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Pure incarnation
Gentle presence

aux·il·ia·ry (ôg-z?l?y?-r?, -z?l??-r?)
1. Giving assistance or support; helping.
2. Acting as a subsidiary; supplementary
3. Held in or used as a reserve

Candle antlers
Owl mask
Will wear any pelt, as long as it is light


Tried to help get a friend a spell, but got scared and chased off by a deer with a similar pelt and antlers to her own, who apparently took offence to her "stealing" the set.

Are the deer in this forest normally so hostile?

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Oh, what is this? She seems

Oh, what is this? She seems to be very sweet, definitely tracking. n_n
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Thank you very much! ^w^

Thank you very much! ^w^ She's basically just a gentle thing I use for, y'know, whenever I don't wanna use any of the guys with actual personalities. I have no doubt she's gonna grow one whether I like it or not, though @__@