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Whyss{Bio}{Picto} ~ A slender little mini with a long, whispy tail and long, sensitive ears. Wears the Crying Idol pelt and mask, and doe antlers. Male. Orientation Undecided. Skittish but not adverse to meeting other deer if treated kindly.

Empty Child{Bio}{Picto} ~ A sickly, broken fawn - a gas mask is fused over his skull, and serves as his actual face. Currently played as a fawn. Male, nonsexual. Loud, repetitive and dependent.

Sook{Picto} ~ ???


Babylon(Catholic){Bio}{Picto} ~ Under Construction. Gender undecided. An ancient principality given form in the Endless Forest. ...Everythingsexual. Currently wears Orca pelt, Secretary Bird antlers and sometimes the Skull mask.

Boathouse{Picto} ~ ???

Catholic(Babylon){Picto} ~ Catholic is a frolicky little lady who can come across as quite the little hussy, but she honestly only wants attention, nothing more. When not possessed by the ancient principality known as Babylon, Catholic wears the Normal Deer Pelt (spotted), the gazelle antlers and the DotD mask or goes barefaced.

Crocodile{Bio}{Picto} ~ A ten-foot freshwater croc. Resides mostly in the pond, but may wander into the rest of the forest now and then. Male, nonsexual. Mostly harmless. Has not yet attacked any deer(with intent to eat, anyway).

Garzim{Bio}{Picto} ~ A large, powerful stag with a lightly-striped pelt and only one antler. Wears the Fan pelt, Zombie antlers and orca mask - which has no eyeslits, rendering him completely blind. Male, heterosexual. Braggart, lonely, and frustrated at his new existence.

Gaudior (Shrimp){Picto} ~ ???

Malicious{Bio}{Picto} ~ An amorous doe with eyes for all stags - and a large, half-moon scar beneath her left eye. Wears the Baluga pelt and doe antlers, experiments with masks occasionally. Female, bisexual. Seductive, demanding and social.

Ruin{Picto} ~ The embodiment of a herd wiped out by disease. Skull mask, Kabuki antlers, Butterfly pelt. Male. Asexual.

Sunday{Picto} ~ The cripple who is whole. Real deer mask, (yellow striped?) Pelt, doe antlers. Female, heterosexual.

Shoe{Bio}{Picto} ~ The unofficial greeter of the forest, a slightly insane colorblind stag who sees floating orbs of light much larger than the dust specks others see. DotD Mask and Peacock antlers... Pelt changes regularly. Male, pan-romantic nonsexual. A bit off-kilter, but kind; tends to be aloof around adult deer with pictos.

Sir Stuffypants{Picto} ~ ???

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