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Misakos updates/News

Hello kids! For future reference, go to this blog! It's going to be my new updates page. This one will still excist, as I do love nostalgia. (And just look at the age of this thing!) But it won't be updated anymore. Other stuff will be moved to said account as well, but gruadually. I wouldn't want to spam you guys.
I'll still be on Seele for a while Smiling

Aah presentation ! D8'



-Half blind - Friendly - Old - Quiet voice - Clumsy - Loves fawns - First deer -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Neutral.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: -
Love: Saan(Gone)


- Bipolar - Noisy - Rude - Invades privacy - Loves to annoy - Playfull - Selfish - Mother to Poltergeist -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 50% Physically: 100%
Mood: Twisted.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: Lost her only daughter.
Love: Solace(Gone)


- Shy - Broken voice, almost mute - Homosexual - Personality disorder - Clingy - Protective - Brother to Gehirn -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Fussy.
Thoughts: "Look at you now! You're all dirty!"
Recent events: Got his set back, enjoyed his new picto - strolled around spying on people - Went to Sonne's grave to clean it up.
Love: Jared


- Pervert - Seductive - Powerfull - Agressive - Protective - Though, always caring - Moody - Brother to Horizon -

Activity: No (On a trip)
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Confident.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: Away, on a journey outside the forest with Trees. (No don't ask how he got out. Neither do I know.)
Love: Trees


- Cold - Sarcastic - Soft spot for fawns - Calm - Fighting spirit - Alone -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 70% Physically: 100%
Mood: Avoiding.
Thoughts: "Damn retards."
Recent events: Evaded deer. SUCH DEVELOPMENT.
Love: ...


- Nightmares - Emotionless - Scared - Paranoid - Defensive -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 20% Physically: 100%
Mood: -
Thoughts: "-"
Recent events: -
Love: Noone


- Stubborn - Temperamental - Caring - Playfull - Silly - Teenager - As long as he can stand, he will fight - Son to Virgil -

Activity: Yes
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Protective.
Thoughts: "Hey I ain't trusting that guy, acting all high and mighty before, and now sucking up."
Recent events: Went to his favourite spot, only to be mocked by some bypasser - Left, returned when the other deer left. - Found his dad, ran about with him - Went to Esll with dad, mocked Esll whilst up the tree by scentmarking it - Ran around with Esll, later running about with both him and Virgil - Went to visit Kaoori and Noelle, then approached by the same skulled deer that acted up about his resting place - Saw him sneeze off his skull to get "dad's approval", but didn't want him near a pregnant Kaoori. - Rested. - Greeted Dajhi.
Love: ...


Curious - Playfull - Noisy - Dreamer - Loves company - Daughter to Poltergeist and Wudiin, twinsister to Otis -

Activity: Seems so
Health: Mentally: 80% Physically: 90% Some cuts and bruises.
Mood: Content.
Thoughts: "Every doe I see is.. Round.."
Recent events: Found Kaoori, rested next to her.
Love: Noone


To Do list.

• Do some gift art.
• Do something for Nopje. And do it good.
•Personal biography -> Becoming less likely.
• Buy presents. Send presents.
• Finish plush animal damn! -> Working on.
• Start wall drawing.

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But I get page 11 |D

By Leuvr
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I can only be there in

I can only be there in spirit. D8
(I can be awake at that time, but my sister will think I'm an idiot as usual. >> )
None of my deer know Polt well anyway. |D
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Kaoori: You're amazing

You're amazing <3 Thanks, but really! Sleepis important and nice! <333 XD

Nuh Page 11's virginity ;_; What are you going to do with ittt.
You can battle for 600. ANNND. GO. (AAH I'm just kidding D8 XDD)

Thank you <33 Means a lot anyway! Haha pff sisters D8< And that's true, it's a shame. I think our timezones just suck don't they 8\ She's met Scape sometimes, with Oisinny 8D
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Wonder if I can make it this

Wonder if I can make it this weekend :3

Mmhh does the looking into css thingies mean a make over is coming? :3

Well I'll be around this

Well I'll be around this weekend. Now I just have to make sure to get up early enough on Saturday.

Ohh, tomorrow

Ohh, tomorrow <333 I cant wait <33 I'll be there, I hope Smiling

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I can't wait for tomorrow! 8D

I can't wait for tomorrow! 8D 8D 8D
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It must be great feeling so

It must be great feeling so fresh, I can't wait to see what happens to these little fawns :)


Ahhh <3 Sterre is a cutie <3

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It was nice to say a quick

It was nice to say a quick hello to Sterre earlier, hope I'll be back to play later so you can kill me with cute again xD <3
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It was nice meeting you,

It was nice meeting you, Sterre. You must forgive me for being antisocial for the most part. I'm not the most outgoing deer there is. But I thank for you trying to give me the flowers. I really do appreciate it...
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Sterre.. it is a nice name.

Sterre.. it is a nice name. You will be strong..
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/random note I just found

/random note

I just found 'cosmic love' on my iPhone music, and it's the only damn song I never listened to. I also just found out my brother is a big fan of her music hahaha, weird. You've got me addicted to her music :)

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Awwww Sterre

Awwww Sterre <3 Since Sorrel lost her fawn not too long ago, maybe she could help out with raising them?

How do you pronounce Sterre's

How do you pronounce Sterre's name anyway?
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`I miss you, Gehirn.`

`I miss you, Gehirn.`

wanted to make sure you see

wanted to make sure you see this
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Gehirn doesn't actually write

Gehirn doesn't actually write books, the words assemble themselves out of fear.

A man once taunted Gehirn with a bag of Lay's potato chips, saying "Betcha can't eat just one!" Gehirn proceeded to eat the chips, the bag, and the man in one deft move.

The truth will set you free. Unless Gehirn has you, in which case, forget it buddy!

Gehirn's dog is trained to pick up his own poop because Gehirn will not take shit from anyone.

Gehirn doesn't use pickup lines, he simply says, "Now."

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Walter misses Polt a lot and

Walter misses Polt a lot and he hopes that she's at peace now. <3

As for her fawns, he's insisted that he has to meet them sooner or later. Or he'll throw a tantrum. With ice cream.
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This became a lot longer and

This became a lot longer and personal than I had planned in the first place, so beware, it's loads of teenager-ish whiny stuff to come. D:'

I am so touched by this, I can hardly explain... <333

I would have never guessed this to happen by her birth. Okay, I was a bit wondering when you said you'd have so much to prepare for the date. But I've never expected anything of that sort...

Poltergeist was so much you, Mis, that it's almost like you are gone yourself... But that's a silly thought, since I'm so glad to know you're still there, after all. ^^
And I can still see why you did that, too. Polt and Wud just belonged together, huh ;; But now I feel even more guilty about never being online in the Forest anymore. Flyra should have had the chance to enjoy the given time with Polt, one of her best friends... Ahh, can't change it anymore now. Laughing out loud
But to tell the truth, I know not many people here know my name anymore since I'm not the most active member. So always when I thought, "Does anyone actually remember my deer Flyra as a friend?", the first one to come into my mind was Polt... Hmm...

But, I guess the story just has to go on. (: And seeing Sterre and Otis as wonderful new characters to the Forest is really heartwarming! I really hope that soonly, it won't be such a pain to go in-forest with my damned old laptop anymore and that my deer may have a chance to meet them, maybe even get closer to them... That would be wonderful.

Just wanted to throw my two cents in here again, because you deserve the mushy words m'lady.
And the blog "You are never alone" + the song are very close to invading my "most visited webpages" in Firefox and the "Top 25" on my iPod ;;
f l y r a b l o g avatar by tinkee, sig by Quamar
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Nopje: Aw thank you!

Aw thank you! <333

Rofl, she loves seeing Dag. Kill you with cute, huh? I have a mission >D

The fawn looks up to the white doe, her silver eyes bright and shining. She nods, although she doesn't really understand what Lacie said. Sterre shakes her head widly untill a little poppie falls off, and tries to push it to Lacie.

<333! *Hugs Kaoori* You get better soon, doe D8<

It must be faith <3 XD It's asking to be listened too. I would have never found it if it wasn't for Ravenflight showing me to it, and saying how much it reminded her of Polt. And I'm glad I did then! >8D A lot of people from TEF have gotten me addicted to bands, like Apocalyptica. Good I can do the same back again <3

<33 Aww poor Sorrel! I hope she feels better soon. And I think anyone who comes across the fawns and looks after them is sort of their guardian/caretaker as well <3

Uh.. How does one.. Typ such in english...
If you bother me on msn I'll say it in the microphone. Cool X"D
Also, that entry is so beautifull <3.... Mah, I feel really bad for Oisín, but that's how things are ._.

"Hey, love... I miss you too..."

ROFL. I LOVE THE LAST ONE. And the one before that. But, actually, I like them all ;_; X"D

Aw, that's sweet ;_; Polt was hoping the same for him, frankly <3..
ROFL. I like ice cream tantrums though. But we will surely try to fullfill that wish of his! <3

Aw it's quite fine <3 We gave out some hints, but I'm not sure if you saw the posts. Let me look some up... Could be fun for others too, to go "NOW I GET WHAT YOU MEANT WITH THAAAT."
Something is amiss, No reason to cry, Midnight burning, I can see galaxies.
As you can see most are from Ravey. Since she actually did most of the work. I just own Polt 8/ XDD

Yes, I realised that as well. It's very, very odd not to play Polt anymore, since it used to be so easy. I'd just be me and be a character at the same time. We had our differences though, and in a way all characters are me. Aw you, it's quite fine, please don't feel guilty. She would never think badly of Flyra. Actually, I was on msn at the 26th as well, and went "FLYRAA" as soon as we saw you appear. It was a beautifull suprise for us <3...
I actually think people still quite recognise you. And if they don't, you can always make them <38D XD

That sounds wonderfull indeed Flyra <3 We would love to see you and her more in the forest. Haha, thanks, you're great <33 Mushhh Cool XD You deserve some too, though, you've always been such a kind member around here, and such a good friend as well. Aw, that's such a compliment, thank you <3.. I hope you enjoyed everything as much as I have.

Well, mostly I'm wondering if

Well, mostly I'm wondering if you pronounce the last "E" or if it's silent.
What language is it?
Seele's picture

Yes, you pronounce it, quite

Yes, you pronounce it, quite clearly too! XD It's dutch <3
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"Lucian, I'm s-sorry," the

"Lucian, I'm s-sorry," the doe stammered, trembling as she nuzzled against the wounded stag. Her white pelt had soaked in his blood, staining it red, but she didn't seem to notice or care. "I d-don't know what he... wants from me. But I d-don't want to see you get hurt again. I'm s-sorry..."

Ah, of course. I got the

Ah, of course.
I got the pronunciation from Google. X3 Or at least the pronunciation for "sterren".
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moomoomoo :3 &hearts;

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Fin: "No, nonono, don't be.

"No, nonono, don't be. I'm alright, you see?" He lied, a face denying he ever did such a thing. He looked at his blood staining her pelt and laid his ears in his neck. He was going to try and groom it off of her when she continued talking. "I don't want to see -you- get hurt. As long as he's doing whatever it is he's doing, I will defend you. If you like it or not, alright?" He didn't seem to care about his own wounds at all.

Yes! Sterren is pretty much how it sounds, just delete the N at the end XD

You are both friggin amazing <3......
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Hey , i know you. you know my

Hey Smiling,
i know you.
you know my friend Anouk i have see you on chat with her.
she is on my school Laughing out loud
Do you want to be friends with me or so ? (:
Seele's picture

Hello Neytiri-ni! Dus jij

Hello Neytiri-ni!
Dus jij spreekt ook nederlands? Wat leuk dat Nopje een vriendin heeft uitgenodigt! Smiling We zullen zeker je pictogram onthouden en kijken of we je hert in het bos zien, maar dat terzijde, natuurlijk wil ik je vriendin zijn Eye

Hello Neytiri-ni!
So you speak dutch too? How nice of Nopje to invite a friend! Smiling We will surely remember your pictogram and look out for your deer in the forest, that aside, ofcourse I would like to be your friend! Eye
Neytiri-ni's picture

Ja ik spreek ook nederlands

Ja ik spreek ook nederlands (:
Vind het ook heel leuk dat ik niet alleen Anouk kan die nederlands spreekt haha.
ik ga eens rond zoeken bij jouw foto's en jouw pictogram zoeken!
Ik kom vaak bij de paddenstoelen ^^
Als het nacht is dan Sticking out tongue

Oh, You've meet Tibe I see

Oh, You've meet Tibe I see Smiling <3

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There's another deer

There's another deer in-forest with a similar picto to Sterre. Whenever I see it I flip out thinking it's her but then it isn't and I flop again. xD

I'm really excited about Walter meeting the babies. D: Provided he doesn't get beat down by other deer for going near them.
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Neytiri-ni: Ik heb meerdere

Ik heb meerdere herten, hun pictogrammen staan in dat bewegende plaatje van me linksboven in mijn berichten Smiling

Awww! XD We're sorry we're not online in the morning/early afternoon anymore. We will be in the weekend. Not sure when you were online.. We'll try and get them to meet >8C
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"You too, sir."

"You too, sir."

Hello.....I think you met

Hello.....I think you met Emmy the other day while Lucian was sitting with Dajhi. Dajhi and Emmy are friends, and I think Lucian didn't quite realize that because he kinda attacked Em for nuzzling Dajhi. Sorry if Emmy really was bothing Lucian......he'll try to stay out of his way...

"Not much to say here....but....you're a good stag to defend the does you believe are in harm. Thank you for being kind to Dajhi." He bows and walks back through the grass.
Seele's picture

VCG: "Perhaps. Haha, worry

Haha, worry about yourself, stag. That's quite enough for now. But thank you."

He realises that <3 I realise, too, don't worry! I know everyone here. >Cool.....
Luc is quite a stubborn, protective stag. That time he attacked Emmy, he had just been in a big fight the day before, and was really tense about every stag that came near.

"I'll warn you, stag. You don't have to put up a nice mask to me. If you try ANYTHING with her, I will murder you. You're after all the little does you can get, it's pahetic. You won't go after her."

Alright. Sorry.

Alright. Sorry. xD

*invoulentarily cowers*
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A small note flows through

A small note flows through the forest, landing in the general vincinity of Lucian. On it are only a few words, written in an old looking script.

I miss you my good friend, I shall come to meet you when I return,
Love Kylar Lerrielle

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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Haha, I suppose he's Gehirn

Haha, I suppose he's Gehirn the Great now. <3 I admit I laughed when he came after SS.
... I feel so bad for Lucian. Putting up with Stella's silly nonsense. ;;
Fincayra's picture

Aw, I didn't mean for Stel to

Aw, I didn't mean for Stel to be mad at Lucian. D; Well, she was a little upset after the fight... but that's because he had just recovered from his wounds from before. ;; When he came to Red Hill, she was just upset with everyone, not Luc in particular. She just really hates to see her friends get so hurt.
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Was the harasser a deer with

Was the harasser a deer with secretary bird antlers, the golden mask, and the...spotted real deer pelt, I believe? If so, that deer's been bugging quite a few people from what I've seen, though they were alright to me. :/

As for your rain, I think we stole it all. It rains every afternoon here lately. o_o
Seele's picture

Ocean: Yep. He's an oddball.

Yep. He's an oddball. He seems to understand the language, then he does not. Apparantly he has been around for years. (And still doesn't get it? Eh) Apparantly these days, "no" is a REALLY though to understand gesture.
ARGK. Give me. GIIVEE MEEE. I'm dyiing. ;_;

Fin: Aww no it's fine! He was just scared XD.. It was really sad to see her so stressfull, I can say Luc felt really desperate but couldn't really help. He just felt like she was angry at him. (I'd be, smack him, Stel!) I'm sorry if we misunderstood though <3 She seemed a bit like "Stop getting yourself hurt, douche D8<" But in more Stel-like words. XD
Fincayra's picture

Yep, that was the one. He's

Yep, that was the one. He's kind of irritating, but after we used dancing instead of fighting (he wanted to fight), he calmed down and we had some fun with him - well, all except my doe. (:

I can understand Lucian's unease. Girls can be scary when they've been pushed to the limit. *hides* (;
I had fun today, though. Stella secretly appreciates Lucian's willingness to defend her. <3
Pegasicorn's picture

We have a high chance of

We have a high chance of fires. D8 Low humidity bad.
I look outside and most of the grass is brown. |D
ocean's picture

To Lucian: Keme growls at the

To Lucian:
Keme growls at the dark stag. His eyes are icy, but his voice is calm. "Watch where you fight and whose example you are setting." The ears flick forward and he makes eye contact with the other stag, making sure Lucian had caught the seriousness in his tone.

[He means the fawns that were around. And he's not exactly angry...more just warning him. You only see anger if you're a bit more emotionally close to him. xDD
Also, I'm curious. How many points on his antlers does Lucian have?
And Keme's the one with the magpie mask/golden butterfly pelt/poppies.
He was somewhat pleased to meet your whole group; he's just not all that good socially. |D]

Seele's picture

The stag has calmed by now,

The stag has calmed by now, but does not seem very impressed. "If you would have payed attention, you'd know I've set enough examples for today. And, I'd say, this is one too: You do not let others use your friends." He held his posture. "Though, if it pleases you, I'll be nice."

(;x That's alright, there sure seem to be a lot of fawns today! XD Lucian doesn't like acting that way, but he really hates said stag coming close to his best friend. I guess, when Lucian gets angry, he gets blind to the consequences.
I always draw him with three on each tine. So, he definitly does not have any form of massive antlers yet! XD)
ocean's picture

Keme lets a wan smile pass

Keme lets a wan smile pass over his lips for a second. "You know, examples aren't according to number. You can never set enough." He continues locking eyes with him. "Using your friends?" A dark chuckle escapes him. "Looked like the stag just wanted to say hello. How would those fawns know any different? I say you've set the example of either 'be possessive over your friends' or 'chase away stags who wish to say hello'." His tone has changed to something like dismissal.
"If there weren't fawns around, all would be well. You'll make for an interesting tale, perhaps."

[I know generally what's going on, though I had guessed he was defending his brother. x3 And there are. o_o Keme's swamped.
Keme would be totally fine with him acting that way if there weren't fawns. xDD He enjoys watching fights.
LOL. Neither does Keme. I suppose he might have two, three at best by now. xD Keme may eventually want to spar him, since he enjoys spars...just not fighting. |D]
Seele's picture

He snarls, his eyes narrow.

He snarls, his eyes narrow. "You do not know him. Neither do you know me. I do not have to listen to anything you say." Though, his face had turned into an embarassed red. He was possessive. He had been warned about that before. He frowned, turning his head away. "No fawns were harmed, and if needed, I will protect them with my life. I do not worry about them witnessing me." Perhaps he did, but he couldn't back down now. He did know, he'd try to pay more attention. Just act like that stag didn't have anything to do with his change.

(Haha, it's alright <3 It's a bit of a long story, but it's indeed true that Lucian's very possessive. I've noticed that as the trait he took from me. Since all of my deer seem to take something.. I understand the fawn part though, pff<33 Pay more attention, Luc D8< Lucian certainly doesn't enjoy fighting either, but sees it as a necressary evil. But sparring is something he loves to do <3 Except flower sparring may result into his allergy playing up, ouch XD)
ocean's picture

Keme smiles, not a friendly

Keme smiles, not a friendly smile, in return. In fact, it seems rather blank. "His name is Emdeaur. You are Lucian. I have heard some talk of you. Your father is Virgil, and...I believe I heard one interesting one about an allergy to purple flowers?" A half-smirk appears in place of the smile.
"But logically, no, I do not know you. I don't have to know you to tell that what you are doing won't be helping those fawns in any way. They weren't harmed in body, certainly not, not yet. Will you be able to live with the guilt if a fawn is harmed by your tines?" He shrugs carelessly, eying Lucian's antlers. Eh, he wasn't one for antler envy.
"Then again, that would make quite a tale."

[Hopefully you're alright with him knowing a bit about Luc. Sticking out tongue I just assume that he would hear a bit through forest chatter.
Keme's possessive as well. You should see him around his mother and when he was a fawn. >< Mother adopted another fawn and he was all angry. xDD
Keme will only fight if you've put him in a position where he's defending somebody very attached to him or has no other choice. xD
And flower sparring...understood. |D If they get a little closer, Keme will probably end up asking him for a spar. :P]