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Atiq Nameplate

eh, I put enough effort into this I thought I'd give it it's own upload.

Eventually, I'd like this to be on Atiq's bio, but that's still giving me...issues >n> I'm gonna get those floating images to work gosh darnit

Until then, enjoy the very bling nameplate I made for him haha

Sage and Smoke.

* Thought I should draw up a rough design for Khalid. I'll make a bio for him soon.
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Hello sinner

Chromefawn with a bit more age.
Thank u all of you who have interacted with him till now!
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Te'uk (test!)

testing out the site- a character i want to bring to this siteeee. ignore the bad colouring it was just a doodle i did in a few mins. just to get colour across


Blue and green

Gave a Deer to an ex-dear

With all the crass mean ways in this world especially now sometimes answered prayer comes in a form unexpected like cyber cathedrals in the most unlikely places. I drew a baby deer for an ex-deer of mine. The drawing lines full of angst on the human hands hint at the deep vortex of underlying emotion from such events in a person's life. The deer not anatomically correct still conveys the purpose. Do you throw away all that was good for the short time all that was bad caused by a lutheran church? Do you punish the victim over and over again or pound on the perpetrators of purveyors of unholy rings as the wagner cycle. The biggest and worst monsters are found in churches especially among the clergy. The picture tells what I chose to do and continue to do to those who claim one thing and actually follow another... and then put the most unholy people in authority ...tell me which fruit of the spirit do we have globally now....
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Thanks, Chester

Thank you for this drawing) I really like how you draw, don't be embarrassed.

Squidget Adoptables! :OPEN: 3/3

:::::::::::::Testing to see if it's okay to post designs that are not deer. I'm not sure if it's okay so please if it is not tell me so. Thank you guys <3:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Hello again! I wanted to take more of a break for deer designs so I doodled up these cuties. I started with the blue. I wanted to do kind of a squidy cephalopody cute chibi-ish design and ended up with this little one. the other two followed soon after as they are quite fun to draw and color. I haven't fully fleshed out the species but I will post what I came up with :3

not sure if there will be male or females. I just went androgynous for these three.
jelly like skin. slightly squishy and only sort of see-through.
small plump forked tongue. think gecko tongue.
vibrant markings on heads, varies between individuals.
eyes are always same colors as accent color.
some tailfins and "hair" also display striping or marking. but is less common.
three fingers and a thumb. four toes. webbed between all.
smooth nose tapering into a small blunt snout.

If you guys have any ideas to add on please let me know! :3 I will be adopting these three out for $4 each.

I will probably be drawing more of these lol they are fun.

Does anyone know this deer?

I met this deer around the forest, I wanted to get to know them some more so can anyone help me?

I also have NO clue if i'm doing this correctly, I've never used the community before. -w-"
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