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Kamikaze and my Carina i

Kamikaze and my Carina i would love to do that if you want ^^

Sure~ Would you like me to

Would you like me to start?
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can you i'm to lazy >.<

can you i'm to lazy >.<

Sure --- It was an

Sure Eye

It was an extremely hot day, the pond was - unusually - quite warm and so it was mainly empty of deer. Most of them lay, lazing around in the shade of the trees. There was one deer however, sitting in the shallow region of the water, the liquid lapping at his shoulders. Vertical yellow stripes ran down his brown pelt and strong, straight antlers rested on his head.

He was just an ordinary deer - but then he stuck his head under the water. To anyone watching, it would have been quite sudden and rather unsettling. Within a few moments, however he re-appeared, looking as though nothing had happened.
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Carina was looking at him

Carina was looking at him from a distance, but the sun burned her black skin she had to cool down she ran to the pond then slammed into him

Great swimming blueberries!

Great swimming blueberries! Are you alright?
He leapt and was immediately by the other deer's side, peering down at it. His voice was friendly enough, but this wasn't matched by the slightly insane look in his eyes.
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she stared at him ''i'm

she stared at him ''i'm fine'' she mumbled jumping into the pond. when she came up again she smiled she was finally cooled down her tailed wipped from side to side looking at him.

"Oh well, good. Great.

"Oh well, good. Great. Fantastic! Magneficent! Revolutionary! I'm Kamikaze, by the way!

Wait! Who are you?"

His voice became hard and un trusting and suddenly he was skittish. He pranced in the water, his eyes flickering in all directions.
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she walked calm toward her

she walked calm toward her ''Carina'' he said looking at him.

He calmed immediately. Well,

He calmed immediately.
Well, Carina, I'm Kamikaze - Oh, wait I already said that... Never mind, let's see... I... like... squirrels! Yes, I like squirrels! What do you like Carina?"
He grinned a silly grin, the insane look in his eyes gleaming brilliantly.
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she smiled ''to eat i don't

she smiled ''to eat i don't know, but i like to dance'' her tailed wipped back and forth

He stared at her for a while

He stared at her for a while before speaking.
"To EAT... interesting... I've never tried it - maybe I will one day!"
He laughed, his voice edged with a little bit of madness.

"D-dancing, Carina? It's something I've never really been inerested in, personally."
He hoped she would drop the subject, but he steeled himself just incase she decided not to. A grimace spread across his face, but was quickly replaced by his crazy smile.
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she kept looking at him 'you

she kept looking at him 'you are an odd one' she thourght. the she smiled and her tal stopped whipping back and forth

He kept looking at her

He kept looking at her anxiously, and when she didn't reply he took a step back.
"Oh dandelion droppings... I'm freaking you out, aren't I? Erm... how about a drink?"
Without waiting for an answer, he submerged his head underwater. It took a while - a lot longer than last time - but he eventually re-appeared. His head was soaked with water and he blinked rapidly to clear it from his eyes. He glaced at the doe self conciously.
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she giggled ''no you aren't i

she giggled ''no you aren't i was just in my own mind'' she said with a smiled

Kamikaze breathed a sigh of

Kamikaze breathed a sigh of relief.
"Oh, uh, well that's good...?"
But then he gave her a grin.
"They say curiosity killed the cat, you know... But then I would be dead!
He gave a small laugh, mostly to himself. [colro=#8b3a3a] Well, Carina, will you tell me a little about yourself?[/]
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she raised her eye borws

she raised her eye borws ''hmm, my full name is Carina Carnival, i not from here but don't kow how i got here i were i was before. not much to say how about you Kamikaze? she said smilling

He gave a small nod. "Let's

He gave a small nod.
"Let's see... I guess, well I don't remember much. It was night but it... wasn't and, erm... Then it went all dark, but it was night so I guess... it went all bright? Hey, that rhymes - never mind. And then... I just, kinda... broke into pieces and floated away..."
He shook himself, and smiled, staring at he water.
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she looked at him then she

she looked at him then she nodden ''that did not make sentence at all''she chukled

He gave a little laugh

He gave a little laugh himself.
"Yes... Many people say that to me - like there was that one time, when I was talking to that old guy about how I had stolen his child, but he kept saying he didn't HAVE a child and I was just there like, but I stole it. Right here. From this place. Where he was. But he still didn't admit to having a child... And to this day, I still can't figure out why he said it even though the kid clearly had child written on it... Oh sensational mice! Sorry, I didn't mean to talk so much."
He gave a sheepish grin.
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''that's ok'' she smiled,

''that's ok'' she smiled, 'he is really an odd fellow' she thourght

"Oh, well good! Heh, you're a

"Oh, well good! Heh, you're a good doe to talk to, Carina!"
He grinned at her.

I've kinda been stalking this

I've kinda been stalking this for a while, so I think it's about time I ask for a roleplay. |D x3
How about my Akemi with Kamikaze? He seems like such an interesting & crazy character, I love it. Although, since you're already roleplaying him, I wouldn't mind having Akemi meet Erza either.
A link to Akemi's bio is in my signature by the way if you want to take a look, just click the image. ^^

Heh, I really don't mind.

Heh, I really don't mind. Kamikaze needs development so I guess it would good to RP with him~ Although I will reply tommorrow because I have to run right now Smiling

Alright, that's fine. c: I

Alright, that's fine. c:
I don't know if you'll see this first quick or not then, but would you like me to start? Or will you?
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she coulden' help hrsef but

she coulden' help hrsef but to giggle a little bit ''thanks'' she said smilling

Riia-chan: (Yeah, sorry I had

Riia-chan: (Yeah, sorry I had to go pretty soon after I hit save, but to save you the trouble, I'll start~)

It was a reltively calm day in the forest; the sun streaming through the canopy and the grass swaying gently.

Suddenly, the whole area reverberated with an enourmous BANG. Birds flew from the trees, twittering angrily. The source of the commotion was a young buck. Veritcal yellow lines ran down his brown pelt and a pair of slightly curves gazelle antelope antlers rested on his head. He could have been an ordinary deer - the only thing that set him apart form the sane deer was that he was repeatedly ramming himself into a large tree.

Anthor loud sound filled the air and the deer finally looked up. He seemed slightly confused - as it was the tree that should have moved rather than him.

"Ah, your welcome!"
He glanced up at the sky, squinting into the too bright sun.
"Well - It's hot and I feel like sleeping. See you, Carina!"
And on that note he walked to the shore and curled up. he glanced at her one last time, to see if she replied but then he just closed his eyes and slipped into sleep.

(Sorry for the abrupt ending but I think it would at this point that Kamikaze would leave - and exactly like too. Thanks for the RP Smiling)

(Don't worry about it~

(Don't worry about it~ ^^)

The light breeze that had blown in over the area caused the chimera's fur to ruffle, and give her tail a sway. It had been a very peaceful morning for her, so far, and Akemi had found herself in a very good mood. Not that her mood was normally foul, but with recent happenings it was a nice break for her mind. The sunlight shown beautifully down into the forest, even if it was a bit broken up by the trees, and warmed her fur, especially the black colored areas of her markings. She was currently occupying her time, after having gotten a drink and done some other things, with a quiet walk. Sniffing here and there, she had been able to pick up some new scents for various deer and other creatures that had happened to pass by the same spot. She even almost tripped over a squirrel that happened to scurry by her paws. But other than that, like stated before, the day had been very calming so far.

But then there it was. BANG. BAM. WHACK. Akemi probably would sworn she jumped nearly ten feet in the air at the sudden noise, having startled her and scared her out of her skin. What the heck was that?! She thought to herself, twitching her ears as she started to slowly pace toward the direction of the noise. Upon arriving, yet still hidden slightly by the brush, she would come across a young stag, and would witness him ramming into a tree for one last time. That must have been the source of the noise, it sounded just like the other ones before it, but why would someone ram themselves into a tree multiple times? Emi tilted her head, lifting an eyebrow. Was he angry perhaps? Maybe upset? No, he looked confused.

"Um, are you alright?" She dared to venture out of the bush, her expression and tone a mixture of confusion, concern, and interest. "You look as if you're expecting something to happen . . . are you hoping maybe some food will fall out of the tree?" Akemi guessed, staring at the buck from, although she was completely visible now, a few feet away.

"Alright? I'm... Dandy..." He

"Alright? I'm... Dandy..." He looked off into the distance, apparently choosing his words carefully. He paused for a while, lost in thought.

"I'm not sure... I was looking for... something. But I don't - I just... Gahalalala!!" He shook himself his tongue flapping around outside his mouth. His head flailed and his antlers hooked into the bark of the tree. One more wrenched and a piece of the huge plant flew off. It skidded into the dirt, flicking mud up.

Kamikaze's face dropped.
"Oh whales on wheels... It didn't get you did it?"

(Lol, I love Kamikaze's

(Lol, I love Kamikaze's speech patterns. xD)

Akemi just continued to stare with a puzzled look, not that she was trying to be rude, but this guy sure seemed like an oddball. While watching his actions she couldn't help but wonder if maybe he was diseased . . . but he didn't look like it. He looked fine, smelled fine. In fact, the only weird things about him so far had been the way he had been acting, and the way he talked. Not that it was really bad either; he seemed strangely amusing to the chimera. But the splatter of mud on her nose snapped Emi back from her thoughts, having gotten a small splatter on her muzzle from the plant.

"Oh uh, only a little bit, don't worry about it." Akemi giggled and let a small, slightly nervous smile creep up onto her face. She'd raise one of her front paws to wipe off some of the mud splatter, claws sheathed of course. "So wait, you're looking for something?" She tried to recall what he had said before he ripped part of the tree off, putting his words together slowly in her mind as she tried to think of a logical reason for all this. "But you don't remember what it was?" Oh boy, did that sound familiar. "Is that right?"

(Lol, I know right - plus

(Lol, I know right - plus it's really fun to think up Eye)

Kamikaze could see her look at him... strangely. He blinked almost carefully, as he examined her aswell. She wasn't quite... deer. But Kamikaze didn't mind, his mouth flicked a small smile.

"A little? That's better than a lot - MUCH better in fact!" He nodded and grinned at the same time, both edged with insanity; the nod a little too quick and the smile a little too wide.

"Looking for something? Oh yes - oh no... I, er, I guess I was. Hey - waaaaiit... who are you?" As sudden as the loud noise had cut through the forest, Kamikaze's mood changed from lighthearted and airy to defensive and suspious. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the stranger and he turned a little to show his side. A clear sign he was ready to bolt if the answer wasn't something he liked

(I can imagine. ^^ xD) Akemi

(I can imagine. ^^ xD)

Akemi just continued to stare with an uneasy smile on her face, her long, fluffy tail swaying slightly behind her. She listened quietly to him, making sure that she heard every word he said. Her ears were even stretched forward, as if they were straining to understand. But it didn't seem to matter, this stag didn't make any sense. One second he was being friendly, although odd, and now he seemed to have finally realized that the chimera was a stranger. Not really expecting the sudden mood swing, Akemi had actually been giggling to herself when she had let go of her focus on his words, her eyes closing briefly. When she reopened them, she found it quite a surprise to see the buck behaving that way.

"Oh uh, my name's Akemi, I don't think we've met before. I didn't mean to intrude on . . . on whatever it was you were doing, I just wanted to know what that loud noise was . . . . . . but now I know that was you ramming into a tree for some reason." She raised an eyebrow at her own words, her gaze glancing up into the sky for a moment. Man, that sounds crazy even when I say it. Emi's expressions were still uneasy, when she looked back down at the male, her ears folded back on her head. Although a glint of interest (or maybe that was amusement, this guy had been pretty funny so far despite how weird he was) could be seen in her eyes.

"Akemi? Ak-emi. Ake-mi.

"Akemi? Ak-emi. Ake-mi. A-kemi. Akem-i. Aaaaaakemi. Akeeeeemi. Akemiiiii. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaa - Oh wait, sorry, I'm Kamikaze."
For all his mood swings, this one was extremely fast. His body became relaxed again and he was smiling with his eyes shining.

"Intrude? Nonononono... no intrusion. NONE.... Oh yeah, I'm looking for something - Hey, have you seen anything? Anything AT ALL?" His eyes went very wide suddenly and he leaned in extremely close. Much closer than any sane deer would, his warm breath making Akemi's fur sway slightly.

The chimera raised a brow at

The chimera raised a brow at the stag for a moment as he began to say her name over and over again, but she ended up just bursting into a giggling fit. She couldn't help but sit, a paw to her muzzle, her tail wagging behind her. Alright, that was it. It didn't matter to her anymore how weird this guy was, or how he was having mood swings like a teenage girl; he was hilarious. And . . . . . it was almost kinda cute.

"Uh, I can see you." Akemi replied in a causal tone, leaning her head back a bit as she felt Kamikaze's hot breath against her face. The sooner she started to expect this eradicate behavior from him, was probably the better. "Have you seen anything?" She flicked an ear, staring back at him with wide, pale blue eyes. Emi was mostly just mimicking him, seeing if he'd do something else totally strange and funny, or maybe she could perplex him by copying his behavior. Not that she meant it in a cruel way or anything, in fact, without all the laughing, Akemi was actually pretty intrigued by this guy. Sure, he was weirdo, and totally freaked her out at first, but maybe she could actually learn something from Kamikaze. After all, without her memory, any shot she took was worth it.

"Anything, at all?"

He backed up and pushed a

He backed up and pushed a hoof into the dirt.
"Me...? Have I seen anything...? But I asked you... You were supposed to answer me!"
His brow sunk low into his forhead, as he paused to think.
"Well, uh, I guess, I, uh I saw SOMETHING... it was like a light that was... blinding... But, uh, it was small... too small to see... yet... it was big and black and I, uh, I'm not making any sense. Soooo... yeaah... tell-me-you-saw-something-Akemi??"
As soon as his speach sped up, his back legs kicked out, as if on their own free will. He stared intently at the chimera.

Akemi rolled her eyes at his

Akemi rolled her eyes at his words, a content look still on her face. She had regained her posture now, her ears were the only things that remained back, since they were still folded against her head. No, that didn't make much sense, I'm glad you can at least acknowledge that. Now maybe he wasn't as crazy as she had thought, if he could realize that he wasn't making speaking logically . . . or did that just make him even crazier?

"I've seen a lot of things since I woke in this forest. Do you want to know about what I saw today? Or maybe what I saw yesterday? Or maybe what I saw last week?" The chimera tilted her head slightly to one side, a curious look rising to her face. She was taking his question a bit more seriously now. After all, Kamikaze wasn't exactly trying to make her laugh, he was serious. It wasn't his fault she found a lot of what he said and did amusing.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you about what I saw before I got here, since I can't remember anything. But yes, I can tell you I have seen something, Kamikaze."

"I don't care about what

"I don't care about what happened before the forest; that was the past - and I mean WAY past... Just, tell me tha most memorable things that happened since you came here. Tell me what you think of yourself. Explain yourself to me."
This mood swing was quiet different, he was suddenly very... sane. Quite unusual compared to his normal. He did give her a quick grin, though, because she was being very patient with him. Many others would have gone away due to his unlikely behaviour.

Akemi's head continued to

Akemi's head continued to stay cocked in a sideways position, just blinking at the male for a few minutes. Her ears had flicked back and forth at his words, so she had heard him, she was just unsure on how to answer. The most memorable? The chimera had never really thought about that, she had always just been happy to remember anything at all since waking up here. And explain herself? She wasn't sure she could even answer that! Wait, why did he need to know this anyway? Emi found herself giggling again as she untitled her head, returning Kamikaze's smile as she finally opened her mouth to reply.

"Well, the most memorable thing I've done would probably have to be climbing a tree or playing chase with some new friends I've made." She shrugged, letting her tail sway back and forth on the ground behind her. "And I'm afraid I don't really know how explain myself to you, since I can't really remember anything about myself . . . except my name and that I'm a chimera anyway." Akemi just continued to grin at him, hoping that her answer would be enough to satisfy his question. I really do wish I knew more.

"Climbing a tree...

"Climbing a tree... Climbing... A tree...? Huuuuuhh... Sounds interesting..." He eyed the tree nexted to him thoughtfully. He gave his head a quick shake though, and looked into Akemi's blue eyes.

"Chimera? Now that is interesting... Wait - What's a chimera?" He cocked his head, his eyeborws pulling down quizzically.

Akemi nodded. "Yep, a tree."

Akemi nodded. "Yep, a tree." She'd then just continue to blink with big, pale eyes at Kamikaze, her tail still swaying behind her on the dusty ground. A content look had finally settled and stayed put on all of her features, although a hint curiosity was still apparent in her gaze.

"Oh, a chimera? It's like a . . . . a combination of a bunch of different creatures or animals." That probably wasn't the best explanation, but she wasn't exactly sure how else to help him understand what it meant.

(Sorry it's taken so long

(Sorry it's taken so long ^^")

"A... combination of animals? That's... Gross! Like if you ate mushrooms - I mean, MUSHROOMS, of all things... mushrooms are gross!" He wrinkled his nose in disgust, stuck out his tongue and gave his head shake. Then he froze and painfully slowly looked at Akemi.

Oh, er... Oops... I'mSoSorryAkemiIDidn'tMeanItI'mSorry...!!" He rapidly sped through his words, crouching in a frightened cringe. He peeked out, an apologetic look plasted across his features.

(Don't worry about it~

(Don't worry about it~ ;3)

The chimera's expression quickly changed into a frown, her tail curling up around her paws. Gross? She had never even thought to consider it gross . . . . . probably because this was how she had found herself on the day she woke here. Weird? Different? Yes, she had considered herself that, but never gross. Maybe it is a little gross . . . if you really think about it. Not I know if I was born this way, I could have been created, right? Her expression had changed again into an uneasy stare, her ears folding back onto her head.

"Uh, that's okay." She tried to let her just roll off her back; Kamikaze really did look like he didn't mean it. He probably just spoke without thinking, right? Wait, did he ever think about what he said before saying it? " I know it's a little different."

"No... No! I shouldn't have

"No... No! I shouldn't have said that, shouldn't have - Not one word! Not one word! Completely over stepped... Very rude... Not right - shouldn't have, SHOULDN'T HAVE!" He turned and charged at the tree again, although this time out of anger.

Kamikaze grunted as he made contact, whole tree swaying slightly. Leaves pulled free from their anchors and began to flutter down. Kamikaze stared at them, only speaking when they all rested on the ground.

"I... I'm so sorry, Akemi. I really hope you can forgive me. If you don't want to I understand." He looked wistfully at the ground.
Another slip of the tongue, Kami, another fellow creature that won't ever talk to you again. Well done. He shook his head sadly, although it was so subtle he doubted the chimera would have noticed.

Akemi's ears almost

Akemi's ears almost immediately straightened up, one of her front paws rising as if it was an outstretched hand. "No, really, it's-" Her words were drowned out by the sound of the stag ramming into the tree, her jaw dropping for a moment or two as she watched him take out his anger on the plant. When he was finished, and was silent, she'd just close her eyes briefly and sigh. I shouldn't let something like that get to me, especially if he didn't really mean it. Kamikaze shouldn't feel this bad.

The chimera's eyelids fluttered back open, her ears twitching back and forth as the male started to speak again. She'd rise to her paws, and take a few steps forward, attempting cautiously to touch her nose to Kamikaze's shoulder. An almost sympathetic smile was on her face when she drew her muzzle back away from him, her pale blue eyes trying to stare directly into his to prove she meant her words. "Really, it's okay. You apologized, and I believe you. Now stop being silly."

He sighed, and hung his head

He sighed, and hung his head as she touched him. Why was she so friendly? So patient, so kind, so... different? It was odd, no-one had ever treated him like that.

He gave a grin - perhaps not as full as he would have liked, but a grin nethertheless.
"Stop being silly? Surely you wouldn't want that!" He hopped once... then hopped again... and then continuously hopped around the area, chuckling.

Akemi blinked widely for a

Akemi blinked widely for a moment, her gaze frantically trying to follow him soon after. She let the sympathy fade from her smile, and also allowed a few giggles to escape her throat. "Oh, I suppose not." Her tail began to sway behind her as she stood there, watching Kamikaze hop, and after a while she decided she wanted to try it too. "That looks fun." Emi half mumbled, as if just thinking out loud, before bending her legs and giving a small hop herself. Being part rabbit and all, it wasn't all that hard to mimic. The chimera would probably try a few more hops before finally stopping in front of wherever Kamikaze had ended up, her eyes looking him over as she let out another giggle.

Heh, well, maybe I can't understand a lot about him, I can see why he hops around the place like that. Remind me of some of the prancing type stuff I've been invited to try with other deer.

He nodded frantically as

He nodded frantically as Akemi began to hop - she was a natural. It had taken Kamikaze a long time to perfect his technique with a lot of tripping - and talking of tripping...

A medium sized rock suddenly came up on him and, while trying to get out of the way, he lost his balance. With a twist at an impossible angle, Kamikaze managed to avoid falling head first but did hit the ground in an akward heap. He let out a muffled groan.

"Pain... Pain... Very much in pain...!!" He said desperately, as the dust cloud settled around him.

Akemi watched with that same

Akemi watched with that same smile on her face as Kamikaze continued to hop in front of her. He looked so funny, although she probably looked just the same, and it was a fun activity, who cared what you looked like?

"Hey, careful!" Her ears rammed back against her head as she watched him suddenly tumble over, her eyes widening in worry. Well . . . . . at least he had missed the big rock . . . right? The chimera rushed as quickly as her body would let her, only her mind was still focused on hopping and she sorta stumbled slightly before her paws returned to regular sprinting.

"Oh jeez, Kamikaze, are you alright? Wait, that's a stupid question." Akemi just stared down at him, unsure what to do. "Uh, where does it hurt?" She raised a brow, knowing she probably wasn't helping, a mixture of concern and confusion on her face.

"Everywhere!" He groaned

"Everywhere!" He groaned pitifully, his muffled voice, cracking slightly.

Suddenly, his whole body gave a shudder before he leapt to his hooves with an un-deer-like scream. Kamikaze stretched out and his back gave a loud crack. He grimaced and did the same to his right hind leg and his neck. He sucked in his breath sharply through his teeth.

"It's... been a long time since that happened..." He said sheepishly, giving Akemi a slightly pained smile.
"Really, though, I'm fine - nothing a good swim in the pond won't fi-aaahhh.. ah, fix!" He had kicked out his left hind leg and the crack that time had been extremely loud.

"Actually, I could really do with a drink now..." He absent mindedly licked his lips as if remenising about the last time he had had a drink - which was, undoubtebly not long ago.

Akemi just watched him, her

Akemi just watched him, her eyes wide in horror. For a moment she thought he was killing himself, the unnerving sound of his cracking causing her ears to twitch and fold. How could that possibly be helping? And what did he mean by a long time? This had happened before?

"Uh, good, I'm glad you're alright." The chimera blinked, tapping her one hoofed foot quietly against the ground a few times. This was to prevent herself from leaping into the air at the sudden, scary sound of that last loud crack that his one hind-leg had made, her claws also shooting out of their sheaths to stick firmly into the soil. "Why don't we go over to the pond then?" Emi tried to sound more cheerful, pushing the ringing sounds of Kamikaze's stretching to the back of her mind. She would attempt to smile as well, although it looked more like a smile someone might use when nervous and/or uncomfortable.

"A drink sounds nice."