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Misakos updates/News

Hello kids! For future reference, go to this blog! It's going to be my new updates page. This one will still excist, as I do love nostalgia. (And just look at the age of this thing!) But it won't be updated anymore. Other stuff will be moved to said account as well, but gruadually. I wouldn't want to spam you guys.
I'll still be on Seele for a while Smiling

Aah presentation ! D8'



-Half blind - Friendly - Old - Quiet voice - Clumsy - Loves fawns - First deer -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Neutral.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: -
Love: Saan(Gone)


- Bipolar - Noisy - Rude - Invades privacy - Loves to annoy - Playfull - Selfish - Mother to Poltergeist -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 50% Physically: 100%
Mood: Twisted.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: Lost her only daughter.
Love: Solace(Gone)


- Shy - Broken voice, almost mute - Homosexual - Personality disorder - Clingy - Protective - Brother to Gehirn -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Fussy.
Thoughts: "Look at you now! You're all dirty!"
Recent events: Got his set back, enjoyed his new picto - strolled around spying on people - Went to Sonne's grave to clean it up.
Love: Jared


- Pervert - Seductive - Powerfull - Agressive - Protective - Though, always caring - Moody - Brother to Horizon -

Activity: No (On a trip)
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Confident.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: Away, on a journey outside the forest with Trees. (No don't ask how he got out. Neither do I know.)
Love: Trees


- Cold - Sarcastic - Soft spot for fawns - Calm - Fighting spirit - Alone -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 70% Physically: 100%
Mood: Avoiding.
Thoughts: "Damn retards."
Recent events: Evaded deer. SUCH DEVELOPMENT.
Love: ...


- Nightmares - Emotionless - Scared - Paranoid - Defensive -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 20% Physically: 100%
Mood: -
Thoughts: "-"
Recent events: -
Love: Noone


- Stubborn - Temperamental - Caring - Playfull - Silly - Teenager - As long as he can stand, he will fight - Son to Virgil -

Activity: Yes
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Protective.
Thoughts: "Hey I ain't trusting that guy, acting all high and mighty before, and now sucking up."
Recent events: Went to his favourite spot, only to be mocked by some bypasser - Left, returned when the other deer left. - Found his dad, ran about with him - Went to Esll with dad, mocked Esll whilst up the tree by scentmarking it - Ran around with Esll, later running about with both him and Virgil - Went to visit Kaoori and Noelle, then approached by the same skulled deer that acted up about his resting place - Saw him sneeze off his skull to get "dad's approval", but didn't want him near a pregnant Kaoori. - Rested. - Greeted Dajhi.
Love: ...


Curious - Playfull - Noisy - Dreamer - Loves company - Daughter to Poltergeist and Wudiin, twinsister to Otis -

Activity: Seems so
Health: Mentally: 80% Physically: 90% Some cuts and bruises.
Mood: Content.
Thoughts: "Every doe I see is.. Round.."
Recent events: Found Kaoori, rested next to her.
Love: Noone


To Do list.

• Do some gift art.
• Do something for Nopje. And do it good.
•Personal biography -> Becoming less likely.
• Buy presents. Send presents.
• Finish plush animal damn! -> Working on.
• Start wall drawing.

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Guh. *Redface* Stop doing

Guh. *Redface* Stop doing that, miss.

You be curiouss <3 Uh, yeah. I'll join up with an rp of yours soon X"D.. Or, I'll try. So he might be more clear as he can be in forest.
But he's really akward with poppies on his head.

It feels bare, it does.

--Stays a lonely Seele



EDIT: SPRING. LMAOOO <3 loveisintheairrrr~~ -shot-

-- Dannii <3

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Yap. It's him. 8D (What

Yap. It's him. 8D

(What shall me make them do? Shall they get closer? Or just refuse to go to each other again? I'd like anything exciting, I want to write a great story |D.

Cata & Paya & Pi'yu

Cata & Paya & Pi'yu
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HMM. Chism is kinda.. Down

Chism is kinda.. Down at the moment, and therefor pretty calm. He MIGHT stand a chance by approaching her, but she can turn cold. I never know what she'll do XDD

--Stays a lonely Seele

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Sorry for him kinda annoying

Sorry for him kinda annoying her, but she sat down just by this fawn he had seen before, and he found it so cute how it was laying under the tree. When he saw Chism sitting there, he thought a flesh-eater next to a fawn he liked couldn't be good. |D
Damned, he had received some courage. I don't know from where. xD

Cata & Paya & Pi'yu

Cata & Paya & Pi'yu
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Ghaha, that made me laugh

Ghaha, that made me laugh XDD He was all up in her face all of a sudden. I know that fawn too, really <3 I understand his way of thinking 8D Lately she became to be more.. Eh.. Accepting towards fawns. She goes after big deer ._.".. But yeah, he indeed did something I didn't expect him to do X"D

--Stays a lonely Seele

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OMG COOOOOL. Seele's glasses

OMG COOOOOL. Seele's glasses are cute <3 -pets him-
Poor lonely guy D:

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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THANK YOU! This idea popped

THANK YOU! This idea popped up in my mind once and.. Yeah XD GLASSES WHIEEE. And yeah ._. Ah, it'll be fine. He has good friends, but he also misses his old one <3 I emailed Saan but she hasn't answered yet, I hope she's allright. I'm worried.

--Stays a lonely Seele

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Don't worry too much, she's

Don't worry too much, she's probably busy with school or something. Maybe she pops up in the summer again 8D

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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*laugh* what a pretty idea

*laugh* what a pretty idea (well, a little bit crazy too,he? XD)
aww i really love it :3 <3

~*~Sunfyra's Biography~*~
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Oh yeah, those bio pictures

Oh yeah, those bio pictures are for the win. C8 I really love them. <3
I lol'd at Seele's, teehee.

f l y r a b l o g avatar by tinkee, sig by Quamar
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Hey there. It was nice to

Hey there. It was nice to play with you today. I had great time with you and the others. Sorry I had to leave so suddenly. D8 Hope I see ya soon again.
Pssst.. I was the stag with skull mask, grey pelt and zombie antlers. He's called Roti. 8>
Doublepsst! I've played with you before! Then with Nevi, the doe with peacock antlers, orca pelt and whistling mask.
aaand sorry for bothering <8D
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Fenqua: Hm.. Let's just hope

Hm.. Let's just hope so. I'm not used to her not answering ._."..

I am really crazy, deep inside ;D.. And maybe a bit less deep inside. MWUAHAHAH.

I love Seele's too 8DD Thank you! Trying to be a bit original here. *Fail*

Hi! I had a nice time playing with you too <3! Ah, don't worry, I'm in a lot so you'll surely see me again XDD And I remember you, don't worry ;D I remember Nevi too! XDD Maybe I'm not all that bad with remembering picto's, hmmm. And you're not bothering. I like comments like these 8D

--Stays a lonely Seele

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I was quite sure you

I was quite sure you wouldn't remember Nevi at all! It's great that you remember her. Then she might have some courage to approach you again. 8> It was quite hard to find the owner of Polt, I knew the picto, I knew the set and stuff. <<8
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Juliet feels all guilty now

Juliet feels all guilty now D|

She had fun playing with Seele and that (ohsoadorable<3) little fawn. But then Carlisle approached and she just said hi. She felt really bad when Seele took off and wanted to follow him... but she didn't have the guts. Plus, she didn't want to be rude to Carlisle but then he left too. AAAH.
So she was stuck with the fawn (andIsecretlylol'dmyassoff) and the spell spammed each other. And then it took her like 5 minutes before she had finally convinced the fawn to follow her towards Seele.

And then... well you know what happened then. But she still feels bad ;_;

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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That wasn was really cute

That wasn was really cute XD.. Oh no, Seele just thought it might be better to leave them alone. Or, well, I did. I know noone sees things like I do, and that's good since everyone's different, but "love" in the forest has lost it's spontanity. (yeah screw my english) It's more like, hey, this populair person within my group of friends has a single deer, and this one of mine is single too, let's see if they match. It's not.. The same anymore. I'm not involved, so I don't know why I care so much, but I do feel pushed aside. You only see those people in-forest when their mate is around. And so, when I am not one of the intresting people, I won't see anyone. I still have some people who would never do that to me luckily, and I'll always be intrested in meeting new people <3 But yeah, the forest's attitude has become a bother to me, so I try to evade it. And if you're thinking "but Juliet and Carlisle are just friends" you have to be honest with me and say that's not your original plan. I know you all longer as today XD But that's ALSO why Seele walked off, but not HIS reason.

Seele went off because he made me cry, so I thought it was better to go do something fun. It's not Juliet's fault <3 Most likely my own, that I know. Seele tried to be cheery though! I think he succeeded at some point XD!

--Stays a lonely Seele

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Okay. Reconsidering. I'm not

Okay. Reconsidering.

I'm not happy right now. I feel randomly accused of matching up my single deer with other popular deer. Well, that's not what I do. ><
And Carlisle and Juliet may have shared one special moment, when he gave her flowers, but that doesn't make them mates or anything. Yes, they get along well with each other, but they're still just friends. Ofcourse Juliet, because she's a girl, had a slight interest in a good looking guy, but that's not immediately love. For god's sake, I'm not trying to match them up. I'm not like that.

And I can't believe you forgot the fact she stayed with Seele the whole time, even running back to him (dragging that fawn along 'cause I thought that would make him happy .__.) to apologize. She was even ignoring Carlisle while he was standing right behind her.

So yeah... I'm not happy right now ><

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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-Pops out of nowhere- I feel

-Pops out of nowhere- I feel like being Seele's friend. >( -Poofs away-


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Fenqua: Argk, and I had just

Argk, and I had just typed up my reply!
I'm not accusing youu, it's. Ok I did. I'm sorry, I'm not supposed to do such stuff. I've just been getting.. Well angry yes. Apparantly rp's are the base of an relationship and I can't live with that for stupid reasons. But you're getting pretty much besides my point.
I could care less if people hook up their deer on an instant! I don't want to accuse you, but it's just getting so obvious with everyone doing it, that I'm pretty much accusing everyone! Everytime I see a new deer get "born", it won't take longer as a week till they have an interest in someone they only saw in an rp. And I just.. But, still besides my point.
People get abandoned for not being in that mate-circle. I see people switch when they're playing with me, just to get a deer that has an interest in a deer that's on. So I'm like "..allright hiii, what worth am I?" and I'm not accusing you of that, but it does happen and not only to me! I'd hate to see this whole place turn all about couples and shit and see people get hurt because of it. I'm not even sure why I'm ranting this to you!
You know what, maybe I am one to always think the worst of people, and then so be it. But lately, this whole game and community have been drenched around in drama, and the only thing I can see is new stuff develop because people for eachother upon eachother.

Don't think the whole in-forest happening has to do with my rant, that was pretty fine. Seele was really happy with her hanging around, although I was afraid I'd bore the shit out of her. I was pretty happy to be proven otherwise. She never had to ignore him at all! But Seele/I weren't in the mood to try and keep a bigger group.. Happy. I knew Carlisle and Juliet would be fine.

But pft stop feeling bad. I'm just a bitch right now, and I don't know half of what I'm saying. Really. I'm staying up behind my "computertime" to type this up. Oh, last thing. If I wouldn't have gotten upset about feeling lonely, that'd pretty much mean I could care less about all you. But I do.

You are <3 *looks for pic*

He's so boring, always sitting.

--Stays a lonely Seele

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Funny thing is, it has been

Funny thing is, it has been happening to me too. The switching deer for mates (or other 'special' friends even) thing. But yeah... I'm glad you know I'm not doing that, because I simply hate it. I always pick my deer randomly or play whoever I feel like playing. Truth is, when Taliene showed up I was almost afraid you would switch to Gehirn. But you didn't <3 So I was wrong for thinking that.

I pretty much agree with you on everything, and it's a sad thing that it's happening. I like some romance once in a while but it doesn't have to dominate the whole thing. Too mushy sometimes. -pets Q-
Right now I'm actually feeling proud Fenqua's the only one with a mate (leaving Silvery aside for now). I actually felt neglected for a while when I figured only Fenqua had a mate. I was afraid I wasn't in the 'mate-circle' either... but now I just don't care anymore. Screw the mate-circle!

Don't worry about boring my deer by they way, I always think I'm boring. I'm pretty much always the one that has to come up with something. Or I just do it because I'm afraid they'll leave (it has happened X'D).

And don't feel bad about ranting to me. You have to rant to someone... right? And I'm the right person to rant to, because I rant right back.. Like I'm doing now >>

-rant stop-

I hope we're cool now.. <3?

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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Well, see, everyone does

Well, see, everyone does that for a bit. Ofcourse I understand, one gets hyperbouncy when a mate/crush appears. That's why there's a crush XD But it's so sad to only see those deer/people around when one of those mates is on. I try to play my deer as equal as possible, but ofcourse everyone has their periods. ..In deer D8 And no I didn't, because Taliene is also Seele's friend, and he hadn't seen her in a while XD I'd only switch if I'd be bored/there were no other people around/I was currently not active with anyone else. But I don't want to say "look at me, I do eeverything riiight" since that's not the case. But sooometimes, things get on my neerves ._."...

Romance is cute, but indeed, too much can't be good either XDD Buttonmashing is juuust as fun <3 And I'd hate to ignore others because I was with my "mate" ._. The others is what makes it fun, too.
A lot of my deer have mates, actually. And I'd stop them if I could, but if they fall in love, they just do. I think Fenqua and Skokey are just the most adorable couple <3 I mean, I've been following them since fawnhood XDD They were so unforced but so obvious 8DD XD
Screeew it! I think it stops people from meeting others, and that's sad, because new people don't get a chance that way D8

LOL my deer are such followers X"D Like today with Seele and Juliet. When they walked to that mushroom tree, my thoughts where "Oh my Seele, you're being a follower again. Where's that mind of your own?" And it has happend to me too X"D But hey, I do what I want to do, if that's sitting around, then eh.. Come sit with me, or play with someone else <3 But most of the time, my deer love following.

Aw, but I mostly rant to you 8D;... You're always honest in your reply, and don't make it easy for me. I need a good kick once in a while to keep my stuff straight. And we've always been cool love, I'm just a hothead.
..Time to go to bed. LOL *flail* I waited till my stephdad went to bed to read your reply and reply to it ._.".. I felt bad XDD But now I can sleep in happyness.

--Stays a lonely Seele

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KUDOS TO YOU, SEELE. I agree with each and every little word you said right down to the punctuation marks. I've noticed the "I-only-mate-with-my-bff's-single-deer" thing happening, too. Granted, okay, I'm in on that a bit too, but at least I notice. 8U The whole Herutvip thing was also in on that and is a great example of it and how drama comes from it. But I learned my lesson there and really praise you for your rants and opinions. 8< I don't talk to you much and I don't go in the forest much, either, Godknow'swhyIdon't but I don't, but I would love to play with you some day. :'D I never switch my deer because their mate or bff is in. I think I played Key last, actually; he's single. I DON'T KNOW WHAT MY POINT IS I guess I'm apologizing to myself for being a tard and not welcoming people in outside my circle of friends, so HI, I'M HER. AND I APPLAUD YOU? lolol <3

Fenqua's picture

Even when my deer are with

Even when my deer are with their mates I'd like to bring in others. A while ago, when Silvery was with Kinsha (okay they're not mates yet but stillll) she even tried to drag Lorak into the fun X'D But he wasn't too happy about that, which I understood, lol.

Actually, Fenqua and Skokey weren't completely spontanous. It's hard to explain actually, since the mate-thing wasn't really a trend back then. They were the best friends I could imagined and I think they were in love even before me or Deanna noticed it at all X'D But she kinda had to ask me for the story back then so yeah... they weren't forced, but we still discussed it an both agreed. But that's probably because it having a mate was quite new, so we didn't really now how to do that.
And thank you <3 I think they're adorable too! They're so perfect... and at the same time they're not (Fen being a hardass bitch and Skokey a girly bum) but it's cute... X'D

Well, I'm glad they follow! It'd be more awkward if Juliet went somewhere and Seele was like: 'okay, bye -stays-'. So yeah, I'm glad he got the message and played along, it was fun. And I love that fawn, it stuck on Juliet like she was it's mother. -feels like adopting it now-

I just asked to make sure <3~

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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Her: Thanks, glad I'm not

Thanks, glad I'm not alone at this ._. I think people get into that automaticly, but yes realising it is a good start. Ofcourse pft, I made mistakes too, but I'm glad I can see those now so it won't happen again. Not all drama is bad, I think, but it get's hard when people actually hurt eachothers feelings, even if it wasn't meant like that ._. most here are girls and girls like drama so it's not something that'll ever stop XD Maybe we need more guys around >.>"...
Thanks, I don't like ranting a lot on here though, since everyone can read it and blame me for creating drama again XD So I was going to take it to private-messaging if it would still be an issue/discussion, but we seem all fine now. ARE 8D XD I think Poltergeist played with Her and Rut a while back. I was suprised at how open Her was to outsiders, even when she was with Rut and all the drama going on.
And we all do that once in a while I guess XD HI, MISAKO HERE *wave* and I applaud to you in return, since you might be a bit too hyper for me once in a while(I feel old saying that), but I do read good stuff from you. Ifff that made sense 8D

Heheh, I was there when that happend. I THINK Horizon was the spy, but I'm not sure anymore. *Hushes in bushes*
Pretty sure I'm a better ninja as Kinsha >D

Well there always comes the moment that the question pops up between the humans XD You were both new, and you both helped eachother, I thought that was nice to see. You were so laggy back then D8 XD Seele always had a lot of crushes. But never made a problem out of it if that crush would get someone else XDD I never had drama with him, since I barely came on the community site. Which was also why he never got a mate before Saan 8D XDD Those two are just perfect. Button-mashing buddy's ftw. But yeah, I miss her XD. Opposites attract! Hardass bitch and girly bum huh? Why does that make me think of me and Ian ._." *Cruel* XDDD

LOL Aw that would've been saad XDD that only happens when I'm busy. Fawns are love, for some reason. They're so cuuute. 8D Seele loves fawns too, but they never really like him. X"D Poltergeist is the only one permanently stalked by atleast one fawn, and always gets the blame for attracting others. D8.. I wonder why...

--Stays a lonely Seele

Fenqua's picture

DAMN REALLY? You're a good

DAMN REALLY? You're a good ninja indeed, I didn't spot you. But I was busy keeping everyone together. At one point there were other random deer and fawns and the next minute Silvery was suddenly alone X'D 'Till I figured out Pega had connection problems.

What do you mean with laggy? -doesn't understand- D8

Yes, Saan and Seele are cute! I hope Saan comes back, I really want to get to know her better. Never really got the chance or the guts for it... I felt like such a newbie compared to her XDD

LOL. Don't let him read that. I bet none of the guys would like to read something like that X'D

Juliet is also a fawn attraction. Even when she's not on a Lightbringer spree she always atleast meets one fawn. But maybe after a few good experiences with her I feel more comfortable playing with fawns having Juliet on.. I don't know, maybe I can empathize with her character more somehow X'D Same with Fenqua, she's a real fawnlover... Actually all the girls are except Spangled, she would probably use them as toys D8

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

I'm going to pretend I'm not

I'm going to pretend I'm not one of the terrible "I-ONLY-HAVE-MY-FRIENDS-DEER-AS-MATES" people xD;;;

-- Dannii <3

Seele's picture

Fenqua: Could've been on

Could've been on with my in-progress fawn though, so who knows. Elseway, I guess my deer know you should stay out of the wind to not be noticed. *Puts her deer in front of the TV with discovery channel on*. Well I was gone before that, I think. Connection problems suck D8! Glad I don't have a problem with that. Would that be because we're close to the server? All those Aussies have problems with it too >>

OH. Laggy= your computer was slow, so Fenquafawn would always hobble in slow-motion XDD I remember Auge getting bored with that. *Smacks Auge* Apologise!

He knows. 8D... He's adorable though. But I'm the boss. 8D..*runs*

None of my girls are real fawnlovers except Polt. I mean.. The others are Auge and Chism. My girls are twisted D8.. Spangled is cute XDD As toys? Eh. Maybe not so cute 8DD... I'm not sure why certain deer attract fawns and others don't.. Maybe it's because Polt/Fenqua/Juliet have such a not-scary set? XDD

Didn't we talk about that? XDD Or am I this braindead today. But actually that sentence isn't really right, since mates are most likely your friends too 8D.. XD Eh. What I mean is that people give deer away like toys sometimes. And I have seen you creating new deer to.. Well get away from the crowd a bit, right? So I think it's opposite with you; people glue themselves to you instead of the other way around. You're just too adorable, everyone loves you D8 RUUUUN

--Stays a lonely Seele

xD We did talk about it, I

xD We did talk about it, I believe. But lmao x3 You're right (though I wouldn't say everyone loves me |D) D8 I SHOULD RUUUUUN. And indeed, several of my deer were never supposed to have mates X"D Lorak, Maha, Lyric, Carlisle, Deja...X"D
8D At least I know it will be a long time before Carlisle, Deja and Rutilus ever have mates. YAAAAY FREEDOM. >> And at least I can play some of my deer without getting bored because none of their friends are on xDDD

-- Dannii <3

[Off topic out of nowhere

[Off topic out of nowhere post]
"I passed my german exam, which is good since that means I pretty much passed my exams on a whole :)"
How many languages to you KNOW? You're insane. O:
With all good intentions, of course. <3 I'm jealous. xD;
Seele's picture

Dannii: Not everone CAN love

Not everone CAN love you XDD I think. Maybe. HMM. Well whenever I decided my deer would never get a mate, they decided to prove me wrong and went add it anyway D8 I think that, if a deer falls in love, it just does so. Can't be helped. But some people force it up to their deer. I'm NOT pointing fingers! XD LOL a very long time *Just read your post* I'll try and help you with your new one if you like, I just need to think up one of my OC's with something intresting you might be able to use. I don't mind.

8D..Eh. I'm REALLY bad at languages. But we get a lot of them in dutch-schools since our economy is based upon trade >.>'.. (We're so interactive with other country's yes). But I can speak a littttle bit of German. We used to get French, but I fail at that. And Dutch is my main language <3. And English the second. I am insaane >D Nah, it's nothing much, don't be jealous ;_; It's better to be good at one language as to fail at multiple XD;

--Stays a lonely Seele

X"D Thankyou! <3 Good luck

X"D Thankyou! <3 Good luck with your OC |D
Dude, I only speak English and some French O^O DUUUDE.

-- Dannii <3

Sunflyra's picture

rztbucvirznirh -.-"

rztbucvirznirh -.-" -hides-
xDD WOW you are good 8D well, she was a little naive and cute and he was interested [*ROLF*] buutt well, they wouldn't fit together ;D
mmmh, i think i'm going to post his story...everything might be clearer...
and Nightmare really enjoy being with Chism C8
Oh, Miss Chism, i'm really glad that you keep my company -bows-
<3 -huggles- (AWWW i absolutely loove those silhouets xD)

Deepest view is the one into your soul
Seele's picture

Dannii: Thanks XD I'm typing

Thanks XD I'm typing up something right now, but having a hard time ._. I don't think I'll be of much help XDD

Males are too easy to figure out.

Yeah I had figured it out XDD But I knew she liked someone else ;D And that all stags like her at some point. Lol. Yeah! I'd love to read his story! Chism is becoming more open lately. She does her best D8 It's such a confusing world to her.
It's not a problem, fool. But next time be less naive. Love is something for fools, anyway. *Bows back*

Teehee thanks8DD *huggles back* They weren't hard to make ^^

--Stays a lonely Seele

MickKreiger's picture

Dudette. You. Can't only

Dudette. You. Can't only have your friends as deer mates bcuz I is your friends and our deer don't hook up LOL....ESP now that Deja is gone LOL so no mates, no crushes, heck a lot of you deer don't even know me LOL bye dannii

Hiya misako
I'm hyper rite. Now Loling wish I could come in forest
P--Mick Kreiger
Mick and Mika = <3 <3 <3
at first I was like -gasp- and then I LOL'd

xD Lol Mick. -- Dannii <3

xD Lol Mick.

-- Dannii <3

Seele's picture

Well, Mick, most of my deer

Well, Mick, most of my deer are taken. Are you hitting on Chism?
..Gueeesss not 8D But I guess we're proof then o.o"...???... You're so off topic ._. XD

--Stays a lonely Seele

Fenqua's picture

DUDE. WHAT FAWN. Everyone's


Everyone's having secret deer lately. It's fun.


To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
Fenqua's picture

I think the hands (or

I think the hands (or whatever it's called) mask would suit her... It looks good on the pelt and is also a bit more feminine XD

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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I know, it does XD I use it

I know, it does XD I use it as her "maskless" version. But I need something more agressive for her to wear normally. I'm not sure what yet, though. I'm back to the skull for a while XD Sigh...

--Stays a lonely Seele

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Hmmmm... I don't think any

Hmmmm... I don't think any mask looks agressive at all, not even the skull mask XD
So I'm not much of a help D:

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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Hmpf. Not-nice then. What

Hmpf. Not-nice then. What mask says "Chism"? ..
Chism: *Moo's*
Urgk D8 XD I dunno yet. AH IT DRIVES MEH CRAZYYY. I need more masks. Maybe magpie. Hm.. ..*Mumbles on*

--Stays a lonely Seele

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*Cough* Hi Seele, I was

*Cough* Hi Seele, I was wondering for a long time, I know Trees and Polt are close, but how? Are they just best friends or what?

Some day I'll die and run up to satin and yell, "I'M YOUR PROBLEM NOW!"
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WELCOME BACK! I missed you

WELCOME BACK! I missed you D|

I hope you had a nice prom! <3

Picturesplz? -puppy eyes-

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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._. what happened to you

._. what happened to you that night we were talking with Silent? You just logged off saying "Stuff you" D:...what did we do? :c

DraakxMitra C:
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Moonsorro: Hi! <3

Hi! <3 Crybuddy's. LOL Hm, I think they're good friends. Polt can always come to Trees when she's upset. (Which is a lot mind you. *slaps emo polt*

You diddd? Ledaw <3 XDD I did I did I did! I should put pictures on this computer, but I forget all the time >> Hmm. But ok ;_;""...

Stuff you? I said screw you XD You guys just ignored me. That wasn't really nice. It was like "Ok got my set now let's go have intercourse with Ren and screw Misako YAAAY". Noone of you would even answer whatever I said.

--Stays a lonely Seele

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You were asking things? I

You were asking things? I didnt know you said anything D: I was busy copying and pasting what I'd said because msn was being a pest...I apologise D:

DraakxMitra C:
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Heeyy. Whatever Gehirn/Polt

Heeyy. Whatever Gehirn/Polt are seeing me doing right now and you think it is,
Shhhhhhhh. *big grin*

f l y r a b l o g avatar by tinkee, sig by Quamar

*gives random digital

*gives random digital hug*
That's so awesome! And sorry for not commenting more, heh. >_>;
Glad you had fun at prom, though. Laughing out loud
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Yay random love <3 *Huggles

Yay random love <3 *Huggles back*
YES I AM >D I'm going to buy all sorts of Bambi stuff I can find. And lion king stuff. And the little mermaid stuff. It's going to be like paradise. My bro and I are going to get ourselfs a map and make sure we go to ALL attraction things possible. Even the happy pony ride, even if it's just for kids. (Poor pony.)
Thanks, and don't worry about the commenting XD I never asked before, but I'll ask now. Does thy have msn? 8D
And I'm glad I did so too, phew! I'm not one to dance but since everyone was behaving like an idiot, I thought I would too.

--Stays a lonely Seele

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I feel so sorry for Polt. If

I feel so sorry for Polt. If even she needs a shoulder to cry on, remember that Sambreel is there.
Yes, I'm sad enough to put these in my sig~ Please Click~