The Pit

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=Under the Cut=

I don't know how I came up with this. So uh yeah.

The young human faced buck nibbled peacefully at the yellowing blades of grass that grew between the crumbling stone in the middle of the ruins. He didn't enjoy the grass very much, it had a gravely of a taste, but he ate it anyways out of boredom. The sun had risen to the center of the sky, warming his brown back. Somewhere far off a single crow or maybe a raven cawed. The buck rose his head, not in alarm, rather to lazily look around. His dark liquid eyes saw nothing of interest, so he went back to his bored grazing. The silence was interrupted by the thumping of hooves, the male raised his head once more and spied deer chasing each other, they stayed for a few moments than moved off out of his sharp view. Once again the ruins were silent. He noticed the silence for the first time, in fact he couldn't even hear the flies. Though it didn't bother him, he liked the silence better anyways. Looking down the deer decided he no longer wished to graze on the dying grass. He turned around and trotted toward the fresh green grass just on the other side of the low stone wall.

When he was about to hop over the wall, something caught his attention, He looked to his right. Into the blacked pit, as it was known. His human nostrils quivered as he tried to figure out what had exactly caught his attention. Curiosity took over, the buck walked the edge of the pit until he reached the front of it, where the stairs were located. Peering into it didn't revel much, even though he could see the dark and the sun was out he couldn't make out the bottom of the pit. A cold gust of wind blew from it, as if the pit was sighing. He tilted his head, something was off about the pit. Squinting didn't help either, it was as if there was something blocking the floor. After a couple heartbeats the buck grew bored and decided to instead move off to the red hill in the distance. He turned once more and stood were he had been grazing not to long ago. A sound caught his attention, a metallic sound. He froze, one leg positioned in the air. Head tilted, he listened hard for another odd sound. Nothing. Shaking himself, the buck was about to take off in a run when something latched onto his rear left leg.

It pulled his leg back, throwing him off balance. He let out a startled moo. The claws of whatever help him dug into the flesh of his leg, to the point it was scraping bone. The buck began to panic, he attempted to kick off the thing that held him, but as a result his other leg was grabbed and yanked back, causing him to fall to the hard ground. His breath was knocked out of him, making the panic worst. The metallic sound he had heard before was back, but shrill and continuous. More claws sunk into him, sinking deer into his body, blood ran from the claw wounds. His eyes were wide with fear, he roared for help. The attacked pulled him backwards, with a quick glace the buck realized he and his clawed attacker were being pulled into the pit, the glace always reveled that he was being attacked by things resembling stretched clawed hands. His hooves scraped the ground, trying to pull himself away, but it was no use. More clawed hands appeared from the pit, attacking his neck. He tried harder to crawl away, eventually he was dragged to the edge of the pit, blood showed his trail. He gave one last desperate roar before he was pulled into the darkness of the pit.
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I really like this x3

I really like this x3
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I read this right after it

I read this right after it was posted, but didn't know what to say then. I'm still not sure what to say, other than I was able to picture it in my mind with no trouble. I enjoyed it, but I was creeped out at the same time. (This is meant to be a good comment. Not sure it seems that way now. |D)
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Thanks guys. I'm glad you

Thanks guys.
I'm glad you liked it, and found it creepy.