Not sure if I like it, and need to work on my cervine anatomy, but getting somewhere, and found their name!
definitely keeping the antlers :V


No name ideas yet, but ideas to come
Definitely a skull face/mask
curved dewclaws
mainly black maybe some blue or red


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Rai II

Just a quick drawing of Rai
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Citrus the roe deer, used tracing for the outline on this one since I was just planing on playing with colours, but I liked her...opsi (- u -)
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My first sketch of Rai


Tarter can take two forms.

PS. i'll change his bio. someday. maybe... hehe c;

Whale or Shark in the lake of Shalot?

There is a predator in the lake. Someone has sent a carnivore in the lake. Is a shark eating deer or a shark eating whale???
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Shroom Deer +Art+

Some mushie concepts
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My first try at drawing Faline

first time drawin my little Faline.
Used 3d Paint and a mix of a lot of patience!!!
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