Bloodhound - [HARIN]

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Harin is in-character, that means he has his own opinions and reactions to things. I'm still the player, so feel free to contact me if he does anything that confuses you! We're happy to talk about it.

This bio contains:
• Cursing
• Sexually suggestive descriptions
• Possibly violence

Subjects I will never write:
• Rape
• Child abuse
• Descriptive gore

ALWAYS feel free to contact me on discord (MisMantis#4207)
or email:

Harin Mathuly

Species: Troll
*In the forest looks like some kind of spiky doberman, long tail and long ears.
Gender: He/him pronouns
*Trolls only have one sex, and no concept of gender. Harin is neither male or female. Can easily go by she/her too.
Age: Mature adultOrientation: Aromantic
*Akoiromantic specifically. Loses any and all romantic interest the moment it is returned. Gets crushes on unreachable people. Sexually doesn't care, as long as nobody starts getting romantic.
Scent: Cigarettes, asphalt after rainVoice: High-pitched, sharp
Size: Inbetween #11 / #10Diet: Omnivorous
Set: Devout, Valentines, GazelleOrigin: Athu; Emnes


Bastard man. Cruel and calculating, snappy and selfish. But unless you get on his bad side, Harin isn't the worst. He loves a good prank, always has his quick comebacks ready and is an excellent brawler. The one sending shitty memes into the group chat at 3am.

Bad habit collector. While he might act cocky and self assured, a lot of Harin's issues stem from a deep, youth inflicted insecurity. Convinced with every fiber of his being that he is unloveable, and can't love himself due to it. Keeps people at an arms length, and rarely opens up to anyone.

Afraid of dying, living in a deteriorating state, both by the harm he inflicts on himself by constantly getting into fights and living dangerously, but also by the spirit embedded in his body slowly piercing vital organs. Always on the lookout for a way to cure his condition.


As a troll, very small. In the forest, pretty average, though seems small due to, let's be honest, the majority being giants. Takes the appearance of a dog of some sort, mostly doberman, with large osteoderms covering his jaw, shoulders and spine. These are not part of his bone but attatched to his skin, and due to that pretty flexible.

• Very obviously albino
• Thin skin, scarred
• A very long tail ending in a very light blonde tuft of fur
• Engraved horns with many spikes on top
• Squints a lot, shitty eyesight in bright sun
• Beefy for his size

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bastard man

bastard man <3

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TRACK even though I am not

TRACK even though I am not here.
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A little red one is on insta

A little red one is on insta now ...chris.june 24
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