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I haven't been doing anything with my characters since late last year and i'm still caught up in uni shit. Went to NZ (bit of a nightmare but Wellington was amazing as were the ducks I was looking after) came back, now finishing my degree with a LOT of shit from welfare and my uni going on. Doing ok now but horrible start to the year.

I literally have a few weeks left at uni after which....well, lots of stuff happening right now, too much on my plate. But maybe in a few months I can come back properly (and i'd have a lot more free time, yay).

Vague life plans now: get jerb, move out with gf, get training at zoo, ???, profit

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Casually bumping my own

Casually bumping my own updates blog because I am a loser and hyped about graduating
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...Hooray ....Congrats , !!!

...Hooray ....Congrats , !!!
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Congrats on graduating, dude!

Congrats on graduating, dude! Laughing out loud
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My congratulations

My congratulations Smiling
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Thanks guys

Thanks guys Laughing out loud
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Congrats! Enjoy the holidays

Congrats! Enjoy the holidays between HSC and Uni. Holidays become like gold. GOOOOLD.
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Yesss omg. Only got a few

Yesss omg. Only got a few weeks left to study for it actually but i'm more freaked out about Uni
Was originally gonna take a gap year but not anymore (thanks Tony Abbott....)
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\o/ Yay!

\o/ Yay!
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Congratulations! Graduating

Congratulations! Graduating is such a freeing experience :3
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What course do you want to

What course do you want to do?

I cant even remember my ATAR anymore, nor do I know how or where to log in to see it....just incase you get a bit worried about it, or feel there is hella pressure on it. If you really want something, youll always find a way.

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Zoology! My backup plan is

Zoology! My backup plan is Ancient History in case that doesn't work out.
Zoology feels more like something i'd be happy to work in for life...but at the same time I know i'm good at Ancient so ?? either way

It's always good to hear from others who've gone through the same thing...so thankyou <3
I think the pressure schools put on ATARs is pretty ridiculous...but I found out a couple of weeks ago that yeah, it'll be irrelevant in a couple of years, which was news to me. REALLY GOOD news haha.

I'm kinda lucky cause my family is relaxed about it. Most of my worries are just the typical stuff everyone is bound to feel, I think.

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Just remember you are only

Just remember you are only young too, you have a loooooong life ahead of you. You could start doing zoology and end up doing ancient anyways. Nothing is ever set in stone when you decide Smiling

Yeah, it was quite awhile ago now. Do they still do "belonging" in english?

That sounds like you are in a great family situation then. Very nice.
Exams are important, but its not the ultimate decider in the end.
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I knowww. I'm a bit of a nut

I knowww. I'm a bit of a nut about planning things out. I don't even know what specifically happens within either course to be honest so YEAH that's possible

Yes! My class did Romulus, My Father although I think we're the final year that does belonging
That word is forever ruined euhghggh along with all the texts we had to read
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I remember me being in your

I remember me being in your position when I finished highschool. Enjoy it gurrrrrrl. Stay safe and smart at schoolies.
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&hearts; Hope you're feeling

Hope you're feeling better
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Getting there!

Getting there! <3
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Did you make the little

Did you make the little animated 3-D avatar in your sig?
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Nope! That was a commission

Nope! That was a commission from Vessan Smiling

What's your Discord hun? Want

What's your Discord hun? Want to send you a Pokemon code.
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It's piratearr#0799 thanks!

It's piratearr#0799 Smiling thanks!
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gonna plop down here o/

gonna plop down here o/
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