telling me, filthy animal!" he spat out, before he suddenly moved, face turning away from her.

A few steps in a circle, then he showed his fangy grin at her again, tension vanished from his face again as if the previous words where never spoken. "He soso, seeing me again, yes? Wanting that? How comes?" he almost sang now in a sweet voice.

My excuse this time is a

My excuse this time is a peacock party e_e

When his demeanor makes a drastic shift to the worse, the black doe takes a cautious step back, though she makes no other movement. Her rounded ears remain poised forwards, white eyes absorbing all they can without blinking. He barks at her with a vile anger that she had not known he possessed, but just as she forms a reply to his insult, he seems well again. Her brow furrows in thought, but she plays along with the confusion with a graceful ease, "I find your company... Intriguing. I always have. Elsewise I would have found others to spend time with."

(*Smort* perfect excusion

(*Smort* perfect excusion *had a watch xD)

He licked his lips once more. The bitten leg was stomped to the ground occasionally...
... yes he had known her as a fawn... 'child'. Therefore the doe only would know that one site of him, he would never dare to talk to a child like that...rather would bit off his own tongue.
His head twitched, tilted again. But that child died. He had seen it... though he wish he hadn't. Again he shook his head, to shoo away the unwanted memories and pictures, tried to focus on the conversation now.
He smirked again, chuckled.
"Teh... intriguing... yes? Pah..." he started to pace restlessly again, a few steps up and down, before he approached the doe... though it seemed some invisible barrier kept him from getting closer than just a few meters. "... of course... would have found them..."

xDD Having been moreorless a


Having been moreorless a toddler in his presence in the past, Pan's naivety often blinded her. She had considered him 'Jackums', the white plaything, nothing more, and nothing less. Having looked beyond the insight of a stupid child now, she realizes there are likely two sides to the coin. Whether he would end up showing her the other side is his prerogative. When the white stag draws as close as he would, Pan shifts her muscular tail, pallid eyes distant. "I want nothing from you. Except perhaps company, now and again." A stray lock of white hair drifts into her face, and she flips it away deftly with a digit of her wing. She pauses, then, looking at his bloodied leg. "Get that checked out someday too, hm? Would hate to have to amputate it if it got infected." Her tone is littered with a morbid humour, though cautious all the same.

He watched her for a moment,

He watched her for a moment, a strange, unreadable look on his face, before his lips split into a grin again. "Company now and then, yes...? Heh... should think about that... I'm not good company..." he snickered, before he glanced down to his leg, watching the, for him, grey mass for a moment.
Another chuckle escaped his throat.
"No need to worry about that yes...? Won't happen..."
Well... actually it happened once. One of the rare cases his body lost the fight against the constant self-harm. He shook his head... better not thinking about that either.
He stepped forward again, reducing the distance between them again, a shiver running through his body, clearly visible.

Her lips curl upwards and she

Her lips curl upwards and she snorts in derision at his initial reply. "Good? Good is a relative term. What's bad for some can be good for others." Hypothetically speaking of course. In all honesty the black doe cannot be sure whether or not he is 'good' company for her. But what is life without the risk? She has always done as she pleases, and this decision is no different. White eyes are cast down to his leg again as he speaks, though she raises her gaze as he steps closer. She is not oblivious to the shudder, curiosity piqued by the movement. If only to be sure she does not make any unwanted actions, Pandora remains still, all but the faint swishing of her tail, not unlike a cat's.

The white kept moving, but

The white kept moving, but kept his distance at the same time. Slowly, step by step he circled the grown up doe, scanned her carefully.
Yes, this was little black... just... grown up. He let out a snort. This place had a weird way to deal with the death. He shuddered again, shook his head. The voice in the back of his head starting to whisper again, tried to drag his mind where he didn't want it.
"Always... eh always wondered... what you are, yes...?" he rose his voice against the whispering. Distraction... yes...

...he continued his circling until he had rounded her once, stopped in front of her again.

Poised as elegantly as a

Poised as elegantly as a statue, the black doe maintains her consistent air of indifference whilst being examined by the white. She blinks once deliberately as he rounds the other side, turning her chin to face him slightly. What she expects is a common question, perhaps, though the one that meets her ears triggers a pained grimace of her own. She is what she is now because of doing- "I am what I am, any other facts are irrelevant." In the urgency of her tone, Pan's voice cracks slightly; she raises her head up proudly, pretending it had not happened.

Large ears perked slightly at

Large ears perked slightly at the tone in her voice... and the words itself. Mouthcorners twitched into a smirk again. "I see..." a sly tone in his own voice now. He played those games often enough to determine he hit something.
Again this whispering in his head...
... could pry more, yes? Dig... try to rip out... could be fun, yes?
He shook his head once again.
No... is... is little black...
... little black is dead.

He snickered "Irrelevant heh good. Let's ... eh let's keep it like that..."

She feels rather flustered

She feels rather flustered with the momentary stutter in her composure, though as per usual does a practiced job of shooing the emotions away, pupil-less eyes regarding him with a warning. She catches the difference his tones take, and despite her caution, smirks herself. Foolish child-fawn is dead, yes. Now only the conniving doe remains. "Yes, why don't we."

"For now..." he added,

"For now..." he added, couldn't resist.
The white started to move again, circle a second time.
Mor equestions formed in his head... what that all was about... the death... who the murderer was... if there was one... how she found back.
Another headshake.
All of those question where as dangerous for him as they may could be for her... could break the fragile chains that hold the chaos back, put it to a bearable level. He snickered as he walked.
No those questions need to stay unspoken...
... for now.
Until he was sure to walk safely enough into this mental mine-field.

"Now... was nun?" he mumbled, obviously speaking to himself, stopping in front of her again. His eyes rested on her face again, a faint grin on his lips.

((meeeh. slowly i need to roll to bed... feel free to write on, i'll answer tomorrow oTL thanks a lot for this till now, this is very interesting and fun))

Yesss, this is super

Yesss, this is super interesting. Sleep well c:

If she had eyebrows, they would have risen at that. His incessant circling draws questions within her mind, but she holds her tongue, allowing patience to run its course until the right moment to speak. There are many things that wish to slip from her tongue as well. A game of waiting, for now, it seems. She notices his faint whisperings, but deigns them not important enough to try to discern, and simply returns his grin with a wicked one of her own. "'Now' can end in a second, or a year, maybe hundreds of years. When does this 'now' come to an end?" And when do the questions start firing? Depending on where they land, this could be a war-zone indeed.

Her words where considered

Her words where considered with a mocking smile. The first shock upon her reappereance seem to vanish now, old mechanics setting in again. Her choice of words helped a lot with that. This language was not his mothertonge, lika many other things it had been used as a weapon against him many times until he was able to understand and speak... and those who choosed to use words as blades often spoke not unlike this dark creature now. With an, in his ears, slight arrogant tone, looking down at him.

This fact seemed to trigger something. Finally the look in hid face changed the faint hint of nervousness that seemed to crawl over face and body finally vanished.

The white lifted his head, streightened up. Although invisible, the change in his mind was more drastic than the one to the outside. Yes, he had thought this would take longer... more strenght... but this creature in front of him managed to trigger the right emotions... propably without even knowing this.

His thought mind down for a moment, memories where locked up like all the others. Little black was dead.
This one was a different creature. A filthy animal... like all the others.
A program, triggered by the former words and the emotions they brought... and a mechanism of self-protection. All this, happening in the blink of an eye.

He chuckled again. "Nun...eeh... I'm not the one who sought me out ...yes...? For my... intriguing company, yes?" his last words had a slight mocking tone again.

((bwaha *sits in the train and writes* had a rush~... no idea if this makes sense... sry about that x| ))

Craaap. Can we maybe start

Can we maybe start another rp sometime soon? Yesterday I had to take precautions against possible tornadoes, and today until Saturday I'm preparing to go on a week-long vacation. I'll be back around Thursday the 12th~

Cuz this was super fun and there needs to be more xD

we can continue this one

we can continue this one (though...i believe i would be away for a few days from the 13th on |DD)

else: i am always open for RP... just slap some words at me like you did here and i jump in ^^

...hope you are fine... with the ugly storms around |D

Shhh... What is it? I'll

Shhh... What is it? Laughing out loud I'll have to see, I do not understand why so terribly afraid Quadda. Laughing out loud amused her quite well. Laughing out loud

because of this [link] he

because of this [link]

he is not himself at the moment... actually he is not even there. ^^ It's just his body in the forest, something stole it and uses it as a vessel at the moment.

well... and that thing is vers careful... others could break its vessel~