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Playing the Forest with Graphics Tablet

I got my Bamboo Fun graphics tablet (Wacom) on Friday, and I love it! Since I can use it as a mouse, I was able to use it while playing TEF. I think I'll be doing that for a few days. I'll feel like an artist. Sticking out tongue

So, if I seem slow or my movements are funky, then I'm just getting used to the graphics tablet. See you all in the Forest!
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A Talented Community

I just had to come on here and say how gratified I am to be part of such a creative, talented community (and that goes for all producers of creative things, regardless of the medium). Quamar's and Pepokeen's recent art just blew me away.

Here is a blog post about this awesome communiy. It's one of the many reasons people should join this game.

In other news, I haven't been able to get in the Forest all week due to severe computer problems. I am using another computer for my Internet needs.

All of you guys are awesome! *drops weapon of mass-nuzzlation*
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[Symbols]'s Stats

I enjoy browsing other people's diaries. Since I saw a bunch of other people getting into their avatar's character, I'll do mine.

appeared in the Forest near the end of Phase II (March 2007). remembers a time before the before the Playground and fawns appeared. He's old chronologically, but he does not age, for he is immortal as the forest as immortal. He never knew fawnhood until he found that he could turn into a fawn at will when the Gods introduced fawns. He feels a coming change that will affect how is body may change, but he is not afraid. , like the other deer in the Forest, is part of the Forest and its magic. As long as the Forest exists, he will exist in some form.

That's about it. As far as his personality is concerned, the avatar moves the way I would move in such a situation in which I would be in that form and environment, and if I had the capabilities and "limitations" the deer have in the game.

Edit: I forgot to add that I like to play-fight. When lowers his antlers and taunts, it's for fun, not out of malice. Just so all of you know. Eye
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Whooooo are you...

*"Who Are You" by The Who plays*

This is directed at that really nice stag who kept nuzzling me and doing sad emotes.

Please reveal yourself! If I already know you from somewhere, just tell me from where and I'll figure it out from that point. Smiling

On a side note, I will be using Stagleaf, by Blogspot blog, for my blogging purposes from now on unless I want to get someone's attention here.

I'll still post art (such as "The Stag"--hint, hint Eye) here if I make any I want to post here. I'll post fan art on the Stagleaf blog as well. Also, I invite anyone who wants to contribute to the Stagleaf blog to contact me via the blog. I am not looking for someone with perfect grammar, but I do not want to have "text speak" or "733t" on there, either. This is totally voluntary, so there is no pay.
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ArtRage 2

Man, I have been having a blast with this program lately. Check it out!

Here is an example of what you can do in ArtRage 2:

Basically, I loaded a screenshot. Then, I made a stencil from another painting I did in ArtRage 2. After loading the stencil onto the screenshot, I took the palette knife tool and smeared the screenshot over and around the stencil, creating this effect.

It's so much fun. You can do layers, too. Check out this picture in my subVarience gallery.

If you don't want to pay full price, the free version has quite a few features in it.

I'll see you in the Forest!
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Michael, Auriea, Please Don't Feel Bad!

Blackfeathr said, please do not blame yourselves. You didn't know that someone would kill herself. No one realized that.

I know that you two are the admins and all, but I think you two did the right thing.

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Memorial Screenshots from Last Night and Today

This is one from today. I edited this screenshot so it looked as if the flower was full of light.
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"My Heart has Joined the Thousand...

"...for my friend stopped running today."

As you probably know, Run, known as Ina by her family, died in a car accident.

May her soul rest in pace and her star shine forever.
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