College Doodles~ [Polt, Vipinnnnnggggggg, Lemurdeerz, Fox, Bunny.]

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Well what's this? VCG posting up the poop she draws at college?


References are never used.
Watch this space, chances are higher I'll draw your characters at college than at home. (8

Warning of big fat images of doom!

Twenty-third of June 2010

For once, I'm actually proud of my art skills.
Well, except from my failure at human faces, gotta work on that.

Nineth of June 2010
I don't really like anthro's, but for some reason I felt I /had/ to draw this...
It sucks; so many anatomy flaws, I can't draw hands... ugh.

Nineteenth of May 2010
Concept for a character.
Kaoori is cute, Dag is fat shows us why you shouldn't annoy him, Vir is the victim. Poltergeist and a Wudiin ghostlyhaunty thing. Vipin is old. And Lacie's thything which I forgot the name of. x_x

Twelfth of May 2010
Kiyoko&Rokujou, OOC Deer, Robin, Jester, FatPolt, Gehirn, Kite, Uuo with shaded Red Kite. ^^

Twenty-fifth of March 2010
Dag shows us we don't need a skull mask to be kewl! :D
Kiyoko and Virgil. ^^ Kinda screwed up the anatomy. x3 But I like it.
Robin being... Robin xD (Topleft). Red Deer Fawn (Bottomleft). Virgil Bambi'fied, lawl (Right).
First proper attempt at Bambi style, I've always found it a very appealing style to view. x3
Lupine ventart. Things have been tough at home lately. :/

Seventeenth of March 2010
Kodjak, made as a welcome back gift for Bunnyartist. ^^
I've noticed I neglected practicing my more canid anatomy, so I doodled my fursona Lupine. All of these were done in the space of one hour and were numbered, lowest to highest the order I've done them in. How's this for fast improvement!

Tenth of March 2010
Family - Sorry about the fail in this one. :/
Dag & Vir. I like to call this one "Lazy Days". x3

Forth of March 2010
Sorry it took so long. xD
Random Dormouse. <3
21 for Ephra, might paint this later...
Dag & Robin.

Tenth of February 2010
Shimmy's Silence & Dannii's Taliene. c8
A wise stag once told me of lines and semi realism.
I tried to follow his guide.

Forth of February 2010
Ephire, Quamar, Iaurdagnire, Oseaan, Kaoori, 21 & random bug eyed deer
Hope ya guys likie. <3
Happyhappyjoyjoy Lucian for Seele.

Third of February 2010
Random skull deer from a few weeks ago, practicing Quamar's skull deer style in hopes of learning a learning anatomy and stuff. Pretty impressed with the outcome!
Feel free to claim it as your deer. xD
Dear Polt for Seele, drawn today. Laughing out loud
I'm really really happy with how her face came out, except the lips. Obviously my human anatomy fails.
Hope ya' like it girl, I owe you much more!
Kiyoko, because she's very awesome. <3

WOOT! *tracks* But why



But why throw the others away? I would keep them in a special folder since I still see sketches art.
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Like it? I LOVE IT

Like it? I LOVE IT <33 So good to see art from you! And to see a Polt in your style!! <33 I am a happy girl now 8D Your skull also looks really awesome, Very dangerous XD And I adore how you draw deer faces. Also I think Polt's lips look adorable <33 *KISSUS* 8D XDD
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These are awesome!

These are awesome!
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Hurray for doodling at

Hurray for doodling at school! *does it all the time* XD
I envy your human faces...;_;

Yaaaay for rebellious

Yaaaay for rebellious class-drawn art! Laughing out loud
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the skull is so well done! i

the skull is so well done! i must try it some time too D:
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Lex I threw them away

I threw them away because... I could? Eh, I just get ashamed easily of old art. xD

I'm glad you love it! Yay for happies! <3
It's nice, to do something of value here at college rather than at tome. It's just really hard to draw at home...
Thank you! <3 Really thrilled you love it. Laughing out loud I'll have to draw another of your deer soon, maybe Lucian next? c8<

Thank you! Laughing out loud

And I envy the human faces of those who /can/ draw humans. ;_;
Glad you like them, and yay for rebellious art!

*Flails like Kermit the Frog with a big YAAAAAAAAAAAAY*

They're really hard, but once you get a style goin' I bet they can be easy! Laughing out loud Just practice. <3

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Yay for drawing at school. 8]

Yay for drawing at school. 8] I doodled on the sides of my notebook in class last night. XD; Need to scan those, as a few TEF deer here appeared.
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Skinny-malnourished-tired-Kiyoko is awesome. Remind me to steal your hooman face skills later <3
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I'll let you steal my

I'll let you steal my non-existant "hooman face skills" only if you let me steal your amazing deer anatomy skills.

8D! ohmygosh! Thank you so

Thank you so much VCG! I love how you've drawn her, she looks so... Kiyoko-ish haha. Thank you <3
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Someday, I'll draw a better

Someday, I'll draw a better picture of her. Promise. <3

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Neat! I doodle in my notebook

Neat! I doodle in my notebook too sometimes.

It's especially rebellious in graduate school when you're supposed to be hanging on your professor's every word. Eye
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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Nuooo don't look at mah skullz, they're unrealistic failure. D':
But I love the way you drew that skull. Lotsa sharp teeth = love.

I like the first one. Very

I like the first one. Very cool.
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I doodled in school all the

I doodled in school all the time. 8D
These are awesome. Smiling
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-licks your eyeball- You

-licks your eyeball-
You know, I think you're improving. Quam's neck fur looks fabulous and I like the way you draw real deer faces. *Fails at them herself* *.*
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*Goes blind and dies* I think

*Goes blind and dies*
I think so too, but it's mostly because I'm constantly experimenting styles and adapting them. Like the fluff and skulls are usually a practice of your style. I'll sway to my own style someday, though. It's just an ongoing learning process. xD
But I'm thrilled you like this lil' doodle! <3
Haha, deer faces, I aim to draw realistic someday, because they're awesome. 83

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DD': -cries next to your

DD': -cries next to your body-

Thehee, me too started by watching other artists and sucking influences before I developed my own style. Testing out different styles and techniques is fun and helps to find the ways of drawing you like the most. <8]
Good luck with learning, you're improving really fast me thinks~ Two or three years and I think you'll be pretty awesome. 8O

...I should practice realistic sometime... I draw way too much out of my head. xD
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omg. <3
Kaoori is adorable. <333

I see preggers Kaoori and

I see preggers Kaoori and that bug eyed deer is win Smiling
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I love it 8D You've captured him so well! He looks so... big and quietly powerful hehe <3

Happy Lucian is adorable. He's all >D<
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I think you've gotten better

I think you've gotten better at deer faces than me. 8D; I draw mine too stylized. |D
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LOOKATTHATCUTIEEEEEE <33 *melts like sugar in the rain*
His very first fanart, too! *Saves <3* XDD DAWW look at his happyness. 8D XDD
Bug eyed deer freaks me out ;_; But 21 is really pretty. X"D Oh, trying out different styles is massive fun! <3 You'll learn a lot from it I'mma sure.
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So prettty! I like how

So prettty! Laughing out loud I like how you're using construction lines in some of the drawings, I can tell you're working hard on understanding anatomy and the underlying form of your deer. Whoah and that freaky bug-eyed deer.. is that little Endfawn all grown up??
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fff omg Lucian is adorable

fff omg Lucian is adorable too <333

The bug-eye deer reminds me

The bug-eye deer reminds me of something, but I'm not sure what...

Lucian is so cute!!
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*Pokes bug-eyes it eats me*

*Pokes bug-eyes it eats me* great art!
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asdfg!! Thank you

asdfg!! Thank you <4 I love how you did his hair and mask! Laughing out loud

(and as many other have said, I think you're improving -- these are awesome!)

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8D How the heck did you

8D How the heck did you manage to improve in like, a day! That face is awesome!
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I did tell you I was

I did tell you I was improving noticably every week!
... This is also the first real thing I've drawn since you lent me those tips, hmm...

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Love that face.

Love that face.
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These are darn pretty

These are darn pretty <33 Taliene's such a cutiee XD Silence looks really awesum as well!
I love your shot at realism there. The detail you put in the bottom right's antler really add to it!

Very nice Not to be a pest

Very nice Smiling

Not to be a pest but can you make the pictures smaller? I have a very bad connection and sometimes big pictures take forever to load or more often never load :/
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Hnnngh. Virgil's face is

Hnnngh. Virgil's face is looove 8U
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Sorry Lex, these college

Sorry Lex, these college computers are fail. ^^;

Thank you for all the wonderful comments guys, ilu! <3

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Now I really think you've

Now I really think you've gotten better at realistic deer faces than me. |D
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By Leuvr
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Holidays are over and we're

Holidays are over and we're back in buisnesssssss!

And thanks! <3333

nice sketches (; you're good

nice sketches (;
you're good at deer anatomy!
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Eeeeee Dag looks so awesome,

Eeeeee Dag looks so awesome, and Robin is holyCARP cute <3
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Ooh thank you! Your sketches

Ooh thank you! Smiling Your sketches are simple and clean enough that I bet it'd be easy to paint them. Unless you're like me and just keep fudging around until it's a big muddy mess- hopefully not haha
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fff you're getting so good! I

fff you're getting so good!
I love this. You did fine. it's not fail at all!
Takeshi is so adorable <333
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"Hey, Stubby, I'm bored

"Hey, Stubby, I'm bored *kicks* dance for me."

XD Virgil looks so cute and small!
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No Dag is just big, fat and

No Dag is just big, fat and somehow handsome.

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I love family shots.

I love family shots. ^^

Virgil looks so tiny next to Dag's big bulk. XD
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Dag is a

Dag is a fattyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
And he wears panties in his antlers.

This is a bump, for another has been uploaded.

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