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Connection Issues

I apologize for my erratic behavior lately. Since moving out to the sticks with my parents who did the build-on-one's-own-lot thing, my Internet connection has been fuzzy at best. Hopefully the local Internet providers will finish the new tower soon and things will be more stable.

That is all.
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Who Wants Some Redkora Art? - CLOSED FOR NOW

UPDATE: Hi! I know I have been very slow getting to requests. It has been a problem, and after much thought given my current circumstances, I have come to a decision.

It is with great regret that I must step away from doing requests at this time. I am sorry that I will not be able to get to any more at this time. Since Hurricane Harvey ripped through Houston, issues related to that hurricane have created much more work for everyone at the college where I teach. I also have a larger than usual teaching load to help a colleague whose spouse is very ill.

Hopefully I will be able to come back at a later date. Until then, please accept my sincere apologies for this inconvenience, especially for those who were hoping for work.

Please take care, all.


Thanks for your requests!
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A Solstice Vid For You...

"Ring Out Solstice Bells" by Jethro Tull

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Random Holiday Factoid

Santa's reindeer are females. No, really: The bulls have already cast their antlers by December, but the females keep theirs all winter long.

Check out the rack on this chick:


Happy Holidays!

(Also, sorry for my long absence. I just finished finals a couple of weeks ago, and I was sick all this past week. I'm feeling better, though!)
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I Has a Ride

Cheer up, lovelies! :3
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Santa Baby...

I can't accept mailed gifts this year because my neighborhood is still new and the mailman is somewhat unreliable. Sorry! I can accept e-mailed art and cards, though. Smiling

I like Christmas e-cards. I'm a sucker for them.
I like poems and stories that the giver writes.
I like fan art (winter themed or not) of my deer, . Here is his bio.
I like general deer art.
I like general winter-themed art for Christmas, like this:
As for the style of art that I like, I like all kinds.
Also! I love nature photography.

What I like most of all is something that means a great deal to the giver. I feel as if they are sharing something important about them with me, and that means a lot to me.

Thank you! <3

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We've Been Naughty

I caught being bad (which is between and I for the moment), so I put us in time out in the cage, at the Ename ruins, wearing the red pelt. We're not allowed to communicate with other deer, and we're only permitted to leave the cage to re-red ourselves. Our penance will be over on Wednesday.

Edit: We'll also be in the pit at the Ename ruins if another deer already happens to be in the cage.

We usually spend our time in there sleeping and sitting. If you need a sleeping deer to pelt swapping, this is your stag! Eye

When I'm on depends on when I get time during the day. If you don't know our pictogram by now, look to the avatar.
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Fun Deers

had fun with these two deer, Dieu and Hraeth.

Pictures follow under the cut. <3
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More under the cut. <3

[Pictures have been removed for the time being as I find another image hosting service.]

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Come, be healed.

...come, tenderness...

May these sounds heal your soul.
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