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It'll be alright


Uuuh so where am I! Not in minecraft. I knew that'd die after 2 weeks, I know myself.

It's been sort of busy?? Lately? Stressed with work so not very into things, family stuff, I don't know! My mind feels chaotic and unsettled. There's also a lot of fun stuff! New rp world, I'm back to working on the dolls, planning more holidays, MAYBE a new character?? Like I need new ones. But my interest Here is very low right now. It'll return, it does this, especially in summer I am a chaotic whirlwind so this isn't new. But yeah! I'm on discord. I'll have characters lounge in-game on occassion. But I don't think my mind is all 'here', so updates and stuff might lack entirely.

Needless to say still feel free to approach us, or to beat Altijd up, but we might not be extremely interesting right now? Eh!


Ok bANDWAGON, if you see me in-forest? I'm up for interaction. If you don't, I'm still, but let's focus on forest for now. That means POSITIVE, that means NEGATIVE, that means OOC. I genuinly don't mind if you play OOCly but you want to interact with whoever of mine is in-forest. (Do keep in mind I am IC, and my kids will take you as a character)

I don't need to be asked before a negative interaction if I'm up for it, I respect that others might though. I'm a bit old fashioned there maybe; fight first, talk later Eye I am NOT paused, so if I don't immediatly react, I'm simply not at the PC in that second; feel free to scream.

I want to make EXTRA effort to poke people myself as well. It's no use if we all make a little note like this and then still sit and wait. No offense, I know some of us have a harder time with this, that's fine too.

Secondly, going to make it a little clearer what my characters pictograms are on this page, so you don't need to click so much. A lot of my problems stem with how SLOW the site is, so it takes a bit before I can even identify anyone. I'm going to put a little disclaimer on my picto pages too so you don't have to go find this blog.


Currently online:

On interactions/plots in general
I'm really very open to stuff, but I will not participate in anything concerning
rape for my own mental wellbeing. Gotta put your limits somewhere right.

I don't pause my game, so we're free to be peacocked. Or.. Koi fish'd?
You can add me on discord. I'm too curious to deny anyone.

The Angel, Ophanim. Local Tall Goblin.
Most often in-game, very approachable.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Fights! Al loves a friendly spar.
• Lazy sitting. Poke us on discord for a chat!
• Just. Chaotic playing rofl.

• Things are pretty calm with Altijd at the moment, but we're up for changing that.

He can help with:
• Portals! Need to go anywhere? Al's good for that.
• Really lenghty chats. Al doesn't judge. No good for relationship advice tho.
• A babysit! No Don't

The Sun. Golden mask.
Easy to approach, hard to intimidate

Types of interactions in-game:
• More lazy sits. Might flirt with your deer.

• I assume most people have figured this out by now.

They can help with:
• Cool masks.
• Being cool in general.
• The better alternative for relationship advice.

Bitterwood, Moord
POSSIBLY played with pictograms off. Feel free to give him a smack if he's chasing Sweetgrass.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Hunting down poor Sweetgrass
• Fights. Moord needs to keep his body in peak condition! Can't go without training.

• Moord is on a mission and needs help; up for murder?
• Enemies are fine too.
• Moord is unable to leave the forest because he can't make portals. For plot reasons he's not supposed to be able to be brought out to his actual world, but he might be looking for people who could possibly help.

They can help with:
• Do you want to be STRONG?? Do you need a TRAINER?? GET THIS SHOUTY MAN!
• Likely an actual good babysit.

Copper Tiger, Fae's daughter.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Gehirn 2.0: Lazy.
• Likes to play though. Not a runner.

• Well, really just looking for friends!
• Romance also welcome, HA.

They can help with:
• Being a big-ass guard.

Loves to be approached!! Car salesman.

Types of interactions in-game:
• Such a happy lazy guy.
• Being persuaded into shady deals.

• Get persuaded into shady deals.
• Hamsa is the good half of the wish twins, he's here to help!! Anything is possible. Want your char to lose their memory, get a new look, a love potion, whatever: this pair is a plot excuse.

They can help with:
• Being a plot excuse. ANYTHING! GOES!

The Blemished, Knife bearer

Types of interactions in-game:
• Company. Will stare a lot.
• Happy to run around!

• Needs friends of some sort. Or enemies.
• Hey if anyone wants to try to remove those warts; feel free!

They can help with:
• Knifing someone.
• Being a horrible example to kids.
• Scaring your neighbour by simply appearing Sad

He's very pretty!

Types of interactions in-game:
• Horrible amounts of flirting.
• Yes, this one lazy-sits as well.

Anything. Need a victim for your agressive character?
• A romance plot? Good or bad results?

They can help with:
• Nérias is a fae with a specific ability: CLOSING portals. He is attracted to any portals that weren't closed 100%, and the only way for him to close them is to go through. If you think it'd be funny to have Nérias show up in your characters world, poke me!

A BABY!!! May this be obvious

Types of interactions in-game:
• Playing!!
• Following the heck out of your character.
• Copying whatever bad behaivor you're up to.

• Baby needs name! Baby needs... company.
• Well it's a newborn predator looking kiddo. I wouldn't blame your character for being agressive! Let me know if that'd be the case.

They can help with:
• Nothing much yet. Baby appeal?

Social media

Contact meSocial media
Discord: MisMantis#4207Instagram
Email: Mismantisart@gmail.comBJD tumblr
Personal tumblrFacebook
Free code stuffToyhouse

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Think that's it.
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Trackity track

Trackity track
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trackin' wow that sidebar art

wow that sidebar art is amazing i adore the style and design lsjfaf
your art is so great i can't even.
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I was starting to wonder

I was starting to wonder where your personal blog went!

The CSS used here is so simple yet so lovely with that right image added with the neat setup on the left (does that sound weird?). Um but, it's really hard to type a comment because the text colour is so light. ^^;

I also read your update and it sounds pretty eventful - even made me smile a bit while reading~
Glad things are mostly going well for you! Though I really hope you go to Australia, it is soo worth it.

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mm gorgeous in here. /snug

mm gorgeous in here. /snug
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♥ I'm still waiting

I'm still waiting for you to write about the trip to Sweden and all.
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The new blog looks great!

The new blog looks great! Love that image of Mis Mantis.
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" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Hi Smiling
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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Echosong: Hellooo! Hadou: AA


AAAH noonono hahah I can't draw that well! That piece is commissioned from Apeldille, I forgot to put in the proper credits. Massive shame on me. But now they're there, phew! All go bow to Apel she is amazing.
(thank you though ;D)

Oh dear, changed that! I shouldn't be allowed to finish up css at 2am. Thanks though! I'm terrible at css layouts, so I went with what I know. Boxes. Side by side boxes.
Yeah you've been to Australia more than once huh XD I do really hope to. Phobia's suck.

Aw thanks *Snugs with*

Oh ? I didn't realise you were :"D Woops. Do you want me to write a pretty story on this blog or shall I give you a private show on skype? ;D

I do too! Love looking at it. Really want a plush of it. SO MANY THINGS TO DOO

Hey Vala! You alright? Smiling

Haaai! SOON FLYLEAF. I'm really exited to work on that doll HAHA I will contact you soooooon.
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Don't need to Hurry

Don't need to Hurry Laughing out loud
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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Track! I'll have to look at

Track! I'll have to look at your newest dolls when I get a chance. :3 If you have them up somewhere yet.
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Tracking of course. I had

Tracking of course.

I had such an amazing time visiting you. LETS DO IT AGAIN SOON.
Excited for Jezabelle to arrive (and my charger whoopsie)

I promise Australia wont be 2 SPOOPY 4 U

x <3
Mis's picture

Damn right australia is too

Damn right australia is too spoopy fo me. BUT I WILL TRY. For you I can. I think it should happen. I'd really like to be all amazed about plucking a banana from your garden. (THen scream at banana spider)
And I am so glad you had an amazing time. You know how I worry. YOU KNOW 8( XD
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Happy belated Birthday , hope

Happy belated Birthday , hope you had a good one Smiling
Avatar @ Sluggs Siggy @ Amazegenalo
Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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If I may, track!

If I may, track!

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Flyleaf: I had a good enough

I had a good enough one! Eye Glad I survived that weekend o_x

You may! Smiling
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-goes wild-

-goes wild-
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I wouldn't say you're

I wouldn't say you're terrible at updating, you probably just don't have enough time to. Smiling And keep working on those dolls! they're fantastic ^-^
"Common sense is not so common." -Voltaire
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Wheee! I see the moose I sent

Wheee! I see the moose I sent to you, but WHERE'S SHADOW?
RikkaChan's picture

Wow, what a difference

Wow, what a difference between the 'before' and 'after'. xDD
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Tuoho: So other people also

So other people also see I am not an ungrateful brat: Here's Shadow >8( On my bed. Next to the pillow I sleep on. And I'd be amused if anyone could guess where the other plushies are from :"D One I made. The rest is bought. Exept Shadow the hedgehog, he's a gift :")

This ritual repeats every time I make a doll :"D Empty rooms give me the crafting shivers too. But this time me and my mom are going to visit Ikea to get me some extra planks for the walls, so I have some more storage space. I need it badly.
RikkaChan's picture

I suppose it's worth it since

I suppose it's worth it since you are doing something you love. Smiling But extra storage space would be great too.~
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where is shadow

where is shadow
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Ah, almost forgot, wanted to

Ah, almost forgot, wanted to write it in a comment as well because I know people mostly click "new" Eye XD

Conserning wanting to play a fawn, what I do really look for is a family surrounding the kid who would be interested in doing artsy stuff. Because I really love stories and art and things alike. And that I'd like to be involved from pregnancy on, so I would be able to do in-womb stuff too. Because that's cool. Otherwise I'm pretty free for anything? I'd like to be inspired.
Sorry to be one of many. And really, for me it's not a need or anything. Just something that's been going on in my mind for a while now. Ok. *Shies away again*
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Internet can be evil

Internet can be evil sometimes. Sad

Have you tried using an ethernet cable if you normally use a wireless connection? You mentioned that you'd tried resetting the router and stuff so I assume you use a wireless connection with your desktop? I've tried the software on maybe five computers and never had trouble with it when I'm ethernet cabled into the router. Sometimes my internet will be fine for regular browsing/Steam/torrenting but decide that TEF can't play, so I only play it on my wired desktop these days.
Mis's picture

It's a very evil twat! I am

It's a very evil twat!

I am on a cable on my desktop, and on wi-fi on my laptop. Neither worked, so I was a bit baffled. Especially because it was from one day on another, I never had problems before?
What worked was a suggestion someone gave me; try opening another window. SOMEHOW, the second window connects whilst the first one doesn't go past the red connection dot.

I'm thinking another internet-using program is interfering with TEF, perhaps Skype or Steam or Dropbox, I don't actually know :") I'm likely talking out of my ass, but it feels as if TEF is trying to connect on a taken port and so can't. A second window gets forced on another port and thus connects? Really, who knows, TEF's just a bit old and badly coded. For now the workaround does the job, and maybe my first window starts to connect at some point again as well. I do wonder if this could be a solution for more people when this problem comes up, often it seems sometimes TEF just randomly doesn't want to connect for people who've connected without problems for ages.

It's just a bit of an ass I think :")
AlisonRobin's picture

I don't think it's any of

I don't think it's any of those because I'm running all of them right now. And two different internet browsers and a VPN software that picked Switzerland today as my "home" country. I think that TEF is just insanely fussy sometimes.

OR the server is so old that it's gained sentience and is just screwing with people because that's the only entertainment it has. It's probably so sick of watching deer.
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Posting here partially for

Posting here partially for stalking purposes and mostly for the need to comment that they really need to do a server reboot. It would seriously fix a lot of problems.

Char's Ymir is -still- ghosting in the forest and has been like that for over a week. I know from working with the shitty Impressive title software that sometimes when code isn't reset, issues like this start to pop up. It's good maintenance and something that just absolutely needs to be done on a regular basis. I'd try and contact M&A and see if they'd be willing to do a reboot.

I highly doubt it's anything on your end ^^. Just problematic server issues.

Discord:Nazzard#9068 ||Click for bios.
AlisonRobin's picture

Rebooting the server would

Rebooting the server would require finding it.
I like to imagine that it lives in the corner of a very dusty attic, surrounded by file cabinets.
Mis's picture

Al: Well, that’s the thing,

Well, that’s the thing, they’ve always all been open for me too. When TEF suddenly didn’t want to connect anymore, I thought of what was the last thing that changed on my pc, and that seemed to be skype. So I uninstalled it entirely, and TEF connected again. Unfortunately, when I reinstalled Skype and TEF accidentally crashed, there was no way for me to get it to work again. Not even with uninstalling skype. The only work-around so far really is opening a second window.

I do believe it might’ve gained sentience. Especially when everyone’s sets randomly swaps out. Or when people randomly get turned into giant bunnies o_x The server is an entity on it’s own.

Aah stalk. Possibly? I’m not really versed enough in servers to know if that helps or not. We have a server at home and I don’t think my brother really reboots that a lot, then again there’s no game running on it. M&A rent the server from some other company if I’m correct, if anything you’d imagine they do the maintenance and not M&A. But M&A have had to contact them in the past for reboots when it had crashed again. Not sure though! I just remember reading that somewhere. I could, again, be talking out of my bum.

I knew it wasn’t bad connection when it started, I’m practically the server’s neighbor and on glass fiber cable. Hard to beat that. I just wish I was able to figure out what the problem is –exactly-. But I’ll live with the workaround.

I'm sure it has grown a dust-bunny beard as well and complains about all those young whippersnapper mmo's that can hold thousands of people at the same time :")
SoliloquyChryseis's picture

I'm offended at myself for

I'm offended at myself for never stalking this. Weeee ;;
Foodog's picture

I managed to solve it by

I managed to solve it by opening up two windows of TEF. While one won't connect, the other will connect straight away.

If two windows don't work, try three. c:

Annnnnd stalk. ♥
AlisonRobin's picture

Quote:I have a

I have a dream-appartment and I will not settle for anything less. A tiny one-room studio appartment, in the most artsy-area of my city.
That sounds gorgeous and so comfy. /wistful sighing
niriya's picture

Shame on me, shame on me for

Shame on me, shame on me for not tracking this. (Love Apeldille's design! Mantiss)

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

Apeldille's picture

so apparently I have never

so apparently I have never tracked this? *fixes

kicy3's picture


Why.i.haven't.track.this.already. *dies*

Track this !
Echosong's picture

eeee, they look so cool!

eeee, they look so cool!
HolyMaria's picture

aaaa!!!! how cutee!!!! have

aaaa!!!! how cutee!!!! have you thought about any names for them?
are they all the same gender? if not, is the female gonna eat the male if they mate??
I have so many questions I'm sorry
♥ so lucky!!
Tuo's picture


Mis's picture

Echosong: Yesss ee! I love

Yesss ee! I love this species, the first two photos I linked are mine actually! They're really cute.

Not yet! I'm really bad at names! Usually I come up with them after owning them for a while. I'm getting two males, and two females, and this is actually a species that can live together! They only go after prey smaller than themselves, so they won't try to eat eachother. But with any mantis species there's always the chance they will anyway, so I might keep them seperate.
But the female eating the male is sort of a myth actually! Mantids see anything that's small and moves as prey, so the female only really grabs the male if he's moving in front of her/where she can see him. In the wild, it barely ever happens that they eat their partner because he has plenty of space to escape. But it can happen. Breeders try to distract the female with food when they are about to breed them. I had a super sneaky orchid mantis who went and ate her boyfriend the second I looked away though. I was -so- mad he cost me so much HAHA damnit woman.

Be prepared for walls of text when asking me about these..<___<"....

Tuoho you ninja'd me. But yess, they so are.
Tuo's picture

Ninjaing you is one of my

Ninjaing you is one of my favorite hobbies.
Sighthoundlady's picture

Oh my gosh Mis, I'm so glad

Oh my gosh Mis, I'm so glad you've decided to get some more mantids again, I think that's wonderful and there better be some mantis and ball jointed doll photos too! Just sayin'. Really excited for you. <3
Mis's picture

Tuo: I feel like I should

I feel like I should provide you with more opportunities then..

Yes aah. It.. It didn't take much convincing. When I saw the sales thread I just sort of had to. Been hounding the two european mantis forums for an opportunity :"D I wanted a nice large green gal though, of course I end up with tiny tiny brown babies HAHA. Ah but they're perfect Verve-doll photography material. Cool
Tuo's picture

i'm probs too anxious to add,

i'm probs too anxious to add, too, but i'm glad to hear from you! hopefully will see altijd in-forest, i always loved the concept you had for him. ♥ also very proud of verve (and will forever miss her) ;u;

Vala 's picture

Fine , to see you here

Fine , to see you here
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥


Aivilo's picture

Good to hear from you~ Hope

Good to hear from you~ Hope you are well
Thais's picture

Its nice to hear from you,

Its nice to hear from you, Mis! ♥
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
Mis's picture


Tuo: <3!

Vala: Good to see you're still around too!

Nopje: Also a <3 for you

Aivilo: I'm alright, I'm all grown up now in my own place with my own cat. Hope you're good too!

Thais: <3<3 I messaged you on facebook, also for some reason discord tells me your discord name is wrong even though I've been copy pasting it!