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What started as a redo of a very old piece I ended up designing some story for Neirin.
A very important landmark from his home and a very abrupt departure to a completely different Forest.

I was planning on a completely different theme for his bio but I think I'd rather use this image for the background >u>
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Whoa... o-o I wanna visit

Whoa... o-o
I wanna visit there.
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Old rustic covered bridges?

Old rustic covered bridges? Gorgeous and lively forest with brilliant lighting? And with a dash of Neirin and company mixed in?

This is too perfect, like it's straight out of a storybook. I think I just gotta stare at it a little more so I can soak it in. I love this so much.
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what a wonderful, wonderful

what a wonderful, wonderful place. one of my favorite pieces posted here on the comm site, for sure. i hope it hits the home page.

happy almost 10th year, btw.

Daaaaamn, Cato! Back at it

Daaaaamn, Cato! Back at it again with the awesome art!

This so pleasomg to look at, from Neirin and Co. having what looks like a nice chat, to the early evening summer light, the cracks in the covered bridge with the sun streaming in, the lush Forest in the background, the cheery flowers in the foreground, this is SO nice. Like I can hear birds singing and the brook babbling and the distant chatter.

I agree, this looks like a great place to visit! Can I book it for my wedding??
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aaaaaaa thanks guys ~<3

aaaaaaa thanks guys ~<3

@Pega - lol their gate is always open for visitors drop by any time ;p

@ Syca & Fish - =D glad you like the lighting, I'm really pleased with how that turned out
and fun Neirin trivia, the company with him is his brother >u>/

@Ravyn - I'm really flattered, thank you so kindly!
and thanks for the anniversary wishes too, can't believe it's been that long already haha
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woah! That's all I can say.

woah! That's all I can say. It's like a photo.
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