I've just been in the forest but didn't log in and instead was just a default deer with no picto. I approached some other deer who did have pictos but they just scatttered. I'm not blaming anyone or anything like that, but it sorta made me feel sad. It's kinda like discrimination against those who aren't within the deer community... *makes thoughtful face*

Hmm, yeah. People sometimes

Hmm, yeah. People sometimes have problems with anonymous deer, which is silly. Some will go behind the flimsy belief that since we now have a map and identifying deer with a picto is much easier when harassment issues come up, this makes anonymous deer completely.. well, anonymous.

Personally I have not seen a group of registered deer scatter all at once. I'm not doubting you at all, but it could have been that your Forest was lagging. One of my friends invented the term "sling-shotting" for when your Forest is lagging heavily, so all of the deer stop moving (and often their ears twitch like crazy) and then at some random point, if they have moved while you were lagging/stuck, they will literally slingshot to where they are presently.

Like I said, I'm not doubting you xD Just offering a possible technical-based explanation.

Yeah, that makes sense - my

Yeah, that makes sense - my laptop IS really slow x