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Blueberry face for Flyleaf

While Neravii was telling Cråb what Flyleaf looked like, and telling of all his kind doings, she suggested that Cråb pay a friendly tribute by finding a mask that resembled Fly's. He couldn't find any so Neravii mushed up blueberries for him and spread it on his face for a makeshift mask.

Neravii: Stop moving around, I'm getting it in your precious white locks.
Cråb: But I want to show everyone already!
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Neravii and Crab

it's a huge image but i dONT CARE, I'M TIRED! I HAD A LONG DAY! ITS MY TIME OF THE MONTH AND I HAVE CRAMPS AND MY BACK HURTS! SOMEONE HUG ME! //sobs into a fist-full of Oreos//

Anyways, a doodle from when Crab fell asleep with Neravii.

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?? ??? Question


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Sleepy Greetings

I have been lurking around for long enough I think, and have finally gotten around to drawing my fawn.

Hello there, I am new and have no idea how anything works. If I have things in the wrong places feel free to slap me gently inform me what I need to change/update/do. Quite often you'll find my fawn either under one of the Willows or generally hiding elsewhere.

Heritage Of the Barking Deer

The stories of heritage told have been censored you know...
What deer you think you are just a surface pro of what lies beneath..
Decipher a DNA code and you find the female that gave you birth
is a barking deer from India
Arrive for a wedding and find dangles and dongles in the antlers
New rules in her forest
The silent ancient companion beside her a trickster deer who has
learned how to direct
Slowly lured into a path that allows ancient companion deer to get
even with Mother India barking deer
theano7203 runs away before being captured

A pic of the face of the barking deer of India...
Solution lay barking deer down and do your stuff ancient deer and she
becomes a Mona...
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What started as a redo of a very old piece I ended up designing some story for Neirin.
A very important landmark from his home and a very abrupt departure to a completely different Forest.

I was planning on a completely different theme for his bio but I think I'd rather use this image for the background >u>
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Ash and Ghosts

Hey so when I said I needed to take a break I only meant like, a week or two but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhm


If I could properly convey the series of bizarre events that started legit on Christmas Day I would be here for awhile but hey it's over now all my stuff is running again and I'm not dramatically sick anymore I can get back to what I was doing haha

And just yesterday I was watching some art videos about dramatic lighting so I wanted to put it into practice and I thought, you know what? This is Atiq-plot relevant let's just start back up with this.

So uh hi, hello I'm back for now, I missed everybody o/~<3

Phoenix Deer

so after Hurricane Harvey lots of minor debris as in limbs so I made a concrete launch pad, lit two candles and as they melted the wax caught flame and look it became a Phoenix Deer as in a fawn, so flora and fawn did a dance and the sparks of that union fly now throughout the world on the winds. Where will they land and what do Phoenix Deer initiate Smiling

Along with the Fish; Barrels of Tunicates...

Been following TESS NASA the ship to find life on close by planets, How they know life may exist they would "quantify the wriggle" on a graph and the wriggles look like the antlers of deer. So what do deer animals look like on another planet after all eventually we will be on the unreal engine. Smiling
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