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Home Is Where You Lay Your Head

Atiq has 2 spots where he's always liked to sleep the best, this grassy area in the Birch Forest, and this circle of rocks near the Crying Idol. Both places hold a lot of meaning for him and give him a lot of comfort, so I decided it was time to do my own renditions of them.

I like to think that he's left his own mark in these places, that being the spread of his jasmine blooms, especially that secondary spot. That's become a little hobby of his to look after the blooms he accidentally let grow there, perhaps he'll start giving some of it away~
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Learning Process

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These are the things that happen when you're on your own trying to figure out what kind of magic you can do... you might blind yourself in the process. On the bright side, she might have found herself a spell she can actually use. Though I don't think showing it off is going to go very well.

someone save her from herself
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Rolling in the grass

A little Blackthistle art <3

Old Adventures

Demonax has traveled endless miles for a long time.


Already Done Playing This Game? Shame..

Raffle Picture Completion for Kiwara
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How TEF deer look to outsiders (you'll float too)

Sometimes I wonder how non TEF people would react to a human-faced deer. Then I realize they would probably think they were terrifying and run for the hills.

I saw the new IT and for some reason I decided to make this nightmare. Meet Pennystag.
Happy Halloween, TEF.

Second Piece of Harvey Art

Another fascinating piece shaped by the waters of Hurricane Harvey. See any deer? In a box in garage 5 days later still damp. Most photos fine but a few like this. Took pics. Beauty in the Deluge of Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Art

Live in Texas east side of Houston, deluge came, power box on computer blew, waters rose and my yard was a lake, my garage was a swimming pool. Rest of house fine. As I cleaned out boxes I had old photos most of which were fine despite Harvey washing them but a few became contemporary art. So Harvey was a contemporary art hurricane. The waters were clean rain water and since this originates in the Netherlands the land of floating homes I just pretended I was Dutch and playing in Holland. Smiling The beauty in the chaos from the touch of Harvey just fascinates me. Anyone find a ghost deer in it?
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Time to Wake up.

Out in the ruins, a small series of chimes is heard. The little glass bauble producing the noise swings in the air above a pit of sand,- some sort of wind chime. As it gently rings, the sand below caves in, and small, tiny coughs are heard. A frail looking, pale hand is desperately grabbing at the roots on the sides of the pit, trying to climb up- but quickly releases them with a small cry, their owner falling back down. She sits on her knees, straining her eyes against the filtering light and blowing her dark hair out of the way.
"Hello...? Hello?"

She calls up, hoping for someone to hear it. But her body is fatigued and she can't hardly even stand. Pleading, silver grey eyes peer up seeking out something, anything.

"How did I get down here?"

Woops, clicked on save before writing ;. ; woe is me.

Hello one and all, my name is cloudandis and this is sabel. We're returning to the forest on and off for a while!
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