Tarter can take two forms.

PS. i'll change his bio. someday. maybe... hehe c;

Whale or Shark in the lake of Shalot?

There is a predator in the lake. Someone has sent a carnivore in the lake. Is a shark eating deer or a shark eating whale???
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Shroom Deer +Art+

Some mushie concepts
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My first try at drawing Faline

first time drawin my little Faline.
Used 3d Paint and a mix of a lot of patience!!!
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Urschanabi's appearance

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Boghome: Harlow

old character

I made this guy when I was like 15 or so. his mask (Im pretty sure) was inspired by the crying mask.
original mini comic:

I miss the endless creativity my younger brain had

Companion deer refreshed or ancient deer transformed

Tomato sauce

i want to introduce Ta to this world
i express my gratitude to the Kumu for drawing
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No fuzz no money - dammit

How long are they even gonna last? The antlers I mean.
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