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ShimmyShimmy - Lunar Lullaby

Misakos updates/News

Hello kids! For future reference, go to this blog! It's going to be my new updates page. This one will still excist, as I do love nostalgia. (And just look at the age of this thing!) But it won't be updated anymore. Other stuff will be moved to said account as well, but gruadually. I wouldn't want to spam you guys.
I'll still be on Seele for a while Smiling

Aah presentation ! D8'



-Half blind - Friendly - Old - Quiet voice - Clumsy - Loves fawns - First deer -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Neutral.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: -
Love: Saan(Gone)


- Bipolar - Noisy - Rude - Invades privacy - Loves to annoy - Playfull - Selfish - Mother to Poltergeist -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 50% Physically: 100%
Mood: Twisted.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: Lost her only daughter.
Love: Solace(Gone)


- Shy - Broken voice, almost mute - Homosexual - Personality disorder - Clingy - Protective - Brother to Gehirn -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Fussy.
Thoughts: "Look at you now! You're all dirty!"
Recent events: Got his set back, enjoyed his new picto - strolled around spying on people - Went to Sonne's grave to clean it up.
Love: Jared


- Pervert - Seductive - Powerfull - Agressive - Protective - Though, always caring - Moody - Brother to Horizon -

Activity: No (On a trip)
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Confident.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: Away, on a journey outside the forest with Trees. (No don't ask how he got out. Neither do I know.)
Love: Trees


- Cold - Sarcastic - Soft spot for fawns - Calm - Fighting spirit - Alone -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 70% Physically: 100%
Mood: Avoiding.
Thoughts: "Damn retards."
Recent events: Evaded deer. SUCH DEVELOPMENT.
Love: ...


- Nightmares - Emotionless - Scared - Paranoid - Defensive -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 20% Physically: 100%
Mood: -
Thoughts: "-"
Recent events: -
Love: Noone


- Stubborn - Temperamental - Caring - Playfull - Silly - Teenager - As long as he can stand, he will fight - Son to Virgil -

Activity: Yes
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Protective.
Thoughts: "Hey I ain't trusting that guy, acting all high and mighty before, and now sucking up."
Recent events: Went to his favourite spot, only to be mocked by some bypasser - Left, returned when the other deer left. - Found his dad, ran about with him - Went to Esll with dad, mocked Esll whilst up the tree by scentmarking it - Ran around with Esll, later running about with both him and Virgil - Went to visit Kaoori and Noelle, then approached by the same skulled deer that acted up about his resting place - Saw him sneeze off his skull to get "dad's approval", but didn't want him near a pregnant Kaoori. - Rested. - Greeted Dajhi.
Love: ...


Curious - Playfull - Noisy - Dreamer - Loves company - Daughter to Poltergeist and Wudiin, twinsister to Otis -

Activity: Seems so
Health: Mentally: 80% Physically: 90% Some cuts and bruises.
Mood: Content.
Thoughts: "Every doe I see is.. Round.."
Recent events: Found Kaoori, rested next to her.
Love: Noone


To Do list.

• Do some gift art.
• Do something for Nopje. And do it good.
•Personal biography -> Becoming less likely.
• Buy presents. Send presents.
• Finish plush animal damn! -> Working on.
• Start wall drawing.

oh, I didn't realize, I need

oh, I didn't realize, I need to pay more attention...^^; Welcome back, in that case. |3''

Sheeny XD

edit: o hay page 10!
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You're awesome.

You're awesome. Laughing out loud

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And hungry. *Chews on your

And hungry. *Chews on your arm*
Are you at school? D8 You're not supposed to be! It's.. Eh.. Jezuswenttoheavenday? >.> XD
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AHHHH MY ARM. *Dies* I'm not


I'm not at school. 8D
I'm at college. D8

And... I'm bored. :<

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Wanna watch a livestream?

Wanna watch a livestream? Been thinking of turning it on 8/... XD
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I wonder if it'll work! Do

I wonder if it'll work! Do try it! 8D
I have less than half an hour until next lesson, but I THINK we're on computers there too, so I might be able to sneak back in if it works. ^^ 8D

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We'll see huh XDD

We'll see huh XDD <3
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Hell yeah, I returned! xD and

Hell yeah, I returned! xD
and how I missed you, Lucian! It is nice to see the forest alive again!

ps.: I trained very well my surf skills, glad you remember where the surf board is (because I already forgot D:)
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[[i'm sorry midear, sometmes

[[i'm sorry midear, sometmes i go off on rampages...]]
The Soul Of Souls
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Hello there! I met

Hello there! I met Poltergeist and I have seen Lucian's symbol, but I don't I met him yet.
Well anyway *Tracking* ^^
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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OhmyGOSH that animation is

OhmyGOSH that animation is incredible! O_O...

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"Lucian, I miss you, my

"Lucian, I miss you, my friend,"


Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO

The animation looks great,

The animation looks great, nice and smooth.

*reads Auge's update* Uh oh... D:
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*late tracks*

*late tracks*
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Heyyy <33
... ilu. <3

Poor Lucian, I hope he fell

Poor Lucian, I hope he fell better verry soon! Sad




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lol sorry for mooing in

lol sorry for mooing in Polt's face and scaring her off. Hotkeys are too difficult of a concept today, apparently. xD
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They are X"D Don't worry,

They are X"D Don't worry, Polt is extremely skittish towards stags she doesn't know at the moment. Since stags = antlers and antlers = possible danger. Hope the hotkeys work in your profit next time! XDD
Now come on Polt, Masque's not danger D8<
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I'M IN YUR UPDATES, MEETING ALL YUR DEER, TEE HEE HEE~! Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud Gawds I adore Auge, she was hilarious fun-sooo hafta do that again~!

Gaaawds last night was hilaaaarious-best button mashing evah, I loved how we had that huge run of doing the same emotes as each other! *giggles* Jester CLEARLY brings all the boys to the forest, rather than mystery doe! :B

"Oh, but why would I do that, now~?" The trickster wiggles his shapely behind mockingly, pompom-like tail whipping about playfully as he gives a hyena's own laugh. "My my my, in denial are we~? ♥"

Laawl I am so sorry *giggles madly* ♥ ♥ ♥
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I know what your icon is

I know what your icon is from. (:<

Apparently I'm in the same

Apparently I'm in the same time zone as Shimmy.
But I'm usually not up then! I can try to get up, because I'd like to have Oisin there, but no promises...

Hmm...actually I'm not sure if I'll even be here... ;_; I might be out of town, but I don't know.
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Zebbie: Yess, Auge had a

Yess, Auge had a lotta fun XDD She’s just crazy, so it works Cool

You’re so mean to poor Gehirn ;_;’… He was getting it on, alright. ROFLL. He still thinks he’s a homophobe. But I’m QUITE SURE he isn’t.

”Oh, you are… GRR. You’re ridiculous. Get out of my way. Or at least away from my FACE. WITH YOUR BEHIND. Yes? Now thank you.” A rather unamused look on his face, even one of fear, but he tries to hide it with a frown.

That screenshot, made me laugh :”D I noticed Gehirn doesn’t have any screenshots of the event, since he was too busy evading.


Oh you are? Hmm! But yeah it’s quite early D8 Works better as 1AM for me though so ._. XD Not sure if I can pull a nighter. But that would be a shame! D8 I hope you can make it, but we’ll see then I guess!

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Neon Genesis Evangelion~

Neon Genesis Evangelion~ ♥
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I've noticed a rise in evil

I've noticed a rise in evil deer too! o:
Also that people are changing their originally kind deer into darker/evil deer {I just convinced someone who was about to do this otherwise, so that's one down xD}. I've even made any of my deer with negative qualities tone down slightly, not enough to be OOC, but enough that hopefully it'll take the edge off. Except Malik will never lose his edge |D
Oh well. Hopefully this will all blow over soon~! C:

By Leuvr
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I've noticed it tooooooo D: I

I've noticed it tooooooo D: I mean, I know Jester isn't perfect and he does have a darker side, but I've tried to make his evil-quality (namely, his love of secrets/deceit) into something enjoyable for everyone. I suppose I don't really get what's so fun about making a deer that goes around attacking people-I wouldn't feel right about it, plus it doesn't seem like something everyone would enjoy, yanno~?

This went nowhere. But basically, I do agree :3 Whilst I don't let it bother me, I have noticed! Try not to let it worry you Mimiii-you're too awesome~! ♥ *hugsquish*
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Want to switch roles? The

Want to switch roles? The worst drama we get is of mental kind. Sticking out tongue

No, seriously though. We haven't been confronted with any aggressive behaviour in months, and we haven't been in a direct fight with anyone at all since I started playing TEF.

So yeah, I don't notice much of those troublemakers, which I find almost strange considering how often you read bios of such deer or comments like "oh she was just attacked by XY". I know there are some well developed "evil" characters around, but I can't say I enjoy the "pure evil" kind.

(I'll be honest here, sometimes I seriously wish that a random deer would just go and chase us once because I sometimes wonder how Mozart's friends would react. :B *slaps attention-wanting-self*)

Some enjoy the drama a lot and as long as the forest is fun for them, heck, spam the Angry-emote as much as you want, it's all in good fun. But if anyone doesn't like that they should be able to talk to them-- if that's not possible, at least there's still the possibility to ignore. :b

I guess it's just a matter of which deer you're involved with. xD
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Apparanza: I guess it’s a

I guess it’s a hype, seen enough of those. But everything got just urgk, too much for me right there. I enjoy roleplaying a lot, and I enjoy a good chase/tension/fight once in a while. But with the storm of “evil deer”, you see this happening each daayyy. It’s getting repetitive.

Jester is very interesting. I really like him, and there are definitely evil deer that I enjoy a lot. But sometimes I notice people just make an “evil deer” to get to hang out with a certain group of other evilies. It’s like, I enjoy being chased, or attacked, or whatever, but you know, it happens so often now, that I feel like my deer can’t just relax with friends for one day at all. There’s always something. And sometimes I just need to chillax..

Mental kind huh? XD

Nono, I understand what you mean there! I like some attention too, who doesn’t! Even if it’s from one of those evily deer. Makes for nice fun! But they always pick the same people. Well-known people. Maybe not even so much my deer, but if my deer is playing with one of those well knowns, and an “evil deer” appears, play time is over. That’s fine, once in a while, but PFF, lately it’s gone over the top for me. Guess I’m just annoyed.

I think it has a lot to do with the involvement ._. Can’t say for sure though. Ah yes, with harassment it’s another subject XDD If people attack me and I’m not happy with it, I’ll dance! But if an evil character barges in on your group of friends, they’ll all go after that one, instead of continueing playing/relaxing/whatever. I can’t blame them, but sometimes I guess, the roleplaying each day is kind of tiring..

Now, I'm going to shut my mouth about this again. Thanks for reading guys, it means a lot.
You know what, I guess I just felt really bad last night ♥. You know what girls can be like then. I guess I'll be just fine, sure do feel so today!

Soon they born Polt, Be

Soon they born Polt, Be strong the last days! Eye


7 AM, RAWGRGDSD I will try to

7 AM, RAWGRGDSD I will try to be there <3<3 I don't care if I have to set my alarm and get up three hours before I usually do :I I WILL BE THERE. or Vipin will be there bein' all protective and stuff. I'm so excited, ee!
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hdfjdksl I can't wait for

hdfjdksl I can't wait for them to be born, I am so going to be watching from a distance. x)
Who's actually playing the fawns? I want to stalk them, unless it's a suprise, or I've missed it. Shocked

(No subject)


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Nevermind, I read the

Nevermind, I read the comments on the last page and figured it out ♥

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Hmm...I don't think I'll make

Hmm...I don't think I'll make it that day ;;

Hope all goes well for Polt though <3
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Sarie: HOMYGOSH X"D Really

HOMYGOSH X"D Really though, that's a lot to ask ;_; X"D I think the most important stuff is going to be posted on the community site, and you can still read that a good while after ;_; X"D Ofcourse I would be delighted though! Pfff 7 AM on a SATURDAY. D8 X"D

Heehee <3 Aw thank you! Your timezone sounds more convenient huh? XD I think I spot you around quite earlier as that too. Ah, but yes, it would indeed be me and Shimmy! <3 I think they'll be recognisable. (Secondgen picto's though. Muh. But I think I got a sweet one.)

Aw it's fine!<3 Thanks for your interest though! It means a lot! You can just read the entries on the community site too! Or maybe pop in later, they're going to be there for longer as that specific time XD
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Yaaay! I think I'll be able

I think I'll be able to come 8D!

I read this all the time but I'm not tracking it... o_o
Well I'm tracking it now 8DD!

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Mind quite likes Poltergeist.

Mind quite likes Poltergeist. She admires her for being a mother. (:
murrr's picture

Yeah, I think there's about

Yeah, I think there's about an hours difference between us. I'm from the UK anyway, like VCG :B
A nice second generation picto? MUST SEE ET.

Who picked who over

Who picked who over Lucian?

Awww, Oisin gets delegated to the hill? D: X3
Still don't know if I will make it, but I WILL TRY.
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Daughter {Isabelline} stole

Daughter {Isabelline} stole some Daddy {Virgil} time from brother {Lucian}. |D All unconsciously though! She had no idea Brother was jealous of the attention she got from Father! xDDD

By Leuvr
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Why an I not tracking this?

Why an I not tracking this? Failhard.
Seele's picture

Starbright: Haha awesome!

Haha awesome! <33 We'll look out for you! <3
You do? I'm flattered ^^'..

Poltergeist thought Mind seemed quite nice as well <3 She thinks she and Yori make a pretty couple. Sorry about her being so detached, she's really confused/tired.

Ahh yes! Then there indeed is! I'm one hour in the future.
Well I THINK it's nice. It's quite minimalistic. But no you wait D8<< XD

Haha Apparanza explained it quite well ;x They were having an antler-casting game before. Rather, Lucian likes making his father look like a girl. Then Isabelline started casting on Luc, then Virgil abused Luc's allergy, then Luc noticed it was 2 against one, then he got childish and sobbed somewhere else :X X"D

Isfine <33 I'm usually not much of a tracker myself either X"D

Did you know you can't actually use CSS on old blogs, like these? It just.. Becomes lines of text instead of changing the blog's appereance. Really odd..
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I'm not sure I'll be awake by

I'm not sure I'll be awake by 10am! But I can try. Also, if you need a doe who is experienced in childbirthing, Rowan is here for you. She's had two, remember? ^^ I know a lot about deer birthing too, if you need anything. Good luck!

Ah, I kinda figured, but you

Ah, I kinda figured, but you never know. X3
Apparanza's picture

Quote:Did you know you can't

Did you know you can't actually use CSS on old blogs, like these? It just.. Becomes lines of text instead of changing the blog's appearance. Really odd..

Actually, I thought this was true too until I CSS'd Skelarrow's page. His was really old, and at first the CSS was just appearing as lines of text like you said. But, I found that if I went down and clicked on 'Input format', I have to make sure it's on BBCode and not Filtered HTML. Skel's page hadn't been on BBCode, but when I switched it, the CSS worked C: See if that happens for you, too~

By Leuvr
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OH that's awesome. Thank you!

OH that's awesome. Thank you! 8D.. What a.. simple solution.. 8/...
But then again I fail at those things. Maybe I'll fancy these updates up a bit with boxes.. I don't want to make a new one, I like the comments D8.. (Unless you people are sick of tracking this, just tell me then! XDD)
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I'm gonna set my alarm for

I'm gonna set my alarm for Saturday morning and do my best to be there Smiling