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Decided to actually just repost this. So in case you feel like seeing what's up with me/whatever, refer to this link!

To everyone who has followed me for all these years, thanks. You're honestly great! Perhaps I'll delete this at some point, perhaps it'll stay buried far enough that I'm not fussed with it.
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ily. <3

The game. ...why not? :]

The game.
...why not? :]

darn you shimmy. I lost.

darn you shimmy.

I lost. 8|

oh.. and... because I actually didn't want to write something uncreative like that...

Have some music then. Hope you like it <3 i love it...


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Often I have found myself

Often I have found myself searching through the pages I've visited, trying to find your updates blog.
I've never had anything good to say so it has stayed untracked, but now I will make a real comment and hopefully I won't have such problems anymore! Wooo!

There are too many blogs I read without commenting on them :|

Here, have some penguins.

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Have some music.

Have some music. <3

Also, ilu<3

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Hello, I love you. I have

Hello, I love you. I have nothing to say though, so I'll just tell you a story.

One day, there was a girl, who enjoyed exploring the internet (via Google Chrome, of course) and one day, she came across a page, which looked quite appealing to her. She decided that she wanted to know more about this person, and to keep updated with her life, so she decided to comment: "Track."

The End. <3
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Vee, I love you too &hearts;.

Vee, I love you too ♥. But I saw what you did there. And last summer.

Shimmy. Damn you. You know each time I'll be nostalgic I'll be losing that now right? >8C........XD

Alice, that was some dang awesome music indeed <3 Thanks for that! Sounds really.. There's something old fashioned bout it, yknow? Back in the times where ladies would sing without it being distorted by digital echo's and whatnot.

I snorted out loud Xylv. That is going to haunt me.

Really Apeldille? XDD I do that too though, I sometimes go to other people their track pages to see what I missed out on too.
Ohgod penguins. I just love how they wobble. WOBBLE PENGUIN, WOBBLE. .. You're not supposed to fly.. Ohh.. I see what you did there..ROFL

*Watching the videos/listening to the music* <3.. Enjoy the ride is a really nice one, totally dig the animation too. But lovely message in it! Thanks for sharing hee <33 Definitly going to my favs.
Rofl, wraith pinned to the mist, what a happy agressive combination that is XDDD Let's have bizarre celebrations~
Terrible angels is a really creative one, it feels like traditional art. No spicing up, real handwork. Just the instruments they could find and two lovely voices. I don't know, it's lovely <3
Thanks for those, Darling <3 Ilu2 ♥

Google chrome to the win Starling *Highfives.* Everytime I use firefox, I type a searchword in the upper bar and then I realise it goes "That website doesn't excist!" because it's not google chrome. Dissapointing.
Ah, is that the reason now love? XD I do hope noone feels offended by me not being so fond of the tracking hype.. I know you kids don't mean baad, and that some see it as a compliment or so, but I like to read through comments and, reading "track" is kind of dissapointing? XDD
Lovely story though ♥! You're adorable. And I love you too, ofcourse! ♥
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You're awesome. 8'D /fail

You're awesome. 8'D /fail comment
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*scentmarks this

*scentmarks this page*

also.. for future reference.

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(No subject)

have some cute

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Flying Dependence I'm so very

I'm so very fond of waltz like music.

I feel I should place more here than just music.
Let me write you a poem.

In the ocean dark and deep where the sea foam bubbles sleep.
In the ocean blue and clear keeping wild eyed fishes near.
In the ocean I do rest and with the coral build my nest
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My internet is slow. But

My internet is slow.
But guess what.
I'm currently typing this
on windows.



Also. this.
by this.

The bark of the Elder makes

The bark of the Elder makes whistles for the children to call to the deer as they rove through the snow.
"I was born in the dark." Says The Greenman.
"I was born in the dark." Says He.


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*beats shimmy for loosing the

*beats shimmy for loosing the game*

Now that that is done.

*strips for misa and dances*

Have fun with this comment ;D

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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Fin: No, you're awesome.

No, you're awesome. >8C.......

Hmmm. Smells interesting now...
LOL I love those cats. Looks like someone stuck something up his-*hit by train*

I bet I parked that..

They're like.. Little happy wagging balls of fluff. That want to bury their faces in your hand, and pee on the floor.
Then.. Fluff on. I can't help but imagine how the birth of a pomerian would go now. As soon as it exits, it should poof...

Hello thar! I actually know the first one, I feel so smart and in the crowd now.. Lol no, that's a really lovely song, and I've missed hearing it.. The second one made me grin, that's a lovely song too. Very cheery ♥
Gosh your poem.. That's rather beautifull, did that just spur up? I've always envied poets, very amazing to make such art with words.

I HEAARDD. *GLOMPS YOUUUU!!* So does TEF connect too or? Not yet because of your bandwidth thingy? Anyway, damn sexy, finally XDDD
AND I WANT TO PUNCH PEOPLE WITH THAT. Would make a nice print...

ROfl that sounds all very intelligent, and LIMEWIRE. But I do think I am missing the joke here, oooohhh ;_;'... Fail for me.

STRIP FOR ME. *Spanks*
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thank you &hearts; Yes I did

thank you ♥
Yes I did make it up on the spot, I'm glad you enjoyed it~!
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I actually pondered quite a

I actually pondered quite a bit about what to answer here. Frankly, several things came to mind; some of them fit, others are just more of a joke.

Of course, I could explain things. Then again, I prefer privacy here. No offense guys, but relationship matters (SUCH LIKE FRIENDS? xD) you don't exclaim all over TEFc, no?
I figured I'd take my chance at creativity here, or something that could be considered creative.. in... points... of views... /shot
First, I thought of something funny, and then again... I mean, all to often I am eh... WHATEVER.
NO! This is something serious (haha, good word...), something to inspire you.

This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrZB9nPMvS4 is a song I was listening to quite frequently lately. It was given to me by a good friend, and I connect both good and bad expriences with it. For me, the melody is haunting and yet beautiful, sad but calm. It's like telling a story that happened, actually... for me, quite literally.

Anyway. It is my offer to inspire you; I'd be very curious to know what you think when hearing this. I know it's not your type of music, but still, give it a chance.

PS: I know it's from a Harry Potter movie, but since I watched those only one time... I am not a Harry fangirl. jeez.
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I ain't looking for a sketch

I ain't looking for a sketch of anything.

I don't think you would care much for Starsailor, but have a song from them anyway.... &hearts

I've seen some pomeranian

I've seen some pomeranian puppies one time that someone was selling. They really are just hyperspazzy little balls of fluff that can't stop licking fingers. And they are really SOFT. It's like there's nothing to them but fluff.
Cutest things ever, I tell ya. Except for kittens.
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Have some A Capella Muse c: I

Have some A Capella Muse c:
I was going to show some A Capella Placebo as well, but I couldn't find any good ones >_>
"The cruelest prison is one we make for ourselves out of fear and regret."
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*keeps dancing sexy while

*keeps dancing sexy while getting rid of her clothing* Only fer ya, babe.


What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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Hey there. ^_^ I was gently

Hey there. ^_^
I was gently guided here by your prompt, and will eagerly watch this page for any updates you may have on your deer. Because let's face it, I'm just stalker-ish that way. <3
(Not to mention that one can't quite get enough of you, eh? =D)

Also, here's some scientific information for you to enjoy.
Click me!

this is me. |: In your

this is me. |:

In your room.

Stalking you.


here, have some heart spamm.

here, have some heart spamm. <3


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I was going to tag this with

I was going to tag this with something other than words, but I haven't drawn it yet so you have to wait. :U Instead, you get excuses.

Kajo sends Brother his favorite flowers, by the way.
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Congrats on your grade!

Congrats on your grade!

psssh.... for a 'ü' you could

psssh.... for a 'ü' you could just type &Uuml; or... you just copy this 8D Ü!
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*is polite and does not

*is polite and does not fart*


*toots, instead*
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Cal: I think you got my

I think you got my response on msn, didn't you? XD But it's a lovely song <3 I love songs that remind of past times actually. Back when I read Harry Potter books (LE, GASP.) I got a trance CD for my birthday from my brother. I listened to it whilst reading. Whenever I hear one of those tracks now, I automaticly get reminded of Harry Potter. They my Harry Potter music.

Oh but, don't worry ♥. I noticed noone that commented seemed to be.. I just like to draw, and sometimes simple portraits are very calming. So all in all I should thank you guys for giving me therapy.
A very interesting song among the bunch others have given me huh! XD It's alright, I like to listen to whatever. It wouldn't become a favourite no, but I'm glad you shared!

ROFL. Kittens win. With their short tails and wobbly bellies. They so cute. But those balls of fluff are adorable too.. Shame I'm not much of a dog person! XD

I was so confused for a second! I went "YAY MUSE..Wait that's not muse. WAIT IT IS." Very interesting. Rofll. Good singers too.


You are aren't you. ROFL I love those people. DID YOU SEE CAT YODELING? I got one for you too btw.. Let me look for it.
This guy is amazing. He has many funny vids with his cats <3


How long did that take you? O___O' That is awesome, aww, thank you! (I'm too lazy to return the favour.)
I CAN MAKE A ROSE. [colour=red]@[/colour][colour=green]--,----[/colour]

I love excuses.. ♥. ROFL <3
Lucian says he won't teach Kajo how to get em does to like you if he keeps sending those wonderfull flowers. >8C.... XDD

Thank you! <33

Psshh! XDD I think Iwould have to copy thaat. Usually I'd just press the " button and then a U, but for some reason windows 7 doesn't like that. As it doesn't like many things.

*Puts a plug into your behind.*

It toke me AGES. I swear, it

It toke me AGES. I swear, it was FUN. >:3
You're rose...
it has no colours.. ;_;



-heart attack- Gehirn.. o-o..

-heart attack- Gehirn.. o-o..

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/track/ Poor Gehirn ! D:

Poor Gehirn ! D:

Avatar by Awentia, signature by Wildflowerdeer
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I have been meaning to

I have been meaning to comment on this for a while now. I have always admired your characters from afar... Hopefully that doesn't sound stalkerish. I really would like to meet some of them at some point. In any event, consider this a track, albeit a verbose one. Smiling
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Hai Scythe! Oh doesn't sound

Hai Scythe! Oh doesn't sound very stalkerish at all, it's pretty much the same the other way around too you know ♥. I do remember Lucian meeting Wesker at some point in the rut. What a timing, but other then that our timezones seem to be rather evil huh? But it's fine, perhaps soon!
Thanks Smiling
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GEEHIIRN >:C Come back

Come back already dude.

He is baaaack!

He is baaaack! <33 I'm so glad he didn't die or something ;_; Poor Gehirn though, a shotwound..ashdfjkl..DD:
Heal soon, 'kay?

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Since I haven't had time to

Since I haven't had time to put something better here...Gehiiiiiiiiirm!
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http://endlessforest.org/community/oh-0 it's not much, but I requested a sketch for you Smiling
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I don't know what happened,

I don't know what happened, but I hope that you continue to share your creativity with us. I enjoy your plots and pictures, and I'm sure that many others do as well.

I hope you feel better soon.

I hope you feel better soon. <3 If you need to talk or anything, I'm here for you. always. ♥

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"My apologies for snapping at

"My apologies for snapping at you...
Congratulations on the new fawn! Looks like it takes the best from its father mm? Do you know if it is a girl or a boy?"

Congratulations, both of

Congratulations, both of you.
The past is done. She is your future, hm?

~ Taliene.

Angry Angry Trees? Is that

Angry Angry Trees? Is that something like Hungry Hungry Hippos? X3

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It was so kind of Sterre to

It was so kind of Sterre to keep Friiha a little company when she was sad~! ♥

By Leuvr
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I was tempted to make Yorii

I was tempted to make Yorii go over and greet her, but it looked as if she was more nervous of the whole group so I didn't because I feared that she would run away >:C Roflmao. Also, I really like Sterre's set ^^
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D: ! Did Friiha do something

D: ! Did Friiha do something to make you think Sterre's presence wasn't appreciated? Because it was in fact the opposite, she was touched that a total stranger would try to make her feel better~!

By Leuvr