Skull painting requests 2020 [OPEN]

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There's talk going around of a tall deer hanging out in the birch, surrounded by skulls of all shapes and sizes. They're carving them into masks, and painting them up for anyone who asks. Something about making sure everyone looks grand for when the party starts.

Welcome to the skull painting parlour! Here you can request skull masks for your deer to be painted up, free of charge! This all started up years ago to make sure everyone has a cool skull to wear once the Big Zombie Deer comes in the forest for halloween.

It's very simple, on the left you see 5 skulls, a moose, jacob's sheep, crocodile, horse, and human. All you have to do is tell me which skull you'd like to be painted, and a reference of your character. I will then paint the skull to go with your reference! In the little tab titled "2019" you can see the skulls done last year.

If you'd like me to keep something specific in mind because you want to match it up with an in-game mask, or you want it to fit with the theme of your deer, just let me know. This year I am not drawing add-ons, or adding more skull variations. Feel free to remove jaws or edit the skull any way you like though!

What can I do with the skull?
Anything you want! But please don't sell it rofl. The image otherwise is entirely free for you to do with as you like.

Do we have to roleplay?
Nop! You can just request a skull for your character without any IC interaction too. But we're up for both. Whichever you feel like. But please give me a link to a bio or a link to a reference image to work with, and your choice of skull.

Any limits?
Well, please don't request 10+ skulls from me, I have a fulltime job and very little free time. Keep it a little reasonable! Around 3, perhaps 4.

We look forward to your requests!!

For discord interaction or, well anything, feel free to add me: MisMantis#4207
Verve's bio is here!


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Oh wow, Mis! I really like

Oh wow, Mis! I really like this idea~! The Flamingo mask is something I would have never thought of. Awesome creative choices.

(consider this a track.)
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I saw last years blog about

I saw last years blog about that already a way back! Glad to see it up again, it's such a wonderful idea 8D! Definitely tracking.

Perhaps you wouldn't have minded doing a deer skull for Severa? Here's a ref. I think it would look beautiful being mostly based off of her main color scheme with only subtle markings representing her eyeshine. I'm not sure if you still do deer skulls with the lower jaw option, though? If you still happen to do it, it'd be great with lower jaw.

Thank you~!

I really enjoy looking at

I really enjoy looking at these. /sits
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Aaah, awesome to see this up!

Aaah, awesome to see this up! Would you consider Alice for a deer skull design? It'd be nice to have hers painted.

Could I pop in a RP post... ?

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Apoidea: Thank you! I love

Thank you! I love variations in skull masks, I think I could've been more creative but the flamingo was a fun find hahah @_@

I can dig it up no problem! I just didn't want to make that many tabs :").. I am lazy.
Sounds good, on it!

Ha good! That's fine too ^^

Feel free to rp too! I don't mind if people want to rp or prefer not to, I'm just doing these for funsies.
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Oh, great to see this up

Oh, great to see this up again. I'll track it for now. c:

Also love the idea of variations in skulls!
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Thanks Snow! And Jennie,

Thanks Snow!

And Jennie, just to make sure, I think you're essentionally asking for a brown skull with red markings then, right?
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Tracking. La might ask for a


La might ask for a garish design on her glitch skull to punish it if it keeps misbehaving.

Wondering if it's possible to

Wondering if it's possible to get a painted croc skull for Eve (with her color scheme) to be given by Gia as a gift?
This is a really awesome thing you both are doing ♥!

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Ah that's great! Yeah I'd

Ah that's great! Yeah I'd love a skull with color scheme like her main plus some subtle markings of red and light faded purple since she has each eye a different color. Hope it's not too complicated ;;
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Alison: Yes please. Let me

Yes please. Let me draw the most garish thing in the world. I'm up for the challenge. :")

Of course it is! Anything goes really!

Alright, I understand ^^ Hope you'll like it when it's done! I'll upload them in batches, so keep requesting people!
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It was warm, today. A ray

It was warm, today. A ray from the sun seeped through high branches and leaves, coming to rest on Alice's pelt as she took a little morning stroll. She walked gently on soft grass, and seemed appreciative of the calming forest around her. The doe hadn't predicted having company; simply wanting to pass time after her bathing in the Idol's stream. But when Verve's scent was caught by her as it drifted through the breeze, she figured hello wouldn't hurt.

Alice brought her pace to a trot before arriving in front of the dark-pelted doe. "Hey there," she spoke cheerfully and with a courteous bow. Verve's crafts had always been a great point of interest to her, and she couldn't help but wonder if the doe was making any now. Al took her place beside the other and laid down carefully. "How are you today? Anything special happen, or same old?"

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Evern: The calmth of the

The calmth of the forest, the birds chirping and the wind gently blowing through the trees, was entirely lost on the dark doe. She had one end of a rope in her mouth as a spider worked it through the holes in the back of a skull. Quickly she pushed her face into the painted mask, working on the fit. With a frown she took it off again and began hacking on an area inside the skull, before looking up at a voice. A spider half-hanging on her face, a mantis adruptly dropping the string of beads it was working on. "Oh! Alice, hey!" The doe smiled, the tarantula helping her quickly moving off to her back as not to potentionally unsettle her visitor. "Please do sit! Sorry for the mess." The doe commented as she quickly shoved a few items aside to make place.

"Pretty good! Chill is setting in, usually means that big old zombie oaf is coming by again. So I'm starting work on masks. Those get populair around this time of year." She commented, gently tapping a large bull skull next to her. "Got some curious ones that I've saved over the last two years. How are you, the kids?"
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I can perhaps offer this

I can perhaps offer this girl with deer skull? The skull you can color as you like. I have no idea how it should look. I want it on my doe. And some feathers with beads in his skull. It's up to you. But the skull could be a bit gray and worn. Please. If it is somehow difficult to I apologize. (I love how this page looks is full of colors and is so charming in a beautiful African style. And the skull jou really wonderful. c:)

Art by Arres
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yesyesyes *-*

yesyesyes *-*
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Hell yeah. I know Jokerman

Hell yeah.

I know Jokerman would love to snag a little painted bull skull for Abhiri (her color scheme, or any "Bollywood-esque" colors) and warthog one for Rohit (his color scheme, or.. anything zombie/"gory-like" haha).

Thank you so much. :)
look out, kid.

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Alice's eyes trailed inquisitively to Verve while she worked, and were captivated by the doe's skill as the process of mask-making was carried out flawlessly. It was probably something that seemed rude on the outside, yet in reality was nothing but admiration. She didn't even notice the bugs that seemed to be making their way around the other's person. "Hello! It's no bother, I find your trinkets fascinating to say the least." She attempted to make out a few items before they were swished away, and could spot a loose bones, skulls, bracelets and feathers.

"You're right! I'd almost forgotten... that sounds lovely, though." There was a small pause as she thought about it more. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to give her own a little spicing up... ? "Are people giving you something in return for these?" There was a hint of concern in Alice's voice. It seemed banal for the poor thing to do all this work for nothing in return. Nevertheless, if there was a price, maybe it was affordable. "Oh, I'm doing good, thanks for asking! Kids are doing fine too, thankfully. Could be much worse."

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Not sure if you'd be terribly

Not sure if you'd be terribly interested but perhaps Verve could paint Lev's skull for her? ;o; She could have Lev's antlers when they shed here in the next week or so, though not sure a doodle by me would be all that good.. XD

AHH Eve's is beautiful! Thank

AHH Eve's is beautiful!
Thank you so much for taking the time out to do that ♥!!

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I love these so much and

I love these so much and goddamn, Eve's skull looks AMAZING! Croc skull is such a neat idea. Thank you so much for doing these and thank you so much Ems for requesting one for my character! Ahhhhhh so excited, thank you!! ♥

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥

These are always so cool,

These are always so cool, Mis. ♥ : D
Can I ask for the bull skull for Nikhil?
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Added Severa, Alice and Eve!

Added Severa, Alice and Eve!

Thank you! I can make a grey/worn looking skull for you, but adding feathers/beads is a small kind of trade thing. If your deer can give Verve something in return for it, preferably with a visual reference, we'll add beads/feathers to it!

Very yessss

Perrrfect good requests Cool Welcome!

Why wouldn't we be? We're very interested! And that's okay, it's mostly for storage purposes :").. Because I often get people who write what they give her, and I have a hard time visualizing that. Verve would be happy with those awesome giant antlers regardless :")

Welcome! Of course, is what we're here for! ^^

"Haha thank you!" The doe replied cheerfully, as she tried to unwrap herself unelegantly from the rope and paint she had surrounded herself in. "It's uh, they're more charming when they're done." She added as she looked around the mess.

"I think it's a lot of fun. Adds some color to the forest, I think. Or, it's a goal." She had been relieved to be able to work on them again this year. Last year had kind of not been a good time. At Alice's question of anything being given in return, Verve pulled a suprised expression. Pondering that for a moment. "I uh, I kind of never ask for anything in return for these. So usually not. I also don't imagine most deer really have the abiliy to give anything in return. Would be sad to exclude them." Not all travelled, let alone had the ability to leave the forest. It would be tricky. "So yeah, I'm sure I can make something for you too if you'd like!" The tall doe smiled, pretty onto her.

(Also if you were going to give her something in trade Alice I can easily edit the design I have going on so far XD)

How did you guys ninja me I refreshed before posting >8(

Eve has such a cool design it was a joy to do! And got to agree, love the crocodile skull. I imagine it like a long mask in-game, or a super long cap :"D Bash people in the face when you turn around. Welcome!

Of course you can! ^^
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Eee! Yay. ;o; I'm on my phone

Eee! Yay. ;o; I'm on my phone so I'll have to have Levi drop the antlers off tonight or tomorrow. Or could just say she did, I guess. And I can get too doodling if you'd like~
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I've always admired your

I've always admired your skulls from afar ;; So could I possibly request a flamingo skull for Helios? Just can't stop thinking about it xD Not sure about a theme but his kinda "code" now is a knight but not sure if that helps any ;;

I want to at some point have Helios approach Verve to get a dire wolf skull painted for Zafeiri, not sure if you want to do that now though ;; He has some silver rings and stuff he could give back in return but I am pretty museless with rp right now /sob. (Probably in her colors)

thank you for doing this agh I love this!
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Aoooo uvu Love all the

Aoooo uvu Love all the lineart! These're gorgeous.

Would you mind a bull skull for Sloane? Her color scheme should be alright!
Anddddwithoutsoundingtoogreedypffff if you have the time of course, a croc skull for Shardul (with his color scheme)? ;;
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How about a little mask for

How about a little mask for Arielle? If you don't mind, that is. I'm torn between monkey and warthog so you can decide and I'm also giving you artistic liberty. I'd rather it not be her color scheme, but instead, compliment it. Can be any color you want. I don't care , go wild. Woo!

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Can I request a Ram skull for

Can I request a Ram skull for Lilu Please? She can give Verve some of her tail feathers c:
Colour palette is pretty much gold, black, purple, maybe a bit of maroon
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Ahhh you did Vasana! Wasn't

Ahhh you did Vasana! Wasn't expecting that thankyouuuu!

Wondering if I could request a crocodile skull for Jezabelle? I reckon she would suit that so muuuch. I guess her design is interesting enough for skull designs and such. Maybe something could work with her chains from her other mask design?

(KINDA AT WORK AT THE MOMENT and half asleep so can't really draw anything for trades)

Or perhaps Sterre with monkey skull mask? Again, her design would be a suitable colour pallet/design insp. Also that necklace that Verve made her some time ago with the blue agate slice and beads...maybe they could be added somehow to it?

All my babbus will have skulls if you allow it 8D <3
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oooh yay once again!! i may

oooh yay once again!!

i may request for my peche later, but for now i want to say that i still love the one you did for dina!!
soo gorgeous, i love all of the more options and designs too, ee
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Thank you for the skull ;u;

Thank you for the skull ;u; he will wear it with pride!~
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Ahhh oh my god if these

Ahhh oh my god if these aren't each perfect.

Abhiri's and Rohit's are spot on, I'M SORRY MY DESCRIPTIONS WERE SO VAGUE. But seriously thank you so much--looking forward to trying to think of a way for JM to repay Verve some time, too.

(And the others are beautiful as well, I love Nikhil's!)
look out, kid.

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Clare: I don't mind either

I don't mind either way! I'd be happy to see what you come up with, please don't worry about quality or anything like that ♥.

Aw pft come admire em up close. Glad you like the outcome! We should discuss the wolf skull on skype sometime, but of course I'll do that! Would be a fun rp when you feel up for it. Because Verve remembers you tainting at her, Helios. Verve rememberssss.

Got Shardul up for you! Sloane's on the to do list. Don't worry about swamping me XD

I'll do my best! Smiling

Sure! We'd love to see those feathers though!

Haha of course! Will definitly allow it, no worries XD On the list!

Aw thank you! Come request, I'm bored.

HAHA they were trickyy! But I liked the bollywood challenge, hope that was what you had in mind? XD But it was fun! And sure, we're always up for payment Cool

All you people seem to be apologising so much, really no need to! I'll say requesting about 5 characters is reasonable, would rather not have people come up with giant lists because then I might go insane. But otherwise please don't feel as if you're burdening me. Tomorrow I am literally stuck in an empty room with only my tablet. Feed me requests. I have nothing else to dooo ;____;

Ohh this is wonderful! Your

Ohh this is wonderful! Your character looks gorgeous up there.
Hnn...possibly the monkey skull for my guy? I'd like the colors to make the skull appear bloody/gory or something from a horror film, but if that's to much you can just go off of his design c':
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/ this drawing of Verve is

/ this drawing of Verve is the cutest, I love it.
trackin' for later... maaaaybe :j
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Always loved this idea and

Always loved this idea and your generosity for doing this ♥ The variety of African animal skulls this time is a great touch! ;v;
Perhaps a croc skull for Isela? <33

Hello! ^^ Can I get a monkey

Hello! ^^

Can I get a monkey skull with these colors? It's for a male fawn who likes to watch nature and be merry. Feels a pull towards the twin gods. Not much else decided about him yet, sorry ^^; Also, if you feel like another color would be a nice touch or maybe even some darker shades would really pop or something along those lines - go ahead and add it C: I want you to have some artist freedom here.

Since that's out of the way! You think we could maybe roleplay this? He could meet him and it would actually be the first deer he would talk too since his birth. ^^ Mabye get the mask then as birthing present?
"Each affect the other and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one" - Mitch Albom

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Ahh, new blog, I didn't

Ahh, new blog, I didn't realize ha, oops, dang this turned out lovely though, love Verve's new look with the head wrap, it's so feminine really. Thanks so much again for Neela's awesome wart hog skull I'm sure she'd gonna love running around with that and being scury. I think my favorite so far is the flamingo skull for Thais. Such pretty, pretty colors!
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I've always loved the idea of

I've always loved the idea of this, it's so generous. The mask paintings are looking amazing so far, I'm curious to see more of them. Especially the red one in the Verve drawing is really darn pretty.

I might want to have Farrah's ram mask painted prettily sometime later when I figure out what she'd give Verve in return. :}
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Okay I can try do someting

Okay I can try do someting for you. c:

Art by Arres
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Tracking for now, I need to

Tracking for now, I need to put some thought into this Laughing out loud
Oh, I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world.
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I always love your skull

I always love your skull paintings ;; Rohit's is just perfect, Jo's going to score some major cool points (and so will Verve, by proxy). Thank you!
Augh just going to sit here and drool on all of them
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Elias will have some skulls

Elias will have some skulls to donate, though he probably doesn't want anything in return unless Verve could think of something creative, haha. We can absolutely do a trade if that's the case!

Donated items:

A turtle shell
Most of a rabbit
Numerous frog skeletons

And a few of his own molted feathers, some of which are soft body feathers and a few of which come from his crest. All of the feathers are pale yellow and white, and the crest feathers have a few black bars. The crest feathers are about the length of a tail feather on a bird such as a hawk.

I absolutely love this.

I absolutely love this.

Signature by Terabetha
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He had heard of the doe that

He had heard of the doe that was painting skulls to give some variety to the forest around this time of year when such things were popular, and looking at his own mask, he felt that maybe a bit of color would be a nice change to the ever visible bone that adorned his head at times. So he set out towards where he had been told she was waiting, creating her art for the forest to treasure.

It was hard not to miss her as she worked, the smell of natural ochre paints filling the air as he got closer. He had to stop for a moment, just to watch as she delicately moved the mixed colors in patterns over the numerous bones she had collected. It certainly was a spectacular sight.

A gentle cough left his throat to tell her he was there, before he had stepped a little closer and moved to slide the reptilian skull from over his face, placing it before her. Compared to the ones she had his was nothing all that interesting to look at and he felt a little bad for bringing her such an old thing. But he knew that a blank canvas to an artist would become so many wonderful things.

"I do hope I am not intruding. I heard you were takin' skulls and giving some life back to them. I was curious if you wouldn't mind sprucing up this old thing for me?" His ears flicked slightly as he stood there, shifting on his hooves, glancing over the finished and half finished creations she had made. "I apologize if yer busy..."

I apologize, this picture isn't the best, but I quickly scribbled it in paint... haha...
He's rather fond of warm colors... reds and gold/orange yellows.

Thank you for the opportunity. ^^

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Jrawgmei: Thank you! I'll do

Jrawgmei: Thank you! Smiling I'll do my best for you!

HB-K: Haha thanks! I'm pretty happy with the outcome XD No maybe's, request >8( ;_;

Honeyfur: Pf haha thank you! I dunno if it's generous, it's fun for me! Sure, she's on the list Smiling

Bearwatch: Of course you can! I'll do my best ^^
We could absolutely! Would you mind making a starting post? I'm sure we can figure a good reason to give it to him XD Would it be kid-size then?

Sight: Haha yeah didn't want that old thing to rise up again >_>".. Welcome! I didn't really figure out how to add purple, but gold will have to do for her XD Thanks! Flamingo skulls are callenging.

Hellsbells: Aw thank you! Ha, that's a skull mask she made for herself a long time ago, I figured it would look good with the theme. And sure! Go for it Smiling

7x: Looking forward to it!

Ebony3: Sure!

Aivilo: Haha glad you like it, that one was a struggle ;_; Welcome! Verve enjoys the cool points XD

Thelittleraven: Verve has a tendency to insist! You don't happen to have an image of the feathers I suppose? I kind of want to start collecting everything properly on a 'hoard' blog, or something like that. So I can scroll through it when picking out items for her to craft with.
Any skull Elias would possibly like? She'd likely push a trade on him ;x XD

Ammy: Thank you! That's nice to hear!

Beamont13: [Oh! Love that drawing, such a nice suprise upon refreshing this page! And nonsense, it's a great drawing! Thanks for making it! :)]

The cough seemed to startle her only slightly, but the large tarantula painting a bull skull flung up it's front legs in respond to the arrival, flinging the red paint on Verve's face. She frowned at the creature. "Calm down sod. Noone's going to hurt you." She commented at it as she whiped the extra paint drops from her face, turning quickly to greet the stag. "Of course you're not intruding!" She replied with a cheerful expression, and quickly turned her attention to the skull shown to her. "I should definitly be able to spruce this one up, it looks good still really. You took good care of it." Ah she loved toothy skulls. It was nice to see others with them too. She was used to be handing deer skulls most of the time. Which was fine too, of course. But change was fun.
"Never busy enough." The doe replied, turning the skull towards her to inspect it. "Shouldn't take too long. Come see me later, and it should be done!"
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I don't have an image right

I don't have an image right at the moment, unfortunately. I'll definitely draw you one tomorrow though. As for a skull that Elias might like to have, I'm thinking he'd be very fond of the hog skull. Not a clue what he'd think of for colours or patterns. From an OOC perspective, however, I think something that fits his colour scheme but isn't the same as his colours would be awesome. Maybe something red?
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Hey Verve, and nice to meet

Hey Verve, and nice to meet you!

My Manda has gone with the simple skull mask design for almost four years now and he'd really like a change to be able to look different compared to others. I was thinking of a bull or a ram skull for him as he is rather big and muscular, but as for the design I'm giving you full control over what you want to do because I'm completely free for ideas and a change.

Thank you!
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Oh woah, thanks to Brit for

Oh woah, thanks to Brit for asking for one of these amazing painted skulls, and to Mis for making such a unique interpretation!
Haha, really looking forwards to seeing other requests and to try draw it with her. Thanks!

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

No I don't mind at all ^^

No I don't mind at all ^^ Though I'm a tad rusty - haven't role played in this depth for a while. I'll comment with the started after class.

Yes it would be fawn sized. C:
"Each affect the other and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one" - Mitch Albom

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Added Sloane, Shardul,

Added Sloane, Shardul, Jezabelle, Isela, Arielle, Sterre, Bearwatch, Lueur and Devashana. I still have Manda, Levi, Korra, Zafeiri, Italia, Lilith, and Elias on the to-do list. Since those require a bit more effort on my part! So hope noone's forgotten there. I'm adding a feline and a ram skull, since I've seen the question for a ram skull pass quite often. So look out for those, and feel free to request them too. Hope they still fit on the skull list on the top <_<'..

TheLittleRaven: Red is a great color. We'll figure something out!

Mary13: Hey Mary!
Ram skull is coming up, I already drew up a bull skull so either way Smiling And sure! We'll make something of it!

Niriya: Glad you like it! It had to be a bit colorful, hahah. Welcome!

Bearwatch: That's fine, I'm in a permanent state of rust. So no worries or stress. Fawn size is adorable aw!