Trying to do ASCII deer art but transition distorts have to figure pixel distortion
.. ........... ............. ........... . ..... ........ .......
/| |\



{ }
( `-;
_ `;;~~
( (
|:------( )
_// \\
/ / vv

\|/ ||/
\_/ ___ ___
o o-' ''' '
O -. |\
| | ' ' '| |
|| | |
|| ||
" "

( )
`--(_ _)--'
Y- Y
/@@ \
/ \
`--'. \ ,
| `.__________/)
\ / \\|| ||//
> / \ <

Law of the Six year Olds

It tis rudolf deer time...

Look! Deer cousins came just like thanksgiving

See Fan rudolf's cousins showed up in a cooperative venture.......shades and lights playing together making deer together Smiling

had a pic put in code from Imgur did not appear I think my writer censored in protest of something sorry it does that

Fyn's Portrait

I made a lil' portrait of Fyn. Hope you like it!
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Fight me!!!

It's dark.
Pitch black within the relm of the forest, silent and erie. You're illuminated by the bright symbol above your head, a torch cutting into the heaviness. As you move wordlessly through the forest it seems that no other is awake, no other glow to inform you of any other presence. Suddenly above you a quiet woosh. Did you imagine it? No, you know you didn't because despite the black you detect movement and the air moves past your ears, following something overhead.
Curious, you follow despite how quickly the thing seems to have disappeared. You break into a gallop, churning up grass and debris noisily as you give chase. You have a feeling it is still close, but no other noise or shape indicates this.
Soon you slow, stopping to a idling walk and then you see it, a sharp emerald in the bleak darkness before you but only small, maybe the size of two marbles.
Then you realise that no, it's because you're far away. nearing you realise whatever it was is tucked within the bottom of a hollow tree. curiously you investigate only to be met with sudden hisses and ruffled feathers among those deep emerald orbs--no--eyes.
An eagle owl. A very big eagle owl, and you've disturbed her feast.
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(TW GORE) What a disgusting beast

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Oil Slick

I wish I could work on the characters I already have instead of making new ones lmao
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A gossip by the river

Signe found a friend as she lazed along the river and it quickly became a news session of what was going on around the forest.
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They aren't great photos, but may be very useful to some. Most will probably need editing (lightening etc).
Mostly fallow deer I think? Except from the odd photos of the red deer. Sadly there was only a doe though.

Free to use!
Stock images, reference photos. Do whatever. No credit needed.

Open in another tab for 1000px size. If you're wanting a particular image in a larger size, just let me know!
I simply resized them for the ease of uploading. :X

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[art] Summer Breeze

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