Sleepy Greetings

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I have been lurking around for long enough I think, and have finally gotten around to drawing my fawn.

Hello there, I am new and have no idea how anything works. If I have things in the wrong places feel free to slap me gently inform me what I need to change/update/do. Quite often you'll find my fawn either under one of the Willows or generally hiding elsewhere.
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So pretty!

So pretty!
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Lovely work! Welcome to the

Lovely work! Welcome to the community website. If you need any help, just ask. Smiling

It's so great to see you

It's so great to see you here! (This is PixieVoip on dA, btw)

Your fawn is lovely, I love the little antler buds and the flower crown! And the dots on their face are really intriguing, if only they moved their little hoof out of the way so I could see.
Also your hoof anatomy is great, did you use a reference by chance??

Yes, let us know if you have any questions! You're also free to message me on dA whenever.
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Ah, hello! My fawn loves her

Ah, hello! My fawn loves her flower crown. It's very cute.

Honestly? I googled deer hooves and made it up as I went along. Took a screencap of my little fawn sleeping to use as a pose reference, then moved some stuff around (raised forelegs, moved hind legs a little bit, curled the tail rather than having it laying down). I usually draw horses (as I know you've probably seen) and there is a little bit of similarity with the structure.

Now I've finally posted once I'll probably do it a little more frequently. Especially as I'm about a week away from my fawn growing up.

Also thank you for the warm welcomes. Laughing out loud
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I love how delicate this

I love how delicate this drawing is. Welcome to the community! ♥

By Draak
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Such adorable fawn! and

Such adorable fawn!
and welcome to the community!
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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Something about the style of

Something about the style of the linework and the coloring that makes it beautiful.
I like the sweeping strokes in the crown, it's an eye-catcher. The picto, the pose and the face markings add to this zen.
Wonder if it's hiding a smile, there.

Welcome to the forest.