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Hello all,

Holy smokes, it's been awhile. Been busy with life and stuff. How are y'all?

I can't believe I've had a deer here for 11 years! Shocked I am eagerly awaiting the Mac release of TEF so I can run around and play with all of you again!
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General Disaster Check-In

Hi All,

A couple of weeks ago, I made a Hurricane Harvey check-in thread. I am happy to hear from those of you in Harvey's path. My family and our house are both safe. We are very fortunate; however, many others have lost everything.

Since we now have Hurricane Irma heading into Florida and raging fires out west in Montana, Wyoming, and other places, I thought it would be nice to have a general disaster check-in thread for y'all to check in and let us know that you are safe. This applies to both man-made and natural disasters.

We are like family here in the TEF community, and we should lean on each other during the difficult times.

Please take care and be safe!

Warmest Regards,

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Hurricane Harvey Check-In

Hi all,

I live in Southeast Texas. Many places around me have been devastated by the floods from Hurricane Harvey.

I and my family are safe. We suffered no flood damage. We are still watching the nearby river. I have already headed to higher ground, and my parents will follow if the waters rise (they're stubborn, but not foolish).

I thought it would be neat to have a Hurricane Harvey check-in for those of us who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Warm Regards,

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Habit RPG

While not TEF related, this is something that I think will be a help to many here since RPing is so popular. I have been using this website since early January, and it has helped me stick with a real-life routine and keep track of all the things I need to do each day.

HabitRPG is like any other role-playing game except you earn experience points, perks, and other goodies for doing real-life tasks. You reward yourself for good habits, completing daily jobs, and knocking out your To-Do list. If you fail to complete a daily task or engage in a bad habit, you lose health.

In addition, you can join parties of people who have the same goals for accountability, and you can go on quests with your party.

You can also collect cute pets you can raise for mounts.

As someone who loves RPGs, this has really helped me to stay on track. I mostly use it to get me to do more creative things with my free time.

I wanted to share this with this wonderful community and I hope this helps y'all as much as it helps me. Smiling
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Six Years!?

I made an account and started playing 6 years ago. I can't believe it! Thank you all for being so welcoming and being my friends.

Most of all, major thanks to Michael and Aurea for making such a wonderful game.

I love y'all!! Smiling :) Smiling
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My Thesis Got Approved!!

Laughing out loud Smiling Laughing out loud Smiling Laughing out loud Smiling Laughing out loud Smiling Laughing out loud

This means I graduate with a MASTER'S DEGREE this semester! Whooo!

Thank you all for your love, support, and encouragement during my time in graduate school. This game and community has helped me keep my head in some difficult times. Love y'all!
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I Turned My Master's Thesis into the Dean!

Why is this in "Community Events?" Because I want all of you to know how much I truly appreciate all of your support and care that you showed me during this long journey. Thank you all for your kindness and encouragement!

I want to especially thank Michael and Auriea for this game, which has brought me comfort when I was stressed.

Big big BIG hugs to all of you!!

*drops a nuzzle nuke*
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Thank you...

Thank you to the nice nameless deer for the mask and for sleeping next to me.

Also, thank you to the sweet doe who, upon coming back to my computer, I found keeping me company. I enjoyed our dance together!

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Have a Blessed All Souls

Even though my church doesn't explicitly mandate the practice of remembering the dead, I find it to be a beautiful tradition. Here is a video of "Across the Graveyard" by Royksopp.

Check under the cut for a screenshot. <3
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Five years!

Five years ago today, my deer awoke in the Forest. Since then, I gained an appreciation for video games as art, made new friends, rediscovered my artistic talents, and received support when times were tough. I want to thank all of you who have stuck by me for the past half-decade of my life.

Most of all, I would like to thank Michael and Auriea for making such a wonderful game and for inspiring me to appreciate the artistic potential of video games as a medium!

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