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As, a bio.

Here's basically a ref of my deer character, As.
Name: As.
Gender: Gentleman.
Age: About the average of a 30 year old human.
As is generally a calm, collected and pensive beast. Though far from elderly, the stag is still not young. His build is stocky and thin, that of an emaciated elk. The stag's face is hidden behind a long, thick mask, that serves as more of a muzzle, and restricts his access to food.
In spite of his health, As is a gentleman of sorts. He's easygoing and would sooner nuzzle a stranger than attack them. And, as a gentleman, he expects all other deer to act the same way he does.

Likes: Calm walks with other stags, females, laying with other friendlies, females, watching fawns, reminiscing and females.
Dislikes: Disorderly behavior, aggression, hostile groups, being turned devout and fear.
Places he finds comforting: In groups of other deer and the bridge.

As a fawn: As was full of energy, but was often found lost in thought. He was never too far from the cemetery.

As a young stag: Was a close friend of Cyric (bellamy's character)

Squadmates: Cyric
Friendlies: All deer.
Tangos: none as of yet.
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Deer Mask & Drop Tines

Hmm, is this considered fanart? Can one 'fanart' one's own deer?
Anyway, Grim wore the deer mask for a while with the default antlers, though in my head I was picturing them more like this. If there's one thing I miss about the deer mask, its the sound of Grim's bellow when he was wearing it. Too bad the orca mask doesn't have any effect on that (an interestingly sing-song sort of whale-influenced call would be awesome!).
Apologies for the lazy colour-job; fatigue isn't conducive to good arting. *cough*
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Amaterasu Deer

I absolutely loved Okami, so I decided to draw a concept of Amaterasu in deer form. The mask comes from the part of Okami where you needed to draw a face on some paper to use as a mask in order to sneak past some guards. You can put whatever you want on it; I choose to do XD (the silly face online).

Again, I used the template made by Eurudite and used color pencil and pen.
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Laying down.

Well, this is it. My first submit. And computer painting. O_o''

I kinda like it. :'3 And the idea for the pose of those fawns came from my own playing. My own fawn and Bracca's fawn were laying under the stone slab. n.n''

And... Yes. Notice that this is my first painting with computer. And and... There's my nick in DA (deviantART) on the corner. Damn. Well, can't help it now.

Wish you like it. :3
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Is that...Me?

For so long, I have traveled the forest as a fawn. Now I'm grown and I can start to define myself.

Special thanks to the deer who helped me become what I am.
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Always Dream

A picture I took to go with my recently added poem, One Day I'll Be Big.
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Happy St. Valentine's Day!

I know that St. Valentine's Day is not celebrated everywhere in the way that the US celebrates it (which gets way too commercialized), but I wanted to extend this greeting of love, compassion, and tenderness to all. I hope that my own behavior will be characterized by hope, love, compassion, and tenderness.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

(the pictograms were blurred in Photoshop and the heart and rose brushes came from www.brushes.obsidiandawn.com)
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