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Virgil's language is made up of a mixture of simple and complex language, I will not explain most of the simple language but the more complex stuff.


Currently lacking most of his right antler.
This means that the tip of his broken antler is sharp, and if he throws it against flesh it can cause a nasty piercing wound.
He is far less able to lock, and relies on his brute more than his antlers.
This means his remaining left antler takes a lot of stress during fighting, and is prone to breaking before the natural shedding time...

Brute power.
Virgil is an animal of brute. He is heavily muscled and very strong. Capable of bursts of power which may enable him to lift deer larger than himself for short periods of time. He prefers to lock his antlers and push his foes away.
Large antlers.
His antlers are designed to interlock with antlers of a similar shape to his, that covers Red Deer, the average TEF deer and maybe even elk. He can easily outdo a white-tail's and may be able to lock with Mule deer.
Tricks and Combos
Virgil is a very fighting experienced deer, and overtime he has picked up moves that work to his benefit.
His best move would be to force himself underneath his foe as they rear up, this way he is able to push them back from the chest or abdominal regions. Due to the design of his antlers, he is very capable to tear another deer open with this move. He's good at avoiding doing such serious damage, however that doesn't mean he can't ever make mistakes. I leave it up to the player to decide how much damage is done during these moves.

Strong against thin brittle antlers. (Great white antlers are often seen as brittle)
Strong against miniature deer.
Strong against White-tails and small antlered deer.

Weak against Kirin Antlers and heavy antlers. (He can dodge the heavy antlers most of the time)
Weak against large extinct species. (Examples: Irish Elk, Eucladoceros)
Combat is significantly hindered in crowded or small spaces.

Deep Bow = Full bow, translating to a respectful greeting

Half Bow = Greeting

Bow + Stare = Wary Greeting, alert, likely to hesitate

Bow + Look Away = Somewhat wary and respectful - He is more likely to look at said deer when said deer isn't looking at him, it's kind of submissive | Shame | May be distracted over something

Bow + Expose his Side = Can go two ways; he could be making himself vulnerable, thus submissive. Or he could be trying to gain your trust.
If he is submissive, he could bolt and try to escape at a moments notice

No bow, just stares = Usually when he feels uncomfortable, intimidated, or threatening/warning/aggressive(stares directly at). It could also be a sign of blatant disrespect

Look back, walk a short distance and look back again + repeat = Invitation for you to follow him | If this doesn't work then he may paw at the earth, tilt his head or nod

Exposing his side to another deer + Stare = Could mean a few things depending on the deer, by exposing his side he is making himself vulnerable | It could mean submission | Expression of trust | Reassurance | Ready to bolt and run from a threatening deer

Sniff + Head tilt = Unsure if he recognises you | Questioning | May be used to express confusion

Flirts = Picked up over time from friends; rarely taken seriously; | Nuzzle + Taunt/Rear/Lower Antlers - the faster and more furious the more serious it may be

Listening + Listening = Shaking water/dust off him | Expressing that he is comfortable/calm/happy | Sometimes expressing amusement | Irritation | Deflecting biting insects | Disorientation | Overheated
^ All dependant on the time situation

Paw at earth + Lower antlers + Head tilt(+nod?) = Invitation to spar, may do this over a flower patch to "Flower Spar" | If someone spars with him, he expects both sides to bow before starting

Stands/Sits side by side but facing the opposite way with you = Unknown but seems to be a positive sign | It's an intimate action

Sitting/standing by a sitting deer, facing their body = Affectionate, like using a friend for a pillow, or better still, a hug

Stands/Sits side by side and facing the same way as you = Often looking the same way as you - Mutual | Enjoying the view | Equally curious | Comfortable

Stands facing your side and moving his head up and down your back = Grooming (may Nod+Shake Head) | Nuzzling

Stands by your side and rests his head on your back = Affectionate; Deerhug

Backs away = The more steps back he takes, the stronger he feels; Uncertain | Nervous | Submission | Intimidation

Standing over another deer = Dominance | Trying to keep them from running away | Protective | Can also be kind, to shelter another - Rarely used

Stands infront of another and listens = Making himself look bigger | Challenging

Taunt + Nod = Scolding | Telling someone off | Flirtatious approval

Standing in the same space as another deer: Rear + Headtilt (+ Sometimes Taunt) = Dominance mounting; Rarely used because it is too easily misinterpreted (can be playful dominance)

Frequent head movements in any direction = Looking around | Alert (may listen frequently)

Lower Antlers + Move Foward + Lower Antlers = Special combat move. "Pushing you foward" - Potentially very dangerous if used correctly (when the foe is rearing)


If he walks side by side with you, he's Parallel walking. Sizing you up. Good for sparring and fighting.

Virgil has rules when it comes to dealing with foes and predators. If the enemy is targeting him, he is more likely to flee to prevent any damage done to himself. If however he is protecting a victim, he is much more likely to fight. There can be exceptions on both sides.

If he persistently stands behind your deer whilst travelling, he wants you to lead the way.

Grazing comes in many forms; "bow+nod" in a grassy-blueberry-waterweeds, patch. May rear+headtilt to reach low branches. May Nod+Shake-head for plants growing on the low parts of the tree. He may use his antlers to strip bark to eat. He enjoys the sweet taste of purple flowers (collect+nod). And of course, mushrooms and pinecones.

If he makes repeating calls in a very short time, he is calling out in alarm and/or distress.

Virgil ICly spellspams. It has been known that he'd antler spam deer with large antlers to "disarm" them in combat. He has also been known to spellspam masks on noisy skulled deer.

Courtship is a behavior I rarely ever portray ingame. Being an instinctive character, his actions are rather straight forward; he will follow quite closely behind the animal of interest, may sniff and nuzzle a little too. Courtship is an extremely vulnerable time as he won't be very alert at all. Whether or not something comes out of it is for the players to decide.

If he's seen rubbing his antlers against trees during the late autumn and winter months, he's trying to strip the bark to eat. Usually due to food shortage.

More coming later, if I've missed anything out please tell me!
Also, feel free to use some of these, I will feel complimented. Sticking out tongue
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Sweet! Thanks for this.

Sweet! Thanks for this. Smiling
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Many awesomes for this

Many awesomes for this
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I'm so happy I knew what a

I'm so happy I knew what a few of these meant :3 Thanks for this!
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Cool, I do alot of these

Cool, I do alot of these myself. Especially the walk forward+looking at other deer thing. :3
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track. I'll probably not

track. I'll probably not remember a lot of this in game but I'll try.
I should do one of these for Kaoori but she's usually just being silly half the time, so.. xD
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Tracking~! <333

By Leuvr
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*Takes notes*

*Takes notes*
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Ooh..informative. *will try

Ooh..informative. *will try to remember these*
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Added Spellspam quirks to

Added Spellspam quirks to prevent drama.

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What a wonderful parlour

What a wonderful parlour TwT
I think I'm gonna adopt some of these too, they seem VERY handy! >w<
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Glad you think so

Glad you think so Chickenwhite. ^^

I've updated with a combat section, I'd like as many people to read it as possible, lol. -vain-

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Illrose was impressed by

Illrose was impressed by Virgil's fighting skills, although she'll never admit it. x')
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I liked fighting with

I liked fighting with Illrose. I think you and she understood how I fight, and I understood yours.
Love it when that happens, so you were fantastic to fight with, thank you!

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I found this sincerely

I found this sincerely interesting and fun to read. ♥

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Illrose has never encountered

Illrose has never encountered a deer with a fighting style like Virgil's, so it was very interesting since we had to think through how to deal with that. :')
It was also very fun, thank you. ^-^
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Thank you so much, Sere!

Thank you so much, Sere! ^o^

This might receive a new organized revamp someday.. haha.


Really? Thank you! I'm glad especially that you've enjoyed fighting with us too, we should definately conflict again ICly sometime. ^^

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Of course. It's my pleasure.

I know what you mean about someday.
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Yes, we should. :')

Yes, we should. :')
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Oooh must track~

Oooh must track~ <3
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Pfft, Raleigh disarms others

Pfft, Raleigh disarms others too XD
which takes him quite a while because the only thing more flimsy than his antlers are the doe-nubs.... XD

Very helpful

Very helpful