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Bio-thing under cut
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Anybody wanna RP?

'Cause I'm bored and Nutcase and my other boys need some exercise.
My deer directory: linkedy-click!
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The tEF deer name game!

Okay, people, because I'm bored, let's play a game! *interrupted Saw theme*

The object of the game is simple: Find the one word that best/most shallowly describes your character and then apply Homer Simpson's naming-method and simply add a "y" at the end!

For example, my deer would be:

Redd: Saddy
Raleigh: Smuggy
Dorian: Scaredy
Crire: Bastardy
Sebastian: Grandpay
Radio: Emoy
Monster: Monstery
Cyanide: Assholy
Esclave: Bitchy
Nutcase: Derpy

Have fun XD
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I would be forever grateful for some help! - thank you everybody!

Seeing as sets stick on fawns currently, would anyone be so kind as to help Nutcase get his set early?
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Halloween trades! [Bandwagon] - Mauv done! That's all, folks! [Closed]

And that's it for this year, people, see you spookily next Halloween!

Hello, one and all! I'm feeling seasonal so I'm gonna be offering Halloween-arttrades! I'll be drawing stuff but you can work with any medium you like; drawings, writing, decorative toaster-cosies, the possibilities are endless!
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I'm just a [Nutcase]

This is a bio!
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Food Art

With watermelons!
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Weird dreams

So I got close to no sleep tonight because I kept having half-lucid dreams about crashing steamboats and being a guy who got both his arms and one leg broken in an accident because he tried to save the CEO of a major company. Woke up every five minutes and had to remind myself I was dreaming because my brain thought it was actually feeling the pain of the broken limbs.
So what are some of YOUR weirdest dreams? : D
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Hey, everydeer!
If you see me posting comments under a different account name, it's because I've got a friend staying over for an undetermined amount of time and we share a computer atm. He's getting better over a flue so he needed some TLC, the poor dear TwT ('cause we both live alone and all)
Anyway, so we sometimes plain forget to log into our own accounts because I'm an airhead and he's got a brain full of snot XD;;
So yeah, don't be alarmed if you suddenly get a happy, cheery message from the Slenderman or if I suddenly say something relentlessly creepy XD

This newsflash was brought to you by a Chickenwhite who's running on low sugar and headaches and a Slenderman who's ironically sick as hell. (Let's hope the REAL deal ain't stalking us XD)
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To The Community

Through my years on the internet, I've seen the scourge of mankind. The most depraved, revolting, obscene and unpleasant individuals the human race has to offer...
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