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Night. Full moon.

She had been staring at the moon. Glazy eyes. She had lost her concentration on what she was doing: walking.
The brown stag had already noticed her state of mind, waiting for her.
He called out when she didn’t seem to want to wake up.


She shook her head in confusion, eyes back to focusing on the stag.

”I’m… Sorry..”

They continued their walk. Virgil had guided her to take a drink, and now, they would walk back to the spot she choose to give birth on.

Since today was that day.

She was terrified.



The pain.. It’s getting so much worse now.. I think… ..They are c-coming…

Her pupils gone wide. Unfocussed.

The Hart didn’t know what to do. After all, he never gave birth.

Poltergeist trembled. Eyes on the ground. She did not want to move anymore.
He tried to soothe her, talking to her, coming closer, but she started screaming.


”You need to calm down…”


He stared at the panicking doe in confusion. But Trees he knew. The Hart didn’t want to leave the doe in such a state.

But he had to get Trees.

”She asked for you.

She’s panicking.”

The kabuki-pelted doe watched worryingly alongside with Virgil.

”Polt, hey..”

The doe stepped forward. The brown stag decided to keep his distance. Birth was not something the stags had anything to do with.

Trees settled herself next to Poltergeist.
The young doe was curled up, as far as that was possible. Her eyes wide open, staring into nothingness.

”I’m scared Trees…”

Trees had been an important figure to Poltergeist.
Catching her when she’d fall.

”You’ll do fine.

You need to relax.”

The yellow eyed doe took a deep breath, and blew out to the sky.
An image formed from her breath, to calm down Poltergeist.
It was called storytelling.

”You are not doing this alone…

She was exhausted.

A fawn’s bleating, one fawn quiet.

It wouldn’t make a noise, she knew that.
He was fine, though.
So was his loud sister.

A boy, a girl, she had names for them.

Trees was crying.

On the hill, spectators were unsure about their approach, although the fawns had been born.

Was she alright?

The nightsky pelted doe turned her lips close to her children, whom had huddled together at her side.

”Otis… You won’t speak but… That surely will make you one who hears well…

She whispered at the blue colored boy, pecking a kiss on his white hair.
He smiled at her.

Poltergeist turned to give the girl a kiss, stroking her purple hair with her lips.

”And you, Sterre… You are as beautifull as the stars.. And I’m sure you’ll outdo them later…

She smiled wide, before letting out a bleat.

Poltergeist shivered.

Surely this was the last bit of strength she possessed.

She lifted the necklace from her neck, putting it around both her children.

”Don’t forget…

…I will always…

..Love you…”

And after this last breath…

…Her body went numb…

…And then everything…

went black.

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;_; epic. The images and text

;_; epic. The images and text work well together

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*takes rafiki voice* The

*takes rafiki voice*

The time has come... *proud smile*

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

Awesome drawings & writing,

Awesome drawings & writing, track. I cant wait to see more! Be strong Polt!

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Awh, Tree's is so lovely...

Awh, Tree's is so lovely...
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this is lovely

this is lovely <3

Mis! this is beautiful

Mis! this is beautiful <3
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Solaya is here Waw, the

Solaya is here Smiling

Waw, the text and the pictures are awesome ! <3 I hope that all will be good for Polt'...

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It is the least she can do

It is the least she can do for her first child. She can only ease the pain a little. Good luck to polt though.

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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(No subject)

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(3/3) There is a next post


There is a next post coming up.
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*STALKING then* XD She


She passed out. o.o (Tell me she's not dead. D8)
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She's not... Dead, hm ?!

She's not... Dead, hm ?!

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aksjdjshfdsj Polt..no...

aksjdjshfdsj Polt..no...
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No. ;_;

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I am speechless ;_;

I am speechless

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^ What they said. |D

^ What they said.
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D: Oh man... ;;-;;

D: Oh man...
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I fear right now I am crying

I fear right now I am crying like my doe does. I am so sorry.....
It's sad and beautiful at the same time..

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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Not a word.

Not a word.


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Kaoori will miss you,

Kaoori will miss you, Polt.

I am crying, like my doe.

It's all I can say right now..

I had a thought just earlier

I had a thought just earlier that this would happen.
This blog is amazing... I have nothing much to say about Polt though. Her story was amazing.

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Flyra had done her best to

Flyra had done her best to come...
...she had worn her best mask for this night...
...the one she had been given by the Gods...

It was also the one who hid her tears the best.
"Ooh P-polt...
They have wonderful names.
You, and they, will always be back in every thought I'll ever have.


Why, oh no, oh no
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Oh, snap! This was lovely,

Oh, snap! This was lovely, though. Very pretty and sad.
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Hnngh... :C

Hnngh... :C

Polt.. is..... dead?

Polt.. is..... dead?

Guh, this totally stealth-ed

Guh, this totally stealth-ed me :'C
She's been around forever...but you gave her such an amazing finish, I'm glad I got to read it.
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;_; ?

;_; ♥

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Ohno. ;0; That was really

Ohno. ;0;
That was really gripping and full of emotion.
I hope her fawns will be okay. D:
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Everyone, thank you so much

Everyone, thank you so much for your comments and support. It really means a lot.

Poltergeist was really close to me. I'll explain on my updates in more detail later why this decision.

For now I'll redirect those who are confused to the conclusion-post to this one: Click!

This is beautiful. I really

This is beautiful.

I really didn't expect this, though. But I understand why.
Poltergeist will be missed. <3
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Beautiful. Absolutely

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. *tracks for safe-keeping and so that she can cry over it later.*
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Wait..wait... she didn't

Wait..wait... she didn't die... she is sleeping, right? ^.^'
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily

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She did.

She did. <3;;

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WHy did she die? Did it have

WHy did she die? Did it have something to do with the fawn's birth? Sad
Walking into a room and saying, " I should clean this! " Then walking out. -lily