Name one thing that always makes you happy

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Hey guys, thought I'd post this question and see what you come up with. Name one thing that always makes you happy. Feel free to elaborate as much as you'd like on it as well.

For me, it's feeding animals, especially wild animals. I don't know if it's just the fact that I know I'm making their lives easier by providing food for them, or knowing they're happy to have something to eat, or it may even be getting to watch them (sometimes up close) getting to eat, but it always makes me smile. I've realized I have a variety of examples of this too.

Starting from home, I love to put out seed for the songbirds. I live in Alabama and we have everything from blue jays and cardinals to mockingbirds, mourningdoves, and chickadees that come to my back yard, and getting to watch them eat is always nice. In addition, I not only have squirrels that come to eat, but I also have a hummingbird feeder set up and always watch for hummingbirds. They don't come often (has to be the right season of course), but when I get to see one, it's amazingly beautiful.

Next, getting to go somewhere and having food available for animals is always nice. Whether it's going to a local zoo and getting to feed the animals there (I've gotten to feed everything from goats and deer to bears and monkeys). There's also a park in my city where Canadian geese and seagulls come, and bringing several loaves of bread can be very rewarding because the geese will walk right up and ask for a piece. They're pretty polite when they're not nipping each other's feathers XD.

And lastly, the one I enjoy the most is getting to feed the deer in Pennsylvania. I'm currently staying with my aunt and uncle up here near Pittsburgh, and they have wild deer that roam the woods behind their house, so whenever I come, I buy a big 50 pound bag of deer feed and put some out every night for them. Some nights I don't see them, and will wake up to see the food gone in the morning. When it snows, I always see their hoofprints coming from the trees and knowing exactly where to look for food. But when I get to see them, it's just amazing. They're one of my favorite animals (honestly my #1 favorite), and getting to watch them come eat from the window just above where I put the food is great. Some nights there's only one deer that comes, others there's two or three. And on rare occasions, a whole herd will come to eat. The most I've seen at one time is ten.

And of course, she's not wild but I love my baby girl Brandy, and she always makes me happy.

Well sorry for the rambling on about my answer to the question, but yeah, what's one thing that always makes you happy?
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Playing with kittens! I love

Playing with kittens! I love kittens!
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My cats.

My baby. B)

My baby. B)

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All my pets put a smile on my

All my pets put a smile on my face, but these guys never fail to make my day a little brighter.

The picture's not mine, nor is the bird, but that's my favorite breed of the lot. I used to have a couple that looked just like that little lady though.
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This may be weird to some

This may be weird to some people, but working at the taxidermy shop always makes me happy, for several reasons.

1. I'm following my dream and doing what I want to do with my life (making dead things beautiful again).
2. Sometimes the old taxidermist gives me bones and scraps of fur to use for my own personal art projects.
3. I get to hang out with the animals. (He's got 5 dogs, 2 foxes, a mule, a whole herd of deer, some emus, and some hogs, which he keeps as pets and/or for reference purposes.)
4. I get to hang out with people I like. (The boss and his other two students don't talk a lot, and when they do, they are usually nice and friendly, not arguing or complaining like the people at my house always do.)
5. It gets me out of my house and away from my usual babysitting duties.
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Reading, listening to my

Reading, listening to my music, running in the forest with my dog, goofing off with my friends at lunch, playing and petting any animal (especially cats), learning more about things I'm interested in and the endless forest.
Oh, I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world.

My fraaandz. Bubble

My fraaandz.
Bubble tea.
The Walking Dead.
Of course, my pets, too. ♥

I know you said one thing, but yolo I love errthing.

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My cats!

My cats! <3
Also my partner, Kallonate. Never fails to bring a smile on my face. Like last night. He giggled and pronounced "Butt" before falling back to the land of sleep.
My friends are important aswell. Online friends mostly. Because of the timezones, I always have a friend who to talk to. <3
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My mom.

My mom.
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My own sense of perfection.

My own sense of perfection.

My cat Splash Horses i luv

My cat Splash Smiling Horses i luv horses (my family raised and did a lot with horses and my uncle won world in horse training a long time ago) Music (Happy music!) Birds make me happy Smiling art and a lot more Smiling
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'being alive being able to

'being alive

being able to feel that I'm alive through the sun, the water, the plants living in my house

sharing my life with my kitty and doggy, my daughters; and with the light of my life, my beloved partnergirldeerwive

making other people happy

The Endless Forest.'

**thank you Quad for making this blog, sometimes we need to remember what things makes us happy <33**

and nuzzles, that also makes me happy

*nuzzles for everyone*
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What a lovely blog! These

What a lovely blog! These brought a smile to my face (:

All the amazing people that I'm lucky enough to know, offline and online (hi Maria :3).
My cats and my rats ♥
Learning new things/being knowledgable
Seeing the positive effects of an act I committed myself to, whether it be a conversation with a friend, planting a tree, or something more
Making people laugh Laughing out loud

Some other things that come to mind (that are really just pick-me-ups when I'm feeling down) are flowers ✿ and Disney movies (hey, never too old to enjoy them imo!)

P.S. Hey Quad, fellow Alabamian here! I gotta admit, one good thing about living here (if not one of the best) is all the wildlife. Before my grandparents had to move into assisted living homes, my brother and I would visit them at their old, little house out in the country of northern AL on weekends. They were big on putting up bird feeders, including hummingbird feeders, as well as a compost pile and garden. I saw a ton of birds and squirrels regularly, plus we even saw a mother fox with her kits at the compost pile one year! She was a silver morph. I think my grandmother still has pictures of her somewhere, which I'll post if I find them. c: A few deer showed up, but I can only vaguely remember one when I was very young. Eventually more houses were built in the area and the woods diminished, so I suppose wildlife bigger than a raccoon would have trouble staying there for long. All sorts of other little wild creatures showed up, too, including turtles, snakes, hawks, and coyotes before the neighbors drove out/hunted them.
Anyhoo, they're great memories. I can't wait for spring! ✿
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Stumbled on this again while

Stumbled on this again while digging through my track list.
I think it needs to come back.
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Ooh, I love the idea of

Ooh, I love the idea of thread.

When I am unhappy, the thing that always cheers me up is talking to strangers. Sometimes I use the internet and sometimes I do it in real life. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but I have a decent danger sense. I find that a lot of people I meet like to talk and have good stories to tell, and sometimes I make friends that way.