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Your Question... Your Name... (RP Invite)

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Awilda is a character and her actions and feelings Do Not represent those of her player
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Low Activity...

... Because my laptop is a sucky machine that won't work for me >:G

It's going into the shop to get cleaned and tuned up soon, but until then I do have access to the internet just not TEF. So I will be able to reply to RPs and such - eventually.

I also have to say a very big sorry to those who I offered free writing to. I WILL be able to do it it will just take me even longr than it has already. Sorry ^^"

To sum it up, you won't be seeing me all that often and definately not in the forest until my laptop is back or the other computer is set up :/

Very Quick Question

I know how to upload photos and such, I was just wondering - what do you all think is the most reliable and safe uploading site?
Thanks in advance ♥

CSS Testing, You can ignore



Memories and Perspective [For Nayu | Critique Welcome]

... Yeah, lame title.

Anyway, for Nayu, from this. It's the child's POV one.

This was all so I could practise my writing skills! Critque is welcome! I'm trying to improve!
All under the cut =)

Writing Practise - Offering Free Writing

I want to practise my writing. I'm opening Three Slots if anyone wants it.

I'm warning you, it might be a while before you get it and it might not be all that great.
But this is what I posted this for - so I can practise! XD

Something from a Rock Hound's Point of view.
Something about one of my characters.

1. Nayu - A child's POV and Nayu's hoard
2. Uwharrie (Something about Jade)
3. Mr.Sanguine (Dysfunctional Family)

Anyway, go ahead, tell me what you want written and I'll try my best.

A Hole in my Stone Heart

Short writing to elaborate about my newest character. Cordis
Stuff that could be counted as gore here Smiling

Can You Hear {Cordis} My Heartbeat? [Undergoing some changes]


Consilium et vita a corde profiscuntur
"The life and intelligence come from the Heart"

Missed this! (Another question '^^)

So, I was taken off the computer for a week or so and during this time alot has happened around the community and the forest - i.e. whited out blogs, front page change, CSS stuff and rain! To be honest, it's pretty confusing. Can someone actually explain what has happened with the BBCODE and HTML and all that?

On the plus side, I tried my new pen tablet and love it! Hopefully I'll post some art soon. Also, I logged into the forest to find my fawn has grown. It's a shame to see her not so small anymore but new things await for her...

Anyway, as the title suggests, even if it was only a little while, I've missed the community ^^

(I posted this just to ask about what happened with the CSS stuff and to explain my sudden disappearance)

EDIT: what about editing old posts that are laden with CSS?
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