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~ Oolong ~ | The Black Kirin

the black kirin
Oolong is a bright young kirin faun, learning and growing as he goes.

Updates: October 2nd, 2013: Moved this to Light's account to keep things more orderly & make updating easier.
Updated Oolongs adventures as well. Included Starfox, & Ramsus.

Involved non-participant

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Crux's Game of Hide and Seek | {Offline}

This blog is where we will post when Crux is off into the forest for a game. Clues will be wiped when the session has ended, tally's posted (and screencaps once I can get them working again), and new clues posted next time. Feel free to use the comments section to work out the clues together - some of them may eventually get pretty hard!
We may also post random forest based riddles here as well so check in now and then. Prizes ARE given! Also, PLEASE remember to follow the rules - it's more fun that way.

Prizes: If you catch her, congrats! AND if you identify yourself correctly we will draw you a chibideer! <3 **subject is of your choosing, so it doesn't have to be of the deer that caught her OR you can give it away as a gift by picking someone else's deer to have drawn!

I do take screencaptures of the winners now, and they will get posted here at the end of the game day, but in order to give you the choice of what to have drawn I require you to speak up and let me know the deer/picto you used to catch her.

samples of freebiechibis: x | x | x | x

| Rules and clues below the cut! |
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| xX Crux Xx |

CRUX - little box of mischief

non-involved participant.
More than willing to play with you or interact or even to be a sparring partner for practice,
and will not hesitate to play havoc with pushy stags.
Thinks all the silly rutting stags are amusing, and the lovestruck does even more so.

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| .: Light the Sky :. | {In the Forest}

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I said I would always return.

... and though it is literally years later... here I am.

I wonder if there is anyone left who would remember me? ;>.>

I feel guilty for being so neglectful of this beloved place that was my grounding spot and only quite space in life. But life itself got busy and I stopped hiding and changes happened and now everything is different.

My daughter said to me the other day "hey mom? remember that deer place you used to play all the time? Is it still there, because I want to try it..." and I realized just how long it had been since I was around the woods.

Thank you for still being here. ^.^
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Eulengesicht | Owlface | blog/story space...

Hoot is currently: in debate over whether to return...
Light is currently: debating also

. a ray of sunshine . a whisper of breeze . the sweet sound of laughter . drifts through the trees .
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| UPDATES/BIO | }¤ the nameless forest ¤ {ONLINE}

Rain/fog/twilight or not he may decide to go hunting if he gets hungry enough and the right prey presents itself. Otherwise he'll be saving his appetite for the hunting party later this month.

info on the HUNTING

The forest has been so active lately and it's helping the nameless one to wake up.... however, waking up means he's gotten rather HUNGRY. If you don't mind having a bite taken out of your deer here or there, feel free to walk up and taunt him. >:D He's up for a good chase & munch. (assuming I can get my framerate to NOT crash horribly into the negatives...) He's been sleeping for a VERY long while, so he's a little bit rusty and probably won't manage to take anything completely down this time around.

However for the most part he is feeling a bit lazy, so he probably won't chase after anything unless really invited to do so.

hunting behavior is explained a bit below.

[center][=#94A36B]¤ the nameless one | nameless forest | that green thing over there... ¤
¤ | pictogram | ¤

¤ Status: HUNGRY and contemplating hunting something larger than a squirrel. ¤

¤ Species: unknown deerlike creature... sometimes... ¤

¤ ageless ¤

¤ loves water | most active when raining/foggy/or at twilight | least active when sunny or very cold ¤

¤ sketchblog ¤

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Project: Greenleaf | Keep our Forest ENDLESS

I've made up my mind and I'm asking any others who have done the same to join me!

This is not going to be an easy task and one person alone is NOT going to be able to manage it. But I've decided to dedicate myself to trying to make this work - and with the help of other's who are willing to do the same I BELIEVE we can do this!

... so without further babble I present to you:

It takes a lot of time, effort, and FUNDING to keep our forest running and without the funds we don't get updates or repairs. Without funding eventually we loose our Forest! The goal of Project Greenleaf is to help to provide the funding to keep our Forest running! We want to show our support to Auriea & Michaël and to let them know that WE LOVE OUR FOREST and want to see it continue to thrive and maybe even GROW!

We want to see our Forest continue and hopefully to stay free-to-play, since paying a fee each month would seriously take away from the very nature of TEF. By promoting donations specifically to The Endless Forest and raising funds for the same goal we hope to help make a dent in the expenses of keeping our Forest running!

This is a big job - and it's going to take a lot of dedication in order for this project to succeed - but we believe that it IS possible for us to make a difference if we work together to do so!

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The ENDLESS Forest? - If you love our Forest Please Read!

.... because I really want to know!

Update: April 20th - Project Greenleaf has been founded! Go here to check it out!

Lately I've been starting to get a little worried.... and I'm wondering if anyone else has the same secret fears?

I love the Forest - even though I had to be away for a few months last year I couldn't help myself coming back. I will always come back. The Forest is my sanctuary and resting place... it's where I go to relieve tension, break out of the stress of life, become someone/something other than what I am stuck as... I stretch and breathe and it brings ME back to life again every time.

But lately we've been having more and more glitching issues as things are moved to new servers (why new ones? Because we lost funding for the old hosts - I think...?) The founders are having to move on to other projects and we are not getting updates/fixes for issues we have now...

Now, I can live with the Forest as-is and not mind. I'll miss the live map, but if it never comes back I would stay. I can live without new pelts or new actions, or new scenery, my Forest is perfect already if I need it to be and I can be content. < What I can't live with is the idea that we could ever possibly LOOSE the Forest due to the lack of funding. I can't say that I really would want to have to PAY to play here... I might consider it if it was a small amount and would keep things going... but I think it would take away from the feel of things in our world, it would destroy some of the feelings of peace & freedom that we have now.
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| The tale of the Dove and the Frog |

well I finally decided to do it because I can. < >.< > I MAY add more illustrations at a later time. This tale was half written to explain why Light has such a fascination with frogs, and half for my beloved daughter who LOVES stories as much as Light loves frogs. <3

Edit: And ergh! Sorry for spamming this to the diaries twice, but the blog version needed updating-of-the-illustration-kind since people are actually still reading this here too! < o.o' >

<333 *luffs ye all*
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