Art Request - Designing a new alien species

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So I've been planning a new story soon (you can read the preview here), and decided I wanted to introduce a new species of alien. I have the basic idea for the aliens down, but as far as a design I'm pretty stumped. I wanted to ask the artists here if they wanted to give it a shot designing this new species. But also I can use some help with naming them and their homeworld as well, so even if you're not an artist you can definitely help me out.

Also anyone who makes a design will get some form of writing in return, either a short story or a poem Eye

Here are the ideas I have for the species:

- Friendly species that live on their own world in a distant star system, yet are connected with all living species in the galaxy. There is at least one living person on each world that knows about them, in Earth's case, the Twin Gods know about them.

- The alien species brings the bodies of dead or dying heroes from each world and keeps them on a 'life support' system, though each hero is symbiotically attached to one member of the alien species. They are laying on the chest and belly of the alien, with several veins/branches attached to their body, arms, and face. The hero is sleeping and given their own unique dream world to enjoy while the alien keeps watch over them.

- The purpose of this is much like a galactic failsafe - the aliens keep all these heroes available should they ever be needed to fight a threat to the galaxy. There are heroic representatives from every species living in the galaxy too, including many Earth heroes and legends and also one or two Daog heroes (Anirapio's species).

- The design I had in mind is something of a dragon and a tree put together. The inspiration for this design is based off of the Sakura Dragon from the game DragonVale, but I'd like the alien species to look enough different that it wouldn't seem like a complete rip-off from the game.

- Ideas for additions to the species includes... (these are all optional, please feel free to design the species any way you'd like. These are just some ideas I had) :

Giving them some deer-like features

Making the anatomy more like that of a dragon centaur

Giving the species small arms along their body much like a millipede or a roly poly

Making them albino/fully white

Making their eyes fully black or fully one color

Making them mouthless similar to Anirapio's design

Giving them a long, slender neck

So if anyone here wanted a challenge to come up with a design for the aliens, I will be eternally grateful and will use the design to describe the aliens in the upcoming story.


Artworks given -

Writing 'to-do' list -

Writing 'done' list -
The Journey of the Three Trials for Trigger_Mortis

Thanks everyone XD
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If needed, I can make a

If needed, I can make a sketch of a general idea for the anatomy, but honestly I'd love to see what ideas there are for it XD
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anatomywhatisthat? :

anatomywhatisthat? : D
Supposed to have an 'extra' joint in the main arm thingies, and all the 'feet' are more like hands with little thumb-y things and fingers... But my ham fists were not very good at conveying that.
Legs should probably be longer.
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That's very cool, I really

That's very cool, I really like the anatomy and can really see that shape for the purpose of the story. I can really imagine a planet with those aliens walking about between alien trees that dangle down like willow trees.

Thanks for the sketch XD!! Let me know if there's a specific character you would like a story or poem for
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This is what came into my

This is what came into my head when I was reading your description. I've used some body features of prehistoric creatures, as well as features of parasitic plants.

I wasn't sure what kind of colours you were thinking of, but if you had some ideas, I could easily create a few different colour design ideas. Smiling

Hope you like it!
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Wow Trigger,

Wow Trigger, that's...beautiful! I wasn't even thinking about them having wings like that but it gives them wonderful anatomy!

I had originally planned for them to be albino/all white, but if there were some color ideas you had in mind, I'd be very interested in seeing your ideas.

I love both designs you and Aivilo came up with, it's going to be tough to choose between them, unless they had varying forms. Maybe I could incorporate both into the species...
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I'm glad you like it Quad!

I'm glad you like it Quad! ^^

Perhaps there could be two forms, sort of a retrieval/field form, and a more settled form for long-term healing? That way the winged form could perhaps find and retrieve the hero and give temporary healing while the more dextrous humanoid form could take care of the longer healing.

Just some thoughts, but I'll play with some colours tonight and see what seems to come out of it. Smiling
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That's actually a pretty

That's actually a pretty awesome idea, so there would be different 'races' of the alien that do different tasks. I'll have to make sure there are specific things that are similar or related as far as their physiology, at least making their heads look pretty similar, but who knows, there could be others aside from those two that manage other aspects of the planet. Maybe there's one variety that keeps records of who came from where and maintains contact with the various worlds in the galaxy. That would be another 'race' that could have a unique look to it.

This is coming along pretty nicely, and I'd love to have them featured in later stories too. Maybe even send a few heroes our way if we ever needed them.


I apparently love the idea of mouthless creatures, but just realized that unlike Anirapio's species, these guys don't have a way to 'eat'. But now that I think about it, I wanted them to be relatively plant-like, so maybe they can photosynthesize and possibly draw nutrition from the soil. It would give them a good reason not to be hostile as they would have no need to kill for food, but maybe they have other plant or insect-like features that give them natural defenses. I'll have to work on their history and physical traits some more.
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That sounds great Quad!

That sounds great Quad! Smiling

When I was designing that one, I had the idea that the plants living on it were symbiotic, gaining shelter by living on the creatures, and in turn giving nutrition to them.

Would you like me to draw up a version of Aivilo's type in the same style as well? I could put the two together and work on colours then.
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That would be awesome, I'd

That would be awesome, I'd really appreciate it. I'm working on ideas for gift-writing for you guys too, please let me know if there's anything specific you would like or just would enjoy a surprise.
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Just a rough sketch, I wanted

Just a rough sketch, I wanted to see if you liked that interpretation of the design before I neatened it up. When I add in the plant elements I was planning on incorporating the vines into the chest/belly area.

As for writings you could do, I really would just love a surprise. I don't have any really active characters right now, but you always do such lovely stories, anything is great. Smiling

Edit: I also wanted to stick with the 6 limbs design, so I took out the middle set of hind limbs, hopefully that's ok!
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That looks pretty cool, I

That looks pretty cool, I hope Aivilo doesn't mind the modifications to the design.

Now working on deciding a name for these guys. I think it would be good to make unique names for each race as well. I'll start to brainstorm some ideas tonight.
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Alrighty, here's a few names

Alrighty, here's a few names I came up with (thanks to an online name generator as well XD)

Possible Alien Species name:

Possible Race names (as in the various versions of the alien species, would need 2-3) :

Possible Planet names:

If any of these jump out, or if you guys think of anything that sounds better, let me know XD
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*Note to self, still gotta

*Note to self, still gotta write gift-stories* XD sorry I got so caught up with job updates that I forgot I promised you guys some writing.

Also Trigger did you think of any color concepts? It's fine if you haven't, I'm planning on trying to finish Chapters 7-9 of the story soon and just wanted to make sure I described the aliens. I can always come back later and add in color descriptions if needed.

My favorite design concept as far as coloring is a white underbelly. Not sure why but it's always been visually pleasing to me, that's why many of my 'main' characters (Quad, Zephyr, Iugulare, Anirapio, Nekumbra) all have white bellies. It's of course not a requirement at all so please feel free to design any way you'd like.

I'm going to try to work on Chapter 7 soon, so you've got plenty of time. Don't let me feel like I'm rushing you or anything XD
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Hey Quad, I'll try and work

Hey Quad, I'll try and work on that a bit tonight! My tablet has been temperamental, so I sort of have to hope for its good mood! If it seems to be cooperating though, I'll try and get some ideas to you in the next day or so.
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Thank you so much Trigger! I

Thank you so much Trigger! I am going to work on Chapter 7 now and may also have your story coming soon too. I just had a great idea
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Hello Quad , hug for you ,

Hello Quad , hug for you , how are you , long time that I saw you ? !<33
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Hey Vala! It's been a while

Hey Vala! It's been a while hasn't it? I've been trying to get a job for a long time so I have not been in the Forest that much lately, but hopefully once I'm working and my free time isn't spent looking for a job, I'll definitely come in the Forest more.

How have you been?
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Ahhh , good to know that you

Ahhh , good to know that you are fine , hope you find a job soon , I 'm fine thank you <33 hug
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Wow, these are really

Wow, these are really interesting. Can't wait to see more.
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Hopefully these aren't too

Hopefully these aren't too late for you, but here's a few of the colour ideas that I came up with. (Sorry about the size!)

Some notes:

-Motes: I didn't quite represent it well with this quick colour job, but the idea was that the aliens would have an almost transparent look to them, where the main body appears to have glowing motes inside of it, which would travel to the patient as they hold them. The plant elements may more may not glow depending on your preference.

-Skycamo: In theory, the mottled sky tones would give the alien protection while flying. Perhaps also a blending like ability where the colours change depending on the surroundings of the alien.

-Geometric: Trying to work with your idea of a white belly, perhaps each alien has a bold geometric pattern of colours with a consistent white belly. The colours may distinguish sexes, dominance, etc, or may just be a result of genetics, like fur colour.

-Natural: A more muted palette, giving a bit of protection in natural surroundings. Plant elements may be blending or contrasting.

Anyway, let me know what you think, if there's any design in particular you like, or if these give you ideas, I can put together a general reference sheet for you. Smiling
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Arrrgghhh Trigger why must

Arrrgghhh Trigger why must your ideas be so cool?!

Okay okay, I will admit, the two I'm hooked on the most are the Motes and Geometric color schemes. I had really thought about the Quoklians having somewhat transparent skin, which would definitely show the glowing workings that were used to heal the patients. It would definitely give the planet a bioluminescence (hopefully not too similar to Avatar) and I do love the idea of transparent or semi-transparent skin. I love the eye glow as well

I also love the Geometric pattern since it goes with the white belly idea, and the colors are perfect for what I had in mind. I do like the idea that the plant life on the body could be glowing as well.

I incidentally said the planet's sky was red in color since I chose a red dwarf star, though I do like the skycamo idea it would need to be red tones. I don't want you to remake that pattern, though, I really like the Motes and Geometric ones the most. The Natural pattern looks nice as well, but I'd be afraid that it would look too much like Anirapio's look.

This is really tough, I love both of them. And I'll go back and add in more detail to their description in the story, I have written the part where it introduces them but it's easy to add in. Thank you for doing this too, I really love them and the design as a whole. Give me a day or two and I'll come to a decision XD
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Trigger - Sorry for the

Trigger - Sorry for the lateness of it, but I wrote your story today: The Journey of the Three Trials

I'll have something for Aivilo soon too.
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Now that I see this post...

Now that I see this post... Sticking out tongue

I did make up an alien species a long while back...

I did design this within the Invader Zim universe, so please ignore the part about Irkens in the description if you want. |D
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I already commented there,

I already commented there, but thank you so much Quad, that story was lovely and just brightened my day! <3
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Alright so after a lot of

Alright so after a lot of thought, I am in love with the geometric pattern, so that will be the official look for these guys. I'll add in the description soon in the story. Thanks again for all the help, everyone!

Zerg that's a neat alien! I like the anatomy especially!

Also I have an idea for Aivilo's story, will be writing it soon, possibly today
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Would you like me to come up

Would you like me to come up with other colour versions of the geometric pattern? Also I can put it all together into one semi-reference sheet if you'd like Smiling
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That would be great! Honestly

That would be great! Honestly I like the design so much that I'd be happy with anything you choose to do, and can't wait to see the reference.
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Here is the quick reference

Here is the quick reference for you, and here are the various colour schemes.

If you want more information added to the reference, just let me know. Smiling Hope you like it!
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These are so awesome, I love

These are so awesome, I love the variety! I can imagine them having different colors on the planet as well, as we have different shades of skin ourselves. This is ...just far too much XD!!

I'm doing something else for you, don't know what yet, but I really want to write some more for you. You've done so much for me on this!

EDIT - Actually do me a favor XD!! Can you give me a Youtube link to one of your hands-down absolute favorite songs. It can be anything at all as far as genre. I want to do something very special for you.
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Aw, Quad, you're too sweet

Aw, Quad, you're too sweet <3 I enjoyed working on these guys, I'm hoping to do a more detailed piece in the future, hopefully showing the interaction between them and the patient. Smiling

As for songs, this song by AWOLNATION has been one of my loves since it was released, everything about it just gets into me perfectly.

Can't wait to see what you're going to do! C:
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^ That's my phone's ringtone

^ That's my phone's ringtone o:
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FFFFFFFFFFFFFF TRIGGER I LOVE AWOLNATION!!! In fact that song is one of the potential 'end credit' songs for the story. I'm going to write you a story based on that song, maybe with Tails this time even though I love Ma so much XD.

And you're spoiling me haha, but I'm honored to see what you have planned. There will definitely be more stories with this species, even some foreshadowing that they would be ready and willing to fight Iugulare if she ever did succeed in building her army