More Writing :)

Here is some more of my writing, I've thought more about this one than the last one so hopefully it's better. This one is about Erza's first experience in The Forest. As I said before, please tell me what you think and I'm open to constructive critisism!

When darkness fell Erza knew it was time to stop running. The sunlight had stopped streaming through the trees and instead everything was washed with white light from the moon. the world had turned into a black and white photograph. It was breathtakingly beautiful but it still terrified Erza to his core. The dark shapes that seemed to writhe in the shadows petrifyed him and the long, wailing noises that pierced the night made him nervous. Were the noises the creatures that threw long shadows in the pools of light that flooded through the swaying leaves? His ears were constantly pricked as he pranced around, starting at the twigs that snapped.

After a long while of traversing the dark, mossy terain, Erza found shelter. An incredibly large oak stretched up from the ground, the roots were exposed and beneath, a dry clearing was revealed. It was empty but it was clear to anyone other deer often visited. This struck fear into Erza's heart but not as much as the stillness spread throughout the trees. He settled down comfortably and drew in the moist, earthy scent that surrounded him. It was very different from his home - no, that place had never been his home, but his previous forest had been ruled by perfectionists and, therefore, had always had a slightly sanitised smell. He had painful memories of that place. Shaking his head to clear his mind, Erza felt the familiar sensation of sleep falling over and soon he felt nothing at all.

Night fell in to day and the sun had risen high into the sky when Erza was woken. There was a rustling. Extremely quiet but incredibly loud to Erza's sleeping ears. When his eyes fluttered open, Erza found himself staring at the close-up of another deer's skull. Erza leapt up scared out of his wits but this made the unknown deer jump too. Erza steadied his breathing and observed the other deer, he soon realised that the skull was just a mask the deer was wearing. He breathed a sigh of relief and quickly, but respectfully, made a low bow. The deer smiled gently beneath the mask, pawed the ground and crept closer, curious about the nervous fawn. This caused Erza to falter. The deer with the skull mask froze too.

Unsure what to do in this awkward situation, Erza - once again - ran.

I think I went a bit over board...It's definately more than last time... but still, please tell me what you think! Oh, and, the second deer does not belong to me or anyone else. Any relations to person/deer fictional or real is coincedental Smiling

Very, very adorable~ I like

Very, very adorable~ I like your imagery and use of words. I could read these all day~

♥ I too like your use

♥ I too like your use of imagery, and the alterations between long sentences and shorter ones.
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Mhmm! This is very well

Mhmm! This is very well done, great work!

well, thank you everyone.

Smiling well, thank you everyone. Glad to know you all like it!