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A doe walked calmly under the

A doe walked calmly under the canopy of the Endless Forest,her unusualy long tail lightly swishing,and her blue leers narrowed to slits in peace,lettign her guard down for once.

Then a familiar scent.

Her blue eyes widened and she swiveled her head to pinpoint the scent.

There he is!

Awentia stopped herself from running up to him,what good impression would that be?
Taking on a mature stance,she trotted to the location Erza resided.

Riia-Chan: Kamikaze nodded; a

Kamikaze nodded; a drink did sound nice. He began to trot in the direction of the pond, a silly grin on his face. He winced as another joint in his body gave a small click, but carried on regardless.

He reached the pond and bent gracefully to drink - but, instead of stopping when he was close enough to the water, he carried on until his whole head was submerged.

He pulled his head and antlers up and shook some of the water off. He stared at the water before speaking.
"These fish are pretty... like snow in summer! Or-or caterpillars that fly!"
He paused and turned, having actually not noticed if Akemi was with him or not.

Erza had been resting at the Ruins. He liked it because it was always quiet there. Although his eyes were closed, he was fully alert because - however unlikely it was in this forest - if a predator was around, it wouldn't find him with his guard down.

He had actually been thinking about the ruins when a scent drifted to him.

"Awentia?" He breathed quietly. Then it fully hit him. He leapt up, perhaps too enthusiatically. But he did try to make it look nonchalant - He knew without a doubt, however, that he probably failed to do so.

When the doe came closer he gave a small bow.
"Hello, Miss Awentia." He said with a smile.

Akemi followed behind the

Akemi followed behind the stag at a reasonable distance, a perplexed look creased across her features. She thought he had figured this guy out, and that she could be just as silly as he was . .. and yet he still amazed her. How could that cracking possibly be helping his joints at all? Didn't it just make it worse?

When they had reached the pond the chimera had stopped in ankle-deep water, bending her head down silently to lap up a cool drink. Her long, pale snake-like tongue shot out of her mouth in small dabs, her eyes closing briefly as she did this. Emi's fluffy tail-tip would partially touch the water's surface, swaying back and forth as the rest of her tail did on her rump.

"Yeah, they are." Akemi giggled and snorted. Her ears flicked as Kamikaze's words registered in her mind, her head rising once more to watch him. Snow in summer . . . that would be pretty. But flying caterpillars? Isn't that just a butterfly?

Kamikaze closed his eyes and

Kamikaze closed his eyes and sighed. He bent to take another drink but much more contolled this time. He lapped a little bit up before looking at the fish again.
"Sometimes I wish I was like them. So free, without a care... Like if the air became water and then turned into a tree... Or if I became a rainbow trapped in a never ending flash of lighting... Mm-Hm... That sounds good..."

Akemi let her gaze drift off

Akemi let her gaze drift off into the distance, still standing with her feet submerged in the water. The sound of the pond's soft lapping at her ankles caused her ears to twitch every now and again, her pale blue eyes growing clouded. She smiled at Kamikaze's words, her tone content as she gave a reply. "I know what you mean . . . . . I think."

She could definitely understand how he felt about being free and not having a care, for many a time she had found herself wishing the same since she had woke here. How nice it would be to not have to try and remember; just live her life the way it was in this beautiful forest. But on the other hand, or paw . . . . . . or hoof, for that matter, it almost scared her to think about forgetting her mysterious past completely. The 'what ifs' were just too big for her to let it all go . . . . . . not to mention that nagging feeling in her heart to find her home.

"Hey Kamikaze," Emi turned her gaze back to the stag, lifting her tail-tip up and out of the water to hopefully let the liquid drip off of it and dry. "Were you born here? In this forest?" An honest and innocent question; she wasn't trying to be nosy or pry. Her gaze was full of interest and caring, wondering how this strange male would answer her random question.

He bent to take a drink again

He bent to take a drink again before looking up.
"Where I came from? I, uh, I don't know. Well I'm not sure at any rate... It was really dark and scary and there was a voice... It... It asked for something. And then... blood, on the ground. It was seeping into the soil. But then... it was dark... so, so much darker than before. I just... went looking."

He blinked, took a breath and sighed. He gave a smile and then ate a few reeds that stuck out the pond. The stalk falling out of the side of his mouth and water dripping slowly off it.

Akemi listened quietly,

Akemi listened quietly, watching him. She found it silly that she had almost expected a real answer; heck, she was actually hoping he might give her a clue about her own past. But you know, that didn't exactly happen. Kamikaze's description was intriguing, but like always, it was confusing too. Maybe he's talking about his birth . . . since he said there was darkness and blood. But can someone really remembering something like that? And what does he mean, he went looking?

The chimera blinked slowly, gazing back down at the water below her. Another small giggle escaped her lips as she watched the plant and animal life around her for a good, long moment. I think I'm gonna stop trying to figure out everything Kamikaze's says or does . . . I don't think I'm supposed to look that deep into it. He's just the way he is, like me being a chimera and all. I guess the sooner I accept that, the better my brain will feel. Emi shrugged and grinned at her own thoughts, lifting her head to finally speak.

"Oh okay, I just wondered. I hope you don't think I was trying to be nosy."

Kamikaze suddenly froze and

Kamikaze suddenly froze and turned. Staring at the trees. He murmered something to himself with an insane giggle before looking back at the chimera.
"... I'm sorry, what? Oh right - you being nosy... Um... No. I don't think you are." His words were deliberate and slow, as was the movement of his head as it bobbed up and down in a nod.
"That's right... You're not nosy."

Akemi tilted her head as she

Akemi tilted her head as she watched the stag, her ears folding down against her skull. She couldn't help but be a bit concerned as to why Kamikaze had just reacted the way he did, but like she had already decided, she wasn't going to torture herself with trying to figure it out. She was more worried really that it was some form of danger, since he had gone stiff at first. But she couldn't smell anything unusual . . . or hear anything for that matter.

"Good." Emi replied quietly, giving her tail a few lashes. "Well, I don't know about you but I'm going to go back to the shore. I don't want my paws and hoof to get caked with too much mud from the pond bottom." She smiled again, and without really waiting for a reply, turned around to do as she had said.

"Oh... Eew! I didn't think of

"Oh... Eew! I didn't think of that!" He pulled a face and shuddered. He leapt up and practically skimmed across the water top in a bid to get to the shore.

He checked over his hooves and, when satisfied he had cleaned them on the grass, gave a yawn. He setteled down on the grass - away from the dirt mark - and stretched out. his hind legs and fore legs were in the usual psition but he stretched his neck out and rested his head on the grass. He eyes a passing dragonfly with a little giggle.
"Pff... What a nice day..." He sighed contently.

After reaching the shore, the

After reaching the shore, the chimera had been fussing over her own feet, carefully making sure to get all of the mud out from under her one hoof. It didn't take too long, but cleaning off her paws was a different story. It was much harder since the mud had clumped up into her fur, and she had been going at it for a while with her teeth before she had finally realized that Kamikaze had joined her.

"Oh, yeah, it is really nice today." Akemi smiled at him, making sure not to take out her frustration with her dirty paws on the stag. Eventually, when she had finally got most of the mud out, she'd sit herself down a few feet away from her companion. And, deciding it would be good to groom the rest of herself while she was at it, she'd lick her newly clean paws and rub them up over her face a few times. This probably resembled a rabbit, or maybe even a cat, since she was back on her haunches. That feels better. Tucking her paws underneath her as she laid down, her one hoofed foot sprawled out to the side, she'd start to lick her chest fur and shoulders quietly.

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