Guardian Angel

Charlene, my deceased daughter watches always

I Did It

Got word tonight that Ways to Say Zero the children's book will be published in March. Gallery coming for signature. Smiling Here is to my little dear/deer creation. Thanks for posting all the grand art and giving a peaceful place to think about creating.
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CJ's Art and Eccentricity [Art Blog]

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Junalie (human)

LOL i should just compile everything into one thing when i get around onto working a css (if i ever learn how to lol) but yknow .... i like .... being unorganized apparently ANYWHO-- here she is in all of her glory :')
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Soccoro & Tibby (humans)

;-0 just wanted to do some practice and ended up drawing them... haha!
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Siguri Icon

Image may be heavy!

Yeye a Siguri icon. I had made an animated one of his mask switching on and off but eh. I'd add it to my actual profile but some weird stuff is going on with my email so I'm unable to edit anything atm. I'm digging him with just his skull, but he's almost ALWAYS seen with his mask on since he's bashful. Besides the mask looked weird as a front view. This alone looks pretty alright I think. Don't mind the weird skull anatomy fbjdfbdjfh
Art & Character © WlTCH-KING @DeviantART.com

Welcome Back

Image may be heavy! Don't pay mind to how grainy it is. I wish gif's didn't do that ugh. This is Siguri, he's quite the fancy one. His true face is hidden beneath magical wrappings oooo. I used a The Last Guardian screenshot because it reminded me of TEF's environment. Same goes for Shadow of the Colossus, very TEF'esk!
Art & Character © Siguri/ WlTCH-KING on DeviantART.com
The Endless Forest © Tale of Tales
Background © The Last Guardian - Team Ico

Am I crazy?

Umber was happily playing in the forest offline when he bump into the twin stones that was happily looking out at The Pound, not sure if it been that way but he plop down beside then and watch the water with the stones.

how to get a job!

this is the cutest thing I ever saw!
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